Three Emmy Nominations for So You Think You Can Dance

SYTYCD earns 3 Emmy nominations!

Early this morning, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences revealed the 2010 nominees for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations. So You Think You Can Dance and its talented team members earned three nominations – two for choreography and one for makeup.

Here are the detailed Emmy nominations:

Outstanding Choreography
So You Think You Can Dance • Routines: Gravity/Addiction & Koop Island Blues & One • FOX • dick clark productions and 19 Entertainment
Mia Michaels, Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance • Routine: Fear • FOX • dick clark productions and 19 Entertainment
Stacey Tookey, Choregrapher

Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
So You Think You Can Dance • Episode #615/616A • FOX • dick clark productions and 19 Entertainment
Amy Strozzi, Department Head Makeup Artist
Heather Cummings, Key Makeup Artist
Crystal Wolfchild, Additional Makeup Artist
Tifanie White, Additional Makeup Artist
Marie DelPrete, Additional Makeup Artist
Adam Christopher, Additional Makeup Artist

In the Outstanding Choreograph category, Mia and Stacey are up against So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman for his choreography work on the Academy Awards and they’re up against Season 4’s Chelsie Hightower for her work on Dancing With The Stars. Adam was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Programs as a Producer for the 82nd Academy Awards.

Congratulations to all of the nominees!


163 comments on “Three Emmy Nominations for So You Think You Can Dance“

  1. shirl - wrote:

    It is so clear the bias by the judges. So you got what you wanted….Kent and Lauren…..Look out Robert…I think this season has cured me of my obsession with this show. Mia Michaels is a joke. She and Nigel were so biased ….No longer a fan.

    8/5/2010 6:26 PM UTC

  2. Lynne - wrote:

    I have enjoyed having an additional judge to switch things up, but 4 judges is too many. Without Mary, the judging panel just seems so gloomy. She’s crazy & fun! Her comments and support of the dancers were always so authentic and meaningful. Now the judges seem like they are trying to be too cool – like they are part of some elite club that non-dancers could never understand. There is less connection with the dancers than in previous seasons.

    I also agree with the person who talked about the camera angles – I just want to see the whole dance routine! No need to move the camera all over the place, zooming in and out. It is so frustrating for the viewer.

    8/6/2010 8:54 AM UTC

  3. Connie - wrote:

    I am sorry to agree with the vast majority of the comments about Mia Michaels. I have been a big fan of hers for several years now and I have been shocked at her rude comments as a judge this year. On the other hand I absolutely love Adam Shankman. He is a great asset to the show and I hope that he will be staying for a VERY long time.

    8/6/2010 5:01 PM UTC

  4. Linda - wrote:

    I am a Canadian who loves So you think you can Dance and when this show ends, So you think you can Dance Canada starts and the big difference our judges do not put the kids down and use praise when giving constructive criticism. I have always found that praise will make a person strive to be as good or better living up to what their peers think of them..It saddened me to see what Mia did to AdeCheike Wednesday night because I had admired her so much….

    8/6/2010 6:51 PM UTC

  5. Snookie - wrote:

    Please do not have Mary back on as a judge, her screaming was just plain awful! Although Mia comes across sometimes as harsh to some people, do you really think that sugar coating your opinion is really going to help make someone the best dancer they could be? I would take her advice/opinion and strive to improve everytime I stepped out on the dance floor! You don’t get anywhere in this world if somewhere along the line someone didn’t make you stand back and realize you got to do
    better! That somebody usually is someone who pisses you off so much that you damn well will strive to work/perform better and show him or her that yes you can!!!!!!!

    8/8/2010 7:53 AM UTC

  6. Snookie - wrote:

    Love the show, love the dancers!

    8/8/2010 7:56 AM UTC

  7. kate - wrote:

    Congratulations to Mia Michaels, I think your’e awesome. Your love and passion for dance clearly comes through. Thank you for all your gifts that are shared with us.
    Travis……..the last dance with Kent was beyond words. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    8/8/2010 10:16 AM UTC

  8. Cindy - wrote:

    Nigel, please put Mary back on, because this is one of the worst seasons, and I should know because I’ve watched everyone since the beginning. How could Adechike be, the only one criticized last week by everyone of you, its crazy. You had the nerve to rate the dance on the hip hop routine as great, but HE didn’t perform hip hop, go back and look at the tope, it was ridiculous. I am so disappointed in the show. Next year, lets be fair!

    8/11/2010 5:15 PM UTC

  9. Gwen Lebec - wrote:

    Mia Michaels makes the show for me. I love her judging and her honest emotion as much as I love her choreography. I had quit watching the show for a while as I just can’t take Mary Murphy. Delighted to see Mia back. And LOVE Adam Shankman!

    8/12/2010 6:55 PM UTC

  10. Gwen Lebec - wrote:

    Once the list got down to the last 5 or 6 it was a case of everyone being wonderful dancers. So the differences became narrower and narrower. Billy Bell and Adechike are amazing dancers. Just amazing. But their performances were not quite as strong as some others. The differences were extremely subtle, but the job is to keep narrowing the list. It nearly killed me as it continued, as I would have liked to have ordained all of the last six. But that’s the “game.” All of these wonderful young people will have amazing careers and the show will have given them that. But the program has to play out to the end – that’s the way a competition works. These kids can handle it. They are now real professionals.

    8/12/2010 7:00 PM UTC

  11. Michelle - wrote:

    I was merely looking into the Emmy nom’s for SYTYCD and found all of these comments, and I have to say that the irony of this post is not lost on me. I’m thrilled to see all of the posts about how horrible and cruel Mia Michaels is, and I too, get enraged at the fact that she is a permanent judge. And she needs to know that her “apologies” are not fooling anyone. Why even insult the dancers (or viewers) with an apology (which by the way isn’t even an apology when you say, “I’m sorry I said those things…BUT…”) when you are just going to turn around in a week and treat them like crap again? And frankly, I have to give a ”shame on you” to Adam Shankman (who I used to ADORE,), for what seems to me to be getting ”caught up” in Mia’s negativity. He always used to be very cautious about critiquing the dancers as positively as possible, but now he just blasts away at them just like she does. I can’t even bring myself to listen to a word that Mia has to say (I fast forward right over her EVERY time). In a time when there are plenty of other things on TV to watch SYTYCD should be very careful about the changes they make. And I pray that someone who matters reads the words written here and pays attention. While I have to be honest to say that Mia is an amazing talent, I agree that that is exactly what the show should have her doing, choreographing, not judging. We know that judging can be done in a more positive way, we’ve seen it, by the way, is Kenny Ortega busy?!?

    8/23/2010 8:40 AM UTC

  12. Tracy - wrote:

    I am addicted to SYTYCD. I adored this season, love love love Alex, love love love Kent, and am in awe of Billy. I was pleased with the results, as Lauren worked so hard. However. This is the inevitable opinion regarding Mia Michaels and Mary Murphy. I personally think that neither of them should be judges. Mary Murphy, while sweet and certainly qualified, added a cartoon quality to the entire process. No one really wants to hear screaming on a minimal level, much less as often as Mary does.

    And now Mia. She is biased, she is erratic, she is inconsistent, she plays favorites, she is hypocritical. The dance world IS brutal, and there are real life judges and potential employers who may be way worse than these people. Perhaps her inconsistency(and let’s face it, ignorance)is a good preparation for these dancers…..but you know….it’s not enjoyable for the viewers either. We watch Robert dance a near perfect routine and listen to Mia pick him apart…then watch Jose completely botch every routine he performed and Mia kissed his ass. That alone was mystifying. Christina was kicked off after the 2nd episode and Jose made the top 6? Oy. Anyway. Mia is simply a bad fit. I agree that Adam and Nigel should stay, and that there should once again be a rotating guest judge. If they MUST have Mia, can we at least have her not be a regular? She brings so much negativity to the show. It is also apparent, at least to me, that she has unresolved emotional/mental issues. It almost seems like her own wavering self esteem is a barometer for the weekly judging. I love this show and if Mia stays on, I will watch in spite of her. She obviously can’t handle the power of judging, she relishes that power, yet is incapable of truly being unbiased and objective.

    8/29/2010 12:49 PM UTC

  13. claudiu i buculei - wrote:

    Irresistible ,Amazing ,Incredible ,Fantastic Irreplaceable ,most Extravagant Quality ,Most Addicted and Wanted show ever up to date.It just make you to open up and to became a better person.Thank you with all my hart for producing the show and i hope my Twins(boy R & girl A ) which are 4 years old, will grow up with this show.I’m not a fan of many things (very picky)but i RALLY GO for this One;;;1 thing really disappointment—-follow the rules and respect the public vote!!! !!! !!! !! !! ! ! PLEASE

    7/14/2011 12:21 PM UTC

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