Full Episodes of Dance Available Online – First Time in Show’s History!

Watch full episodes of So You Think You Can Dance online!

Can’t get enough of So You Think You Can Dance? Want to re-watch your favorite dancer’s performance? For the first time ever, FOX will stream full episodes of So You Think You Can Dance right here at www.fox.com/dance. Beginning today, fans will be able to catch performance shows the Monday following the live broadcast while results shows will be available the Tuesday after they air at www.fox.com/dance.

This week, the Top 8 (Billy Bell, Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, Ashley Galvan, Robert Roldan, Jose Ruiz, AdéChiké Torbert, and Alex Wong) will take the stage once again on a two-hour performance show tonight, Wednesday, July 7 8/7c on FOX. Tune in tomorrow evening, Thursday, July 8 at 9/8c to find out which dancer will be sent home next and to see performances by pop singer Natasha Bedingfield and the cast of Broadway’s Tony Award-winning smash hit “In The Heights.”

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99 comments on “Full Episodes of Dance Available Online – First Time in Show’s History!“

  1. Serena - wrote:

    Ok, I have NEVER made any comments on any show no matter how upset I have gotten in the past. BUT let me say that Mia Michaels has inspired me to comment. She needs to stick to choreography and I used to respect her as that. And now I don’t think I can do that either. She is biased, prejudiced and just plain stupid. Maybe if is she was consistent about the feed back I could see her being mean, but there is none of that either. So clearly she has her favorites. She is extremely disrespectful and has no filter. MIA your not teaching anyone anything, I thought as a choreographer that is what you are supposed to do? And as an artist I would think you would have a little more respect for others expressions of that. I am artist myself and would never even dream of criticizing another artist, it makes me uncomfortable. Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong or bad, keep your opinions to your self and just stick to choreoraphy. However, I will never watch one of your pieces again no matter how good you are. I MISS MARY MURPHY.

    7/7/2010 8:43 PM UTC

  2. DL - wrote:

    I miss Mary! Perhaps we need to join the new craze and start a facebook campaign to bring her back.

    I love Mia as a choreographer but I’m not happy with her manners as a judge. Tonight was a great example. Parts of her comments to Adechike were uncalled for. There was no need to mention how much she missed Alex when Adechike was the one dancing in front of her. That was plain rude.

    As for Cat, love her! I’ve been watching this show from season one and I was happy when Cat replaced the original host.

    Cat, way to go defending Adechike.

    7/7/2010 8:43 PM UTC

  3. dsaady - wrote:

    Mia, We are really missing Mary this week.

    7/7/2010 8:48 PM UTC

  4. Ugh - wrote:

    This is the first time that I have felt the need to write into any show. I am absolutely disgusted by the comments that Adechike was given by the judges on his performances. He is a beautiful dancer and he did a fantastic job tonight. Mia’s comments were not constructive in any way, they were cruel. To say that she missed Alex, suggesting that Adechike wasn’t enough was terrible! I think that Mia is a gifted choreographer, but clearly her ability to judge is lacking. Every season the judges have favorites, but this season, they have taken it too far. They have nothing bad to say about Jose (who I do love), and tear down other dancers at every chance. I couldn’t even finish watching the show. I think that Cat absolutely did the right thing by pointing out the judges’ inconsistency when it comes to the Bollywood dances. It’s time for the judges to go back to helping the dancers and not trying to tear into them. Adam is riding Mia way too hard. I’m hoping that he has an opinion of his own, but I can’t tell at this point. I think that Mia needs to go back to choreographing and let Mary or any of the guest judges back on the panel. She obviously cannot even pretend to be impartial and just needs to stop. I’m so happy to see that so many fans have written about what happened tonight. It was wrong, and it should never happen again.

    7/7/2010 8:53 PM UTC

  5. Marilyn - wrote:


    7/7/2010 8:56 PM UTC

  6. Cher - wrote:

    I taped this week’s show and it was the worst. After the critique of AdeChike, it was very uncomfortable watching the other contestants and to listen to anything coming out of the judges’ mouths. Mia, shame on you. I have never had joy sucked out of me so quickly. Although occasionally I don’t care for a particular routine, I still felt joy at watching the performance. These are dancers that can do something I have never dreamed of doing, and your words destroy any joy a person can feel from just watching the performance. I appreciate the knowledge that the judges can bring to the novice’s eyes, but my eyes only saw the ugliness, pain, and shame. I am embarrassed for Alex and Jose. Mia, you have put them in a situation that could be uncomfortable with the other dancers, and the home audience that vote for them. It is important to think before you speak. You are turning what should be a wonderful experience into something ugly. Hopefully the other contestants and the home audience will take Wednesday’s comments from you as “crazy talk” and deal with everything fairly. “Donuts” – did you really feel that was appropriate criticism? Shame on you.

    Nigel, your attempt to fix a situation that was clearly going down hill fast, just made it plummet into the abyss. After the things that Mia Michaels said, how exactly did you expect him to look? Like Melinda standing there with a grin bigger than the Grand Canyon when Mia commented on how it was a mistake keeping her? The man just did a Bollywood (exhausted) routine after a confusing critique from the previous dance. “… standing there looking mad.” That did not need to be said. Also, you turned a deaf ear to him when he was trying to explain.

    Adam Shankman, why are you there? With each show you are becoming more and more vague. Have a thought and express it, or stay home.

    It will be interesting to see if the producer or other people in charge will cause Kat Deely to stop asking the judges the important questions. Make her stand there and just look like a Barbie, I hope not.

    7/7/2010 9:20 PM UTC

  7. gail - wrote:


    7/7/2010 9:27 PM UTC

  8. Nisha - wrote:

    SEND MIA AND ADAM OFF!!!!!!! I am so sick of these two – Mia CLEARLY plays favorites or has racial biases against black contestants, to the point where even IF a dancer (like Adechike AND Brandon, from the previous season) does well, she can’t acknowledge it. She praises mediocre dancers based on nothing but her “feeling” about their “presence” – despite how much they lack in ability – but THEN has the NERVE to pick apart something like, the direction Adechike’s eyes are looking in??? Are you KIDDING me?

    Adechike did VERY well in his Bollywood routine – and if Mia knew ANYTHING about Bollywood, she’d KNOW that DANCERS MOVE THEIR HEADS!? African dance isn’t the only form of dance that does that, uh DUH!!! If Mia is unfamiliar with a type of dance, she needs to limit her criticism to what she DOES know…. Her comments to Adechike were just stupid… I felt bad for him, but worse for her, cause she looked like a first-class idiot criticizing what she doesn’t understand – AND came across as a HUGE hater, bagging on a dancer just cause he’s not her fave…

    AND ADAM….. Does that guy even have a INDEPENDENT opinion at ALL?! All he EVER does now is regurgitate the crap Mia says – the only “addition” he makes is to add more emotion to his comments. He says the SAME thing as Mia, always – just with more flare and/or tears. It’s like he can’t form his opinion until he knows what MIA’s gonna say first. How pathetic….

    But THIS IS WHAT YOU GET when you change with a formula that works. Mary might have been a bit much sometimes, but she wasn’t a hater, gave constructive comments, and was fair in her judging. Mia clearly plays favorites based on everything BUT the dancing, and Adam merely mimicks everything she says…..

    I AM SO SICK of these judges. Nigel, you’re great – what a shame the two sitting next to you are idiots!!!!!

    7/7/2010 9:33 PM UTC

  9. Mad - wrote:

    Shame on you, Mia. My heart goes out to AdeChike. I hope he looks at these posts and knows how unfair we think he has been treated. And thank you Cat! I have always liked you as the show’s host and now I like you for your honesty and moxie!

    7/7/2010 9:41 PM UTC

  10. Boycott Mia - wrote:

    I can’t believe that one minute Mia is saying how great Jose’s personality is. Then the next saying AdeChike got praised on his personality but needs to do more. Why doesn’t Jose need to do more; he is the worst dancer on the show. Jose’s Bollywood wasn’t good and the judges said it didn’t matter. If I was a choreographer, wouldn’t waste my time working on a routine. Just let Jose stand there and smile. That’s all he needs to do.

    7/7/2010 9:48 PM UTC

  11. Cat's Comments - wrote:

    I hope Cat’s contract isn’t up at the end of this season. After she let the judges know that they are being ridiculous, I wouldn’t be suprised if there is a guess host next week.

    7/7/2010 9:56 PM UTC

  12. Dance Lover - wrote:

    I just want to echo what Gaylin Bowie wrote I think Mia Micheals comments were way out of place and in my opinion biast, I believe she was upset she did not get to see Alex dance, which could be understandable he is a great dancer, but she showed a lack of maturaty when she started baging on AdeChike for his performance, she calls it constructive criticism but to me it was just her venting! First off to all the other competitors she will crtique the finer points of the dance then say but as a whole I thought th dance was good, but to AdeChike she just critiques the finer points of his performance and make it sound like the routine was awful, as a person who watches the show every season I thought his routine, although I am no expert in Bollywood by any means, was great! I thought that her saying Jose’s version had heart and AdeChike’s didn’t was just a complete showing of her ignorence, AdeChike does exactely what the judges ask of him which is to give his charachter a personality and he poures his heart into the personality and then Mia bags on him for it! I am not saying all this because I want AdeChike to win because to be frank he is not my favourite dancer although I think he is amazing! The judges especially Mia Micheals need to realize what influence they have over the people and the way they vote, I think Mia Micheals needs to learn to think before she talks and stop taking her anger out on a dancer when she seems to be upset! This is not the first tme I’ve noticed it. And on a final note I thought it was very disrespectful when she said AdeChike never focuses yes his eyes are really big but to me he is a very focused dancer and I’m very sorry that Mia Micheals is not able to see so many thngs in AdeChike because she is blinded with ignorance. Kat thnk you for playing Devil’s Advocat you competely proved how stupid Mia Micheals is!

    7/7/2010 10:24 PM UTC

  13. Henry - wrote:

    Henry – wrote:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I wish Alex a speedy recovery. On another note, I must say that Mia’s critique of Adechike was outright DISRESPECTFUL. She was not constructive in the least bit. It almost seemed as if she wished Adechike had injured himself.

    It was also somewhat offensive to imply that Adechike’s lack of sharpness during the Bollywood piece made the dance come across as “African.” What are you trying to say Mia???

    7/7/2010 11:55 PM UTC

  14. Flint Lockwood - wrote:

    I am furious at the judges comments last night toward AdéChiké. The dancers are not being fairly judged. I loved when Kat made the comment she made comparing Jose’s dancing to AdeChike”s. I really feel that since an African American won last season, the judges and probably the network are making sure that AdeChike is put in the bottom three so that the judges will eliminate him. An African American won last season so there is no way one is winning this season. Is that the thought behind these unfair comments??????? Mia Micheals couldn’t even explain her actions after that statement was said… “Ohh, Jose has heart”… really Mia Micheals? come on! Why does every show want to have a Simon Crowell on it?? What happened to uplifting these dancers, these young adults? and not breaking them down for ratings! After watching the show last night, I really feel Debbie Allen should be one of the judges. She is fair and colorblind. She speaks on talent and not on “Ohhh, he’s so cute” (speaking about Mia Micheals and Jose). I’m writing letters to the network and also rallying up others who feel this way to finally put an end to this foolishness.

    7/8/2010 4:09 AM UTC

  15. Jason - wrote:

    Nigel- Tonight you said that you had to go and read the comments to figure out why Robert kept ending up on the bottom, and then came to his defense about him being arrogant. I can only hope that you will again read the comments, most importantly the ones after tonight’s show. You should make a point to at least briefly bring to light the way the true FANS of this show feel. Not only do we deserve an apology for the cruel, biased and tactless comments Mia made – but more importantly AdeChike truly deserves an apology!!! Not only did he dance with heart, charisma and talent, but he took the cruel criticisms with his head held high. He didn’t look mad in my opinion, but on the verge of tears and I think he did very well not only to hold his head high but not say something to Mia for her prejudice.
    I understand that all of the dancers come on this show expecting some criticism in order to help them learn and thrive. What Mia calls criticism I call blatant favortism and cruel attacking of ones moral character and heart. Not only was Adechike a better technical dancer than Jose tonight, but he too had great character and heart. Especially for how he handled the awful things said to him from ALL of the judges. I completely agree with the wonderful hostess Cat Deely for standing up and pointing out the hypocrisy!! If you want to keep the fans of this show happy, you really should say something about the disgraceful way your judge Mia acted tonight. If the show continues in the direction it has been going I, along with many of my friends will no longer watch. I completely agree with the previous comments and you should pay attention to them! Bring Mary Back!!!! Get rid of Mia. And most importantly, AdeChike deserves an apology.
    I wish I could call and vote because i would vote for him repeatedly. Sadly I work when the show is aired and by the time I am home the voting is closed. I am, however, glad I can DVR the show so I can now fast forward through judges comments.
    so disappointing this season

    7/8/2010 4:40 AM UTC

  16. LC - wrote:

    I have to agree with all of the comments concerning the critiques given by the judges last night. You are giving professional critiques of the dancing, not telling the entire world that you like one dancer’s personality over another. Mia, your comments to AdeChike were completely uncalled for. We all miss Alex, but his absence had absolutely nothing to do with Ade’s performance. I applaud AdeChike for standing there and taking the comments with grace and humility. I am sorry that he had to be humiliated like that on national TV and I feel for his family as well. I am no longer excited about watching this show, knowing the kind of comments that Mia has for anyone who is not on her “favorites” list.

    7/8/2010 5:56 AM UTC

  17. Spatel - wrote:

    Dear Nigel, Mia and Adam,
    With all due respect, your comments regarding Adechike’s performance were unwarranted. I have been watching SYTYCD from the beginning and never have I ever yelled at my TV, hoping that one of you would actually hear me:) #1. The category is called Bollywood–NOT Bharatanatyam. If Adechike’s performance was actually Bharatanatyam then the entire performance would be filled with sharp, institutionalized steps. If you have seen a bollywood performance, you will notice that the steps are NOT all bharatanatyam. Many steps are “loose” and express that the performer is having fun. #2. Ms. Mia. I love you, I think you are a great instructor and choreographer. In this case, you are COMPLETELY misguided regarding Adechike’s “african” type movements. These head movements are VERY typical in indian cultural dancing, especially in a type of dance called Garba. I encourage you to ask the choreographer about these head movements and I am almost positive that he coached Adechike to move his head as such. Lastly, (#3) please watch his partner as the video is reviewed…she did not have sharp movements for every single step. This is very telling about the type of dance they are doing.
    Although I have so much more to say, I think I have made my point. I think clarification needs to be made regarding this dance and you should definitely refer to the true experts–indian professional dancers.

    7/8/2010 6:15 AM UTC

  18. Janelle - wrote:

    Mia needs to apologize to Adechike. She was mean mean mean last night. His performance was amazing. So fun to watch. There was no need to make the comment about missing Alex. (I don’t.) And GO CAT for calling the judges on how biased they are. Mary, where are you?

    7/8/2010 6:27 AM UTC

  19. TOM cAT - wrote:

    Please, please get Mary back !! Mia is mean spirited . She compliments one dancer at the experience of another.

    7/8/2010 6:53 AM UTC

  20. KTK - wrote:

    I found Nigel’s and Mia’s comments on Adechike’s Bollywood dance simply shocking. Their prejudice was blatant, and they should issue an apology. Also, Mia seemed to be seething with some kind of personal fury toward Adechike when she began making her comments. She needs to keep her personal issues separate from her judging. If she cannot be an unbiased judge, she should not be a judge. Finally, bring some DIVERSITY back onto the judges panel.

    7/8/2010 6:56 AM UTC

  21. Amber - wrote:

    I am so glad to see so many comments expressing the same feelings that I planned to express. Judges, I hope you are reading these. Your critiques have been just awful – contradictory, biased and sometimes just plain MEAN (I’m talking to you, Mia). The double standard you have created for yourselves is a pity and KUDOS to Cat for calling you out! That was fantastic. I love Jose and agree that he is all heart, but to give him positive feedback on Bollywood, but completely bash AdeChike for the same movements, is just bull. Mia commenting that she wishes for another dancer to be there, completely uncalled for and disrespectful. That is NOT constructive criticism in the dance world, or any other. If this continues throughout the show, I seriously may not watch any other seasons – it is just painful to see dancers work so hard and not be judged fairly and equally. I haven’t missed a season yet, but your behavior, judges, is really pissing people off and you’re losing fans. Stop patronizing those who aren’t “trained” but are “sweet” and bashing those who are “trained” just because you think they should know better…it is CRAP (I can’t think of any other civilized word that sums it up).

    7/8/2010 7:37 AM UTC

  22. TOM CAT - wrote:

    Please, please get Mary back . Mia is mean spirited !! She complimented one at the expense of the other. I find her very offensive and suggest she goes to finishing school .
    Misspelled in my above post so reposted. : )

    7/8/2010 8:39 AM UTC

  23. Rhonda - wrote:

    I must tell you after stewing over Mia comments How rude and hurtful can one be . Ade’ chike your eyes have a beautiful sparkle to them and your smile shows your heart , I personal must have voted at least 20 times for you tonight, Mia this wasnt the first time you have been this rude There was Brandon I have watched all seasons of this show I started watching with my daughter Im not interested in cuteness or charm this is a dance show . you can get your point across judges without being so personal you should be a shamed , Ade’ chicke hold your head high and you hold on to your dream I personal think your lines are great , I;m still upset about Mia comments I think the judges should change each week maybe then there wouldnt be favorites by the judges. Shame on you Mia

    7/8/2010 8:48 AM UTC

  24. 5 rings - wrote:

    It has already been put forth so well by so many other viewers. The manner in which the judges (particularly Mia and Nigell) conducted themselves was a disappointment. The idea of being a judge has impartiality inherent in its title. Yet, these judges used their position to demean a young, hungry and talented artist in AdeChike. Where was the constructive criticism?Last week Mia told the tap dancer that they (judges) may have made a mistake letting another dancer go. They said that they should have let the tap artist go instead. So a few things are clear to me as I have only watched two seasons of the show and am unbiased. It is clear to me that Hip Hop artist are not considered viable artist. This is evident from the side comments during judging (i.e. telling Jose that he’shouldn’t be dancing as good as he is’) , among numerous slights. As if to call these artists”untrained. The funny thing is that Hip Hop is one of the most copied artforms of our time. So what constitutes “training?” Mia appears to be quite the mediocre judge. I understand that she is a terrific choreographer, but she clearly has not grasped the skills needed to judge a dance competition. Namely, casting her biases aside. The thing is, AdeChike will get work. He is a young phenom. The judges made comments that were subversive. Had AdeChike not been as classy as he is, they could make a person feel ashamed of their culture. It is not like the judges to be above it. I am quite sure that they knew what they were doing. To the hostess’ credit, she stepped up to bat for him. But in a Universal sense, the show will suffer anyway given the sentiments that I see already posted. Yes, watching Mia judge made me say” I wish Debbie Allen were here” as Michaels’ biased, racist pseudo judging left me seeing nothing but “Donutholes”

    7/8/2010 10:21 AM UTC

  25. Sarah T. - wrote:

    There’s not much left to say after reading the other postings here, but I want to add my concern for the judges’ comments that seem to add up to nothing other than racial bias. Last night’s harrassment/abuse of Adicheke missed the mark completely and smacked of racial hatred. Adicheke was real smooth in his jazz routine–calling to my mind some of the great Black jazz artists of the twenties. I felt his partner was the one detached from him; she seemed to chastise him even in rehersal and it showed on stage. And Adicheke’s Baliwood routine was indeed West African in places, but I loved how he likened flex-foot and athleticism of West African dance to the flex-foot and athleticism of Baliwood dance. Whatever else needed to be improved about his performance, he owned that routine from start to finish. And I guess that’s the thing–the feedback on Adicheke was so personal, so unhelpul, so meanspirited, and so biased that it would be hard for him to know, as an artist, what to fix. Perhaps his Blackness? So You Think You Can Dance judges really have a knack for disrespecting Black culture while claiming to support the creative development of these young talents. From the absurd dialogue about Joshua’s butt a few years back to the commentaries on how “untrained” all your hip hop dancers are (who are some of the hardest training people I know, by the way) to last nights comments about the “creatures”/African people that Nigel references in his plain old stupid comment about the African Jazz piece to the sad “compliment” that Jose shouldn’t be doing as well as he is to the outright verbal abuse of Adicheke last night. Mica Michaels’ choreography is incredible; my favorite of prior season. But she is harmful and seems vindictive in her judging. As an artist, a Black woman, and a teacher myself, I would like to judge the the judging of So You Think You Can dance as it relates to race: Adam seems to have let some hip-hop hatin’ go this year and provides the most specific, technique-related, positively worded feedback on this years panel. Mia, you sound like a nut and are doing harm, perhaps in the way it was done to you when you were harshly judged and never hired for being the “wrong body type” when you were an aspiring dancer. Don’t you see how you are doing to Adicheke and, last week, Melinda what was done to you? There is a way of delivering even harsh critique without demeaning a person’s spirit. Nigel, you sound colonial sometimes. African people as “creatures”? Really? I know you care very much about these young people and hope you spend time thinking about how you think. WHere are Debbie Allen and Mary Murphy????!
    Adicheke, hold your head up Brother. We love what you do and the soul you bring to your art. God bless you.

    7/8/2010 10:45 AM UTC

  26. TPN - wrote:

    It has already been put forth so well by so many other viewers. The manner in which the judges (particularly Mia and Nigell) conducted themselves was a disappointment. The idea of being a judge has impartiality inherent in its title. Yet, these judges used their position to demean a young, hungry and talented artist in AdeChike. Where was the constructive criticism?Last week Mia told the tap dancer that they (judges) may have made a mistake letting another dancer go. They said that they should have let the tap artist go instead. So a few things are clear to me as I have only watched two seasons of the show and am unbiased. It is clear to me that Hip Hop artist are not considered viable artist. This is evident from the side comments during judging (i.e. telling Jose that he’shouldn’t be dancing as good as he is’) , among numerous slights. As if to call these artists”untrained. The funny thing is that Hip Hop is one of the most copied artforms of our time. So what constitutes “training?” Mia appears to be quite the mediocre judge. I understand that she is a terrific choreographer, but she clearly has not grasped the skills needed to judge a dance competition. Namely, casting her biases aside. The thing is, AdeChike will get work. He is a young phenom. The judges made comments that were subversive. Had AdeChike not been as classy as he is, they could make a person feel ashamed of their culture. It is not like the judges to be above it. I am quite sure that they knew what they were doing. To the hostess’ credit, she stepped up to bat for him. But in a Universal sense, the show will suffer anyway given the sentiments that I see already posted. Yes, watching Mia judge made me say” I wish Debbie Allen were here” as Michaels’ biased, racist pseudo judging left me seeing nothing but “Donutholes”

    7/8/2010 10:56 AM UTC

  27. Tiara - wrote:

    THANK YOU everyone for seeing the truth! MIA NEEDS TO STEP DOWN!!! I don’t think I need to explain why she needs to go since she has such a big mouth. If they don’t apologize to everyone especially AdeChike I’m no longer going to watch this show. Where in the world is Mary and what gave them the bright idea to allow such a cocky negative person judge everyone? Well done Miss. Cat Deely! Thank you for being the voice for all of us!

    7/8/2010 11:57 AM UTC

  28. Roslyn - wrote:

    Adechike should have been given credit for having to change partners at the last minute. I’m sure the dance had an entirely different feel when it was two men – more of a challenge dance. Adechike was trying to relate to his new partner and dance in an entirely different style from his own. If were anyone else (Jose) Mia probably would have praised them for being able to adapt so quickly. Many comments this year have not been helpful but rather hurtful. I was a dancer and we do like to hear how to make ourselves better dancers but offer real advice not personal comments. I never thought I would miss Mary’s screaming or the hot tamale train but I do!

    7/8/2010 12:02 PM UTC

  29. Cindy Joseph - wrote:

    Ok, lets wash away all the anger and get back to what this show is all about!! DANCE!!!!
    Would love to hear Lil’ C’s comments on Alex and Twitches performance of Napolean and Tabbatha’s hip hop coreography.

    7/8/2010 12:36 PM UTC

  30. Karen - wrote:

    Based on last night’s show I’m not sure that I will ever tune in again. What’s with the continued attacks againist AdeChike by the judges. It was so disrespectful when Mia only comment to AdeChike was that “she so missed Brandon”. Brandon had not performed and was not before her. I feel really bad for AdeChike, it seems that no matter what he does, it’s not enough. I will not watch the show based on the judges comments and treatment of AdeChike. I will continue to vote for him though :>

    7/8/2010 3:16 PM UTC

  31. Jen - wrote:

    The judges need to keep their critiques content limited to the performance as oppossed to how they personally feel about someone.

    Just because Mia crosses the line, doesnt mean that Mary needs to return. Remember her screeching and sputtering of general, useless comments? I would hit the mute button when it was her turn. The only time she would give useful info was if they danced a ballroom piece.

    Show the judges that they are wrong by voting!! Along with Robert, i voted for Adichike, showing my support!!

    7/8/2010 3:59 PM UTC

  32. Cindy Joseph - wrote:

    My post about Mia has been removed somehow!
    I was in complete agreement with all points of view about Mia Michaels.
    Off with her head!

    7/8/2010 4:40 PM UTC

  33. Cheryl - wrote:

    Love the show and have been watching from the very first season. However, I am now disturbed by so much crying from the male dancers. They cry when they are praised, enough already. If they are reading this then MAN UP ALREADY.

    7/8/2010 6:16 PM UTC

  34. Cher - wrote:

    Mia, your shame knows no bounds! That was the weakest apology I have ever heard. You saw the light go out of him and it frustrated you? So, you decided to swing a club around in the dark of rudeness and beat down his performance? You had at least 20 hours to write up a better apology than that junk you spilled out of your mouth. Shame on you Mia.
    Nigel, shame on you for not doing a better job at handling the show. Maybe you should have wrote Mia’s apology. It might have made since sense it wasn’t coming from her or her heart.
    Adam, I see you got out of bed and decided not to contribute anything to the show. Typical.

    7/8/2010 7:21 PM UTC

  35. Carol - wrote:

    could anybody tell me where on earth is Mary Murphy..
    Cat I love you for pointing out the inconsistency of the judges.
    Mia you are horrible. I wish I had the power to vote you off the show.
    Adechkie stay strong. You are a brilliant dancer

    7/8/2010 7:42 PM UTC

  36. Christina - wrote:

    I’ve watched this show since the very beginning, and over the years, I’ve noticed that Mia tends to favor male dancers over female dancers. In the past seasons, she was just so mean that whenever it was her turn to speak, I would turn to another channel. When I heard that she was judging this year, I crinched! I kept on watching because the dancers are so talented and amazing! They are all winners in my book. The difference between Simon in Idol and Mia is that Simon criticized everyone equally. He was mean to everyone equally. Mia, on the other hand, picks one or two favorites, and cut everyone else down to nothing. She makes it very uncomfortable to watch.

    7/8/2010 10:20 PM UTC

  37. TOM CAT - wrote:

    Mia’s apology was negated when she offered up excuses for her verbal attack on Adichike . I am also disappointed with Nigel , this whole fiasco seems contrived. I always enjoyed this show but feel they need to clean house and tell Mia to dance off into the sun set .

    7/9/2010 3:46 AM UTC

  38. Kari - wrote:

    I just watched the 7/07/10 show and I’m extremely frustrated with how the judges treat Adechike. I’m not even a huge fan of his but would it hurt them to give him one positive comment? I thought his Bollywood routine was great and I thought he was great in it and all they did was criticize him harshly afterwards. I was so glad was the hostess played “devil’s advocate” as she said about jose because it was completely true. Then MIA had to go and be a complete snot and say Jose had heart that Adechike didn’t, who says that? It was completely uncalled for. I think that if the judges didn’t pay so much attention to Robert, they could objectively look at other dancers. I don’t think Robert is that great of a dancer and he barely ever gets “in character”. He is also not versatile at all and I’m so sick of watching The Robert Show every week when I tune in.

    7/9/2010 9:21 AM UTC

  39. SYTYCD Fan - wrote:

    Good luck on your surgery Alex! I will be praying that you heal quickly

    I really like and appreciate Nigel’s comments/judging. Although I did not like Mary screaming, I thought she added constructive comments on the routines. I also liked how they had a guest judge (really liked Lil C’s comments) each week. I really like Mia as a choreographer and am disappointed that she has not done more choreography this season. I would rather see her as a choreography than a judge. I also liked Adam more as a choreographer than a judge. Is there a way that it could be changed back for next season? Or at least take a poll of SYTYCD fans, who should be a judge?

    7/9/2010 10:18 AM UTC

  40. j daniel arthur - wrote:

    Please no more “Momma Mia” ………… this maybe my last season to watch if this is your idea of fair judging. Bring back Mary

    7/10/2010 3:54 AM UTC

  41. Danielle - wrote:

    I don’t like that there are only 2 women left in the competition. If it gets to be all men… I think it will not be good.

    And I think Mia is disgenuiine and lacks human compasion. She has got to go!

    7/14/2010 5:41 PM UTC

  42. sandra rodrich - wrote:

    finally!! that’s so great news for us that live without tv and depend on streaming.

    about the new stage…what’s going on with the background lights? i really get confused with all that same red uniform big dots, ok sometimes they are blue but it’s really confusing to see the dancers with that matrix behind…please… change is good but only the good ones!!

    7/14/2010 7:51 PM UTC

  43. Mark - wrote:

    Where is Mary? I can’t stand Mia. Is this really a competition this year? I almost wish that Adechike will be voted off tomorrow so that I can quit watching this season. He has to be mortified each week knowing that he has to perform before a judge who despises him. And at the same time find that the other contestants can do no wrong.
    Mary, where ever you are please come back.

    7/14/2010 11:56 PM UTC

  44. Kim - wrote:

    I don’t know which is worse “mean and nasty” Mia or “sickenly sweet” Mia. To see her break down “almost” makes her human but not quite.
    Still looking for Mary !!! Without her the show loses alot of appeal for me.

    7/15/2010 1:14 AM UTC

  45. Kim - wrote:


    7/15/2010 1:18 AM UTC

  46. RandR88 - wrote:

    So, Adechike gets the hardest ballroom every staged on the show and Jose gets b-boy with Dominic. I’m sure that was completely a random draw – no, really, it wasn’t fixed at all, nope, not this show. They wouldn’t do anything like that. They’d never predetermine who they wanted to win then manipulate the audience to vote for that person – no way, never!

    7/15/2010 12:06 PM UTC

  47. Jim H. - wrote:

    We have watched every show for seven seasons, tonights decision to keep Billy was appalling. We thought this was a dance competition and like every competition you either compete or you are eliminated, if you are unable to compete you are unable to “stay in the game”. The judges decision to keep him provides him with an unfair advatage over the other competitors….he has had a week of rest (by his decision) and the others have all danced at least 3 dances each. He was cleared by the Dr’s to dance, he CHOSE not to, then he should leave the competition, just as the other dancers that have been injured this season and unable to dance have had to leave. The judges bad call tonight reminds us of some of the absurd calls made by the ref’s during the World Cup.

    P.S. To all you Mia “haters” out there, get real, she has given constructive comments, and by the way, she apoligized the next night for the way she spoke to Adecheke. So get off her back….she is waaaaay better than listening to Mary’s high pitched unneccessary screams!!! Now that is something to get on your last nerve.

    7/22/2010 8:06 PM UTC

  48. Caroline - wrote:

    Where was Jose in the opening routine of last weeks show? He wasn’t in it. Why? the other dancers had to learn their routines plus this one. Unfair. I can only guess he was unable to learn it. Does any one know why?

    7/26/2010 2:57 PM UTC

  49. gary - wrote:

    I agree with you 100% Mia Michael’s is full of herself and is very biased. if you go back and look at all the excellent technical dancers that were African American she has always been very harsh and biased. will, Danny, the young contemporary dancer from last year and there was a hip hop dancer about 2 years ago that Debbie Allen had to say enough. she uses all types of rhetorical devices and fallacies to throw a red herring to disguise her racism. oh my god and when she says she is only critiquing i am dumbfounded at how she uses the straw man to tear them down

    8/13/2010 8:05 PM UTC

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