Alex Wong’s Injury

Alex Wong

On Wednesday night’s Top 8 performance show, we learned that Alex Wong sustained an injury to what might be his Achilles’ heel. He received an MRI, and the doctors did not permit him to dance this week. Judge and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed that according to the new rules for Season 7, if a dancer is injured and misses the performances they will automatically be in the bottom three the next day. If he is unable to dance on next week’s show, he’ll be out of the competition.

When Nigel asked Alex if it hurt, Alex’s response was “Only in my heart.” A teary-eyed Alex sat in the stands and cheered his fellow contestants on. Be sure to watch Thursday’s results show at 9/8c on FOX for an update on his situation.


198 comments on “Alex Wong’s Injury“

  1. Grace - wrote:

    We all weeped with you tonight knowing that you will not be able to contiinue the rest of the season. You have brought so much heart to your performance, and have completely touched everyone with your amazing grace.
    Please take good care, and get well soon. So many of your adoring fans, including myself, can’t wait to see you dance again. You are the proverbial artist.

    7/8/2010 9:36 PM UTC

  2. carolineh - wrote:

    Alex MADE this season’s show WORTH WATCHING! Alex alone! There is no longer a point in watching the show without Alex. Sorry. I’ll be tuning out until Alex can return. I’m sure that I won’t be the only viewer that you will be losing with Alex’s departure. My heart soooo goes out to him, I hope that the show can help to take care of him to ensure a healthy return when he feels up to it. I worry that he will feel too devastated and lost between going through surgery and waiting another whole year try again for the show. Please take care of him… I want to see him in action again next year. Love you Alex! Please stay strong! I would love to see you doing other things on tv as well so please don’t hesitate to try! You’ve already got a huge fan group (made up of Alex fanatics like me!!) cheering you on to success!!!

    7/8/2010 9:47 PM UTC

  3. Christina - wrote:

    Alex – this show would not be the same without you. You are such a talented dancer! Good luck with your recovery. Can’t wait to see you next season! Best of luck.

    7/8/2010 9:47 PM UTC

  4. Tiffany Hall - wrote:

    Alex is a spectacular dancer and I can’t even begin to imagine how disappointed he may be due to the current circumstances. However, I am confident that he will return next season with just as great moves, if not better… although I’m not sure how you get BETTER if your name is Alex Wong! Again, LOVED the hip-hop routine with Twitch last week, you’re the best! I’d love to send you a card or some words of encouragement… we need an address… anyone have any idea where you could mail something????

    7/8/2010 10:02 PM UTC

  5. Tiffany Hall - wrote:

    All the best to you and your family!

    7/8/2010 10:03 PM UTC

  6. JJ - wrote:

    While it was unfortunate that Alex could not perform, was it justified that the egotistical and downright MEAN Mia Michaels make the comment, “I am missing Alex right now” after Adechike’s performance? If Mia cannot be professional and impartial, she should be REMOVED FOM THE JUDGES’ PANEL.

    7/8/2010 10:04 PM UTC

  7. Carol - wrote:

    Alex, I’m so sorry you are leaving the show this year as you’ve been the highlight. Your flexibility, beautiful lines, charming personality, humility and level of dancing maturity have been wonderful to watch. Hang in there and come back! My best to you, now and in the future….

    7/8/2010 10:13 PM UTC

  8. maria - wrote:

    I am very very sorry and disappointed about Alex.
    This season is going to be boring now. (I mean, I like some of the contestants but Alex was just exceptional)
    I really hope he will fully recover and will be given a free pass to be in the top 10 for next season.

    7/8/2010 11:06 PM UTC

  9. Laurie - wrote:

    I came home from work after a really long day and was so excited to watch the recording of SYTYCD and by the end I was so upset and found myself crying with Alex and the rest.

    Alex was the main reason I watched the show each week. I like the other dancers but Alex moved me each time he danced. He was the whole package, exquisite dancer, endearing personality and kept me on the edge of my seat with my breath held each time. He’s moved me to tears, had me beaming from ear to ear and made me feel that I was invited to watch something special each week.

    Alex made Wed & Thurs something to look forward to and now I feel a little deflated. No disrespect to the other dancers who are all wonderful.

    I hope you have a safe surgery and a speedy full recovery. I’m from Vancouver and I hope I get the honour to see you perform live one day.

    7/8/2010 11:49 PM UTC

  10. Zach - wrote:

    Dear Alex,

    My heart goes out to you.
    I was so sad that you had to withdraw form the show.
    You are great dancer with warm heart and personality.
    You have great feelings and heart when you dance.
    Wish you well and hope to see you next season…

    Kiss today goodbye,
    the sweetness and the sorrow.
    Wish me luck, the same to you.
    But I can’t regret
    What I did for love, what I did for love.
    Look my eyes are dry.
    The gift was ours to borrow.
    It’s as if we always knew,
    And I won’t forget what I did for love,
    What I did for love.
    Love is never gone.
    As we travel on,
    Love’s what we’ll remember.
    Kiss today goodbye,
    And point me toward tomorrow.
    We did what we had to do.
    Won’t forget, can’t regret
    What I did for Love

    7/9/2010 1:29 AM UTC

  11. Zach - wrote:

    Dear Billy,

    You are great dancer with no heart or feelings.
    Just watching you I can tell that you are so cocky and fake.
    Dancers with no heart are worth nothing unless you just wanted to be a back up Dancers for Music Video.
    Unfortunately, no one can teach feelings and heart. You should take acting classes to learn how to bring feelings into your dance.

    7/9/2010 1:32 AM UTC

  12. Kristin - wrote:

    My heart goes out to Alex. He’s an amazing dancer, and I feel his strong passion for dance shines through. He was definitely my favorite contestant this year, and I am so sad to see him go, especially under the circumstance of injury. Like Nigel expressed last night, life challenges make us grow stronger. Alex, I wish you a quick recovery! There are lots of people out their rooting for you :) ! Hopefully we will see you in on the show next year.

    7/9/2010 3:24 AM UTC

  13. Rhonda - wrote:

    I was really hopen that Mia would make a statement about her rude behavier the night before which she did but I must tell you it felt empty and like an excuse so she going to be a mama mia I ;am a morther of two young adults and would never show favorites between my children in this case Mia had 8 and singled out Ade’ chicke , Please !! Her statements on Wedesday night were personal and out of line As a mother there are times we give constructive opinions to our children thats not what I heard in that case, As fo Alex good luck and will see you next year, Now this Jose issue is nuts this is a dance show not charm school

    7/9/2010 3:55 AM UTC

  14. Andrew - wrote:

    I was so upset to see that Alex was going to have to leave the competition. He was such an amazing dancer and it isn’t fair that he got injured. I wish him all the luck in the world!

    But now I have to rant a little bit, because I think what is happening to Billy Bell is an absolute travesty! This is the second time he is in the bottom when he is such a fabulous dancer?! I don’t usually play this card, but this is turning into another Adam Lambert situation…The only reason Billy’s talent isn’t being honored in the votes (in my opinion) is that he has a more feminine, and softer personality. The judges absolutely love him and he has been told countless times how good he is, and that isn’t enough to get him votes? Bulls***…if he was as masculine as Robert, Mark, or Twitch there is no way he would ever be in the bottom unless he seriously screws up. When are people going to put there prejudices aside and vote based on talent and performance? Last night reminded me how much people really suck!

    7/9/2010 4:23 AM UTC

  15. Isis905 - wrote:

    I am heartbroken. I carried on so about Alex you would’ve thought he was my son. I pray for his speedy recovery. Alex would’ve on this season, I have no doubt on that. There are some really good dancers, there are some really great dancers, there are even some phenomenal dancers and then, there’s Alex Wong. There isn’t a word in any dictionary in the world that could adequately describe his dancing.

    Get better soon, come back next season and do what you were destined to do…WIN IT!

    7/9/2010 4:32 AM UTC

  16. Michelle - wrote:

    Surely Alex will go on the tour…how could the tour be without that great hiphop dance with he and Twitch!!!!!!!!!
    Please get rid of Mia. This has been my favorite show for years, I live for it. But I will NOT continue to watch this horrible woman judge. She does not deserve to be a judge. She is a cruel cruel person with some kind of grudge going on. I miss Mary’s positive personality and screams. I miss everything about Mary. Please bring her back. If that is not possible, MIA STILL MUST GO. SHE IS KILLING YOUR SHOW!!!!!

    7/9/2010 4:44 AM UTC

  17. clea - wrote:

    I wish you, Alex, the most successful surgery so that you may come back and continue to brighten our lives with your fantabulous dancing! I was so sad to see that your injury was of such importance but know that you have fans all over the world praying for your 100% recovery! Bonne chance Alex!!! From a fan in Quebec,Canada, xxcleaxx

    7/9/2010 5:42 AM UTC

  18. clea - wrote:

    I wish you, Alex, the most successful surgery so that you may come back to the world of dance and continue to brighten our lives with your fantabulous talent! I was so sad to see that your injury was of such importance but know that you have fans around the world praying for your 100% recovery! Bonne chance Alex!! From a fan in Quebec, Canada, xxcleaxx

    7/9/2010 5:45 AM UTC

  19. Renee - wrote:

    Alex Wong is amazing. He is the type of dancer that viewers love to see. He not only effectively uses the talent and training that he has, but he also works extra hard. He researches the dance styles that he is unfamiliar with in order to stay true to those various styles of dance. This shows that Alex is someone who truly loves what he does. His love for dance brings him to a whole other level. Also, he handled the situation wonderfully tonight on the show. He had such great composure and class considering all that has happened to him. I hope that the surgery goes smoothly and that he has a quick and problem-free recovery. I wish him all the best for the future. I know that when he makes his comeback, he will be better than ever! We love you Alex!!!

    7/9/2010 5:50 AM UTC

  20. Kristen - wrote:

    I heard the news last night on So You Think You Can Dance Alex, listen to your doctors so you can get better for next year and just keep your head up high! I feel so bad because I know you love to dance and it was your dream to be on this show. Everyone who is reading this comment Mia Michaels is not a bad person. I understand a lot of you liked when Mary was on the show. I liked it too, but it doesn’t mean that Mia is a bad person. And I really feel bad for Alex and the people who think that since he got disqualified is a bad thing it really isn’t cause I would rather have him get better and ready for next year then have him still hurt and dance and break his bone again. So they are really just helping him. It was very nice of Mia last night to say to Adechike she is sorry if she hurt him and she was really just trying to help him. Anyways feel better Alex !

    7/9/2010 6:05 AM UTC

  21. gs - wrote:

    we all knew that Alex had a serious injury and would have to go…glad that AdaChike was NOT in the bottom 3…I think that was a vote backlash against Mia MIchaels and her snarky remarks. Good for the Public.
    Either she was forced to read the feedback/blogs or someone finally told her she was out of line both about the tapper comments, the doughnut hole comments etc…just plain snarky…her apology to the kid was half hearted though…forced…she is bringing the show down…so go do choreography and get off the judge panel…Nigel Lithgoe tries to be positive and very professional towards the contestants regardless…
    he should not let her get away with her BS…give the makeup a rest as well…and GIVE US BACK MARY MURPHY….gs

    7/9/2010 8:09 AM UTC

  22. Alice - wrote:

    Mia has apologized and I found it sincere so I think people should give her credit for that. That being said, I would like to point out that not everyone responds well to harsh criticism. However, this is a harsh industry so anyone who wants to be a part of it must realize that it comes with the package. That does not mean the judges cannot operate differently from the norm. I appreciate having Mia as a judge because she is someone who actively choreographs, unlike Nigel and Mary who are former dancers. Mary is compassionate, and has value to the show, if she would only not scream!!!! I also loved Brian Friedman, yet again another active dancer/choreographer. I don’t think they should replace Mia based on the comments. I still like her and value her. If they were to listen to the comments, they should give her a chance to change. However, if they do, they should bring back Brian Friedman. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a judge who is a ballroom dancer. This show favors contemporary dancers. It was unusual that Benji even won (of course he’s amazing) bec contemporary dancers are exposed to the genres that they dance in the show. You have to respect street dancers like hip hoppers, b boyz, salsa dancers, or genres where you did not train in formal academies. These are the real dancers, the ones that choreographies aside, can dance from the heart.

    7/9/2010 8:44 AM UTC

  23. Tanya - wrote:

    I am so sorry Alex!! I loved to watch you dance!! Don’t give up, you will be dancing again before you know it!! Please come back next season!!

    7/9/2010 8:46 AM UTC

  24. Danny from LA - wrote:

    NIGEL (& MIA) – The role of a judge is to share their “expertise” on the dancers. Judges should NOT comment on who they feel is in “danger” of leaving. That is OUR domain; the viewers, the callers, NOT yours. MIA, love you, but you DISGUSTED me last night by picking on Ado and saying you miss Alex. If you remember, you guys pushed Will so hard a few seasons ago that people booted him early. STOP commenting on who should stay. That’s not your job. ONLY comment on the dance – NOT THE RESULTS. Everytime you give your opinion about who should stay, you sway the results (which I believe is for commercial purposes). The show is losing its integrity. STOP SHOWING BIAS FOR THE RESULTS.

    7/9/2010 8:49 AM UTC

  25. dorthea - wrote:

    what i hope for is that alex has the insurance or a sponsor that will pay for his surgery. he has sacrificed so much to be on the show, and i pray that his sacrifice doesn’t go to new heights!!

    alex…i can’t wait to see you back on the show. i believe in you and i LOVED watching you dance.

    7/9/2010 8:55 AM UTC

  26. Lisa - wrote:

    Alex, I was very sad to see you go last night. I felt you could have won the whole thing. I hope you have a speedy recovery and come back next season.

    7/9/2010 9:00 AM UTC

  27. rapunzel - wrote:

    Get well soon. You are such a great dancer and I hope to see you again in a future so you think you can dance competition =)

    7/9/2010 9:15 AM UTC

  28. christy - wrote:

    I have to say all I hear are people complaining about Mia. It is taking criticism from someone who is good at what they do. Obviously most of you never could take a good criticism from anyone. She tells you like it is…get over it. I agree that Jose is getting special treatment which is annoying. I thought Adichike would have been in the bottom except he got symphathy votes from all of yall. It is clear that Ashleigh and Billie did well but were in the bottom. Alex will be back he is strong. But for those harping on Mia get over it. Geez, Adichike is probably one of the weakest dancers next to Jose. Why are we keeping them around? Mia keep going hard…

    7/9/2010 10:47 AM UTC

  29. dancewatch - wrote:

    Mia’s apology fell short. Working in education we frequently see parents and their children making excuses for poor choices and bad behavior. That is exactly what Mia did in her apology. What she should have said was I’m sorry, the comments that I made were cruel and wrong. If you truly want to teach you find the positives and help to improve the negatives. You talk about wanting to be humble but in order to do that you need to admit to your failings and change them not excuse them.

    7/9/2010 11:40 AM UTC

  30. Deneen - wrote:

    Mia I was so disappointed in your judgment the past two weeks. Your statements were harsh and uncalled for. If I remember correctly you are in the first stages of grieving (and I am sorry for your loss), but try to remember that you shouldn’t inflict your pain onto others.

    7/9/2010 12:20 PM UTC

  31. Angry - wrote:

    The show needs some changes. Go back to having 2 judges and a rotating judge. Get rid of Mia as a judge. Judges should not express their opinions about who is in danger etc. – it sways the votes. And, pick better women dancers. The women this season were, for the most part, weak. You definitely had many better choices. Mia should be fired – it would bring back some much needed integrity to the show. I am very very sorry about Alex – he is a fabulous dancer and will be missed. But I am also sure that he is going to be a name in the dance world for a long time. Last – most of the choreography is great, however, there have been numerous times that good dancers got hurt by bad or inappropriate choreography and that should be noted in the judges’ comments. Adecheke has been given too many dances that depended on playing a role rather than displaying his ability to dance. The choreograhers need to be called out when they let the dancers down.

    7/9/2010 2:05 PM UTC

  32. lovenow - wrote:

    Mia Michaels: You can get the same message across without using a hateful, insensitive energy. I can only imagine how Ade’cheke felt after hearing your critique. I know how I felt. Dancing is such a beautiful, soulful expression: I would imagine a person’s heart is very open and vulnerable after a performance. Kindness would be an appropriate–and important–energy to use while offering an honest critique. This world has enough hate and violence and aggression in it. Please, please bring a softer, kinder you to the show. Many people are watching. Be a role model for kind, honest, authentic communication.

    7/9/2010 3:19 PM UTC

  33. Kaitlyn - wrote:

    Alex was one of the most memorable people on the show he would have one it no problem but all the other dancers on the show are great two but you were the most special and you better come back next year and feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):(

    7/9/2010 5:03 PM UTC

  34. Kaitlyn - wrote:

    I will pray for you on tuesday hope everything goes well Your my idol btw i am 11 and you are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7/9/2010 5:04 PM UTC

  35. Nicole - wrote:


    7/9/2010 5:08 PM UTC

  36. C Hunter - wrote:

    Danny, Brandon, AdeChike. Three black male dancers that were positive and confident and Mia was rude to all three of them. I believe “I don’t like you” was her comment to Brandon. “Your arrogant” to Danny. I have always enjoyed the show because of how positive it was, the dancers are amazing and work so hard. Nigel, you’re trying to promote the wonderful qualities of dance yet you fail to give Jose critique that will help him and allow Mia to humiliate the dancers. Sorry I don’t believe her apology. Three times you’re OUT!!!

    7/9/2010 6:09 PM UTC

  37. Kimboo - wrote:

    Alex will be very missed. I agree that he elevated the show and I know this is very hard for him to have to deal with stepping down from the show, but am looking forward to next season.

    I am still dissappointed with Mia’s remark to Adechike even with the apology that she gave. Mia has been one of my favorite choreographers on the show, but I am not sure what happens with ceratin contestants that makes her say certain things. Did something happen off the camera? I mean why did he deserve such critical and heartless comments. My suggestion is that when you think someone added to much to a routine, why not ask the choreographer. Ask him if he told the contestant to do that. That may have settled it all. My suggest asking the choreographer if something was suppose to be a certain way before critcizing the contestant. Please let’s get better on this, I love this show because the judges are far more caring the IDOL, but if comments like Mia made continue to happen, I will not continue to watch and I’m sure others won’t either. But one thing I believe in is grace, so I look forward to seeing continued success.

    7/9/2010 6:10 PM UTC

  38. C Hunter - wrote:

    Apology not accepted

    7/9/2010 6:10 PM UTC

  39. Annie - wrote:

    No Alex =[ Please recover ASAP and don’t push yourself too hard before it heals completely. I’m really worried that you won’t be able to dance to the caliber you’ve shown us. Nonetheless, it will be great, but it will be heartbreaking for any artist to not being able to do their best anymore.
    i will miss you on this show. But I hope there will be better opportunities out there for you and I will keep on supporting you! I’ve never felt so much sadness and devastation for someone on a reality tv show, it just shows how much you’ve touched us with your amazing dancing and adorable personality.
    HEAL ALEX! I’ll send my wishes along your way.

    7/9/2010 10:45 PM UTC

  40. RandR88 - wrote:

    I can see a few folks defending Mia here, which I respect. Yes, it’s a harsh industry, blah blah blah…I get all that. But her criticisms go beyond the actual dancing and take a very personal tone. Does no one remember how mean she was to Brandon Bryant (“I don’t believe your fake smile…I’m not a fan”). Her comments are often meritless, personal and pointedly venomous. And her apology was not actually an apology at all. She recanted it AS SHE WAS GIVING IT by saying it was “tough love”. We need to see truly objective judges, not judges who abuse their microphone privileges and just relish in being sadistic to dancers who are much better than they ever were. If a dancer is dancing badly then I applaud the Simon Cowell approach – tell them they suck! But don’t say “regardless of how you performed, I have a baseless hunch that you, personally, suck, therefore I don’t like your dancing”.

    7/10/2010 10:18 AM UTC

  41. RandR88 - wrote:

    I have to respond to what “Andrew” said above. I don’t believe people haven’t been voting for Billy just because he is effeminate. Look at former dancers like Danny, Travis, Brandon, Joshua, and many others who did quite well and were also effeminate. And even Kent, as much as Nigel wants to make him out to be a girl-crazy prom King, is extremely fem. While being an awesome dancer, Billy just doesn’t have a big dynamic personality and seems somewhat shy and reserved. That just doesn’t result in the much needed phone calls from the screaming 12 to 15 year old girls who ultimately decide who wins these competitions.

    7/10/2010 10:39 AM UTC

  42. Cate - wrote:

    I love Alex Wong! His dancing is not only technically perfect, artistically executed, but notably performed. He was a brilliant dancer and sensational actor. I miss him so much and I have lost my desire to vote for anyone else. He is by far the best dancer I have ever seen. I thought Jakob was good last year, but Alex beats him hands down. Please Alex come back next year so we can see you again!

    7/14/2010 5:19 PM UTC

  43. Cate - wrote:

    I was very happy to see Katie last week. She was my favorite that year!

    7/14/2010 5:20 PM UTC

  44. Cate - wrote:

    ALEX, if you read this-I would like to tell you about a great machine called “Chi Gong”. I tore my meniscus skiing one year and I saw three docs and they all wanted to do surgery and I did not, but I could not walk at all. Someone thank God told me about this machine and I used it for 16 hours a day. After 5 days I walked into the surgeons office and told him it was all better and he did not believe me so he did xrays and he was amazed-it had grown back together. This was in 1990. twenty years and no more problems. I never had surgery either. Now I know your injury is different, but it could help you heal faster and better. Just a thought-a selfish one at that. I can’t wait to see you dance again!

    7/14/2010 5:30 PM UTC

  45. Ali - wrote:

    Alex, we all can’t wait to see you dance again and hope that it will be very soon! MIA you are an ARTIST and so it is in YOUR NATURE to have OPINIONS. When you get called on a comment that lots of people disagree with by CAT or the AUDIENCE you need to be able to defend your opinion with something better than a general assumption that the public has a crush on them and so makes unusual exceptions. Lauren and Adichike seem the most real to me and so I relate to them the most. As an ARTIST it is ALSO your JOB to be IN TOUCH with your audience and SPEAK for them. Picasso said in effect “If you have a favorite spot in your painting then you should get rid of it so that you don’t lose the whole painting.” Get rid of your favorites or you will lose them (they’ll get voted off cause your sugar is too sweet,) the other dancers, your audience.

    7/15/2010 10:57 PM UTC

  46. Work illness - wrote:

    Injuries are really very harmful for a body.So,we should always be very careful for it.

    6/26/2011 11:29 PM UTC

  47. nihed - wrote:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(

    10/14/2011 2:34 PM UTC

  48. Miou - wrote:

    Since this event is tikang place at Six Flags, do you have to buy a ticket to enter the park to do the routine??

    2/8/2012 6:48 PM UTC

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