Top 9 Results

Melinda peaces out.

Finalist Melinda Sullivan, 22, a Tap dancer from Thousand Oaks, CA, was eliminated on Thursday’s So You Think You Can Dance. After America’s vote was revealed, Billy Bell, Robert Roldan, and Melinda Sullivan were the three dancers who received the fewest votes. Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Adam Shankman asked the three finalists to perform a solo routine and then eliminated Melinda.

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This week’s results show also featured special performances by R&B recording artist Ne-Yo and SYTYCD All-Stars Courtney Galiano and Mark Kanemura, as well as dancers from Cirque du Soleil’s Viva ELVIS entertaining the audience with specially choreographed versions of “Return To Sender” and “Didja Ever.”

The competition continues next week on America’s favorite dance show when the remaining eight finalists (Billy

Bell, Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, Ashley Galvan, Robert Roldan, Jose Ruiz, AdéChiké Torbert, and Alex Wong) will dance two routines – one with an All-Star partner and one with a fellow contestant – on a two-hour live performance show Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c on FOX.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, July 8 at 9/8c, to find out which dancer will be sent home next and to see performances by pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield and the cast of Broadway’s Tony Award-winning smash hit “In The Heights.”

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29 comments on “Top 9 Results“

  1. Meg - wrote:

    I really hope they continue with these all-star dances on the results show. I’d love to see Lauren and Neil back together to do the Wade Robson “Night of the Dancing Flame” routine!

    7/2/2010 12:33 PM UTC

  2. Martha - wrote:

    I was very disappointed in the judges Wednesday & Thursday night in what they said to Melinda. I didn’t vote for her but, I found her a very classy lady having to stand & listen to all of the judges belittle her. I thought they were there to judge her on her dancing not say they made a mistake in keeping her from the week before. Again I have lost all respect for what the judges have to say. I have watched every seasons & this was way out of line.

    7/2/2010 2:31 PM UTC

  3. Michael - wrote:

    I guess the show should change their name to so you think you have personality I am really really disappointed with the judges this year.. The way the treated Billy who is an amazing dancer who may be lacking personality in their opinion but I felt it as a veiwer and a dancer. He WAS AMAZING and Jose who is technically horrible his Samba was a discrase. he couldnt even extend his arms properly. But was praised to the fullest.. How shameful of the judges to give Baised based opinion of who they want to stay Jose is praised everyweek because he shows personality. My 10 month old Rat Terrier has a great personality Maybe Ill bring her out to try out for so you think you can dance I mean have personality.. So shameful. If your gonna critique someone whos is technical but doesnt have personality to SUPPOSIDLY make them better how about giving a dancer who is NO WHERE NEAR TECHNICAL ENOUGH critique on how to become better VERY BIASED and lots of us agree

    7/2/2010 11:14 PM UTC

  4. stratcat - wrote:

    wow! mia and adam’s comments to melinda after her performance were uncalled for. i was embarassed for her. you are there to critique her performance that night not bring up that you should have sent her home last week. i lost a great deal of respect for the “judges”. what is done is done. i guess you need to reexaminine your own thought processes not bring down a person who just gave their all. that was not negative criticism, that was an attack. i hope you two realized your mistake “after watching the playback” and apologized to that poor girl.

    7/3/2010 3:22 AM UTC

  5. carys - wrote:

    I am totally frustrated with Fox Website-it is cumbersome, slow to load, cannot join to post-site will not let me. Also, the way the music for the auditions is listed is causing major frustration. I want to know what music the talented dancers are dancing to. I have spent hours and can’t get it straight. They need to go back to the old format where the good dancers’ music is named.

    7/3/2010 9:20 AM UTC

  6. carys - wrote:

    I forgot to add that I agree with the comments on Billy Bell and Jose.
    I adore Billy and want to see good dancing on the show-he is getting a bad rap in comparison with Jose. Jose nees to improve his dancing. I want a dancer to win because they are an incredible dancer.

    7/3/2010 9:27 AM UTC

  7. carys - wrote:

    Also, does anyone know what music Teddy danced to in his audition?

    7/3/2010 9:34 AM UTC

  8. carys - wrote:

    what does moderation mean-waiting on?

    7/3/2010 9:42 AM UTC

  9. Carol - wrote:

    Where is Mary? Mia was totally out of line saying she made a mistake in elimating Christina instead of Melinda. And then Adam chimed in with the same info. How lo can they go??? Melinda did not deserve to be told in front of America. We need Mary back… Get
    rid of Mia and we won’t have to look at her flashy tattoo anymore!

    7/3/2010 11:58 AM UTC

  10. WEL - wrote:

    I’m trying to find the name of the song that was used for one of Sonya Tayeh choreographed routines this past episode. The lyrics went something about ‘your soul will catch a cold because its cold as ice’ … sorry can’t remember the lyrics very well. Anyone?

    7/3/2010 6:34 PM UTC

  11. Patricia - wrote:

    I was soooooooooo outraged with the judges. They were way out of line in berating Melinda the way that they did. And to say they made a mistake the week before is degrading. She seems to be more of a professional than the judges. Also Nygel has had it out for her since week one. The other thing I didn’t agree with from the auditions was that they kept 6 guys and only 5 girls. They said it would be the top ten not 11. Billy Bell might be popular with the judges but I feel like his performances were the worst of the last two weeks. Where is the fairness. I am very close to no longer watching this show.

    7/4/2010 8:37 AM UTC

  12. Patricia - wrote:

    I was soooooooooo outraged with the judges. They were way out of line in berating Melinda the way that they did. And to say they made a mistake the week before is degrading. She seems to be more of a professional than the judges. Also Nygel has had it out for her since week one. The other thing I didn’t agree with from the auditions was that they kept 6 guys and only 5 girls. What’s up with that?

    7/4/2010 8:39 AM UTC

  13. sue - wrote:

    Where is Mary Murphy, this show is just not the same this year. I dvr the show so I don’t have to listen to Mia with her rude remarks. I love this show but I don’t like it this season, bring Mary back.

    7/4/2010 4:30 PM UTC

  14. Mina Farah - wrote:

    We need Mary Murphy! Mia is so rude and I can’t stand her anymore!
    I’m also kind of upset because there are only 2 girls, Ashley and Lauren.
    GO ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7/5/2010 2:15 PM UTC

  15. R Wilson - wrote:

    It’s been almost a month and I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the judges’ decision to eliminate Anthony Burrell. He was an exquisite dancer–even with a pulled hamstring. Is there any chance that he will be invited to perform solo on the show as a guest, so that we can see him perform one last time without injury?

    7/5/2010 6:12 PM UTC

  16. Caroline - wrote:

    I am very disappointed to see another very good contestant go while Melinda is still there. Melinda is a very good tap dancer and I only wish her well but the stiffness in her movements makes her perform terribly in other fields. I was shocked when Alexie was eliminated and not Melinda and I am now double shocked that Cristina was eliminated. One can only wonder why… Because Melinda has connections that is pushing others in keeping her around… Perhaps the show should be called So you think you have connections… :-(

    7/5/2010 7:05 PM UTC

  17. Melisa - wrote:

    My 8 year old daughter and I have been regular watchers for the program- both of us dislike the new format! It takes away from the show having the allstars dance with the contestants. I feel like the program is trying to be “Dancing with the Stars” and if I wanted to watch that show I would. Please go back to the original format- it was MUCH better. My daughter said that she won’t go on the program when she grows up if you don’t change it back.

    7/6/2010 7:38 AM UTC

  18. NP - wrote:

    I think that Melinda lasted tooooo long in this show! And i don’t understand why. Caroline, a so agree with you!
    And one another thing, PLEASE BRING MARY MURPHY BACK!!!

    7/7/2010 2:54 PM UTC

  19. Cathy - wrote:

    Just chiming in to say that I miss Mary too. Mainly I miss the OLD FORMAT. What is this with the All Stars? I have never missed a single episode from the very beginning, but am very UNDERWHELMED this season. Go back to the 20 contestants please – we have already SEEN the All Stars, and I agree with the comment about Dancing With the Stars. This is supposed to be a TRUE dance contest.

    7/7/2010 4:54 PM UTC

  20. Jessica - wrote:

    I agree, I do miss the format or the old show it’s great to see some of the old dancers that we all loved but it is very similar to “Dacning with the Stars” but I also miss the judge format. I miss Mary alot because I believe she always had a positive thing to say to the dancers even if the performance wasn’t great and also with a differet judge every week I thought it kinda brought something different for each show. Where’s Mary???

    7/7/2010 5:38 PM UTC

  21. eladnad - wrote:

    I agree with the comments about the udges. Mia is a disgrace. Her inane comments, mostly restatements of whatever Nigel says–until tonight’scom ments about Adechike, that is. Her comments about his performance tonight were so offbase as to be laughable. She may be able to choreograph but she certainly cannot judge performance with any credibility. Mary got on my nerves last year, but at least her criticisms were knowledgeable, insightful, and often helpful. I can’t stand listening to Mia, who obviously loves the sound of her own voice so much that she doesn’t pay attention to what comes out of her mouth, I love the show, but I cringe when she speaks. I hope the get rid of her pronto. Her comment to Melinda about “making a mistake” was cruel, thoughtless, and said more about her than it did about Melinda. If she truly did make a mistake, that’s more evidence that she has no business judging. She almost ruins the show for me. I know I couldn’t stand another season of her, and will not watch it next season if she is still on.

    7/7/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  22. Michelle Thompson - wrote:


    I am glad I am not the only one thinking the judges and the new format with the old dancers are horrible.. Who picked the favorites??

    Anyway..I cannot believe they look for personality in the dancers when the judges lack personality themselves…Mary Murphy brought out the best in the show and I sadly miss her..I now fast forward the entire show except Kent’s performances.. I truly hate it now..

    7/7/2010 7:15 PM UTC

  23. Patel - wrote:

    My tone is with most respect… I feel, along with the many others that I watch this show with, that Kat needs to stop judging the dancers when the performances are over, we don’t know if she is asked to talk more, but it seems so over done this season and not enjoyable to watch, it’s distracting and takes away from why the judges are there. And where is Mary?? It’s not the same without her. God love Mia- but as a judge we would love to have Mary back!
    By the way – Love Nigel as always and really enjoy the new format.

    7/8/2010 3:23 AM UTC

  24. Mike Donley - wrote:

    I love the show and enjoy watching the dancing every week. I am not a professional and I don’t know the right words or even the right moves. I believe I represent an average watcher – someone who loves to dance, but flails around looking goofy, but loves to watch young people doing their absolute best, in my opinion. That being said some comments I wish to make:
    * I like the new format with the All Stars. They are very good, but it allows me to watch & concentrate on the contestants.
    * I would appreciate critques about their techniques more. Personality is certainly something we all can see and it helps us make decisions on who to vote for, but technique allows me to tell whether or not a dancer is growing from 1 week to another.
    * Comments like, “We made a mistake last week.” or the belittling Melinda took at the end are totally uncalled for in my opinion. I cringed when I heard them. I thought they were inappropriate and rude.
    * While I detested the screeching of Mary, I do like her critiques a lot more than Mia’s. Keeep Mia choreagraphing; not critiquing.
    * I enjoy Adam’s comments – they seem sincere and “helpful”.
    * Nigel’s comments are ok with me too.
    * I do not agree with the panel about Robert. I do not enjoy watching him dance. I much more enjoyed watching Melinda.She showed class in taking the verbal abuse she got from Mia. Uncalled for!! I even lliked the provious 2 contestants better than Robert – shows you how much I know, huh?
    * Cat stood up for Adechekie last night I thought appropriately. While he is not my favorite, I thought his interpretation was interesting and enjoyable to watch.
    * “I miss Alex.” This was said while critiquing another dancer. Come on. Was that necessary, helpful? I don’t expect pitter patting around poor performance, but I don’t think that was of value to anyone. Are you trying to steer our decisions?
    * I think Lauren is gorgeous and shows real growth and maturity.
    * I would advise Kent to take the information in w/o goofy facial contortions; thank the judge; and thank his partner & then shut up and work hard at improving. He is represnting his young age well, but not professionally.
    I guess that’s enough for now. I do enjoy the show.

    7/8/2010 12:28 PM UTC

  25. Renee - wrote:

    I have been an enthusiastic and loyal fan of SYTYCD since the beginning and while I have usually enjoyed Mia Michael’s choreography, I have reached a point where I must mute the TV when she critiques a contestant. She has become disrespectful, hurtful, and completely unhelpful! Is this the point of weighing in after a dance? I thought it was to give constructive criticism. The comments she made to Adechicke were so far out of line that I simply cannot believe Nigel sat there and listened. I was really surprised he didn’t chime in to stop her and say, “Hey, come on, let’s keep it constructive here, Mia!” Adam Shankman must be careful about echoing any negative sentiment of Mia’s. His style is usually gentle, constructive, and genuine. Bottom line: fire Mia and bring back Mary!!

    7/9/2010 2:53 PM UTC

  26. Sha - wrote:

    My family has watched SYTYCD for many seasons now and believe the judges have judged fairly without being disrespectful or ugly. I am disappointed to see Mia speak not just honestly, but downright disrespectful and hurtful to the contestants. Remember Mia, without them you would be less 1 job. Who is going to let their child come on the show to be rebuked and made to feel ashamed about such a lovely gift. Makes me sad, I don’t even want my children hearing her speak to the contestants the way she does.

    7/9/2010 8:36 PM UTC

  27. lisa - wrote:

    My daughter and I love this show so much, we watch it every year! I have to say that I have lost all respect for Mia. I am so dissapointed in her! How could she have made those mean and hurtful comments to Adechicke! My heart broke for him. He is an amazing dancer, and deserves respect!! I am glad she deservingly appologized to him, but the damage was still done. Mia, in my opinion you are a “flake” unprofessional, and need to move on to somthing else! I’m even getting bored with your “artistic” dance numbers! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, SYTYCD BRING MARY BACK!!!! Nigel, Adam and Kat, love you guys, you’re the best!!

    7/11/2010 6:49 PM UTC

  28. Katie - wrote:

    So I understand that maybe Mia and Adam were alittle harsh, but why sugar coat the fact that she really is only good at one type of dance and only so-so in others. Melinda really should not have been on this show she does not have enough diversity. If it were me preforming I could only hope that the judges would be as honest to me.
    Love the show but I agree I miss Mary too :(

    7/13/2010 9:03 AM UTC

  29. Michele - wrote:

    The judges made an unfair decision tonight. If they did not feel that Billy had the right not to dance Wednesday, they should have spoken to him “before the show” and said he must dance or would be automatically eliminated. To allow him to make that decision and then penalize, was unfair. It is also totally unfair and foolish to keep pushing Jose, who clearly is the poorest dancer of group and completely repetative in his genre . He should have been eliminated long ago. If Billy couldn’t dance next week, bring Jose back .

    7/22/2010 6:53 PM UTC

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