Catching Up with Cristina

Cristina performs a Salsa solo.

Salsa dancer Cristina Santana was eliminated from Season 7 in tenth place. Soon after leaving the competition, the San Diego resident talked about the audition process, her future, and dancing with Pasha.

The night before her elimination, Cristina danced the Paso Doble with Pasha Kovalev. The two had great chemistry and the judges raved about her performance, and although Cristina said she wasn’t too shocked to be in the bottom, she got to go out on a high note. “I just saw the performance with the Paso Doble. I was kind of impressed with myself. I really liked the routine and the choreography was amazing.”

The Latin ballroom dancer called dancing with Pasha “a great experience. Having a professional dancer help you through practice and give you this confidence. It was a really great experience, and I would never change it. I’m glad I got him for my last dance.” Cristina also talked a bit about the role of the all-stars on Season 7. “They’re there for us to, to support us, and to help us through the choreography every week. They have experience from before, so they know what it’s like to be on the show. I think it’s a good balance for the show to have the All-Stars.”

Cristina auditioned for Season 6 and made it all the way to the end before she was cut. She came back with her head held high and learned a lot about herself through the process. “I auditioned for Season 6, and it was very, very hard auditioning during Vegas Week,” Cristina revealed. “This year was even harder, just being one of the five girls that they choose for the Top 11…That was the hardest thing ever that I have done, and I did it, and I made it, and I’m really happy about that.”

Moving forward, Cristina plans to keep things pretty similar to the way they were for her in San Diego. She plans on continuing to work, dance, and go back to school. From her So You Think You Can Dance journey, Cristina learned “to be determined and to keep going…and to push yourself to really work hard to just be better.”

Learn to shake your hips like Cristina by dancing along with her signature move.


12 comments on “Catching Up with Cristina“

  1. Linda - wrote:

    What a huge mistake…Melinda??? Heart, soul and had the balls to do a form of dance that is not as popular as contemporary! Tap!! Good for you Melinda, stay true to your heart. I hardly think this is a vote but could you please take another look at the cutesy boys Billy, good God and Kent, though he is adorable…..

    7/1/2010 6:08 PM UTC

  2. Linda - wrote:

    What a HUGE mistake….Melinda???? Had the heart and sould and the huevos to do a form of dance that is not as popular as contemporary! TAP!! Good for you, Melinda, stay true to heart and passion. I hardly think this is a vote but could you take another look at the cutesy of Billy and good God Kent and move on to the talent expressed on this show?

    7/1/2010 6:13 PM UTC

  3. Rhonda Davis - wrote:

    This year’s show is not the best and not fair. If they were going to add an extra guy then they should have added an extra girl. Seems like the judges want a guy to win cause I have yet to see a guy voted off even though on in particular has been in the bottom 3 every week but this one and was still kept.

    7/1/2010 6:24 PM UTC

  4. Allie - wrote:

    I am glad melinda got voted off she was an amazing dancer but just not for the show. Tap is not as common now so it won’t be hard for her to get hired as a dancer in the future. As for Robert i seriously hope he goes home. Billy and Kent are great and Alex and tWitch did the best ever hip hop routine!!! The end just kills me; tWitch’s turn was bad but he had the perfect ballet arm! lol

    7/2/2010 9:29 AM UTC

  5. agi - wrote:

    Christina is such a great dancer why did they vote her off the show!!!! They left Melinda instead, what a mistake. I miss the judges from previouse shows. Mia and the other guy just suck, especially Mia. I bet it was Mia’s decision to send Christina home.

    7/8/2010 5:53 PM UTC

  6. JB - wrote:

    Cristinia was to good to leave soo soon Big Mistake of the judges. Try out nesx year and work on differant styles Critsitna don’t give up you got the star quality!

    7/8/2010 6:12 PM UTC

  7. Enrique - wrote:

    I have been a fan since the very beginning of this program and once in a while I have gotten upset from wrong eliminations, but with Christina’s exit I think it was the worse ever. The judges have become bias and a little bit prejudice and this is not helping the show. I know Jose is a great guy, but I thought this was a dance show not a “personality” show. Get my “mensaje”. thanks.

    7/9/2010 1:14 PM UTC

  8. kathryn - wrote:

    Why Cristina? Why?

    7/9/2010 4:13 PM UTC

  9. DC - wrote:

    Christina did a great job and they let her go, then Mia says “I wish we kept Christina” So judges, why then was she let go? I think their is a game plan here on who they want in the top 3.

    7/10/2010 8:36 AM UTC

  10. BA Rice - wrote:

    I miss Mary Murphy as judge…Mia seems to make emotional judgements then have to apologize later which doesn’t help the contestants. Mia is incredible at choreography…not always so much as a judge.

    7/15/2010 6:32 AM UTC

  11. Alex - wrote:

    i love Kent and Robert! but Alex was gunna win! What bad luck he had! hope he tries out next season! I <3 SYTYCD!!!! =)

    7/15/2010 1:54 PM UTC

  12. Alex - wrote:

    i really hope Ashley is okay! i don’t want anybody to go home tonight! All contestants are awesome! Hope i get tickets to the tour! peace, love, gymnastics (and SYTYCD)

    7/15/2010 1:57 PM UTC

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