Alexie Agdeppa Tells All

The Top 10 say goodbye to Alexie

After auditioning four times for So You Think You Can Dance, 26-year-old Alexie Agdeppa made the Top 11 of Season 7. Soon after her elimination, the Rowland Heights, CA native opened up about her time on SYTYCD and her plans moving forward.

Alexie has dreamed about being on the show for years, and after finally making it, was it all that she expected? “It was definitely not what I expected. I mean, I had an idea of maybe what the show was like because I had obviously seen it and auditioned for it, so you kind of get a taste of what it’s like, but it’s way more rigorous, and you realize how much you need to push yourself before you’re going every single day. You’re dancing the whole day, and your mind is going in different directions sometimes because you’re learning your routine, and sometimes it’s a routine that’s not your comfortability [sic].  It’s not your specialty genre. And so you’re worrying about your performance. You’re worrying about remembering the steps. You’re worrying about all the people that you hope will vote for you, and it’s a really intense situation. It’s a lot more intense than I had could have imagined, but even more rewarding getting on it than I could have imagined too.”

For her live performance, Alexie was paired up with Hip Hop all-star tWitch. Like Alexie, tWitch had auditioned a few times before making the show, and Alexie admires him. “Oh, my gosh, it was so awesome,” Alexie said about working with tWitch. “It was like meant to be that I got him in the first week, and then funny that I was eliminated. But I was so excited to get him as a partner. I admire him as a dancer and as a person…It’s an advantage having the all-stars this season, especially for that reason. I mean, you definitely get nervous, especially if you’re dancing not in your genre, and especially if the movement is more foreign to you than if I were to pick up, like, a jazz or a contemporary routine. And so, in terms of the steps, he was so helpful, and I really got a lot of information about how to really get into the hip-hop groove. Then, in terms of the actual competition, he was so sweet, and he just really calmed me down like right before we would go on stage, and we really got focused and really thought about our connection as a couple for the routine.”

Before becoming a contestant on SYTYCD, Alexie was a Laker girl, she danced in a Macy Gray music video, and she taught dance at a SoCal studio. Now that Alexie is off the show, her plans haven’t changed too much. “I definitely want to book more shows…or dance for an artist. But eventually I do want to open up my own school, my own dance studio, and maybe dabble into a little more acting on the side because I do that on the side too…I cannot imagine doing anything else. My heart and soul is into this, and when my body breaks down and I’m not going to be able to dance anymore, I’m still going to be related to it in some way, whether it be opening up a school or teaching.”

Alexie is leaving the show with her head held high. “I honestly can say that I have no regrets because I fulfilled a dream. I was able to actually get on the show, and so from then on out, I knew that I would just have to do my best, and that’s it. Other than me doing my best, I had really no control over everything else.”

Watch Alexie’s signature move, and if you’re adept like Agdeppa, give it a twirl!


39 comments on “Alexie Agdeppa Tells All“

  1. Anthony Brennan - wrote:

    I think that Melinda Can do Ballroom at Cha Cha or even ouick stepm her movement compared to Anya’s is about the same . even at that.

    6/24/2010 6:37 PM UTC

  2. Fátima - wrote:

    Sorry judges, but I saw Cristina going out today and for me and my family, she is going out because she is a spanish women! We are so sad because that!
    Last season happened the same!….the cuban girl went quickily and she was very, verry, pretty good dancer….and now Cristina…….Cristina doesn’t the best, but she is better than Melinda!

    6/24/2010 7:31 PM UTC

  3. Bert - wrote:

    I think it was very sad the judges didn’t give Alexi another chance. She worked so hard to get to this place trying out 4 times and they just dismissed her like that?!! I don’t get it?? Now she can’t try out for the show anymore. Even if you vote it is still in the hands of the judges and they decide if they like you or not or what fits in there agenda. Best of luck Alexi!

    6/24/2010 9:35 PM UTC

  4. Ray - wrote:

    It is prety clear the bad decision of the judges to eliminated today the best performance of last night. Judge please, don’t tell me the tap dancer was better than the sexy salsa girl!! You make me don’t want to watch the show anymore.

    6/24/2010 9:50 PM UTC

  5. Kathleen - wrote:

    I have So You Think You Can Dance faithfully from the beginning and I have never disagreed with the judges choice of sending home a dancer on Thursday night. However, sending home Christina over the tap dancer (I’m sorry her name escapes me) was wrong. I am very disappointed.

    6/25/2010 10:17 AM UTC

  6. Tina - wrote:

    The Allstars allow viewers to focus on the contestant, but I miss the old format, where more contestants were on the show during the voting rounds, and there were more surprises about who learns and grows the most. The new format means the judges have more of a hand in who will win – not necessarily America’s favorite dancer. Also, I agree that Christina should not have gone home based on the one performance, but I don’t think it’s a race thing – the contestants are still a diverse group.

    6/25/2010 12:12 PM UTC

  7. Sofie - wrote:

    Cristina shouldn’t have been voted off, she is a very memorable dancer, unlike, say-Robert. There should not be favoritism shown from judges and Mia’s obvious “crush” on Robert may be a factor as to why he is still dancing. And Geesh…trashing Travis. twice…a bit tacky.

    6/25/2010 6:31 PM UTC

  8. Rich Flowers - wrote:

    I didn’t like Alexi being eliminated and I think Cristina was robbed. The voters are losing credibility in my opinion.

    6/25/2010 9:54 PM UTC

  9. Juan - wrote:

    It was very disappointing to see Cristina’s elimination. How could it be possible after supper judges’ review? It seems her only mistake was to be Mexican. She ran the same luck as the other Hispanic dancers in the show. I remember the Miami(Cuban) dancer few season ago that in my opinion should have won the contest. In Cristina’s case is worse as were the judges who made the decision. America was wrong and the judges applauded the decision. Cristina in my opinion so far has demonstrated to be the strongest dancer ( or at least the most complete) in female group. I’m loosing faith in this show.

    6/26/2010 5:38 AM UTC

  10. briana - wrote:

    This new format sucks. The judges are making horrible decisions and i am sad that these great dancers are getting kicked off. Alexie had personality and the salsa girl too.
    If the producers want there ratings to get better.. put mia back in choreography.. thats what she does best! I miss her routines. not her judging. And this all star mess. I am so dissapointed. I knew this was going to be bad when we watched them tell all those great dancers they werent going to be on this season. We do not get to see chemistry grow. There is no reason to even watch the other dancer in the routine. They are not equally invested.

    FINALLY.. what is with all these little boys. they picked all these 18 year old boys and want them to dance like men. Pick a few men! Like my brother from harlem. Dang it.. he wouldve kept me watching. But my two favorites are gone now… I’m loosing my will to watch my FAVORITE show. SADNESS. I always enjoyed seeing these dancers gain exposure.. but now this show is just frustrating.

    PRODUCERS.. get it together. you messed up a good thing.

    6/26/2010 7:08 AM UTC

  11. Lessanne - wrote:

    WOW the judges are actually confused about why the voters haven’t taken to Melinda? How about she’s just not in the same category as the other dancers? I have nothing against tappers but the judges praise for her last 2 routines seems weirdly out of whack. This is the first time I have seriously considered that the judges have another agenda – what other reason could they have for putting her in the top 11 and then keeping her over both Alexi and Christina – very strange! What about it judges?

    6/26/2010 11:59 AM UTC

  12. lissy - wrote:

    where did the judge mary go/she was so much better then the other girl judge. miss her is not as intrestingwith out her. we need her back.

    6/26/2010 12:44 PM UTC

  13. hilly - wrote:

    Thank you ,Briana , you stated it perfectly.
    Christina with Pasha was my most connected dance so far.
    My favorite show is now one where i watch the recaps and fall asleep, i no longer look forward to it and cannot connect with the dancers, i do not know who is who. there is no longer a communication outside of the show with friends and strangers.
    Christina stood out .
    from her dance for her life to the dance with Pasha
    Christina showed incredible spectrum and growth.
    The time and focus spend on chatting judges
    is ill in proportion to the focus and time spend on the hard , hard work of the dancers.
    The judges little chats amongst each other, bores me to the point of fast forward through their comments like an advertisement.
    Blinding lighting is not helping [ terrible stage with overdone light show]
    i wish for a black stage with a spotlight and let that be the focus,
    equal for everybody ,every dancer , every choreographer.
    i do not watch dancing with the stars because of the false focus on glam and judges.
    this WAS my favorite show, you do not have my attention anymore.
    a wrong focus on the judges. please Mia, you are a great choreographer,
    As in the past ,you are quite annoying as a judge.
    I miss the spontaneous all american freight train. though [lovely] annoying at times,it was more true. it brought closeness to the dancers and the reaction on their faces.
    i miss watching the dancers grow, the time to connect with them, and the time to connect with the choreographers ,i miss the connection.
    this expectation to be something you are not, especially not in such a short time frame [ boys to men]
    Producers, listen please, you had my attention with the real connection. now you are just another SHOW.
    Please, simpler decor/costume/lights.
    simpler focus judging
    .no star focus, no traveling judges looking simple and stupid
    stick to the real focus, The DANCERS.
    Producers, you HAD a GOOD thing.

    6/27/2010 11:11 AM UTC

  14. deb thar - wrote:

    I used to love the show and especially looked forward to what Mary Murphy would have to say. She was a real kick besides being very knowledgable about the dancing.
    Mia Micheals is a wonderful choreographer but her judging skills leave much to be desired. I think she is so busy trying to impress everyone with how much she knows about dance that her judging leaves the show flat.
    I long for the days when Mary was a judge. I long for the days when I couldn’t wait to watch SYTYCD, to see what “mischief” Mary and the other judges were going to concoct in their deliveries. Now if I miss a show or two it really doesn’t matter. The show has lost it’s comedic edge supplied by Mary and some of the other judges. And I assume even the contestants miss trying to get a seat on that “Hot Tamale Train.”

    6/27/2010 3:14 PM UTC

  15. Ashley - wrote:

    where do I start?
    1. Nigel did in interview saying that they changed the format and stage of the show to keep the fans watching, so it wouldn’t get routine. In my opinion, us fans need to ban together to tell the producers that we want the changes made to be changed back! Season 5 was so amazing, and I still love the show, but I don’t feel like it can top that season with the changes it has made.
    2. Get Mia out of the judges chair. I have to admit, she is a spectacular coreographer, I have loved every peice she has done, and with her judging, sure she is back on the show, but we will get to see none of her peices because she is judging and can’t coreagraph. Plus, she has way messed up vendetas or favorites with certain dancers. Remeber how she bashed Brandon in season 5, told him he was a horrible dancer? HE WAS AMAZING and everyone knew it. Tyce even went on in interview after saying she held a grudge against him because sometime in the past he chose not to work with her. Do we really want someone like that judging??
    3. I always used to get mad when people asked weather the show was rigged or not, but this season is proving me wrong. Whats with Melinda? she is a good dancer, but no where near the same level as the others! I have been a dancer for thirteen years, and she defenetly does not have what it takes, she should not have even made it in the top eleven. She should have been eliminated at show one, i feel bad for Alexie and Christina, they got jipped. And what about the Harlem professional dancer that auditioned (forgot his name). The judges praised him for being the best in Vegas and the only one to dance like a man. I thought he was in for sure and then Mia delivered the news that he did not make the top twenty!! It’s ridiculous! And, lets talk about Billy’s Krump, in my opinion he did a very good job, and the judges are just plain rude to him calling him “Billy A Wack”, yet Melinda comes out with a suckie contemporary (I know contemporary, it is one of my styles) and she gets praised for having great lines and dancing out of her element! IT SUCKED and her lines were horrible!
    ahhh…I am so frusterated right now! What have they doe with my favorite show? I miss Mary and the Hot tamali train, i miss the old stage, I miss the top 20, I miss the so you think you can dance that I loved to watch!

    6/27/2010 6:28 PM UTC

  16. C Bergs - wrote:

    My favorite show on TV. This is the best season so far. The new format of bringing back seasoned dancers is so great.
    Mia is doing a wonderful job as well as Adam and of course Nigel. This year the judging appears to be more professional, balanced and quieter. Sorry, adult screaming must go.
    Thank you for a really great show.

    6/27/2010 7:54 PM UTC

  17. Sheree Wisinger - wrote:

    I like Mia but I think she puts too much emphasis on social commentary in the dances. This show is supposed to be fun. That is why a guy like Kent from my home state, Ohio is such a breath of fresh air. Bring Mary back. She knew how to light up a room. I think 2 of the boys act like silly girls, Billy and Robert. Alex is the best dancer they have ever had and they criticize him too much. The real treat is seeing the past dancers, they are so wonderful and please save a girl this week.

    6/28/2010 2:15 PM UTC

  18. Nina - wrote:

    This seasn seems to be so biased with the judges convincing the viewers to “vote off” the girls one by one…..some of the guys were not so good and deserved to be in bottom three…I just hope the viewers decide otherwise and kee all three girls and level out the competition…any comments???Lauren is the best girl this year!

    6/28/2010 3:20 PM UTC

  19. Mary Fitzgerald - wrote:

    Just saw a video called The Dance.wvm. You have to get these people on!!! Both are Chinese. She only has 1 arm and he 1 leg..but uses a crutch. They dance beautifully. LyricaL, ROMANTIC, UNBELIEVABLE WHAT THEY CAN DO!!! Please share their talent with the world.

    6/28/2010 6:24 PM UTC

  20. Shannon - wrote:

    I think Mia needs to go back to choreography and we need our Hottamalie Train judge back !!!! The judges def messed up sending christina home over Melinda. and I really hope they don’t stick with this top 10 or 11 format for the Fall season , hope this is just a summer thing !

    6/29/2010 1:06 PM UTC

  21. Mark - wrote:

    My Dear Fellow Professionals, I have been in the professional dance world for more than 30 years, I have worked with some of the greats in dance including Alvin Ailey, Talley Beatty, Donny McHale, Robert Joffrey and Bertram Ross. I have the deepest apprecation for what you all on the show are doing for dance in America. I have a great deal of respect for the way you conduct the show and how you really do bring out the best in the young dancers that compete for you. I greatly appreciate the choregraphy of Mia Michaels. She is creative, clever and really digs down deep into the souls of the dancers, but I have to say the comment she made this week to that poor tapper was absolutely horrendous. Yes of course you all made a mistake in not keeping Chrisitina last week, but you made a far worst mistake by humiliating that poor girl in front of millions because of your mistake. Please try to refrain from making comments that belittle the dancers in the name of trying to take back your errant judgement. We all make mistakes, but I would petition to you that use a little more discretion in judging these beautiful, talented and hard working dancers.

    6/30/2010 5:41 PM UTC

  22. Anthony Brennan - wrote:

    Melinda done well with the Salsa and Tap Dance tonight was better than last weeks in dance for your life . What Improvement. Ballroom Style Dances work best for her.

    6/30/2010 6:12 PM UTC

  23. Susan - wrote:

    Sorry, I don’t like any of the ladies left on the show this season. I agree that Christina and Alexie were screwed. Yes, I do miss Mary and her judging antics, and yes, I do miss seeing Mia’s choreography. but she definitely does not suck as a judge. I think her comments are intelligent and on point. What does suck is the fact that alot of really fine dancers missed a chance to be on the show because of this “All-Star” crap. I don’t mind the initial concept; it forces the contestants to step up to the plate early and not horse around–case in point, Adechike. It also gives the judges a chance to focus on one contestant per dance as oppose to two. which works for me cuz I don’t have to play visual ping-pong (it can become difficult trying to watch two moving targets). And yes, the show has become more sedate, but what is at stake is the future of some young person in the field of dance; which can be very short-lived. If anything, I would like them to return to twenty finalists and let the “all-stars” dance two pieces a night–I mean, they are called all-stars, so let them earn the status.

    6/30/2010 6:37 PM UTC

  24. Jill - wrote:

    I have to agree, I really don’t like the new format. I would rather see a greater variety of dancers and judges for that matter. I find it boring to see the same three judges give advice each week. Where is the variety?

    I also think that they should open the voting up online. It takes forever to get thru on the phone lines.

    PS, Sonya is the best choreographer ever. I cant wait to see her routines.

    6/30/2010 6:38 PM UTC

  25. maggie - wrote:

    YOu need to bring back Mary Murphy!!!!!!! Mia is so boring!!!!!

    6/30/2010 7:17 PM UTC

  26. maggie - wrote:

    Bring back Mary Murphy!!!!!!

    6/30/2010 7:18 PM UTC

  27. maggie - wrote:

    You need to bring back Mary Murphy (THE HOT TAMALE LADY). Mia needs to go back to choreography, she is much better there… BRING BACK THE HOT TAMALE TRAIN !!!!

    6/30/2010 7:24 PM UTC

  28. bluesky - wrote:

    Mia, you are such a BITCH. You are so rude and nasty. It’s to bad that you are a judge this season.

    6/30/2010 8:09 PM UTC

  29. Pat - wrote:

    Something is lacking. Mary Murphy. I am 67 years old, work 50 per week -of sound mind – and love SYTYCD – have watched from beginning. – Bring Mary back – dump MIA

    7/1/2010 8:46 AM UTC

  30. Olle - wrote:

    Really sad to see Alexie go. I think she has a really high potential, she just wasn’t challenged until the point of understanding and cooperation. Nigel states that the show is about growth, and I think they should be more considerate of the spark and potential; which is the most important aspect of growth. Take God for example: He loves not because of the past, single performances or visible development. He recognizes the potential and is confident that individual beings can be challenged into greatness. Moments or the past can’t be harvested, only produce; such as experiences.

    As for comments I see concerning the judges I can agree that Mary brought an aspect to the jury that was well befitting, and it isn’t as well balanced with Mia Michels. She is very emotional in what she does, so it’s good if the other parts of the judges can be less focused on the emotional bits since she covers that :)
    To me Adam Shankman has enough quality judging in himself for a whole judging table, so Nigel can make his managing moves taking the show where it needs to be and challenging the dance world.

    7/1/2010 12:46 PM UTC

  31. Charlotte - wrote:

    I don’t think it is fair for the tap dancer to have to perform everyone else’s specialty, but none of the others have to tap dance.

    7/1/2010 12:59 PM UTC

  32. Leslie - wrote:

    SYTYCD has lost me as a fan. I watched this show from the beginning and it just sucks so bad now that they only have ten contestants. They need to go back to the way it was before because watching the jugdes criti them is the pits, And what’s up with Mia. Everything that comes out of her month is so wrong, Also to tell a
    contestant that they made a mistake is so rude and they sound like they want to break Kents happy go lucky ways. He always make you want to smile.This is one show i WILL NOT BE WATCHING AGAIN.

    7/1/2010 4:15 PM UTC

  33. Robert Dow - wrote:

    Please. The mean-spirited Mia has got to go. Adam too, but for a different reason. Nigel, as producer, of course stays, but I’m bored with the same other two judges every week. I miss the old format where you had a bevy of judges, different ones mostly every week. I ask that you revert to this format again. I find that Nigel and Mia are being partiularly harsh this season, but at least Nigel couches his too-touch critiques in a little bit of kindess and understanding for the dancer’s feelings. Mia doesn’t.

    7/2/2010 5:50 AM UTC

  34. Disappointed - wrote:

    I really like the fact the all-stars are back, they are the reason I watched this show i the first place. If choreographers have people they know can do the dance they have invisioned, the dance and concept inherently become better. I think that is the whole reason for having them come back. The level that these dancers are at this season is ridiculous! They are amazing and it’s almost like they do not need to grow. Alex, Robert, and Billy, for example, already have jobs as professional dancers and the growth that we want to see are people like Jose who came from the street and dances his heart out and leaves it all on the floor. We get to see him learn things he has never done before and be great at them! Isn’t that the name of the game? I must say that Alex’s performance last night was amazing and he did grow from this professional ballet dancer into a hip hop phenom! And that’s a great example of why this show is great! We ge t to see dancers out of their comfort zone be amazing. The problem is we have only seen that 2 times on this show so far. The reason gor bringing the all-stars back produces results that are few and far between. These routines should be amazing, the level of dance from the dancers should be phenomenal, and this season should have blown the other ones out of the water. That is not the case.
    The Judges are all wrong! We do need Mary back for her ballroom expertise! If she was there, Christina never would have gone home! And we need Mia back choreographing! Isn’t that her thing? I have always felt like contemporary dance has been highlighted the most on this show and now we have a contemporary judge? Not good. Please also, bring back the variety of the judging panel! What happened to rotating the other choreographers into the 4th judges seat? That was awesome! I miss Lil C’s comments! I miss Shane Sparks I miss Tyce! I miss getting all the opinions form different people from different styles! I’m so glad Dave is back! I was wondering where he went!
    The All-star format is great, but I don’t think the results are as nig as you would have liked them to be. The judging format is aweful now and i do fast forward through the comments now! I listen for the audience reaction and that’s it! Don’t make the show about you judges going out and telling people at home they made it! I don’t want to watch you! I watch the show for the dance. I think you guys don’t give the american public enough credit for knowing what they want to see on tv. What matters and what’s superficial crap! I want to see these dancers dance their butts off and I want to see these choreographers create their butts off! Emmy’s aside, I want to see people in their field of expertise blow me away with what they can do. It’s not happening enough!

    7/2/2010 8:06 AM UTC

  35. Leslie - wrote:

    They need to go back to where they only has the constantants learning together, not bring back those from past seasons. They already learned to do dance from every catagorie, i thought the shows name is SYTYCD, not , you have to be a professional right off the bat. That is the way the judges are treating them. Also where are the other judges that were making appearances on the show. It’s the pits.

    7/2/2010 12:37 PM UTC

  36. Mayrose Coumarbatch - wrote:

    I have been watching your program from the very first season,but for the first time this season I am without words.This last episode was so moving for me,that I not only taped it ,but I have watched it several times already.The episode with the Cir De Solei dancers doing the routine of return to sender( Viva Elvis), brought tears to my eyes ,because I am a former military brought back so many memories for me been stationed over seas,and how military families misses home.Is there any way that ,that perticular segment of the show can go on the road? I know that it will bring alot of enjoyment to soldiers,and their families at this time of war,or can it be dedicated to our soldiers everywhere.Please MR Nigel Lithgow.

    7/4/2010 6:37 PM UTC

  37. jj - wrote:

    I hope the producers are reading and heeding what seems to be a consensus (so far) of this new season 7. Not so much time in the various cities, more time with the final selection and I agree it is much more satisfying to watch contestant couples grow in their partnerships. Seeing the all stars is distracting and makes it hard to focus on the contestants.
    And yes! Mia needs to choreograph ! She’s ok as a judge, like listening to her-but she is absolutely amazing as a choreographer and the show has suffered without her numbers. Not enough flair, drama, oomph, intensity–not enough brilliance that only a person of Mia’s caliber can supply. BRING HER BACK! AND Mary Murphy too! She connects with the dancers in a way that is sorely needed. I like the 10 girl 10 boy format, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Mia’s work! Love the show, but please, the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” should have been observed and hopefully some of the old format will return next season.

    7/7/2010 10:42 PM UTC

  38. Babykinz3oh3 - wrote:

    Well after reading this, i almost feel bad for Alexie! I guess its like having your dreams crushed. She tried so hard to get on the show and once she got on, she wasnt prepared for what she would have to go through.
    But also at the same time the juges need to try harder to pick people that ARE prepared for the competition.
    I think bringing back the All Stars was a very good idea and it helped bring out the full potential in the dancers.
    Because when you think about it, if it is for example a ballroom routine, what happens if one of the partners isnt pulling their weight!
    That always happened when it was two new dancers and not the allstars.
    Because at least with the all stars, the other dancers know that they are going to pull their own!
    I liked the idea. But also it eliminates the chance of 10 more new dancers from getting on the show.
    That is the part that makes me ansy. I think that they should try to pack as many dancers as possible onto the show rather than less.

    Does anyone agree with me? opinions?

    8/15/2010 5:32 PM UTC

  39. Elivelton - wrote:

    I’ve done so many types of dancing form all over the world. I am from Eastern Europe but I live in the States now. So, here I lenerad American square dance and line dance and Appalachian clogging. I’m also on an international folk dance team at my university and I’ve taken Irish dance and Spanish dance (hota, sevillana and flamenco). I’ve also lenerad Ukrainian. Bulgarian, Russian, Armenian, German, Italian, English, Hungarian, Mexican, Japanese, Scottish, Greek, Israeli, Indian (Bhangra and a tiny bit of Bhahratanatyam) and Macedonian dances and I’ve also performed some of these. So, it’s not that I lenerad the technique but I also lenerad the styling of each country and the traditions and customs behind the dance.Why I’m doing it? Because I absolutely love it. It’s fun, hard, rewarding and social. I have tons of friends because of folk dance. I started approximately a year ago after going to tryouts for my university’s ensemble and not making it to a team. Since then I haven’t stopped dancing. I lenerad a lot and I enjoy it more every day even when it’s hard. I dance a few hours every day and I love it. It keeps me in shape and helps me to feel optimistic and that I have a great life. It even helps me with my school work because it motivates me to do my homework so I can have time to practice the dances. I’m so glad that you enjoy folk dances too. Have fun!

    1/1/2013 8:03 AM UTC

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