“NappyTabs” Get in on the Dance Day Fun!

Tabitha & Napoleon D'umo

National Dance Day is rapidly approaching, and So You Think You Can Dance’s Hip Hop choreographers, Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo, have created a short Dizzy Feet Foundation dance routine for the July 31st dance day. Nigel Lythgoe, via Twitter, encourages you to learn it and pass it on.

Learn more about National Dance Day.


215 comments on ““NappyTabs” Get in on the Dance Day Fun!“

  1. Patty Hartong - wrote:

    What song is used for the Nappy Tabs Routine?

    7/10/2011 2:11 PM UTC

  2. justinbiebs - wrote:

    I love this dance. My BFF and I learned it together. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!


    7/10/2011 6:00 PM UTC

  3. Maggie - wrote:

    Hahahaha Tabatha you go girl “you can make that sound to its fun” I just learned the official master class dance, its not all that hard if you practice enough

    7/14/2011 4:43 PM UTC

  4. Cece - wrote:

    Love the dance! Love Nappytabs! Cant wait for dance dance!(:

    7/15/2011 1:31 PM UTC

  5. Nicole - wrote:

    I think you guys are so awesome!!! Tabitha and Napoleon are my favorite hip hop couple :)

    7/29/2011 1:49 PM UTC

  6. Robert - wrote:

    The youtube video link doesn’t work anymore.

    8/4/2011 3:38 PM UTC

  7. unknowne - wrote:

    party rock anthem by:lmfao

    8/7/2011 3:06 PM UTC

  8. Imp - wrote:

    Can you please make the 2010 routine youtube video work again? Did the lmfao, so awesome.

    8/29/2011 8:54 PM UTC

  9. Ane - wrote:

    Trying to find out if annyoe has something planned for Pittsburgh, PA for Nat’l Dance Day.Message me on FB.

    2/8/2012 12:50 PM UTC

  10. Hasan - wrote:

    Yay!Last year I had a blast and I know this year will be even betetr!Live Love Dance!!!

    2/8/2012 7:29 PM UTC

  11. Daniela - wrote:

    Please tell all of us where to find out where the dicnang is being held in different states!!!!This is terribly frustrating!!!!

    2/9/2012 7:33 AM UTC

  12. Marcio - wrote:

    Hey I am an American sdynuitg in London, anyone else over here wanting to celebrate America’s National Dance Day?!

    2/10/2012 6:26 PM UTC

  13. Batuhan - wrote:

    if you are 16 you can’t do it alone I you have a penrtar that is 18 or older then then you may go with him or her and they will give you feed back so when you come back and you are 18 it will help iv seen some people already do it

    2/10/2012 9:20 PM UTC

  14. kidsguitar3 - wrote:

    Why does it say “the video is private ” when I try to play it? Do I have to register?

    7/11/2012 6:41 PM UTC

  15. sldrgrl - wrote:

    @kidsguitar3 I was wondering the same thing…

    7/28/2012 4:04 PM UTC

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