What is an All-Star?

tWitch is a Season 7 All-Star

Season 7 is rapidly approaching and, as you probably know, the season includes 12 All-Stars in addition to 10 new competitors. If you’re wondering what an all-star is and how it will impact Season 7, you’ve come to the right place!

An all-star is a former So You Think You Can Dance finalist who is “dominant in their genre of dance,” Nigel Lythgoe stated in a recent press call. “The competitors, instead of drawing the genre of dance out of the hat, will draw a photograph of one of the all-stars and that will dictate the genre of dance that they’re going to be dancing.” For example, instead of a Season 7 competitor pulling out the word “Hip Hop” from a hat, they’d pull out a photo of tWitch, which means they’ll be performing some type of Hip Hop dance (including krump, pop locking, and more). Then the Season 7 finalist will partner up with tWitch for the week and the two will learn choreography from one of the show’s choreographers, such as Lil C.

The all-stars will not be choreographing and they will not be judged. They will merely be partnering one of the Season 7 competitors. In addition, the competitors will draw a different partner of the opposite gender each week, which means their style of dance will change each week.

Out of the thousands of dancers who auditioned for Season 7, only 10 will be selected for the show: just five guys and five girls. Only one competitor will leave each week, based on who received the fewest votes from the public’s calls. That means that not every all-star will dance each week, but they will always remain in the pool of possible partners.

Why is the show making these changes to Season 7? Nigel answered, “We do a tour and we can’t ever really re-invest in our dancers. We try and bring some of them back as choreographers, but to be able to do this and use our own stars I think was a fabulous idea. So the only reason we’re doing it now is the fact that it’s a great idea that no one’s really thought of before. I’m so excited by it, to be frank.” Another goal of the new format is that with only 10 competitors, we’ll get to know the new finalists even better. Also, the dancer will be showed off well, since they’ll be partnered by an expert in each genre.

The finale will be a little different this season. Instead of a Top 4 or Top 6 competing for the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer,” just two or three will dance. Nigel explained, “They’ll be partnering up with the all stars all season long up until the finale, when we go back to the original format, where they dance with each other, dance solos, and so on.”

Watch the two-hour Season 7 premiere on Thursday, May 27 at 8/7c.


40 comments on “What is an All-Star?“

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    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    5/23/2010 10:53 PM UTC

  4. Interesting - wrote:

    Hey…thanks for that. Great idea. I’ll be checking back tomorrow for more info. Excellent!

    5/24/2010 10:19 PM UTC

  5. Jen - wrote:

    I’m definitely intrigued! I can’t wait to watch!

    5/25/2010 7:59 PM UTC

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    Howdy, I was reading something diffrent about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective onto it is diametrically contradicted to what I read earlier. I am still pondering with the opposite points of view, but I’m leaning to a large degree toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so good about modern-day democracy and the marketplace of ideas online.

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  8. B - wrote:

    The new format sounds fabulous! I am very excited to get to see the All-Stars come back. Looking forward to Season 7!

    5/27/2010 5:32 AM UTC

  9. ICantdANce - wrote:

    Wow that’s truly exciting.. cant wait to see these superstars’ return.

    5/28/2010 1:30 AM UTC

  10. MMMORPG Private Servers - wrote:

    Crazy stuff, but fab!

    5/28/2010 3:16 PM UTC

  11. Dessa - wrote:

    This is going to be a disaster season. Mary left the show and only 10 contestants. The All-strars will steal the spotlight from the contestants for sure.

    This season sucks.

    5/29/2010 2:28 AM UTC

  12. andrea - wrote:

    I am super excited about this season

    5/31/2010 4:17 PM UTC

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  14. Kami - wrote:

    I am so disappointed the show has decided to only select 10 new dancers this year. My heart sunk when I heard this on tonight’s episode. The best part of the show in the past is right after the top 20 have been selected and all the new dancers are learning/performing routines. I always feel sad when dancers leave just because there are fewer to watch. I do not think adding All-Stars is a good idea. It feels like a copy of dancing with the stars in a way. I really hope they decide to select 20 again next season. I hope some decision making people read this and listen!

    6/3/2010 6:40 PM UTC

  15. Laurie - wrote:

    The old ‘all stars’ had their shot at the limelight. Most of the appeal of the top ’20′ competition is to see so many contestants, the chemistry, the growth, the inspiration, the emotion. Some of the excitement is seeing the new partnerships and if/how they evolve. I don’t need to see the dancers from previous shows. I want the RAW-ness of the new.

    6/3/2010 8:16 PM UTC

  16. al - wrote:

    Nigel is excited about keeping a relationship with the dancers of the past – a worthy goal – but this shows excitement for me, was watching new, brilliant, dancers in new partnerships, grow. I’ll watch, it will be interesting, but the soul of this show was the fresh, exciting possibility of seeing people and couples we have not seen before being
    choreographed by great choreographers , including some past dancers. I’ll also miss Mary – there was something about her, for sure !

    6/3/2010 10:06 PM UTC

  17. Amy - wrote:

    this new change doesn’t excite me one bit. Sounds like SYTYCD is trying to be Dancing with the Stars. The “All Stars” had their chance let 20 new ppl have their chance to be voted on by America. The most exciting part was learning 20 new people and watching 10 PARTNERSHIPS grow!!! I do love that old dancers are coming back but Why doesn’t the show put on an “ALL STAR” season instead of including them in a new season that is changing the show. ALL AROUND UPSET WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6/4/2010 7:46 AM UTC

  18. pinky - wrote:

    I am sooo disappointed to find out there will only be 10 contestants rather than the 20 from previous years. There are so many talented dancers out there and new format gives fewer dancers the opportunity to be on the show. The dancers from previous seasons were great, but they already had their chance, why not give 20 NEW dancers a chance instead of 10 out of the hundreds of thousands trying out.

    6/4/2010 11:48 PM UTC

  19. Jan - wrote:

    If I wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, I would. Now we will have the seasoned veteran partnering the newbie. No longer do we have the exciting growth and development of the top 20. If Nigel and producers wanted to spotlight previous dancers from earlier seasons, they could do so by inviting them back for guest appearances, or have a special show dedicated to previous dancers. I also want to note that the all stars are not the better (winning) dancers of previous seasons. Are these the ones who couldn’t get jobs after their season finished?

    6/6/2010 1:37 PM UTC

  20. Jan - wrote:

    Oops, except for Twitch of course. He is very accomplished and a delight to watch. But still, he’s now the veteran to the new contestants. A flavor of Dancing with the Stars.

    6/6/2010 1:39 PM UTC

  21. VK - wrote:

    I completely agree with everyone. I too was so upset when I heard there were only going to be 10 dancers. I feel like they have taken away 10 other dancers chance to become Americas Favorite Dancer. I also agree with this Dancing with the Stars feel, which is exactly why I don’t watch that show. I appreciate the show trying to re-invest in their dancers, but there has got to be another way to do it that wont change the format of the show so drastically. I will watch this season because I still can’t wait to see the new 10 dancers but I really hope this isn’t the same format next year I will be so upset.

    6/8/2010 12:44 PM UTC

  22. Wendy - wrote:

    al – wrote:

    Nigel is excited about keeping a relationship with the dancers of the past – a worthy goal – but this shows excitement for me, was watching new, brilliant, dancers in new partnerships, grow. I’ll watch, it will be interesting, but the soul of this show was the fresh, exciting possibility of seeing people and couples we have not seen before being
    choreographed by great choreographers , including some past dancers. I’ll also miss Mary – there was something about her, for sure !

    I totally agree with you, al! I’m disappointed that there are only 10 new dancers. Plus, I don’t really like some of the all-stars that were chosen.

    6/8/2010 5:24 PM UTC

  23. MT - wrote:

    @Jan: the All Stars that are coming back all had/have great jobs and some gave up jobs to participate this season. they’re ALL accomplished and in my opinion a delight to watch.

    Also, everyone is constantly improving, so I think people will see growth from not only the 10, but the All Stars too. It’s also weird to me that ppl love this show so much, but they don’t want to see past contestants…and don’t keep up with what they do after the show…

    I think SYTYCD is keeping it fresh…after all, it is the 7th season

    6/8/2010 6:28 PM UTC

  24. Jon - wrote:

    I thought one of the main virtues the show possessed was bringing undiscovered talent to light. Going from a top 20 to a top 10 certainly fails to accomplish that ideal.

    6/9/2010 7:29 PM UTC

  25. ian - wrote:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed with how the new season is set up. I want to see 20 NEW dancers. Not 10 and then 10 I’ve already seen. I want to see what else Amrica has in store for us. This feels like a cheap way to get ratings or a poorly conceived way to get new viewers. We want to see 20 new dancers working their hardest to become America’s top dancer. Instead they’ve taken away 10 dancers chances. Poor, poor decision.

    6/9/2010 8:10 PM UTC

  26. JML - wrote:

    This new format is going to ruin a great show; particularly this season when there were arguably the strongest group of contestants ever. Always better to see fresh faces than to rehash past ones. All Stars could just have made guest appearances with the contestants throughout the show to keep them involved. It appears as though the show is more interested in more reality bs than actual quality content. Sorry; my wife says BORING, BORING, BORING! You lost these loyal EVERY SEASON viewers as there is all ready too much reality garbage out there!!!!

    6/9/2010 8:10 PM UTC

  27. CB - wrote:

    How sad this season is. I do not like the new format. Though I love to see past dancers, we are hardly getting a chance to see the contestants. More variety in routines would be nicer. The judges are harsh this year. Suggestions are for the specific dance and the contestant will never do that dance again. Though I love Mia, Mary not being a judge changes the flavor. My very favorite show is a big disappointment this year.

    6/24/2010 5:46 PM UTC

  28. Sue Vesel - wrote:

    I have watched Dominic dance from this show to the Best Crew. I love his moves. His whole body is in tune with the music. I could watch him dance all night. Also think it’s cute that he’s had a crush on Cat for years.

    6/25/2010 12:30 PM UTC

  29. Renee - wrote:

    Change is always good. I’m sorry to see that so many of the comments are negative regarding change. I LOVE the changes this year. I have watched every season, and this is my favorite season by far. It gives the viewing audience an opportunity to see MORE of the top 10, and to see them with a partner who will not bring them down in any way. The all-stars are great choices – Great dancers who are experiencing growth in their own lives – giving back to the show that brought them some notoriety! Thank you producers and writers.

    6/26/2010 11:07 AM UTC

  30. Jane Stafford - wrote:

    I hate the new format! I don’t think it is as interesting or fair-I don’t think we have as much chance to watch any growth and it is not as much fun!!! I also think the judges are not very good at giving criticism that is understandible or can really help the dancers and I think that it would be better to see the dancers dance the same dance again to be able to compare them really.

    6/30/2010 5:07 PM UTC

  31. Morgan - wrote:

    I didn’t realize that tuning into So You Think You Can Dance this season would mean having to watch Dancing With The Stars. I am truly disappointed with the new set up. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love seeing the old dancers, but it’s taking something away that made the show what it was. Only 20 dancers were allowed into the show and now the chances for young talent to be expressed have been cut to only 10. Not only that, but the unique and genuine quality that having amateur dancers find their way through the complexities of a competition amongst each other has been striped away.
    Speaking of which, ‘amateur’ should be used lightly. half these dancers have had careers already! They should KNOW they can dance by now. Again, snatching another chance for a dancer to enter the real world of the art and make something for themselves in such a tough industry.
    I have loved this show, as a dancer myself, but I believe that over all it should stop “playing to the audience” (a criticism given this week) and stay true to what it is. Dance.

    6/30/2010 7:30 PM UTC

  32. Heather - wrote:

    I would like to know why Ade a wonderful dancer is be slighted. Kat always thanks the allstars except Ade and the judges usually comment on the allstars. If you watch the episodes you will see the same thing.

    7/2/2010 8:30 AM UTC

  33. Angela - wrote:

    totally agree with Morgan. This format makes no sense. They give less opportunity for other dancers trying to make it in this industry. Nigel, being executive producer and all, you know had a say on this season’s format. It doesn’t make any sense. He always thinks he’s right all the time. This show would be better the way it was, why change it. Were they losing viewers or something? Why change something if it’s not broke. Also, Nigel, instead of telling audience members to “shut up” like he did last season, he needs to take his own advice. This format stinks, and he obviously had a huge say about it.

    7/3/2010 4:00 PM UTC

  34. keri - wrote:

    Would love to see Alex and Melissa sandvig (all star) dance ballet. Please please please nigel

    7/5/2010 8:26 AM UTC

  35. CG - wrote:

    I do not like the new format with the All Stars at all- what were they thinking?

    Would rather have the 20 top dancers- they make the competition much much better- the “under dogs” have risen to the top

    I don’t care if I miss a night of dance which is the total opposite of past seasons, never missed a night.

    I wish Mary was a judge totally miss her-Mia is a great choreographer but a bad judge

    And would rather have the 3rd judge as they have in the past rotate-Mia did better in this format

    7/7/2010 8:02 PM UTC

  36. RandR88 - wrote:

    The all-stars just haven’t been very good, strangely. Twitch was completely out-shined by Alex Wong and looked pretty clunky. Comfort made 2 visible missteps with her routine with Kent. Pasha looks bored to death. Dominic has been an awkward disaster. Courtney, Lauren, Ade, and Neil are the only ones who seem like they’re into this gig at all.

    7/10/2010 1:38 PM UTC

  37. TD22 - wrote:

    I don’t understand why the format of the show was changed. If, for some reason, they are trying to make it more like Dancing with the Stars, they really should have checked with their loyal viewing audience… I personally watch SYTUCD because I don’t care for Dancing With The Stars. I don’t care whether or not a star can dance. I’m much more impressed by the raw talent of the people they find out across America. Although the “all-stars” are people that we love from past seasons, having them paired with only the “top 10″ dancers takes away the opportunity for 10 other people to compete and also takes away the opportunity for the viewing public to witness the talent of those 10 other people. And why drag out the search for the dancers? Or Vegas week? Or the family background stuff? Or breaking the news whether of not the dancers made it in front of the family? I liked SYTUCD because it was the least “reality” show of all of the “reality shows”… Get to the dancing and the awesome choregraphy. Bring back the All-Stars… we love them… but spotlight them throughout the season… have them dance from time to time instead of some of the singers or some of the other dancers hired to perform on the show. Or have them fill in as a guest judge.. whatever.

    7/12/2010 8:47 PM UTC

  38. Rachel - wrote:

    I think that they should have a season with JUST all stars!
    they are amazing.
    they always have all star seasons on reality shows. for example Survivor all stars.

    i think it was an awesome idea to put all stars on this season.

    it just reminds us why we fell in love with them in the first place!

    of course if they did an all allstar season they should bring the old stage back.
    the small stage was just so much better.
    the viewer feels like theyre actually there and part of the dance.
    this big stage has got to go.

    7/21/2010 9:25 PM UTC

  39. kely52 - wrote:

    i love kathryn! she was so amazing on her season!

    8/5/2010 11:40 AM UTC

  40. Katy Brand - wrote:

    I really dislike the all star format. While I like the all stars, I would enjoy seeing them more in special episodes or dancing with contestants on special occasions. What I love about this show is seeing the dancers develop over time and the surprise dancer. This format doesn’t truly allow for that. I also think that there was so many injuries this season because they are pushed into working with “stars” in there area each week. Several of my favorites left early because of this and made for a very flat season. I don’t know if I will continue to watch if they continue with this format. This makes me very sad because my family gathers to watch the show each week and makes it an event. I hope that they will return to there original format. If you want to challenge the dancers, add the all-stars for occasional shows, NOT every week.

    8/10/2010 7:02 PM UTC

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