Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman join Nigel as Resident Judges for Season 7

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Emmy Award-winning choreographer Mia Michaels and acclaimed director and choreographer Adam Shankman will return to So You Think You Can Dance as the series’ resident judges. Michaels – who has been a guest judge and choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance since its first season – will sit alongside Shankman and Nigel Lythgoe as the new judge and draw upon her expertise to critique and praise the dancers throughout the competition.

“I am extremely happy that Mia and Adam have returned and agreed to be resident judges,” said Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer/co-creator, So You Think You Can Dance. “Mia’s outspoken approach combined with Adam’s passion will definitely add a fresh new chemistry to the panel.”


144 comments on “Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman join Nigel as Resident Judges for Season 7“

  1. Kim W. - wrote:

    I have enjoyed SYTYCD from the beginning. I however have not enjoyed Mia Michaels’s comments. She blatantly shows favoritism to the expense of other dancers. This is not an audition for the Mia Michael show. SYTYCD is a show about growing. She treats the dancers like they are auditioning for her own dance project. Her comments this week were cruel. I will mute her from now on. I am sick of her comments. Her apology was very weak and insincere. Please have Debbie come back. Debbie is always honest but kind. Nigel gets to do all of the talking and set the tone of the judging. Mia talks in symbolism, and Adam only gets 1 second to talk. Please change the judging format.

    7/9/2010 12:37 PM UTC

  2. Antoinette Goban - wrote:

    Bring back Mary !
    Mia Michaels should not be a judge ever. She continues to diminish and undermine the confidence of young hearts and minds. Her comments to the female tapper, and “Adechike” (remember also last season’s seond place) were in very poor taste to say the least.
    It also seems too coincidental that these are all persons of colour.
    I think she ( Mia) should stay behind the scenes.
    I also think Adam feeds too much of her. The judges need some diversity culturally also.

    7/9/2010 1:25 PM UTC

  3. Kim W. - wrote:

    Please change the judging format to include Debbie Allen and not allow Nigel to always comment first. Allow Adam to speak.

    7/9/2010 3:15 PM UTC

  4. Allison - wrote:

    This used to be my favorite show but Mia Michaels as a judge has ruined that. They made all this hoopla about not just wanting to pick contemporary dancers but they did anyway. Now she just picked her two favorites and praises them mercilously whether it is warranted or not. I don’t think she should have been given a permanent position on the panel. It was better when they rotated the third judge. Adam doesn’t seem to have his own opinion anymore, which is strange because he seemed to have one during the auditions. Nigel talks a lot more this season than before. Okay we get that you know dance steps by name! I still haven’t quite forgiven them for not picking Anthony, but I decided to watch it anyway and i’m disappointed. Lastly, I think it is sooooooo condescending the way they judge Jose. It’s obvious that he’s not as strong as the other dancers and they judge him on everything BUT his dancing. To hear them talk about him you would think he was challenged in some way and they want to keep encouraging him “keep it up little buddy”. I’m embarassed for him.

    7/9/2010 4:57 PM UTC

  5. Jnet - wrote:

    PLease bring back Debbie Allen, no more MIA. For me this is the worst judging panel because of Mia Michaels. I love Nigel and Adam they give critiques to grow on and I respect that so much because it will help the contestants grow as dancers and that is what you want. Mia seems to want to break there spirit of something or that she herself has been wounded and she wants to afflict pain on others. She goes to far and she isn’t giving these dancers ways to improve sometimes she it seems she attacks them personally and that is so not cool!!! Worst mistake ever for the show. I am SO MISS MARY, CAN’T WAIT TILL YOU ARE HOME MARY!!! Sending you a tamale train to get ya girl!!!! Is Debbie Allen available…lol. I am so serious, I can’t take Mia another week!!!

    7/9/2010 7:00 PM UTC

  6. DC - wrote:

    I miss Mary Murphy! She would always appreciative of the dancers efforts. Each week, I am constantly amazed on how critical and harsh the judge are. Mia – take your meds before the show if you have to, OMG! I thought Adeichike was amazing. Week and after week he was told to bring in personality, he did just that, and they slamed him. Nigel – I understand constructive critisim but he is incredibly hard on some dancers and not on others. Jose is so coddled, “oh your dancing isn’t great, but you have a great smile”. I don’t get it, I am begining to think the show is fixed.

    7/10/2010 8:11 AM UTC

  7. RandR88 - wrote:

    Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels together are so unlikeable. Shankman just says the strangest incoherent things that are so emotion-based and meaningless. It’s like he’s just pandering to the cameras – or to Mia Michaels. I realize the show is trying to capture the kind of market “Dancing with the Stars” has by bringing in All-Stars and a consistent panel of judges with no rotations. But it’s just not working. Mia Michaels is just all over the place with her comments and you never know if she really means what she says or she’s just got a pre-set idea before she sees the routine and forces her comments into conforming with her ideas and PERSONAL feelings toward someone. It’s a really strange, awkward season that feels haphazardly stuck together with Scotch tape. Nigel you can stick your fingers in your ears all you want and proclaim “I’m not hearing you”, like you did last week in defense of the all-star format, but your arrogance is going to kill a much-loved show that you, yourself developed! The Emmy voting panel is a very small group. I hope you’re not using the nominations to validate your every decision.

    7/10/2010 11:43 AM UTC

  8. donya luiz - wrote:

    Come on Nigel, are you really gonna “fall on your sword” and sacrifice this once magnificent show, and all because of that horrific, pretentious, self-serving, disengenuous nasty: Mia Michaels? For shame Nigel… save yourself and the show: BRING MARY BACK!!!

    7/10/2010 7:58 PM UTC

  9. donya luiz - wrote:

    PS: Mia can never, I repeat never, measure up to American Idol’s Simon, after all, Simon was brutally honest, but without the affect, and most importantly, Simon had a certain wit and intelligence attached to his criticisms, unlike Mia who suddenly speaks in an odd, measured tone of voice that is kind of scary, and then she finishes that off with a terse and hateful criticism…tsk, tsk Nigel me thinks thou has miscalculated her addition to the show. Surely you will see the light when your ratings start to dip old chap!

    7/10/2010 8:06 PM UTC

  10. elizabeth - wrote:

    First time blogger….ever; faithful viewer of every show/season. Judges, you say you want the dancers to grow – then give them valuable feedback that will assist them in their efforts and acknowledge their efforts. Making hurtful comparisons or attacking individuals publicly does not facilitate growth. It appears that SYTYCD has gone with the “trend” nowadays to be cruel, rude, and crude. Originally, I liked this show because I knew little about dance and enjoyed learning and watching…lately, I’m not liking what it is teaching. If we can’t have the fun along with the professionalism that we had with Mary, can we at least get back to the professionalism? Also, I could venture to say that viewers take the time to give feedback hoping it is valuable/helpful and to make comments that suggest otherwise to the viewers (regarding format changes) is not going to keep your viewer ratings up. Judges…read what the viewers are trying to tell you…you, too, can grow.

    7/11/2010 3:14 PM UTC

  11. DAN - wrote:

    PLEASE BRING MARY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7/11/2010 4:21 PM UTC

  12. Mally - wrote:

    Hello Nigel. Are you still “extremely happy” that Mia Michaels has returned to be a resident judge? Last night we decided that if articulate judging and cruelty is acceptable to you, this Wednesday will be our last viewing of your show. I’m sorry such a wonderful program has come to this. At our house, we seek to be peaceful and joyful as much as possible and sytycd was always a delightful part of that – until angry Mia. We accept that she is a reflection of our own shadows and that our work is to process that. But we don’t have to continue watching. It’s such a shame.

    7/12/2010 7:35 AM UTC

  13. Mally - wrote:

    Oops – I meant “inarticulate” judging. Because that what Ms Michaels give us.

    7/12/2010 7:36 AM UTC

  14. BB - wrote:

    Mia is mean and weird. She does not need to be a judge. All of the other judges in the past seasons have been good at critiques and respectful. If you have to keep Mia then let her choreograph but her as a judge is not fun to watch. What Mia said to Melinda should have gotten her taken off the show. That was ridiculous for her to say that under any circumstances. As for the dancers left on the show, Ardechike and Jose can not dance as well as the others, they need to go.

    7/12/2010 10:37 AM UTC

  15. Jim - wrote:

    Hey if you want somebody wierd get Sonya, Get Mia off the show. She brings nothing to the show but grief

    7/13/2010 12:38 PM UTC

  16. Tami C - wrote:

    We need Mary! Please bring her back or explain to your fans why she is missing.

    7/13/2010 8:18 PM UTC

  17. Marlyne - wrote:

    Mia really needs to go back to choreography and off the judges panel!!!! She is very inappropriate and has it out for “certain” contestants. She is soooo fake and really needs to check herself when she is being so harsh with some of the most amazing dancers and being so kind to some others that are just coasting through because of their puppy eyes. BE FAIR MIA!!! Where’s Mary? We miss her!!!

    7/14/2010 7:35 PM UTC

  18. Dani - wrote:

    I totally agree with elizabeth above. I have started to skip through the judges comments when I watch on my dvr because you guys throw in things that have absolutely nothing to do with dance. Mia is extremely rude and Adam is annoying. The judges comments get long and redundant. If you have nothing new to say then move on. And I really don’t like the all-star format.

    7/14/2010 8:15 PM UTC

  19. Alan - wrote:

    Bring Back MARY…we miss her. The show needs to go back to 4 judges….glad Mia is back but the show is lacking without Mary’s views and opinions.

    7/15/2010 4:48 PM UTC

  20. Allisen - wrote:

    I agree with most of what everyone has posted, especially about Mary Murphy and her tamale train. Hopefully, she comes back next season as a judge, along with guest judges making a return. Anything would be better than what’s been going on this season (yeah for DVR and fastforward!). Also, a top 20 with random selection made the show fresh every week. I like seeing the all-stars but prefer the excitement of two dancers being thrown together to figure it out for themselves, even if they miss the mark a bit. This season (excluding the dancers themselves) just isn’t living up to the standard set by the preceding ones.

    7/16/2010 4:50 PM UTC

  21. becca - wrote:

    WHEN IS MARY MURPHY COMING BACK?! I like Mia as a choreographer but she is NOT a good judge. She does not know how to give someone “constructive criticism.” It’s more insulting than anything.

    Mary may have been annoying to some (I personally liked her enthusiasm) but she was never insulting. You could see she really had an interest in the dancers and tried to keep things on a more positive note. I understand the dancers are there to learn and grow but it’s also in front of the world and the things that are said can be more discouraging than anything else. (MIA!!)

    Bring back Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    7/16/2010 4:55 PM UTC

  22. nancee - wrote:

    I miss Mary Murphy, where is she,
    Mia is too partial and hurtful
    she should choreograph and be a part time judge

    7/16/2010 9:18 PM UTC

  23. Lauren Nicklous - wrote:

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    7/17/2010 8:08 AM UTC

  24. Gerardo Lofland - wrote:

    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

    7/18/2010 10:10 AM UTC

  25. Erica - wrote:

    I prefer Mia Michaels in her teacher’s mode than as a judge. Her criticism is a downer. Mary brings some excitement, this season seems so dead…

    7/18/2010 1:29 PM UTC

  26. Donna - wrote:

    While watching the show tonight, I was forcibly reminded for what seems the hundredth time this season how much I miss Mary Murphy and how much I dislike Mia Michaels. Mia is so rude to the contestants, especially Kent.

    Nigel, please use your considerable power to bring Mary Murphy back to the judging panel permanently!

    7/21/2010 5:44 PM UTC

  27. Ulysse - wrote:

    Having Mia as a judge this season is very bad for the show. Unfortunatly, I think all her nominations have gotten to her head and she now acts as if she was a god of dancing. I admit I was a big fan of her because of some of her choreography but when she opens her mouth she never seems to amaze me by digging a hole for herself. i could not believe my ears and my eyes seeing her blasting Brandon at season 6. That guy was a dance genius and Mia for some reason despised him for obscure personal reasons.

    Again in season 7, as a judge, she bashes on Adechike like he’s not even a human being. It is very sad to see somebody like Mia for which I had a very high esteem steep so low as she’s doing. I am sometimes asking myself if she has a problem with a specific type of ‘colored people’ to put it this way or she is simply unable to connect with them because her brain is unable to analyze the mimics of their faces. After she blasted Adechike, I had decided to stop watching the show but my girlfriend convinced me to give it another chance so I did and this is why I am posting my comment this week.

    Adam seems to be easily influenced by Mia so this is a bad thing for the show because unlike Nigel, he seems afraid to say something contrary to what Mia could say, he’s kind of like his sidekick.

    Sonya would be a much better choice than Mia as a judge, she seems to really care about people in general unlike Mia. And by the way, where the heck is Mary, she was a positive judge on the show and she was replaced by a super negative one. It is one thing to give critics but to demolish somebody personally is not being a critic in my book.

    7/21/2010 6:45 PM UTC

  28. Jim - wrote:

    Mia does not seem to understand that a judge needs to remain impartial in the public eye.

    7/23/2010 6:56 AM UTC

  29. Sam - wrote:

    Adam needs to stop exagerrating his frame of mind and start making constructive criticisms. He seems to just say that everything and ever move is just the best he has evercseen. Can you just grow up a bit and stop acting like a boy, a boy without any hint of dancing background.

    7/23/2010 5:05 PM UTC

  30. Sam - wrote:

    Adam needs to stop exagerrating his frame of mind and start making constructive criticisms. He seems to just say that everything and every move is just the best he has ever seen. Can you just grow up a bit and stop acting like a boy, a boy without any hint of dancing background.

    7/23/2010 5:07 PM UTC

  31. Elizabeth - wrote:

    I believe that the judges are being made aware of viewers’ comments (good job, everyone); Mia’s appearance and comments have, in my opinion, been noticeably more professional although still lacking in much substance…but it does appear she is trying harder. The fourth judge appears to be a good choice. Keeping Billy, however…not so good. Billy is, no doubt, a talented dancer; however, he chose to not dance – even though medically cleared to do so – and in all fairness should have left the competition. This season has been the most disorganized and subjective when it comes to judging than all previous seasons. Cat D is the glue – consistently good at what she does; she is witty, kind, articulate, and protective of her “babies”. The original format with Mary (or having guest judges if she isn’t available) would be my vote if there are to be future seasons for SYTYCD.

    7/25/2010 12:30 AM UTC

  32. Theresa - wrote:

    Mia is sooooo rude….bring back Mary…How can you sleep at night Mia? BTW, quit making up stupid words…you aren’t Lil’ C…that’s buck. We love Adam!!!! He’s nice and constructive. Try and learn from him, you sit right next to him for goodness sakes!

    7/27/2010 8:56 PM UTC

  33. Theresa - wrote:

    If I say I don’t like Nigel, will you delete this? His “compliments” are so back handed and condescending…We love Kat…she seems to be the only one that can put him in his place.

    7/27/2010 9:04 PM UTC

  34. nu-nu - wrote:

    mia is awful!!!! she is a terrible judge i feel you should hive dancers constructive criticism but she doesn’t. she downs everyone and is extremely rude. it doesn’t make any sense to be that mean and if she will be the judge from now on i will stop watching. these are people dreams and she just crushes them if it wasn’t for ade chike i would have stopped watching this a long time ago

    7/28/2010 6:02 PM UTC

  35. Sarah - wrote:

    Where is Mary. Mia is not someone I want to see and hear every week. She is much to sour.

    7/28/2010 9:15 PM UTC

  36. T. Butler - wrote:

    Mia Michaels is a splendid choreographer, but she should never be a judge on a show like So You Think You Can Dance. More than once each season, her prejudices–not artistic preferences, but personal likes and dislikes–overwhelm professional judgment. The result is personal venomous criticism (not tough love, as Mia likes to excuse it) of a contestant. A public apology does not eradicate the damage to the contestant or to the show’s integrity. Please consider removing her as a judge. submitted by a loyal fan of Dance and the show.

    7/30/2010 8:52 AM UTC

  37. Crystal Stockton - wrote:

    I am a long time fan of SYTYCD and have watched since almost the beginning. Obviously it was a little stunning to see Mia Michaels sitting in the judges’ chair this season. So I thought to myself…okay…different…but change is good. NOT!!!! I tried to give this woman a chance as a judge…and her first nasty comment threw me…her second nasty comment stunned me…and all of those NASTY comments that have since followed just make me absolutely sick. If she continues to be a judge after this season…I won’t continue to watch this show. She picks her favorites in the beginning and then she is completely biased for the rest of the season. I do like her choreography…but because she has an Emmy or two doesn’t mean she’s tactful or gracious enough to be a judge. A little humility goes a long way…and she could be constructive in her criticism to the contestants…but she isn’t. She’s just too damned arrogant for me to continue watching her. It actually makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    8/1/2010 11:05 AM UTC

  38. Kelly - wrote:

    I suppose this is a waste of time, since I will be repeating what’s already been said, but….I’ve been a devoted fan since Season 1. Although I don’t always agree with the choices being made on the show (both in which dancers get through auditions and in format), it hasn’t ever disappointed me enough to affect my enjoyment in actually watching each week. But Mia being on the judging panel is unbearable. I have loads of respect for her talents, and I even appreciate her eccentricity (I’m an artist, too…I get it). But the line between constructive criticism and flat-out rudeness should be crystal-clear to anyone in her position (the position of critiquing young dancers in front of the entire nation, that is). And she doesn’t have any regard for it. It was physically uncomfortable for me to watch her berate Adechike a few weeks ago (though that seems to have backfired for her, as he got more votes last week than either Billy or Lauren, who are both superior dancers). These kids are babies, who’ve devoted their lives to pursuing an art form she professes to love, and yet she dishes out soul-crushing comments that have no constructive aspect whatsoever. People on the comment board seem to think Adam is influenced by her, but I disagree. I think Adam is the supreme diplomat and an excellent judge. He tries to offer something constructive without disrespecting or disregarding the opinions of his colleagues–it’s called tact, people. Though I would like to hear him talk more, I think he should always go last–to make something constructive out of whatever demeaning nonsense Mia has said. I can see she’s tried to be “nicer” since the Adechike week, but it concerns me that she has to “try.” I teach art to adolescents, and believe me, I know how frustrating it can be to see your pupils falling short of your ideals. But there’s no good that can come of damaging a young person’s psyche with unduly harsh comments. Please bring Mary back. She was truthful while still showing a genuine kindness towards the contestants. (By the way, I like the All-Star format…so wonderful to see dancers like Allison on stage again, and eliminates the problem of people being pulled through by a strong partner or pulled down by a weaker partner.)

    8/2/2010 6:34 AM UTC

  39. Steve Valbracht - wrote:

    Adam: ‘balls out’ is not what you think! Just learned this myself. Saw a show on steam engines. They have a regulator that consists of two metal balls that spin faster as the steam presure increases. Centrifical force causes them to ‘go out’ further with increased steam pressure and controles a valve to safely control pressure. Balls out just means that there is a full head of steam! Thought you should know.

    8/3/2010 4:49 AM UTC

  40. tracey d - wrote:

    cannot believe Adam Shankman used the show to express his political views on what is a HIGHLY contraversial issue to Californians. I am disapointed (and offended) that he used poor judgment in choosing a proper platform to discuss Proposition 8. I really like Adam as a judge on the show but his personal views have nothing to do with these contestants trying to further their careers as dancers.

    8/4/2010 9:03 PM UTC

  41. Jeff - wrote:

    I really hate Mia Michaels as a judge. Bring back Mary. I also don’t like the current setup for the judges. Go back to Nigel and Mary as the judges with different guest judges each week. I also haven’t liked the judges making the final decision on who goes home for the majority of the season.

    8/4/2010 10:08 PM UTC

  42. foothillsdweller - wrote:

    I am so upset that Mary Murphy has been replaced with Mia Michaels. What were you thinking???? She does NOT judge dancing! She judges people. If she doesn’t like someone, then she doesn’t like their dancing. She needs to GO,,,, NOW!!! And come on Nigel, you are not far behind. I used to appreciate your expertise, but you have now fallen into the same, “like the person, like the dance” or “don’t like the person, don’t like the dance.” My husband and I are in our 60′s, we used to appreciate Mary Murphy’s criticique. Now it is slamming and we are so sad that these young people are being channeled into unfavorable “groups”. You can deny it, but were a survey to be done, it would show viewer results. I would LOVE to be proved wrong, but I probably won’t watch that much longer.

    8/5/2010 2:40 PM UTC

  43. mcm - wrote:

    Bring back Mary next year. Mia cannot find anything positive to say. Even when she gives a compliment she comes back with, BUT. Mary was such an uplifting person, even with her hot tamale train.

    8/6/2010 6:14 AM UTC

  44. Eloise - wrote:

    Mia Michaels is mean spirited, nasty and a racist. Please bring Mary Murphy back, and by all means keep Cat, She is the only one with a kind heart!!!

    8/11/2010 1:21 PM UTC

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