An All-Star on American Idol

Who was that familiar looking fellow dancing with Lady Gaga on American Idol Wednesday night? It was none other than Season 4 finalist and Season 7 All-Star Mark Kanemura. While sporting some facial hair, Mark danced as Lady Gaga sang “Alejandro.” This wasn’t Mark’s first time dancing with the superstar; he traveled the world with Lady Gaga on her “Monster Ball Tour.” He also appears in Lady Gaga’s latest music video, “Telephone.”

Nice moves, Mark! We’ll see you on the SYTYCD stage very soon.


4 comments on “An All-Star on American Idol“

  1. Damon Boardman - wrote:

    Good stuff! I can’t get enough of reading about Lady Gaga. I can’t get enough of her music, but her character is also so fascinating.

    5/26/2010 4:15 AM UTC

  2. Rachel - wrote:

    I miss Mary as a judge. Mia is an amazing choreographer, but she is so serious as a judge. Mary was so much fun, with her comments and her getting on the hot tamale train. Mia brings the same seriousness as Nigel, but we need Mary’s crazy energy back!

    6/23/2010 8:26 PM UTC

  3. Valerie - wrote:

    Why dont they ever mention Russle Ferguson season 6 winner? He was a krumper. When they judge Jose they never compare him to Russle. They both are as far away from their comfort zone or dance stlye as you could possible get they even gave Jose the very same praises. Did Russel do something wrong?

    7/7/2010 4:50 PM UTC

  4. Valerie - wrote:

    I don’t care for Mia, shes too pretentious and takes herself waaaay too serious. As a choreographer, shes brilliant but as a judge it seems she likes to stir things up with her negative comments that make absolutely no sense with her florid speech patterns. Its like she enjoys tormenting the dancers even when they do well. Just like she did with Brandon in season 5

    7/7/2010 5:02 PM UTC

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