A B-Boy with a Big Personality is a Season 7 All-Star

Nigel Lythgoe announced the name of another All-Star:

One of the great personalities of #SYTYCD & a truly great Hip Hop dancer. Thanks QUEST for lending him to us. Dominic is back as an All-Star

Dominic Sandoval is not only a great b-boy dancer, he has a personality that can’t be matched. Since he stepped onto the So You Think You Can Dance stage during Season 3, he made his crush on Cat Deeley known. Dominic’s partnership with eventual winner Sabra Johnson was one where they each benefited from one another and grew together. During a slow hip hop routine to “Make It Work,” the pair’s chemistry was so strong that they ended their number with a kiss. Dominic is a versatile b-boy: just two weeks after Mary Murphy created the Hot Tamale Train for All-Star Anya Garnis, she gave Sabra and Dominic “two tickets on the hot tamale train” for their outstanding rumba performance. During Dominic’s last week on Season 3 (he made it to the Top 8), he tackled krump choreography with All-Star Lauren Gottlieb to “I Get Money,” and held nothing back during this performance.

Also known as “D-Trix,” Dominic found success on another dance television show, Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew. Dominic was a part of Quest Crew, which included SYTYCD alumni Ryan Conferido from Season 1 and Hok Konishi from Season 3, among others. Quest Crew went on to win the title of America’s Best Dance Crew on Dominic’s lucky season number, three!

Will Dominic still flirt with his much taller crush, Cat? Tune in this summer to find out!

Here are your Season 7 All-Stars:

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10 comments on “A B-Boy with a Big Personality is a Season 7 All-Star“

  1. So You Think You Can Dance – Meet the Season 7 All-Stars - wrote:

    [...] Neil Haskell, Allison Holker, Mark Kanemura, Pasha Kovalev, Kathryn McCormick,  Ade Obayomi and Dominic Sandoval. Each week, finalists will be partnered with a different All-Star [...]

    4/23/2010 2:47 PM UTC

  2. DOMINIC “D-Trix” SANDOVAL Named SYTYCD All-Star!- Quest Crew - wrote:

    [...] Are you a “So You Think You Can Dance” fan? FOX’s SYTYCD puts amateur competitors through dance routine competitions with a professional partner, who first trains teaches the routine. A few Quest members have passed through the Fox studio in earlier days making groundbreaking preparations for the media success boom to come. SYTYCD creator/producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe has announced that season 7 professionals will be pulled from previous season’s top competitors and our very own Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval has been chosen as an All-Star Dancer! [...]

    5/24/2010 6:29 PM UTC

  3. chandean - wrote:

    i was so disappointed to see that mary murphy isnt on the show this season??
    and why all the change? i loved it exactly the way it was, please go back to having the top 24 again.
    you are like making it another dancing with the stars kinda show… disappointed..

    5/27/2010 9:59 PM UTC

  4. ty - wrote:

    i love him so much i love quest crew

    7/8/2010 8:17 PM UTC

  5. Chris Doe - wrote:

    I loved Cat in the previous seasons, but this year something changed. Someone tell her to control her need for attention and just host. She’s not a dancer, not a judge, not the center of attention. Stop trying to turn it back to yourslef at every moment. Let the dancers dance and let the judges judge. Stop talking over people, stop injecting your comments to the judge’s critiques and stop making lame jokes at inappropriate times when we want to concentrate on the competition. Go back to being in the background and letting the dancers and judges shine on their own – just host. I want to like you again, but stop trying to make it about you.

    7/19/2010 9:50 AM UTC

  6. Rachel - wrote:

    I LOVE Dominic and would give anything to be given a chance to dance with him!! what he does is amazing!!! I just wish I could see more of him as an “All-Star” I need more!! please give me, us MORE of Dominic!!!!!!

    7/21/2010 6:18 PM UTC

  7. Blogging To The Bank - wrote:

    Good share, great article, very usefull for us…thanks.

    8/4/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  8. Jesse - wrote:

    Dominic is awesome! great job tonight with another phallic prop! you rock the show, buddy!

    8/4/2010 7:59 PM UTC

  9. Babykinz3oh3 - wrote:

    *******Reading over these comments i noticed something. Chris Doe wrote something that caught my eye.
    Cat Deely was waayyyyyyy over the top this season!
    Some of her comments were beside the point and down right RUDE!
    She shouldn’t have a say in anything! She is the fricking host! I felt bad for the dancers and juges because she said some very out of order comments.
    I say its time for a new host. And onto Dominic! YOU ARE AMAZINNNGG! I LOVED QUEST CREW!

    keep dancing.
    any opinions on the cat deely thing, send me a message

    8/15/2010 5:43 PM UTC

  10. dance.blogs.fox.com - wrote:

    A b boy with a big personality is a season 7 all star.. Not so bad :)

    6/3/2011 5:51 AM UTC

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