The First Season 7 All-Star Is…


Executive Producer and Judge Nigel Lythgoe tweeted today:

I am thrilled that representing the various dance genres of Popping, Locking, Krump etc in the All-Stars Dance-Pool from Season 4 is TWITCH

tWitch Boss first entered the So You Think You Can Dance scene in 2007, when he was faced with Hok Konishi for a final spot in the Season 3 Top 20. Although the spot went to Hok, tWitch did not give up. He returned to auditions in 2008 and made it to Season 4’s Top 20. tWitch was paired with Kherington Payne and they performed many memorable dances, and tWitch made it all the way to second place!

Last summer, tWitch returned to the So You Think You Can Dance stage during a Season 5 results show to dance in the Emmy nominated dance “Mercy” (a.k.a. the door routine) with partner Katee Shean. This dance was choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Since his time on So You Think You Can Dance, tWitch has starred in the movies Step Up 3-D, which is produced by Judge Adam Shankman, and Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming.

So put on your lensless plastic glasses and welcome back tWitch!

Stay tuned to the So You Think You Can Dance official blog, as we’ll be announcing the Season 7 all-stars after Nigel tweets them (@dizzyfeet).

Here are your Season 7 All-Stars:

tWitch Boss
Kathryn McCormick

Pasha Kovalev

Allison Holker
Ade Obayomi
Comfort Fedoke

Lauren Gottlieb
Mark Kanemura
Anya Garnis
Dominic Sandoval
Courtney Galiano
Neil Haskell


4 comments on “The First Season 7 All-Star Is…“

  1. So You Think You Can Dance – First Female All-Star is… - wrote:

    [...] Lineup: (updated April 1, 2010) Twitch Boss Kathryn [...]

    4/1/2010 10:29 AM UTC

  2. Kevin - wrote:

    Twitch was and is awesome! Think he shouldve won his season and thats why i boycotted the following season….that being said glad to see he’s back.

    6/23/2010 5:15 PM UTC

  3. Kristelle - wrote:

    I must comment on Twitch’s AMAZING performance shown on June 30, 2010: the hiphop with Alex. First of all, my husband and I are each over 50, so we are not the younger audience market that you would expect, but we watch every season and love this show for the growth of the dancers as the season progresses. Yet last night was really special, and we were breathless and practically in tears at the end. The challenge of Alex’s performance was thrilling, but it was Twitch who caught our real attention. His depth of character was brilliantly shown as he damped down his own shining performance charm, so that Alex could take center stage. He danced full out, no question, but it was very clear that he was highlighting Alex…Alex, the no-one-can-beat ballet dancer, owes SO MUCH to Twitch for stepping back just a shade, and allowing the phenomenal transformation of Alex show up so well. Twitch, we’ve loved you as a dancer from the beginning, and we’ve never been able to take our eyes off you. But last night, as you shaded your brilliance just the perfect amount, we felt we got even more of a glimpse of you as a person, and as the true professional you are. No one mentioned it on air, but we saw what you did, Twitch, and we want to honor you for it…BRAVO!

    7/1/2010 9:58 AM UTC

  4. big dog - wrote:

    I think twitch is so SICK!
    I just want to know why they didn’t send Billy home tonight. He was up there dancing as the show was going off. He choose not to dance(I.e. wanted to take a break) he needs to go. He could not and would not have done half as good of job as twitch did in the steppin routine.

    7/22/2010 9:44 PM UTC

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