Jeanine Mason Discos on "The Doctors"

America’s Favorite Dancer from Season 5, Jeanine Mason, will be disco dancing on “The Doctors” this Monday, March 22. She appeared on the Emmy-nominated daytime talk show to encourage dancers to audition for So You Think You Can Dance’s seventh season.

On the pre-taped show, Jeanine performed with co-host Dr. Jim Sears on an episode devoted to “New Ways to Erase Your Age.” Jeanine shared that “Disco in particular is such a great cardio workout…You can burn up to 400 calories in an hour doing disco. It’s a great way to change your body completely and work on strength, endurance, and flexibility.”

Check your local listings for show times. For more info on L.A. auditions, click here.

The next audition stop is Chicago (3/18) followed by  Los Angeles (3/26), which is just two months before the May 27 premiere.


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