Season 6 Winner, Russell Ferguson on the Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

Russell Ferguson on the Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

One of the prizes the winner of So You Think You Can Dance receives is their photo on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine. SYTYCD Season 6 winner Russell Ferguson graces the cover of Dance Spirit’s March 2010 issue with his krump style and signature smile. The “King of Krump” opened up about his childhood, auditioning for the FOX show, what happened once he was a contestant, and his future in the magazine’s article.

Something you may not know about Russell that he revealed to Dance Spirit is that he started out in performance arts when he was 6 years old with Boston City Lights. Next, he enrolled as a dance major at Boston Arts Academy, and he learned about ballet and technique. Although it was “boring” for him at first, he has since admitted, “I know what technique is used for now—to get better at whatever style of dance you do,” he says. “Doing ballet is for a good cause.”

When Russell stumbled upon krump, it was love at first sight. “There was no doubt in my mind: Krump was what I was meant to dance. There was something about the look of it that told me that this belongs on my body.” His decision to auditions for So You Think You Can Dance was calculated, and he said, “I wanted a show that would let me be me. I found that at SYTYCD.’

Of all the partners Russell had on So You Think You Can Dance, it was his last routine – hip hop with top girl Kathryn McCormick – when he really felt something special. “She’s unbelievable, and such a hard worker and good listener. She never lets anything discourage her. We made each other shine,” he told DS.

What’s next for Russell? He said that he learned a lot from SYTYCD, and now he wants to “bring all forms of dance together and create something huge. I have wanted to start an organization since way before the show. I see it as a group of educators and performers who tour to different cities spreading all kinds of dance. It’s going to be like a congregation.”

Read the full article on Russell in Dance Spirit magazine, or to read more online, click here.


23 comments on “Season 6 Winner, Russell Ferguson on the Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine“

  1. Jacki - wrote:

    Remember during the show when they always went on and on about how Russell had no formal training? Interesting.

    2/13/2010 4:01 PM UTC

  2. anonymous - wrote:

    it’s tv. they lie about a lot of things… get over it

    2/15/2010 6:32 AM UTC

  3. JaToya - wrote:

    Sooooo glad he won. To the comment about his training, I would like to say that at no point did I hear HIM say he’s never had any training. I’m going to guess there were things they lied about and/or exaggerated with all of the contestants. But then that’s what we as consumers want. We want that underdog, because it feels especially good when they win.

    2/20/2010 12:33 AM UTC

  4. Alyssa - wrote:

    I am very disappointed to know that he had formal training before. He is not who I thought he was.
    I wanted to audition for the show but I have heard many bad things about how they play with the emotions of the participants and etc.

    2/20/2010 6:56 PM UTC

  5. Ayomide - wrote:

    i’m extremely happy he won. i think he deserved 2 win, formal taining or not.

    3/16/2010 1:02 PM UTC

  6. Gina - wrote:

    We can also misunderstand what is being said. Do you really know what the judges mean when they say formal training? What does that consist of? Does it consist of one or two classes? Does it consist of being introduced to ballet and technique? Did Russell follow through with these classes, how far did he go? How much training did he actually get? Does formal training require years of training and education in a particular field or is it taking a few classes that qualify you as being formally trained? Just because I take ballet even from an early age through highschool doesn’t mean that I was good at it! I could just be being pushed due to parents who think I have something I don’t! Russell’s story begins with saying he was in performing arts at 6 it didn’t say that the form of performing arts was dance, it could have been song, drama, etc. Before you judge and write people off get all of the facts so that you can make a thorough judgment about the person. Stop taking things at face value and running with them.

    3/18/2010 2:38 PM UTC

  7. logo maker - wrote:

    Seems like that you have placed lots of effort and hard work into your post and I require much more of these using the net these days. I sincerely got a kick from your post. I don’t truly have much to say in response, I only wanted to comment to reply great work.

    5/26/2010 12:08 PM UTC

  8. work at home technical - wrote:

    Well, I agree with what you say, but not with all of it. Regardless, it’s all good reading. Thanks!

    5/26/2010 4:20 PM UTC

  9. trueboston - wrote:

    Some of you people act as if you know him. You don’t, you heard what you wanted to hear and you latched on to what you wanted to latch on to. It’s now time to get a life and achieve something for yourself and stop dwelling on what was, what should have been and what really is. Learn to be independent thinkers and maybe your disappointments will be minimal. For those of you that just enjoyed the show, all of you know how to watch television and put it in perspective and appreciate it.

    7/10/2010 8:58 AM UTC

  10. Zoukera - wrote:

    I totally agree with Gina! C’mon, read something formal training before you judge! Formal training is recognised and accepted training. It will usually be sanctioned by or even run by the recognised organisation. Formal training will require that certain standards are met, a certain number of hours of study are undertaken and that examiners and students meet certain standards. Certification will be given if the student meets certain criteria.

    Russell learnt a bit of ballet and technique: Although it was “boring” for him at first, he has since admitted, “I know what technique is used for now—to get better at whatever style of dance you do,” he says. So I dont think he graduated from ballet school, it would have shown!!! Hahahha! He just had very little formal education until he found his love: krump!

    8/4/2010 3:21 AM UTC

  11. Outdoor Garden Fountains - wrote:

    Good stuff, keep it coming.

    8/14/2010 10:58 AM UTC

  12. sabrina - wrote:

    well! he’s amazing! he deserve th best

    12/3/2010 9:07 AM UTC

  13. ruru - wrote:

    i wanted kathryn to win, but i’m happy russell didbecause he was my favourite in guys. after him came legacy.

    12/26/2010 4:52 AM UTC

  14. Maxx - wrote:

    Formal training and taking some classes are two different things.

    6/25/2011 3:16 PM UTC

  15. Kim - wrote:

    What’s the big deal, do you think all those Balet dancers were born flying thru the air, no! Lots of training and hard work. Russell deserves the award because he was able to do it all and with a beautiful smile. Congratulations Russell. And believe me all those that didn’t win, someone will find them and ask them to be in their shows etc. They are all winners except for those few who really thought they could dance but couldn’t.

    8/29/2011 6:35 AM UTC

  16. Rafael - wrote:

    I love U Russell sence the 1st, day I saw u on tv.. Congratulations!!! I still see u on tv, now every monday from my bed,,, hope kipe see u dancing more and hope one day God give me the chance to meet u in person,, Hugs…

    8/29/2011 8:56 PM UTC

  17. Verlenseia - wrote:

    I am so glad Russell won! He brought something special to the stage every time. That beautiful, sincere smile let us see that you enjoyed what you were doing. Rather it be krumping or ballet. Underdog or not Congratulations Russell!

    9/8/2011 6:56 PM UTC

  18. Laurel - wrote:

    My husband, a 71 year old native Scot, and I watched and applauded for Russell. All of the final dancers were excellent, but we enjoyed Russell the most, I think because he was enjoying himself and his smile made us smile! His style was Krump, but he handled all the kinds of dance styles beautifully!

    9/12/2011 12:22 PM UTC

  19. kathryn draper - wrote:

    i think if you look back to his audition he states very clearly that he was trained in several dances

    9/21/2011 10:01 AM UTC

  20. kathryn draper - wrote:

    i went back and checked on his audition and he says very plainly that he was trained in several other dance styles. stop knocking him he is very talented and a very kind guy

    10/6/2011 11:53 AM UTC

  21. honeedew - wrote:

    Luuuuuuuuuuv him!!!! ;)

    10/7/2011 9:31 PM UTC

  22. chiquita - wrote:


    5/23/2012 4:07 PM UTC

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