Tour Interview with Caitlin Kinney and Kupono Aweau

Caitlin KinneyKupono Aweau

What’s the best thing about being on tour and what will you miss most when the tour is over?

Caitlin Kinney: I’m gonna miss the people. We’ve kind of become each others’ families just because none of us have our families with us. We all have moments where we’re driving each other crazy, but then I feel like there’s that first week home and we’re just going to go into withdrawal or something.
Kupono Aweau: The best part, for me, it’s just been traveling. The traveling is ridiculous. You think you have to go Europe to experience it, but like we have some phenomenal cities here in the U.S. and I am just so honored we got to go to some places like Boston. It’s a beautiful town that I never in a million years would have thought of.
CK: Kupono is our city-to-city guide. He finds the best places–
KA: –the must see restaurants, anything and everything. I’ve definitely had some great adventures.

What do you do on the tour bus to pass the time?
Caitlin Kinney: We were coming to LA and the show before we were in Utah and we walk into the dressing room and we all have these beautifully made invitations in our quick change bus. It was an invitation to a party at the G Lounge, which was on our bus, which Kupono single-handedly put together. We walk onto our bus and there’s this big sign that says, “Welcome to the G Lounge. Learn to Love. Love to Live. Live to Give.” We had lights and–
Kupono Aweau: –and I put LED lights in the doorways, white fabric draped throughout the bus–
CK: –a smoke machine, a disco ball! And he put this whole thing together.
KA: I asked the runners if they could get it for me and they did. They got everything. It was amazing!
CK: It was amazing!
KA: It was the best 12 hour bus ride that we’ve ever had.
CK: But on normal days we eat, watch movies, hangout. I love the bus; it’s fun! We’ve all bonded on the bus. I spill a lot. They had to get me a sippy cup for my drinks because I’ve spilled so many things.

How is it meeting the fans?
Caitlin Kinney: That’s been one of the best parts of the tour for me, is just meeting the people that you touch on the show which you don’t realize when you’re on the show. That’s the best part about dancing is touching people through our art. That’s kind of what we strive to do. We’ve definitely met some…um…
KA: …some very excited fans.
CK: Kupono definitely has a lot of fans. So many girls. One time Kupono was signing after me, and I was signing and they see Pono and they just rip the poster right out of my hands and screamed, “KUPONO!!” and then asked me, “Do you think I have a chance with him?”

Have you been really sore from all of the dancing and have you managed to stay injury free?

Kupono Aweau: There’s never been any big injuries thank goodness, but we definitely started out pretty rough. The schedule got to us. Thank goodness no one had any massive injuries. Jeanine’s Achilles was pulled and she had tears during one of our run throughs, but we definitely recover well.
Caitlin Kinney: I think our bodies have adjusted to the schedule. They bring us physical therapists–
KA: –and chiropractors, so it’s working out.

Do you have a message for your fans?
Caitlin Kinney: Thank you! What else do you say to people who have been so supportive on such a crazy journey?
Kupono Aweau: Thank you times 503! This is ridiculous and it’s honestly because of them. We are just completely and utterly grateful to them for it because without them we would not be here.

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2 comments on “Tour Interview with Caitlin Kinney and Kupono Aweau“

  1. Dale Harris - wrote:

    Sounds wonderful, I hope to experience all that magic, myself. Good Luck with all you do.

    1/19/2010 5:40 PM UTC

  2. lillian - wrote:

    I am so aggravated with the producers of this show. It just seems like they are in a cloud and don’t care what the fans want. First of all, what was up with the judges? All that nonsense about Paula Abdul coming on. What a waste. I really missed seeing a different guest judge every week. Why on earth was Paula the only one invited when she clearly was disinterested?
    And what the freak about the season 6 tour? Seriously, they act like people aren’t waiting for it. They never mention a word. This show has developed such a relationship with its fans that it feels wrong when they don’t try harder to keep us in the know. And what an out of date website they seem to always have. It seems that they could afford a webmaster that could keep it fresh and interesting. I know it’s in between seasons right now, but even during the season it’s severely lacking.
    Come on people, wake up.

    1/21/2010 4:09 PM UTC

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