The Season 6 Winner Russell Ferguson Tells All!

Russell Wins!

In a dramatic live results show, Boston krumper Russell Ferguson was crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer.” The Top 6 finalist was supposed to dance three partner dances, but during his hip hop routine with Legacy Perez and Kevin Hunte at the beginning of the show, he injured his leg. “The way I injured it is after I jumped off the stage into krump, when Kevin and Legacy pulled me back up I had come down on my leg wrong, and something shifted over my ankle and it caused it to swell up and it was real tight. So I wasn’t cleared to be able to dance for the rest of the night, but I could walk.” After receiving the injury, Russell felt a bit defeated because his family was in town to watch him dance and he wasn’t going to be able to partake in the other performances planned for the night. Russell’s dad came backstage to encourage him to keep his spirits up. Also, Russell admits that when he was crowned the winner of the season, his body was pumping with adrenaline which made him forget about the pain long enough to celebrate on stage.

By being on So You Think You Can Dance, Russell said he had a lot to prove to America. “I just was hoping that America would change their views on krump and what it is about, so they could be more familiar with it. And I just knew I was going to be able to get that message across, but winning was a big bonus.” If he inspired you, and you want to know the key to krumping, Russell shares, “It’s not just about looking good and being the best. It’s all about expression in doing what you feel at that moment; but of course, in the form of krump.” The style of krump can vary from dancer to dancer, and Russell explained that “it all goes off of how I feel at that moment. You know, whatever the mood of the song is, that’s how I’m going to dance to it in the form of krump, of course. I just feel like a lot of underground krumpers, they kind of confine to one form, and it’s very similar in a lot of areas; so I just try to bring the versatility into it.”

After Russell won the season he pulled contestant Kevin Hunte up to the stage. Russell told us he brought Kevin up because “Kevin just has been with me through this whole journey…He’s like a brother to me. I felt like I should share that moment with him because we’ve shared a lot of other moments together that were very special.”

Although Russell had to dance outside his style practically every performance, many styles resonated with him. In fact, Russell’s favorite style was surprisingly the Foxtrot. “It was my toughest challenge and I feel like I got closer to it because of that, and I learned more because it was tough.” His favorite dance that he performed was the Afro Jazz frog dance. “It was just real exciting, and it kind of brought me back to my roots a little bit, and it felt natural doing it.” If Russell had the power to pick any dance from the season to be performed at the finale, he would have chosen the Alice in Wonderland themed group hip hop routine choreographed by “Nappy Tabs.” He said that number was the most fun.

What’s next for America’s Favorite Dancer? Russell plans to invest his cash prize and he would like to get into movies, in particular dance movies, as he was inspired to pick up krump from the movies. He also said, “I would love to come back and choreograph a krump routine or hip-hop routine, or anything [for SYTYCD]. It would be an honor.” In addition, judge Adam Shankman promised the final two dancers spots to dance on the Academy Awards show that he’s producing. Russell hasn’t heard any more details about this honor, but he said he’s very excited for the opportunity.

Before hanging up the phone, Russell’s last words were “I just love America.”

To learn more about 20 year old Russell Ferguson, visit his contestant page.


33 comments on “The Season 6 Winner Russell Ferguson Tells All!“

  1. Ashley - wrote:

    i think they should stop calling it americas favorite dancer and start calling it the producers favorite dancer.

    12/19/2009 4:35 PM UTC

  2. a Phoenix - wrote:

    Please, please, and please post the full episodes of this show! For some quirky unknown reason, my tape of the show cut off just at the beginning of the JLo performance and I didn’t get to see her performance or Russell’s Winning Moment! He was my pick for winner from the beginning and I missed his moment. Please show full episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, I love this show!!!! Begging may not be attractive, but hopefully effective….please and thank you for doing so!

    12/19/2009 5:12 PM UTC

  3. Lyn - wrote:

    Russell was one of my favorites right from the beginning, I was and still am beyond thrilled he won. I wish all the top 20 dancers the best in their futures. I am excited to see what season 7 has to bring. Congratulations Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12/19/2009 6:47 PM UTC

  4. Bob In Auburn CA - wrote:

    Russel willing over Jakob was a travesty of judgement demonstrating the low state to which American culture has sunk when a dancer of Jakob’s grace, agility and adaptability is not crowned the favorite dancer. Don’t despair Jakob. Real dancers recognize your vast talent. Too bad Adam was shut up during the last week while Mary cried over everything Russell did. My wife and I hope someone comes forward to support Jakob with a like sum of money in recognition of his tremendous talent. Sure, Russell has talent, but when dancing out of his genre he was frequently criticized for not being quite on. But that never mattered because he had “grown” so much. Yet Jakob was always spot on in all his routines. Adam rightly called him, a number of times, the best dancer ever to appear on the show.

    12/19/2009 6:58 PM UTC

  5. Harry - wrote:

    Russell wow Russell!
    S6 was really fantastic especially in the second half and also these solos.
    Hope SYTYCD doing better and better in the future. Just pls don’t like S5, which was so awful that even a single trick can win a girl the title.(as we can see, that trick has been doing by others again and again before and after the season )I can’t agree more with”S6 will blow S5 away” And I also hope the next season will blow others away too.
    happy Holiday.
    Gan de hao!

    12/20/2009 12:20 AM UTC

  6. Karen - wrote:

    Jakob and Kathryn were robbed. Both were better dancers than Russell,but that is strictly a caller vote. That is the way the program works. What bothered me was the low class way the winner acted. I was appalled at the way he groveled in the money. That,to me,showed his true character(or lack of it) I just don’t get America.

    12/20/2009 9:44 AM UTC

  7. Chelsea - wrote:

    Omg, I love this show. I was kinda Surprised when Russell won. But i’m glad. :)

    12/20/2009 12:53 PM UTC

  8. Erin - wrote:

    I can’t believe everyone that is saying negative things about Russel. He got the most votes bottom line. WHther he was the best dancer or not he is an inspiration to so many people. to me Jakob was a incredible dancer but once the show was over I forgot his name b/c he didn’t “move” me b/c that’s all there was to him was good dancing. Russel had so much heart and you should have called more often for your favorite if Russel wasn’t it. I believe several of the dancers from S6 will go far but don’t criticize people you don’t like b/c of your personal preference b/c you sure as hell don’t speak for all of america!

    12/20/2009 4:47 PM UTC

  9. Jenny - wrote:

    If this were “america’s BEST dancer” then Jakob would have won hands down. He is amazing. However this is “America’s FAVORITE dancer”. Russel was so amazing @ what he could do and people really liked him so I do think that he deserves the title “america’s FAVORITE dancer”.

    12/21/2009 5:59 AM UTC

  10. Elle - wrote:

    Congratulations Russell! You are beyond awesome!

    Thank you for bringing such love, passion, and commitment to the show. Thanks also for your uncompromising decision to recognize God, in a meaningful, heart-felt way, for your talent.

    To the negative commenter’s: get a grip.

    Bob In Auburn CA- it is actually a travesty of judgment to think that the art of dance is limited to a single style; and that American culture is measured by the outcome of a reality television competition.

    I could suggest that your inability to correctly spell the word JUDGMENT points to the low state to which American education has sunk- but that would be a MEAN-SPIRITED generalization of America’s educational system.

    Karen- that you can discern Russell’s character from the spontaneity of a single action, but not his gracious, heart-felt acceptance speech; it is no wonder that you “just don’t get America”.

    America sees beyond the colored kaleidoscope of your narrow visage, and to the whole of a talented person.

    12/21/2009 6:08 AM UTC

  11. Linda - wrote:

    I agree with Jenny and Erin…if you are upset your favorite dancer didn’t win you should have called in more…obviously most people thought Russell was their favorite, which is why they called in and he won. All of the top 10 were amazing, and my own favorites were very different…Mollee for her spunk and energy, and Ryan and Ashleigh for their demeanor, technique and just plain because I liked them. I hate to read all of the rude and nasty comments about each of them…they don’t deserve it. It’s a dance show, it should be FUN! Let’s just enjoy the show…it was great!

    12/21/2009 1:50 PM UTC

  12. Warren - wrote:

    I’m so sorry to Jakob. He was the best dancer on the show and deserved to win. Russel was really good and I liked him all season. But he just wasn’t as good as Jakob.

    12/21/2009 5:50 PM UTC

  13. Angel - wrote:

    Do any of the Choreographers ever blog here?


    12/22/2009 9:34 AM UTC

  14. MagicDancer - wrote:

    Angel no. No choreographers, producers, or anyone who wants to communicate with the show here.


    Rumor has it that there will be no tour this time. I’m not surprised. After all, with Ashleigh’s simplistic moves and low quality dancing, and with the producers intentionally placing her in the top ten, there were many dances that got destroyed by her that other dancers would have ‘killed’!

    They also had so many issues with voting, injuries, staging, and incorrect staging/voting that they’re probably scared to death that the road show couldn’t take the Ashleigh curse destroying that reputation too. This is what happens when producers try to force their storylines onto the viewers. The married couple theme was never gonna float to a live audience. Been to a wedding in the last 6 months? Yeh. Me too. No need to see Ashleigh and Ryan do their horrible contemporary together.

    Still amazed that the producers allowed this curse to continue through top 6 though.

    Thank god Ashleigh won’t have to hear the live audience boo her for her tiny dance moves (or politely clap while remember her little pitiful cheating) while they cheer Katherine, Elenore, Mollee, Noelle, Legacy, Jakob, Russel on.

    12/22/2009 1:49 PM UTC

  15. elzavann - wrote:

    I knew it’d be between Jakob and Russell. However I was disappointed at Russell’s lack of grace at the end. He won, not because he was the best dancer of the group, he won by the judge’s tears that swayed voters which I think it’s unfair to all the other dancers. Russell is a very talented dancer, he emitted joy, but he lacked the grace and tenderness in some dances – none of his dances will make me want to watch it over and over again. I do hope he apologized to Jakob for his immature act at the final. The stage belongs to the dancers until the curtain falls – the dancers are the family. It was wrong of him to take it to himself throwing Jakob in the darkness and yelled down to get his people up on to the stage. Jakob deserves better treatment from Russell and from the judges. I don’t know why this year didn’t have the male to male and female to female dance off like last year. Judges should not let their personal feelings known to the voters. Russell owed Jakob an apology or I’ll say the judges should eat their words, Russell hasn’t grown, neither as a dancer nor a man.

    12/22/2009 8:11 PM UTC

  16. Average American - wrote:

    Russell did nothing wrong whatsoever at the finale end. Get a grip people, you have no idea what it would be like to be in his position, go through all those emotions and injury as well.

    Stop being so judgmental. Let the guy have the moment he earned.

    Russell proved over and over again he was a dedicated modest and hopeful dancer who supported his fellow dancers.

    12/23/2009 4:11 AM UTC

  17. rockstardancer - wrote:

    i think that russell deserved to win….yes everybody has favorites,
    that they would hav wanted to win …but you do not know all the emotions good or bad, hard work , stress , and pain that is involved throughout this process/journey…. unless u hav truly experienced this yourself …but even if u hav, u wouldnt be able to say that the person that won, shouldnt hav won…so people…let russell enjoy his victory without any more negativity

    12/23/2009 12:34 PM UTC

  18. DisappointedSYTYCDfan - wrote:

    I’m fine with Russell winning, I would’ve preferred Jakob, but it is America’s FAVORITE dancer.
    I hope the producers read these:
    I’m somewhat confused about Season 6.
    1) I missed when they told the audience that the show was going to be in a different theatre, except for the finale, which I found to be much less intimate than previous seasons. Not to mention the camera direction has always been awful & confusing, but now that they’re using scenery & have a bigger stage, it’s even worse! How can America REALLY judge these dancers if they don’t see all of them dance the whole dances? And, I don’t think the audience’s spirit/emotion/applause translates through the TV as well as the other theatre.
    2) I love Adam Shankman, but I really missed having different choerographers as judges. It added different perspectives/dimensions to the judging, giving America different things to think about when voting.
    3) What happened to the bits of video of the the couples when they work with the choreographers? They showed some of them, but not all of them. I found myself not able to get as invested in any of the dances as I was in previous seasons. Plus, knowing the background of the dances was always neat to know. I used to love it when they showed the dancers picking their partners & dances out of a hat – that was fun, too.
    4) Where was Mia Michaels this season? Missed her wonderful dances.
    Ok, so I’ll still watch, most likely. But I really do not enjoy the new format as much as the old. And, I’d really like to find some place on the website that explains why/when all of these changes were made.

    12/24/2009 9:48 PM UTC

  19. Maddy - wrote:

    I agree with the above comment. I hate when it seems like the goal is to try to get the best or “coolest-looking” shot and I can’t really see what the dancers are doing. I also agree that I find myself not as consumed in the routines when I don’t know any background of the routine!

    Also, I would like to point out that contemporary is not the only style of dance out there- I know that may come as a shock to some. Yes, Jakob was incredible; his leaps and turns were flawless and he executed all technical maneuvers with such grace and agility. However, Russell was just as good a krumper and Jakob was a contemporary dancer. I would like to see Jakob try to krump.

    So, just because your favorite dancer didn’t win doesn’t mean you have to get your panties in a wad and claim that Russell’s winning was an evil scheme of the producer’s. Get over it.

    12/25/2009 11:02 PM UTC

  20. Rod - wrote:

    Season 6 was the absolute best! When is this group going on tour? I would love to see Russell along with Ryan and Ashleigh dance on the stage! It was great to see 2 ballroom dancers make it to the final show!!!!!! It would be a great treat to take my 80 year old mother to this tour. She helped train Fred Astair’s dance partners back in the 50′s. We’re in San Diego and would love to see the tour stop here!!!!!!!

    12/27/2009 11:09 AM UTC

  21. C-Crane - wrote:

    Russell was the first and ONLY person I saw actually thank the judges for their critiques along w/the choreographers. Refreshing to say the least.

    12/28/2009 8:02 PM UTC

  22. ANGEL - wrote:

    Sooooo, Amazing. Dance has always been a love of mine, but from a family of 11 kids, not much opportunity. You have made peoples dreams come true, those who participate and those who view like me. THANK YOU. XXXXOOOO

    12/29/2009 7:18 AM UTC

  23. Susan - wrote:

    I can’t believe Season 6 is going to be denied a tour. Certainly they must make money on these tours. Why do the judges (Nigel) make such a big deal about the idea of a tour and then just turn around and say that having two seasons back to back has been too much. Wasn’t he the one who helps to decide what they are going to do? Now he sounds like he didn’t have anything to do with having Seasons 5 and 6 on top of each other. Again, the producers must make money on these shows! They have advertisers + people calling in! The amount of money they give away is $250,000 — Now they don’t even have to spend money on a tour. I find the whole thing very questionable. It seems to me they are using these young people to make themselves wealthy.

    12/30/2009 4:52 AM UTC

  24. Dan - wrote:

    like they don’t make money on a tour wake up lol

    12/30/2009 4:38 PM UTC

  25. Keri-Sweety - wrote:

    Congratulations Russell! You have truly been an inspiration to many and even better you are taking it home. This is your opportunity to shine do not let that light go out. Take advantage of all or many positive things that come your way. Oh and don’t splurge all your winnings make sure to prepare for your future. As an under-dog this was a win well deserved. You fought and bought things to the table that I don’t think you knew you even had in you.

    Also, this is for “So you think you can dance” and their dance foundation. I think there should be an opportunity for those whom love to dance and used to dance before but stopped for whatever reason and would like to continue. Those dancers who have the passion to dance again and would if someone would give them the time, patients, and founding or good gesture. Dance is a beautiful thing and should be shared with more than those who were able to continue. If I had the resources or opportunity I would provide that network for many. Hell I would love an opportunity to dance again myself.

    PS. If this is something that the corporation would like to embark upon remember where you got the idea from. I am just an email away.

    12/30/2009 8:30 PM UTC

  26. Moni - wrote:

    I’m a dancer from Sydney Australia and I have watched every SYTYCD season. I was sooo upset when Mollee was voted out that I stopped watching the rest of the episodes for Season 6. I was also disappointed that in that season we did not get to see much of Mia Michaels choreography. Where was Mia? She was on the judging panel like twice I think and then disappeared? I didn’t enjoy the choreography that much for Season 6. Hopefully Season 7 will be much better.

    1/1/2010 5:53 AM UTC

  27. JMB - wrote:

    What a disappointment the announcement of the winner was. Russell did not act professionally when he won and it brought tears to my eyes that Jakob didn’t win. Any of the other top 4 should have won over Russell. The judges played him up too much. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed watching him and watching him grow – but Kathryn also grew in leaps and bounds, Jakob was pure grace in dance and I loved Ellenore’s style and commitment to dance (as well she grew a lot in the course of the show). Seems America gets it wrong in the end often. Some of the routines this season were the best ever though and I LOVE Sonya and Mandy.

    1/3/2010 11:19 AM UTC

  28. chris - wrote:

    is there going to be a tour ?????

    1/7/2010 10:33 AM UTC

  29. Khatzkape - wrote:

    Congrats to Russell on for taking the title for Season 6!! To the debate about Jakob and Russell: Yes Jakob was an EXCELLENT dancer; however, he was good at his brand of dance. It also did not help him that he was Season 5′s winner Janine’s (who in my opinion should NOT have won when Brandon was CLEARLY THE BEST AND FAVORITE DANCER!!!) best friend!! Russell was able to adapt to ANY style of dance he took on. Did ANYONE pay attention to his audition when he said that he was trained in other forms of dance?? Also, did ANYONE see how quickly and how well he danced the Latin ballroom style during Hollywood Hell week with Svetlana??!!

    Say what you want about Russell, and yes he was not perfect at everything, but neither was Jakob. It was good to see that “America” (most of us who know the REAL truth will know what I mean…;D) got it right this time!!

    2/10/2010 12:41 PM UTC

  30. Kenzington - wrote:

    I was so disappointment to know that Russell won! Out of all people… Russell! COME ON AMERICA! What’s wrong with you?!?!?! Jakob should have one! Most would agree…

    2/12/2010 9:50 PM UTC

  31. Cori - wrote:

    If people wanted Jakob to win so badly, then they should have picked up the phone and voted for him. All these people complaining that Russell won over Jakob I wonder if they picked up the phone and voted for, b/c if they didn’t then they only have themselves to blame for Jakob not winning. GET OVER IT!!!! Russell is America’s favorite dancer and if you don’t like it then you should have voted for someone you wanted to win. Congrats Russell you deserve it!

    2/18/2010 5:54 PM UTC

  32. so and so - wrote:

    he rocks

    7/31/2010 7:08 AM UTC

  33. so and so - wrote:

    Russell diserved it so much

    7/31/2010 7:09 AM UTC

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