Season 7 Audition Forms and Eligibility Documents Posted (Update)



Here are links to Download Printable Forms:





For more auditions information, please visit the auditions announcement page.


19 comments on “Season 7 Audition Forms and Eligibility Documents Posted (Update)“

  1. Rebeca Chavarria - wrote:

    Can you please tell me where to find the music sheet? Thank you!

    12/19/2009 6:37 PM UTC

  2. Kia Parham -Jackson - wrote:

    When will you be having auditions in chicago il again because I tried out for season 2 when you came but we haven’t sen you since and I’m ready to show the world what GOD blessed be with please let me know this info .Chicago wants you back we love SYTYCD….

    12/19/2009 8:07 PM UTC

  3. Peter - wrote:

    I’m citizen of Poland, with EAC. And i’d like to know, CAN I AUDITIONING?

    12/25/2009 11:57 AM UTC

  4. Tyreik Gaffney - wrote:

    I am also trying to find the music sheet. And do we have to mail these forms to get a audition number in advance?
    Thanks guys!

    1/3/2010 10:39 AM UTC

  5. Martin Morris - wrote:

    wher can go to find a music sheet at and when and where will you be having auditons at

    1/4/2010 12:21 PM UTC

  6. Meghan Ortega - wrote:

    The music sheet is not posted yet if you have never auditioned they usually dont post it until like 2 days before the first audition. and once the auditions start they will post more dates regarding further auditions. No you cannot mail in the forms to get your number early its a whoever shows up first gets their armband then their number but doesnt tell you when or who will audition first. if u have any other questions email me ive been through it twice before and know a little bit more info.

    1/5/2010 11:24 AM UTC

  7. Luky - wrote:

    Hey everyone! My name is Manual but known in my town as Luky(lucky)! I’m from Kansas City, MONTH but will be flying 2 Miami 2 audition on the 18th! Good luck every one and I hope 2 see u in the top 20!

    1/11/2010 4:11 PM UTC

  8. Felicia - wrote:

    can we juss use the music sheet for season 6? does it make a difference. it should be a long the same lines for season 7 right>?

    1/13/2010 12:12 PM UTC

  9. Brandon (Shorty) - wrote:

    hey was up hope to see alot of ppl that i met in Memphis and Pheonix at the tryouts in Miami on the 18th!!! Im bringing the fire this time around get ready cause i have been on it! lol

    1/14/2010 10:18 AM UTC

  10. dwayne g - wrote:

    what time should i be near the audition site for new york?

    1/17/2010 6:26 PM UTC

  11. Abby - wrote:

    Hey! So does anyone know if there are a lot of ballerinas that tryout? Especially to people who have been to auditions either years passed or at miami this year, have you seen a lot of pointe dancers?

    1/24/2010 5:47 PM UTC

  12. clydene - wrote:


    How about getting Arthur Mitchell on the show or at least the Dance Theater of Harlem on for a short performance!!!!!!!!!!

    1/28/2010 10:07 AM UTC

  13. Nena - wrote:

    I’d absolutely love to see a dance to Soldier of Love by Sade. I also think that you all should have her perform on the next season. That would be a Grammy winner!

    2/8/2010 2:15 AM UTC

  14. veshapi - wrote:

    What’s the last do date of season 7 paperwork. I want to sign up for competition. What music format should i bring? CD_DVD_FLASH DRIVE ???

    2/16/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  15. Naimah "Xstra" Cyprian - wrote:

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 (Chicago Audition March 18, 2010at Cadillac Palace Theatre)
    I’ve never had an opportunity to audition for this show b/c either I was out of town touring or couldn’t get off from work. Now it’s here again in Chicago!

    Are there any dancers that felt like they almost lost their passion to dance… but everyone around them still sees that burning fire in them?

    My grandma says “live life without regrets.” And so I have another opportunity to live my dream to dance for America.

    Thanks, I appreciate all the comments posted on here. Good luck m fellow dancers.

    3/17/2010 9:18 PM UTC

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    5/24/2010 2:26 PM UTC

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