Russell Ferguson is America's Favorite Dancer!

Russell Wins!

Russell Ferguson, 20, a Hip Hop/Krump dancer from Boston, MA, was named America’s Favorite Dancer and winner of Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. He wins a cash prize of $250,000 and a cover feature in the March issue of Dance Spirit Magazine. Read more about Russell.

Finalists Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Jakob Karr, Kathryn McCormick and Ellenore Scott were eliminated in the Season Finale. The two hour show also featured performances from the Top 20 dancers. There were guest performances from Mary J. Blige, Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Lopez and The Groovaloos.

Do you have what it takes to become America’s Favorite Dancer? Auditions for the Season 7 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE begin in January.


146 comments on “Russell Ferguson is America's Favorite Dancer!“

  1. Kassie - wrote:

    Great Job to Russell!!
    He really did deserve to win!!
    He was great!!

    12/18/2009 6:33 AM UTC

  2. Carol Norris - wrote:

    It was my favorite season yet. The dancers were all wonderful, but Russell was by far the most exciting dancer. He brought something raw and electrifying to his performances. I think America got it right this year.

    12/18/2009 6:35 AM UTC

  3. Carol Norris - wrote:

    It was my favorite season yet. The dancers were all wonderful, but Russell was by far the most exciting dancer. His performances were raw and electrifying. I think America got it right this year.

    12/18/2009 6:40 AM UTC

  4. MagicDancer - wrote:

    Russell, congratulations. Jakob and Katherine, and Eleanore, congratulations.

    Even though Ashleigh milked her way up and then cheated (via extra privileges) her way to the top 6–so glad that voters were disgusted enough with her behavior to not let her cheating succeed her into a win. Ashleigh–hope you develop a conscience before you become a parent.

    Ryan–great partnering.

    12/18/2009 7:08 AM UTC

  5. Rashida - wrote:

    Again, everyone, it’s America’s FAVORITE dancer—not best dancer. Cleary Jakob was better trained and probably the most amazing dancer I’ve seen on the show. However, I do agree with another comment I read above [that i had never even thought about], Russell pulled off contemporary beautifully…I don’t think Jakob could pull off krumping.

    Russell was a complete gentleman and sweetheart the entire season, so i don’t know where the “classier” comment comes from.

    And for those of you who keep saying that his ankle was miraculously better when he won—do any of you know how adrenaline works? At that moment with all his emotions I’m sure he was feeling no pain. But as soon as he came off that adrenaline high it was probably worse than before.

    I think any of the final 6 deserved to win. They were all phenomenal in there own way. Russell was just obviously the most adored…there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that…

    Congratulations, Russell!!!

    12/18/2009 7:21 AM UTC

  6. mmkjc - wrote:

    Jakob was clearly better qualified. However, in every dance routine he outstaged his partner. There was not one time when he didn’t show off. He never “grew” as a dancer the way Russell did. Plus, he had no personality.

    12/18/2009 7:24 AM UTC

  7. Anniebanannie - wrote:

    I danced for many years and in my not so humble opinion, Russell IS the better dancer, PERIOD. Jakob and Kathryn were technically better dancers because of practice. Russell has more native talent and more drive; he showed the most versatility and scope. I’ve been watching SYTYCD since it started and have never voted. I voted for Russell because he was THE MOST TALENTED DANCER ON THIS SEASONS SHOW. The other seasons I wasn’t inspired to vote.

    12/18/2009 7:38 AM UTC

  8. Jocelyn Polizzi - wrote:

    Yes, Jakob was technically the best dancer – that was pretty obvious throughout the show. But the winner is Americas’ FAVORITE dancer….. and Russell won that fair & square! Congratulations to Russell!!!!!

    12/18/2009 8:41 AM UTC

  9. Lori - wrote:

    Congratulations Russell.

    Truthfully, I’m a little annoyed in the comments left here. Hopefully those speaking out against Russell, voted for their favorite dancer. If not, that doesn’t provide much room for them to speak so negatively.

    For one to sit here and type such negative comments: stating he had no class and turned completely “ghetto” upon Cat Deely announcing his win is disgusting (Let me not get into the fact that the true definition of the word “ghetto” refers to an isolated group or an environment…NOT someone’s actions). He was overjoyed and him thanking God is no different than a celebrity thanking God in an acceptance speech. Am I saying Russell is a celebrity? No. I’m simply stating that saying God has no part in his feelings towards his win is improper. His faith is obviously important enough for him to vocalize it on national television.

    Further, his actions after announcing he won would be not much different from many others if they were in his position. Knowing that he was put up against trained, experienced dancers and was able to take the win had to be extremely exciting to him. People express their emotions in different ways and Russell being overjoyed, calling another dancer on stage, thanking God and his family is not completely out of the ordinary for a kid who went from street dancer to national television dancer in a short period of time.

    His personality and ability to perform is most likely the reason for his win. If you are looking for someone who is truthfully a trained dancer and technically skilled, Jakob is the man for the job, but he didn’t partner as well as Russell did. Russell not only grew by leaps and bounds, he was a great partner for each dancer he was paired with. As Nigel stated, Jakob would truly benefit from being a SOLOIST. There is no question that he has an amazing skill set, but that lends to a solo performance as it doesn’t benefit a partner to dance beside him.

    Pfew…I didn’t expect to type such a long post, but I just find it disgusting that people can say the things they say just because they are unhappy with the winner of a show. After all, that’s exactly what it is – a show. I know for certain whether Jakob, Kathyrn, Russell, Ellenore, Ryan or Ashleigh won – my life will continue on just as it had. They are all talented dancers (some more so than others) and seemed to have enjoyed their experience.

    12/18/2009 10:10 AM UTC

  10. Skarmo - wrote:

    Congrats Russell!!1 Yes Jacob was a better classically trained dancer and amazing.. But it takes a lot of technique to Krump and do Hip/hop.. In Jacobs dance world, Russell would fail.. in Russell’s dance world.. Jacob would fail.. So I believe they are both great Dancers in what they do.. Jacob was blessed to have lot’s of jazz and contem routines to show off his excellent dancing.. Russell never got to hardcore krump or hip hop it out on the show. ( Naps& taps I love but that is not real Hip-hop)So I was happy he won.< I would be happy if Jacob had won.. I believe if they both had the same road in life as dancers.. I would have still picked Russell because of the share joy. I am a classical singer and we in the classical art form live by the fact that because we have classical training we are better than the rest.. The fact is a classical trained dancer cannot to hip hop, tap, african,etc without training in those techniques..So Jacob will be fine ..but he has to now learn how to move people instead of just amazing them. Russell worked very hard, so even if you do not like him.. respect the fact that he did work just as hard as Jacob without the same opportunities in life…

    12/18/2009 10:42 AM UTC

  11. Tuna - wrote:

    JAKOB should have won, no doubt. He was an amazing dancer. What was with Russell’s fake injury? Seriously and he acted so humble and graceful when he won by ripping his shirt off and ignoring Jakob and Cat. Oh, and his leg was magically healed, I guess half a million dollars can do that. I just wish for once the best dancer would win. Like Kayla should have won last season and Jakob should have won this season. I’d pick skill over personality any day, sorry that’s just me.

    12/18/2009 11:16 AM UTC

  12. BILL - wrote:

    RUSSELL deserves the title of “America’s favorite dancer” Rarely in these types of shows do the best ever win. Several other bloggers in here put it correctly….Russell can dance the other styles very good but the other dancers can’t dance Russell’s style as well as he can. Period. The show looks for Amereica’s favorite dancer not the vest dancer. Russell has grown more over the season and has shown more chrisma, intensity, passion and love of dance than the rest. It also need not be mentioned how awesome looking Russell is too. HE DESERVED TO WIN AND. I know he will inspire many young dancers to pursue their own dance careers. I love him for that and more.

    12/18/2009 12:04 PM UTC

  13. Judi - wrote:

    My favorite show still however I hated the finale. Jennifer Lopez great the others no. The top 20 was not introduced. I much prefer top 4 in the finale. Who cares about seeing the married couple choreograph and dance in their own style. Didn’t like it at all. Nothing about the back stories in the last couple of weeks highlighting the choreographers and learning the routines. Bring that back. Mia Michaels was greatly missed. Sonja and Travis are great. Too many singing performances this is a dance show. We can see Adam Lambert anywhere, who wants to see a new movies being promoted. This season may have had some of the best dancers yet but it was definetely not the best season to watch. Why aren’t the choreographers bios on the website? They are a huge part of the show at least the good ones. Some of the choreography this year was not great.

    12/18/2009 12:30 PM UTC

  14. DanceLover - wrote:

    Russell won? I’m done with this show.

    12/18/2009 1:02 PM UTC

  15. Ricky - wrote:

    It is funny how most of you hate on Russel. The point of the show being Americas “Favorite” dancer!!!! Not Americas “Best” dancer. Jacob can dance but thats all. Not to mention everything the judges said about him being good, the look on his face was as though he was thinking (yes I already know). Hands down Russel deserved to win in more ways then one. On and off stage. As for his being hurt… well no one can tell me that pain is stronger then joy. I bet he was smacking his self when he woke up the next morning for moving like that haha. Congrats Russel!! I would have stoped watching if you lost

    12/18/2009 1:19 PM UTC

  16. Marilyn Morales - wrote:

    Congrats Russell! and Congrats to all the dancers and the choreographers! My husband and I are a duo pianist and composers. It is nice to see the excitement from all audiences. We both present concerts and it is hard to get people to come and enjoy some music. Anything that brings art to the world has to be applauded. Congratulations to all of you. You are all winners! The most important thing is to bring the art to surface and you all did it more than excellent! Also congrats to the producers, and the judges. Thanks for bringing Dance to everyone! M :)

    12/18/2009 1:26 PM UTC

  17. Anonymous - wrote:

    I’m a 50+ female from the Boston area and was excited that Russell was one of the two remaining on stage. If Jakob had won, I’d have been just as happy. I completely changed my mind about Russell once Cat named him the winner. Gone was the endearing, shy, excited-to-be-given-a-chance Russell, and there in his place was a rude street dancer who ignored the host and called up some fan of his to the stage. What was that all about? I won’t even go into the apparently faked injury…. Very disappointed in the whole turn events and won’t bother to watch next season.

    12/18/2009 1:33 PM UTC

  18. linda caldwell - wrote:

    congrats young man i watched the show from the begining to end, i voted and prayed for u. in a world that is still not ready for color we as black americans must work harder and smarter, continue in your work. and God Bless.

    12/18/2009 2:05 PM UTC

  19. Mousegirl - wrote:

    Professional training shouldn’t be equated with hard work. That’s not to say that it doesn’t require hard work (of course it does!) but let’s not forget that it requires opportunity and often times requires money as well. Not everyone can attend Juilliard or the like. Who’s to say that given the opportunity, and perhaps even financial means if applicable, Russell wouldn’t have worked just as hard as Jakob to achieve his dance endeavors? It’s harder to get noticed at the bottom rung and make one’s way to the top than it is to get there from the middle.

    12/18/2009 2:19 PM UTC

  20. Divine - wrote:

    Congrats to Russell. Russell is a great dancer but in my opinion Jacob should have won.

    12/18/2009 2:29 PM UTC

  21. Brenda - wrote:

    Russell is a lovely person and a wonderful dancer. However, Jacob was robbed. I mean, really. Oh well. I also liked Ellenore. A lot.

    12/18/2009 5:36 PM UTC

  22. Vannette - wrote:

    Congratulations to Russell.!!!!! This was his one moment in time ,therefore he won.I appreciate the fact He acknowledge God, in his winning,because without God, he or the world would be nothing.This I know is difficult for those who are not believer’s to understand. As my mother would say ” you will get what God has for You” therefore, for many who did not like the fact he won, look at it this way, He won, try to put it in your heart, be happy for him.this was meant for him and for the other dancers, this take nothing away from them and their talent. They should just continue to work toward their dreams. As far as the comments ,his acting ghetto when he won,will we ever learn ?,this is a diverse world we live in ,and where ever one lives , we learn from this environment or other environments we have been expose to and this is who we are. He expressed his sheer joy of winning,and it was spontaneous. Many times we like to hear these non-genuine reponses from people because it makes us feel good,but truly what does the person feel.? He was real in what he felt. Russell definitely connected with the audience, many have written as I read the comments, A true dancer is more than someone with technical training but personality,Charisma, love for what they do,and above all a true gift from God. We all have a gift or gifts
    and Russell’s is dance, therefore he won ,it was meant to be.
    Russell, God bless you and do reach out and help someone else
    who may be struggling to reach their dream in life. You were an inspiration to them. My regards to all the other dancers who gave their best as they dance. I appreciate you to. By way, Debbie Allen is truly a great Judge, she should be on more often.

    12/19/2009 11:02 AM UTC

  23. S - wrote:

    This season was so weird. Something was wrong… I just don’t know what.. It was so rushed and the perfomances were somehow forced from the coreographers. This lacked passion, no heart there.. I enjoyed so much more the season 5. There were so much more emotion and personality!

    12/19/2009 3:06 PM UTC

  24. lynn - wrote:

    Ki just loved loved loved Russell since the very beginning.

    I am so glad he won. What joy and radiance he brings to dance!

    12/19/2009 5:51 PM UTC

  25. Vicki - wrote:

    Congratulations to Russell. Jakob was probably better technically but I am not disappointed with the result. Last season, Brandon out-did Jeanine on every level and was just truly amazing and inspiring (superb passionate solos, as opposed to the cutesy stuff from the other people). That result was very disappointing.
    This season, Jakob was a better contemp dancer but Russell did well. Russell outmatched him by a greater margin in street dancing. They were about evenly matched in other genres s/a ballroom. Russell probably also benefited from Legacy missing out on the final, getting most of his fans’ votes. Also, while Jakob was very pleasant, Russell just exuded joy…did not care for his post-win antics but, oh well. I would have been fine with anyone but Bonnie and Clyde winning, really.

    12/19/2009 11:42 PM UTC

  26. Nathasja - wrote:

    My name is Nathasja, and i live in suriname..(South- America), In Suriname we can also watch “So you think you can dance “, and im a huge fan of the show!!! I just would like to congratulate Russel..i loved him from the beginning and i was literaly crying when i heard that he won the contest, it makes me so happy!!!I don’t know if he reads these messages but ..i want him to know that he inpires not only people living in America with his dance but also people living in Suriname (South -America).

    I wish him the best of luck…and i want to thank him for being such an inpiration ( meeting him someday would be my ultimate ream come true..hahhaha)..

    From ur biggest fan..around the world…


    12/21/2009 9:09 AM UTC

  27. Blk_bty - wrote:

    I am soooooooooooo proud of Russell winning. Yes, their were Better dancers, but its not about America’s BEST dancer, but America’s FAVORITE dancer. Someone that America and others can relate to. The others people couldn’t really relate to besides Eleanor, but Russel just had that story that so many people have about a dream and he was just REAL to me. It was awesome that he gave it up to the one person that made it all possible …. GOD. So to all the people that are soooooo disapponted in Russell winning and saying his leg wasn’t really hurt please get over it. Cuz my leg could have been brokein 10 different places and I still would have been crunk if I won something that has been my dream since I was born and like “AHHHHHHH” Love ya Russell and keep thanking God and keepin your dream going.

    12/21/2009 12:09 PM UTC

  28. Tish - wrote:

    you know everyone keeps saying Russell was the underdog, and therefore deserves this prize, but in his exit interview after he was crowned he admits to the years of training he had…he got all the sympathy votes and for what? It wasnt him that said he had no training (the judges I believe said that), but the world was led to believe it was true when it wasnt…..Jakob was robbed for sympathy for Russell…. I would have picked Jakob had I known the truth…..There was no underdog, only we were led to believe there was:(…Would we have still wanted him if we knew he was a hard working dancer with training under his belt? Some would, but some would have gone with a vote for the best in that case.

    12/21/2009 9:39 PM UTC

  29. Hark - wrote:

    Why is everyone SHOCKED that a television show manipulated them once again. Unless you’re on the set, behind the scenes, you’ll never know what is true or not. STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF PATHETIC VIEWERS. You all have the choice to watch or not watch the show. Decide and stick with your decision. Stop trying to JUDGE everybody, once you’ve made it into the TOP 20, you’re at the very least an OK dancer.

    12/22/2009 3:19 PM UTC

  30. Vicki - wrote:

    Re: format
    1) it seems six dancers are too many to be in the final: you can have one dancer with a faithful support group or someone with a sob story (like Ashleigh) win even though the great majority of viewers don’t think they even belong in the final but their votes are too dispersed among the other five
    2) I think the reason they did this is that comparing the same-sex numbers is never fair (guys’ #s are always way better than the girls) but phs the top four can each dance with each other twice and the same-sex #s can be on the results’ show
    3) Judges: one day they will learn the lesson that they hurt their favorites by over-praise. It’s good to have three stable judges (some of the previous guest judges — like that vague ballerina — were pretty bad) but it would be good to have a fourth guest judge during light weeks (like top fourteen) or to get input on specific #s (like from Lil C only on hip hop)
    4)Showcase: great idea to have that but it put people in bigger groups at a disadvantage. The first two performances of the top twenty should be first in the girls’ style, then guys’, THEN they start getting voted off and performing random #s. (Obviously, Melissa didn’t pick ballet out of a hat or Russell African Jazz; it was great to see them but EVERYONE should have an opportunity to show off their best before being booted out. If you have a ballerina or a tapper, the partner can just complement them — like Ginger Rogers just complemented Fred Astaire.)
    5) Voting: voters should vote from the beginning to get involved in the season. If the producers feel like the audience needs more time to get to know dancers, they can maybe have the voters protect just the top three couples and then judges get to select the bottom six dancers (not necessarily pairs) to dance for their lives. That way the solos will actually count for something. When top ten comes about, having the bottom two dance seems kind of pointless b/c it’s been decided already — either have the judges decide between them or have everyone do a solo and then Cat can tell them whether they are in the bottom two or not.
    6) Limited voting: like many others, I think there should be one vote per phone #. You will actually have more viewers voting that way. (With the current system, many feel their vote is pointless and DO NOT want to vote multiple times.) With one-vote-per-#, people can still power-vote by using multiple devices and calling up friends and family members, asking them to vote, which will win more fans for the show.

    12/23/2009 2:49 PM UTC

  31. PANDA BEAR - wrote:


    12/24/2009 5:43 PM UTC

  32. PANDA BEAR - wrote:

    1. JAKOB
    2. KATHRYN
    3. ELLENOR
    4. RYAN
    6. RUSSELL

    12/24/2009 6:00 PM UTC

  33. Elle - wrote:

    Regarding Russell’s allegedly ‘unsportsmanlike’, ‘ghetto’, ‘classless’ demeanor during his acceptance speech; having both competed in and observed hundred’s of competitive events; I’ve never seen a competitor who loves his work quietly skulk away from a win.

    I do recall Brandi Chastain ripping off her shirt after her World Cup-winning kick. I also recall reading a Washington Post article that quotes Brandi’s instructions to Nike to design a pretty bra, since she knew she’d be ripping off her shirt…

    Each year, whether watching collegiate or professional rugby, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, or wrestling, I see athletes rip clothing, jump for joy, body-surf audiences in reckless abandon, & scream, shout, & ramble- with no cohesive thought other than ‘we’re number one’, and ‘ yea’. Are they ghetto and classless? Or is that terminology only applicable to young Black men?

    Let’s add baring your soul on a national stage, being told you are the favorite, and receiving a cash award of $250,000.00 at 19 years of age. I consider myself an extremely composed person, but injury or not; a sprained ankle WILL NOT stop me from jumping for joy.

    It seems that many of you are so filled with frustrated rage over the nations vote, that you now seek solace in name-calling and denigration. As a teenager, behaving especially petulantly after losing a competition, my father gave me two choices: learn to lose gracefully, or get off the team.

    I’d encourage each of you to do the same. Perhaps, as you seem to believe, the series will end without your viewership. I doubt that it will, but if it means we won’t have to deal w/ anymore of your narrow-minded, hate-fueled tantrums… it’s all good!

    12/24/2009 9:41 PM UTC

  34. A Dancer - wrote:

    Russell deserves the title fair and square. The amazing thing about this show is to watch untrained dancers become true stars and that’s what Russell did: he became a star. Look at the way he could just fall into other genres as if they were his own! He was pointing his toes in a contemporary piece! I think that any of the other Top 6 could have justly fit the title but when it came down to it, America picked Russell. I do have one question though…is Season 6 Top 10 going on a tour?? I STRONGLY hope that they do and would be very upset if they do not. The Top 10 dancers would not get their fair share of the whole SYTYCD experience and the fans are screaming to see them in their hometown!!

    12/28/2009 9:49 AM UTC

  35. phebe - wrote:

    oh and to libby mia michaels is in sytycd canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and congrats to russel!!!!!!! oh ya and no affence to all the dancers but season 6 was the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to force myself to whach it. and i really dont like the new stage if anybody noticed it.

    12/29/2009 12:26 AM UTC

  36. phebe - wrote:

    and to panda bear thats is sooooooooooo not the order is shouda been this is the order it shouda been

    then 6.ashleigh cuz no affence but she was not that good.

    12/29/2009 12:36 AM UTC

  37. chaplin 01 - wrote:

    first off congrats Russell you did an amazing job!!! and as I look over all these comments from ALL you haters i just laugh, you all had the chance to vote for one of the others and Russell still won!!!!!
    remember the reason for the show was to find Americas favorite dancer, not yours!!!!!!!!!
    so once again great job Russell, I’m glad a krumper from the streets with no real training made it, you gave me hope for next season.

    12/30/2009 12:52 PM UTC

  38. Bluesky - wrote:

    I didn’t miss an episode and for me this is not a memorable season. I love Jakob and Ellenore anyway, their dancing is subperb and (totally agreed with Brandy) Jakob and Kathryn are classy. And who says they didn’t work hard? I believe real talent will shine and be appreciated anyhow.
    Of course Russell’s grown the most in this season, especially in other genres. Which one is more difficult, for a B/C student to get A minus or an A student to get A plus? Russels is certainly deserved the title FAVORITE dance, American got what they voted for. I’m not even talking about his behaviour when winner announced, it’s natural. Imagine if Jakob had won and he would have tore his shirt (not Ellenore’s heart), yelled and jumped. Ooh that would be lovely to watch.
    Small tip for gifted, brilliant and formally trained dancers: If you don’t wanna end up like Brandi or Jakob, did not have a chance to talk and thank, DON’T, just don’t…You know what I mean. Find a stage where techniques and ability are valued to show off your talent.
    I’m in love with this show so I would not skip the next season. More brilliant performance to come (hopefully that extraordinary psychic Sonya Tayeh still in the staff). .

    12/30/2009 1:31 PM UTC

  39. Nico - wrote:

    i was pretty upset Russell won. His Santa Clause solo was horrid and probably one of the most embarrassing moments in sytycd history. When his shoe fell off I had to look away. That wasn’t dancing, that was ridiculous.

    Jacob was really the only thing worth watching for this season after Billy Bell got mono. [Can't wait for season 7 if only to watch another one of his solo's]

    I also hated the stage this season. I think Wayde Robson’s Davinci piece was completely ruined by the epileptic background.

    It didn’t help that they lost their premiere choreographer Mia. It kind of forced Sonya into the spotlight because we all know without her routines this season would have completely destroyed everything the show stood for.
    I can’t wait to just put this season behind me.

    1/1/2010 9:44 PM UTC

  40. mynameisNightly5645 - wrote:

    Russel, YOU WERE AWESOME!!!!!!! I am ten years old and I always thought that dancing was some silly hobby, NOT ANYMORE!!!!. I thought that you and Ellenore should have been paired up since the beginning. Coreograph for season 7, let’s see how you do!!!!!!
    [also, Nico is wrong, your santa solo was…..creative.

    1/4/2010 5:07 PM UTC

  41. Nessita - wrote:

    CHA!!! im so glad Russelll won!
    i want to audition for the next season SOOO bad but you have to be 18… dont worry , in 2 years i’ll be america’s next favorite dancer!

    1/6/2010 6:58 PM UTC

  42. christina - wrote:

    i would like to remind all the “haters” that the title is “america’s FAVORITE dancer” not “america’s BEST dancer” which is why russell won and not jakob. jakob was clearly better technically, but russell’s story touched thousands of hearts and was truly inspiring, and he deserved his glory. haters, no one needs your negativity, there’s plenty of that in the world.

    1/10/2010 3:52 PM UTC

  43. susan mokhtari - wrote:

    Yes – favorite not best – Russell was a joy to watch.

    But when is the tour? I want to see the tour!! Please tell me there will BE a tour!!

    1/12/2010 12:14 AM UTC

  44. Katherine - wrote:

    Russell was extremely embarrassing and it was difficult to watch his win. Jakob was humble and even helped hold Russell up due to “injury” that disappeared after he won. I have a lot of trouble believing that most people voted for Russell over Jakob. After Russell’s arrogant display of ripping his shirt off, like we are in a soccer game, definitely makes me think twice about watching next season. Jakob should have won, hands down.

    1/18/2010 11:26 PM UTC

  45. Kim Badie - wrote:


    1/26/2010 9:06 AM UTC

  46. Kimberly - wrote:

    Awesome! Glad he won! Too bad I couldn’t watch it. We watch all of our shows online but SYTYCD isn’t online!! Please post full episodes so we can watch next season!!

    2/11/2010 10:16 PM UTC

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