Mollee and Legacy Talk About Their Experiences on the Show and More

Cat with Molly and Legacy

The week before Season 6’s finale shows, Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez received the fewest votes and had to leave the competition. On a press call the morning after their elimination, Mollee and Legacy opened up about their experience on SYTYCD.

Mollee Gray, an 18 year old jazz dancer from Orem, Utah, grew up participating in both dance and gymnastics. When she turned 15, the schedules began to conflict and she chose dance because she thought it would provide more of a career path for her. However, Mollee got her first big break when she was 13 years old as an ensemble member of High School Musical. “I was just a little teenager and I went into this audition and it just was supposed to be a little tiny film that no one was really going to know, but I was like, ‘Well, might as well start my career off early.’ And then I ended up booking a job and it ended up being a huge world phenomenon. So I was very, very lucky and very grateful to have got a jumpstart so early in my life for this career.” Mollee has appeared in all three HSM movies.

Throughout the few months that Mollee has been dancing on SYTYCD, she has grown and matured before our eyes. Mollee described the transformation saying, “I think when we got in the Top 10 and split our partnership, when I was able to do more mature movement with like the lyrical jazz and doing the jive, and having more mature partners such as Russell, I felt like I leaped forward a ton in the competition.”

Of all of the dances Mollee did on the show, her Viennese waltz (that she performed the night before her elimination) struck a chord with her. “My favorite dance that I think I’ve ever done in my entire life was the Viennese Waltz with Jacob because he was the most amazing partner I think I have ever worked with and his personality – he was so uplifting. And then the storyline was amazing. Jason’s choreography just worked out so well. It was just honestly a dream come true and it was the most magical experience I have ever been through.”

So You Think You Can Dance has been a great experience for Mollee, who learned during Vegas auditions that the show is more than just a dance competition. “Technique will get you far, but it won’t get you to that top spot. It also depends on your personality and what America thinks of you…I definitely learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown as a person and I learned a lot through this whole experience.”

What’s next for the young jazz dancer? Mollee hopes to act, sing, and dance. She’s been acting for 7 years, singing for 5 years, and dancing for 13 years. “I feel like I have the title of a triple threat because I’ve been training in dance, singing, and acting, so I hope that my future involves anything in the entertainment industry whether it be Broadway or movies – just anything I can be performing in.”

The Top 20 are a tight-knit group of dancers, and Mollee ended her phone conversation saying, “Everybody in the Top 20 are really my best friends, and everybody deserves to be in the finale. So I’m proud of everyone and make sure America votes because it really does count to all the dancers.”

Legacy Perez, the 28 year old b-boy originally from Miami, Florida, proved that b-boys can be emotional too. While on the show, Legacy found a new style of dance that moved him. “I love contemporary because it comes from the heart and it makes it so that the movement doesn’t have to be perfect, the ‘why you do it’ has to be perfect.” Of the many routines Legacy performed on SYTYCD, his favorite dances he did were both of his contemporary pieces. Legacy explained that the dances were less about technique and more about connecting with the story and the emotion behind the dancing. “It was more of the feeling – and what it made me feel when I danced – that made it more enjoyable than anything else.” He plans on taking his new found love and knowledge of contemporary dance with him. “I want to be able to incorporate contemporary in my breaking and choreograph something amazing that has not been seen by the world yet.”

On the other hand, the most difficult dance Legacy took on was the Viennese waltz. “It was so slow and melodic and beautiful, and it’s everything against what I normally would do. And I think the actual opportunity to take that obstacle and make it get amazing and make the dance feel like it’s supposed to be helped me out in my last solo.”

As a b-boy, has Legacy lost any “street cred” by putting himself out on the line and getting emotional in his dancing? Quite the contrary. Legacy told us that he’s gained respect in the b-boy world. He said that his fans “text me and they write to me on the internet saying to me, ‘Thank you so much, you’ve inspired me to take classes and become a better dancer.’ And to me that’s like the ultimate [praise] because b-boys usually [find it] very difficult to adapt, and the fact that people are actually wanting to do it because they see somebody opening that doorway is very exciting for me.”

Legacy said he was surprised he made it all the way to the Top 8. “Going into the competition I didn’t even think I would make Top 20,” Legacy admitted. “Everybody is technical and they’re able to pick up choreography with ease…What I had to bring to the table [was] dancing with my heart and my passion. And I was surprised that I made it this far and I’m glad that I made it this far because I was able to show people that it can be done and inspire people in their lives to do whatever it is that they want to put their mind to.”

What’s next for Legacy? “I want to pursue acting for sure…I want to choreograph and later on after that get into directing. I think my b-boy creativity has opened up my mind to making pieces that are going to be different and impacting.”

Lastly, Legacy “would love to say thank you everybody – whoever voted and whoever didn’t. But as long as they got a piece of something from all of our dances and as long as they were inspired in some way, I want to just thank them for watching and making it possible for all of us to still be here and have another successful season with the show.”

Congrats to Mollee and Legacy on making it to the week before the big finale! If you’d like to learn more about these two dancers or anyone else in the Top 20, visit the contestant profiles.


30 comments on “Mollee and Legacy Talk About Their Experiences on the Show and More“

  1. Jorge - wrote:

    I feel that they should crown two winners, a girl and a boy and not just one individual. The reason why I say this is because boys are always much stronger than girls and I mean physical so they sometimes can perform at certain levels and that might over shadow the talented girls. Thank you

    12/15/2009 7:07 PM UTC

  2. meagan - wrote:

    Legacy had my votes the whole show. He has so much spirt and love for dance. He is full of life and I would love to see him do other things in TV. I think he has a great personality and would be good at most any role. Somebody sign him….!

    12/15/2009 7:15 PM UTC

  3. Jade - wrote:

    To start with Mollee should not have been voted off when she did it is not fair that Ashleigh didn’t dance and still got to stay on the show. Second the performance finale was very weak compared to finales in the past. There was too much dancing without back stories why isn’t the performance show the 2hr one instead of the results. It doesn’t make sense. I would way rather see the behind the scenes rehearsals than see musical guests. So ya thats how i feel about it.

    12/15/2009 10:59 PM UTC

  4. roberta - wrote:

    This is the first season ive watched , wont watch again. asleigh and ryan have no business being in the finals ,their dance is so much less than the others. dont understand why they wer’nt eliminated long ago… judges?

    12/16/2009 2:21 AM UTC

  5. wolfemangarcia - wrote:

    I agree with roberta, the judges should have eliminated them early on. Did you see the hook the arm, low to the ground full layout flip Mollee did? No one else could have done that, it was amazing. Last night’s show should have been two hours and the judges more honest in their analysis. Tonight’s show should be the one hour one, just tell us the results. I’d rather see one girl and one guy win, too. How about the actual number of votes being posted on-line also, sow one post where they thought Mollee was safe so they did a sympathy vote for Ashleigh, but if they knew Mollee was near the bottom would have voted for her as they thought she was better. Posting the actual votes would improve the shows integrity as well, which, after this season, badly needs it.
    Seems like Nigel has a thing against people who like to spread happiness like Mollee and Noelle.

    12/16/2009 11:08 AM UTC

  6. Patrick - wrote:

    wolfemangarcia, you’re being rather odd with your statement about Nigel being against those who spread happiness. He is a huge fan of both Legacy and Ellenore, who are big into the whole happiness thing. You also have to look at some of the dancers from previous seasons who were full of joy all the time as well. He seemed to like them too.
    As well, you and Roberta need to realize that what Ashleigh and Ryan do in their own style is just as difficult, (If not as athletic, I will admit) than what Mollee does.
    I will say that I agree about Mollee and Legacy being voted off. I think it’s a shame, but I don’t agree that Ash and Ryan shouldn’t be in the finals. This is not a competition about the best dancer. If it were, then Jacob would have won waay back in week 1 or 2.
    Any one of the top 8 are more than worthy of being in the finals, so it’s a tough call as to who

    12/16/2009 12:17 PM UTC

  7. Jules - wrote:

    Enjoy the show very much and the Canadian version. Would like to see better voting system, or judges to determine elimination for top ten dancers. I am disappointed in elimination of Mollee & Legacy for there style of dance was very unique and refreshing. I think thats what draws interest in your younger audience. Technical dancers can sometimes be boring like skaters are to figure skating. I don’t want to criticize the show, this is only an opinion. Have lost a little interest for the rest of the year final.

    12/16/2009 4:01 PM UTC

  8. Russell - wrote:

    My name is Russell. I am 7. I want to send you a email. I go to dance class, I am the only boy. I am the only Russell I know. But your Russell too and you dance, just like me. I watch you dance every week. My mom hates TV! She only likes this show. I hope you win, you are my favorite dancer. Maybe I can get a ticket to Vegas too. Bon Chance (that’s French, it means good luck.– I go to French school).

    Your friend,
    another Russell
    (my mom let me type this).

    12/16/2009 7:24 PM UTC

  9. Michael J. - wrote:

    I’m also disappointed with this season along with others. I too am not happy with the stage layout showing off how much was spent showing off with lighting and videos taking from the performance and dancers. Definitely a differently steered direction for this season. Is “so you think you can dance” trying to please themselves and the money backer or bring America the best dancers ever?
    In the past seasons I too was also immediately taken in by many memorable performances; even can remember names , songs, and types of dance. Look at all the award -winning dances. As for this season, I can recall only how the judges over-steered the audience, planted seeds more in this season than all in the past, total. Before the top 20 dancers were picked, all my coworkers and family agreed this had the making of one of the best talent ever. Then some of the best dancers did not even make the top 20. Instead I believed the judges and the producers picked only off of what was best to pay for the expensive sets hoping to lure high dollar advertisers and most of all a new, more diverse audience. Picking not one but three tapers knowing they would not make the grand finale but would add a new group of viewers, husband and wife team where the wife cheated her way into the grand finale (like she would have ever kept up with Russell) with a husband making a statement to plead for votes (he should have been disqualified and microphone shut off immediately, but as the judges steered, “would it not be great to have a husband and wife in the grand finale” (grovel ed and pity pushes out Molly, a much more versatile dancer). ALL the ladies should have been judged on their past then an also not danced, a “B boy” that should have never made it to the top 10, if all paid attention to the statements made by ALL choreographers, they used his tricks, but what did we get? DUMBED DOWN performance and his partners had to perform harder, did not have the support of the top dancer to in the that partners performance and while Legacy just did his tricks, walked around and even out of site until next trick. Since when is “so you thank you can dance” altering a performance to a dancer’s style, not having a dance to prove he or she can perform that style, then steer the audience on his style and level of difficulty not how well he did that style. From try outs and even before, Legacy’s performance the judges were one sided and backing him, there had to be something going on behind the scenes.
    Unlike past seasons my wife and I, plus only one person, is left watching the show this year, everyone else no longer watches, past seasons everyone at work was involved with who was the best and would be the winner. We have not connected with any dancers this season and last night was the first night I cared to vote. My main goal was to vote off Ashliegh, she would have bombed both dances, but that did not work between the extra time and promotion the show gave that was given to her unfair to the other ladies, the backing of the judges, the extra time of groveling of her husband (if they were not married this would have never happened), and choreography; new ones that just are not a Mia Michael or our own starting off Travis which has been awesome.

    So the recap the producers and judges:
    1) Were they telling the choreographers get “B Boy” in the top four and make sure to dumb down each dance to fit him and the judges will not judge off of the syle of the dance but how he performed his tricks not realizing they were restricting their partner. How many good dancers have we lost to keep him?
    2) Put the youngest dancer without past experience, Nathan, with the other younger dancer Molly, that did have past experience holding her back. Promoters and judges surprised once Molly was given equals she grew. Suprised the judge, but their steering was too late.
    3) Giving the hurt dancer extra time to promote herself when she should have been disqualified or no voting for ladies this week and two eliminated next week.
    4) Amazing on how the favors got dancers closer to their style.
    5) I would like to see in the grand finale where all the dancers have to dance the same style with the same song. Put into a hat only one of each the style of dances each of the dances are not their style and let them pick and the majority of the style of dance they all will have to dance. This way we see how each would do.

    I’m not sure I will continue to watch if you can dance like many of my co-workers.
    I can handle the heavy steering, but cheating is out. Amazing how well Ashliegh looked tonight – NO ARM SLING & CAST tonight. I don’t think she could dance the styles last night! PITY & GROVEL got her what her, her husband, the judges, and promoters wanted -a husband and wife in the grand finales! Great advertising campaign. The audience went for it.

    12/16/2009 8:16 PM UTC

  10. Jay - wrote:

    There have been some pretty banal routines this season, permeated with a few brilliant ones. Miss Mia, like nappy tabs (I see Napolean has managed to bounce Tabitha off having her name first,) liked Travis’ choreo, and particularly the work of Sonya. Agree with a lot of the above. The self admiration society gets a bit boaring. How about longer routines and less gab. Plus why not lessen the load on the active participants, by letting the disqualified, or other season dancers to do the introductory routines. Thought semi final better than final. Still my favourite show though.

    12/16/2009 9:00 PM UTC

  11. TeresaL - wrote:

    I agree that I would like to see a female #1 and male #1 winner. Also, I would like to see the total votes. I agree with Viktor, Kathryn, and Russell being in the top three. I do think Viktor is technically better than Russell, but he has had formal training. Russell has that “spark” that makes you want to watch him. Call it charisma, flair, whatever “IT” is. Russell has it. I don’t even like hip hop or krunk. I loved watching Russell in the other dance styles. I loved to see his interpretation of things. I hope he doesn’t lose that quality that makes him unique — his “Russell-ness.” Nathan and Mollie both had it too. I am not worried about most of the top dancers because most of them either already have professional experience under their belt, or they are sure to be receiving offers now. I think Nathan especially stood out as having some real star quality. Remember, Leonardo DiCaprio auditioned for Baywatch and DIDN’T GET CHOSEN. So, I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Nathan in all of his adorable-ness. Jakob is of course, beautiful to watch. I want to record everything he does and watch it in slow-motion. But, I think all of the dancers are amazing and how difficult to stand there and have all of that pressure on you and have millions of people judging you, and be expected to be gracious and eloquent and mature when you are only 18 years old. I think they are all amazing and I for one wish only the best for all of them. Russell – you’re a gift! I hope you read this. I’m an almost-50-year-old white woman who doesn’t even like hip hop or that style — and I’m part of your fanbase!!!!!!!!! I think you are incredible and you lifted my spirits and got my whole family excited about dance and watching the show every week. Thank you!

    12/16/2009 9:34 PM UTC

  12. TeresaL - wrote:

    I want to add one more thing — I do think that Nigel was especially hard on Nathan. Does anyone else feel that way? I mean, I got the sense that he disliked Nathan so much that he picked on him more than was called for. It actually made me feel uncomfortable. I think Nigel overdid the criticism when judging Nathan.

    I also don’t have any interest in the special guest musical numbers and would rather just see dancing or maybe only one musical number. They feel more like “fillers” and “commercials” — chosen just to promote their new albums.

    My favorite choreographer was the woman with the mohawk. All of her choreography was awesome. Sometimes the choreography was so bad, it made the dancers look bad unfairly. That happened with Legacy a few times. I discovered I like watching Bollywood dance style. Also, African Jazz.

    12/16/2009 9:43 PM UTC

  13. Bob Namanny - wrote:

    The low state of American culture has been once again demonstrated when a truly magnificent classical dancer who defies gravity and has skills beyond anyone who has ever been on the show loses to a crumper. Regardless of his growth nothing changes the fact that he is a street dancer and will never come anywhere close to Jakob’s graceful beauty and range of expression. Jakob excelled time and time again in every dance he was given. Russell repeatedly was criticized for not actually performing up to standard in styles not his own while Jakob excelled in every dance routine he was given, with all his partners and in his solos. JAKOB, HOPE WE CAN SEE YOU DANCE AGAIN. YOU DESERVED TO WIN. SURELY MILLIONS AGREED WITH THIS.

    12/16/2009 11:20 PM UTC

  14. Bob Namanny - wrote:

    This comment is for the producers of the show. Given the differences between men and women and the styles they dance, there should be a male and a female winner at the end of the year, not just one winner. All through the season the competition is for men and women each week to be passed or eliminated. There should also be a second place prize rather than a winner take all. However, must say, we love the show and will watch every season it is one. We record it when we can’t watch.

    12/16/2009 11:23 PM UTC

  15. Bob Namanny - wrote:

    One final comment to agree with several others. Legacy was given the short end of the stick. He was more diverse and talented than Russell by far and deserved to be in the top 6.

    12/16/2009 11:28 PM UTC

  16. Dale Green - wrote:

    I was appalled by the disgusting display of ego by Russell, your winner. He was all about himself, tearing off clothers and displaying such mellerdrammer. Obviously he could care less about the other contests and had been hiding viciousness under the “cute’ little Mr. Humble act.

    I am disgusted that the producers did not instruct contestants to act like a gracious winner instead of displaying a huge lack of manners. But, then considering the behavior of Nigel, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m done watching your show!!

    12/16/2009 11:32 PM UTC

  17. Bob Namanny - wrote:


    12/16/2009 11:43 PM UTC

  18. MPrender - wrote:

    Bob Namanny,
    While I agree that Jacob was the best dancer in the competition and many people, including myself, truly wanted him to win and voted for him, more people voted for Russell. I can’t be angry about that. He was an untrained street dancer who adapted well to everything thrown at him. I was also not thrilled with his demeanor after winning, but he was excited! He thanked the people who have helped him through his life and I also can’t be angry with that. All in all I am just grateful that Ryan and Ashleigh didn’t win. I started out liking them, but over the season she came across as phony and he came across as cheesy. So the only thing I was angry about was that Mollee ended up eliminated and Ashleigh moved on without performing.

    12/17/2009 7:53 AM UTC

  19. Margaret Campion - wrote:

    I, too, was disappointed with Russell’s behavior — throughout the finale, actually. He was so glum – so clearly sunk into himself. (And . . . hmmmmm . . . his knee certainly didn’t look like it hurt him at all once he won! What up with that?) I know he is young, and I am enough of a softie to give him leeway because of that, but I thought that everyone involved with the show all season did such an amazing job of staying TOGETHER and supporting one another. Cat (who I just LOVE), the judges, the choreographers, those behind the scenes and the kids themselves — it seemed to be about supporting growth and GOOD, healthy competition, (not the stab-in-the-back, claw-your-way-to-the-top kind. And such a relief to have NO mean, Simon Cowell-type judge!). And because of that, it was a real jolt to see Russell behave as he did when he won. He didn’t turn to Jakob to acknowledge a fellow, (The Most Amazing Dancer the show has seen, fer gosh’s sake!) a colleague, and the long road they’d traveled together. He tore off his shirt (I was so surprised by that), pointed to himself, to God in the Heavens (who, evidently, is a Russell-Man! Who knew?!) and to Kevin (“get up here, boy!”). It was such a complete change of tenor from the supportive, “we are in this together” feel the show had all season. (Maybe there was muck in the background, but if so, it sure didn’t show to those of us watching.) So – yeah. I was really disappointed with Russell’s behavior. I was hoping for Jakob, (and honestly hoped it was going to come down to Catherine and Jakob as the final two) but I understand that it’s “America’s FAVORITE Dancer,” (as Nigel often reminded us), not America’s BEST Dancer. THAT appellation absolutely, hands-down, goes to Jakob. He is absolutely unbelievable. (There were so many wonderful routines — and I agree with all those who’ve given Sonia props here — but I just will never forget Mollee and Jakob’s Viennese Waltz (and her costume). Talk about swooning! Those two were a vision of beauty, grace, technique . . . wow.)

    Before I sign off here, I want to give the gorgeous and WONDERFUL (how unfair is THAT? She got ALL the good stuff when it was being doled out!) CAT DEELEY. What an inspired choice someone made when she got this gig. I am so impressed each week with how she keeps everyone on track. The show runs smoothly due to many factors, I’m sure. But I’m also sure that Cat is one of them. And I am also grateful to her for the (it seems) sincere caring she has for every one of those dancers (and judges and choreographers). I love how she hugs them when they “lose” (none of them are losers); how she has something specific to say about each one (and these comments seem to be off-the-cuff!) and how it NEVER feels like she is picking favorites. BRAVA, CAT! May your career be long and prosperous.

    12/18/2009 6:44 AM UTC

  20. Judi - wrote:

    I too agree that Asleigh was given an unfair advantage. She should have been the eliminated one due to injury. Injuries happen, sad but move on. Mollee was a far better dancer.

    Russel ripping off his shirt – what was that? I liked him best until he cried and carried on about his pain and why me crap during the eliminations.

    SYTYCD is my favorite show however I was extremely dissappointed this season. I want to see the choreographers and the behind the scene training. Without the choreographers this show is nothing. Why are there no bios of them on the website. I MISSED MIA MICHAELS

    12/18/2009 12:12 PM UTC

  21. Kathrine D. - wrote:

    Hey, does anyone else think that this years finale wasn’t up to the high standard of past seasons? I think so because firstly the actual performance show was shorter than the results show! Whats up with that? I personally could care less about all the guest performances, I want to see dancing! And one other thing, where is Mia Michaels? She is my fave choreographer and there wasn’t a single routine of hers on the season this year. Though I would like to compliment Travis Wall, his work is amazing, paticularly his routine last season with Jeanine and Jason.

    12/18/2009 4:54 PM UTC

  22. I am Mollee's #1 fan - wrote:

    I love Mollee’s dancing so I was sad and furious when she went home. I think she could of got as far as the top 3 if she would of stayed. I thought Russell but I say Jakob is way more proffessianal. I think there should be a a show voting thingy online. Not to mention, Mollee is super cute and hot. She is an insparation also. Her mom worked 3 jobs, she moved from Utah to California without anything and she is deaf in her left ear. She is my favorite girl. I hope I can see her in person on tour.

    12/18/2009 8:02 PM UTC

  23. Leoness - wrote:

    I love the show but agree that although during the auditions the talent for this season was the best, they all didn’t truly live up to it. Seaon 5′s contestants to me are still the best. I still have performances on my DVR from that season. Stuff in that season touched my heart. I also think that it’s sad that Mia did not choreograph anything this season. Not a fan of her as a judge but her work his phenomenal.

    I LOVED Russell this season and while i agree that he wasn’t as talented as Jakob, i enjoyed watching him more. And that takes nothing away from his awesomeness. I think it’s sad that people on her are slamming one dancer because they like the other one better. They both have different styles that appeal to different people.

    Hoiwever i do agree that Russell’s win was a bit left field. He did congratulate Jakob, i know someone on here said he didn’t and at the same time i think he was truly surprised that he won. Do I agree with the whole shirt rippin…nah but i’m a girl i still liked it:-p. Russell was young and just living in the moment of having his dream come true. Jakob WILL get chances of a liftime from being on this show…without this show Russell’s dreamsmay have never progressed.

    12/19/2009 2:07 PM UTC

  24. rockstardancer - wrote:

    molle u are such a GREAT DANCER! i luv watching ur solo’s. i think
    that your solo’s were really strong. i really hope that u go on broadway… i think you will keep your mark forever known in the dance world…and by the way i luv your personality!

    12/23/2009 12:54 PM UTC

  25. Maddy - wrote:

    I agree that Russell went a bit over the top when he was announced the winner. Although, I would like to point out that he DID congratulate Jakob and the person he called on stage was KEVIN; and dancer from earlier in the season. Maybe if you would pay attention you would have noticed that.

    12/26/2009 4:28 PM UTC

  26. Upset - wrote:

    Where is Mia Michaels? This season was not as good and memorable as the last five, especially because Mia’s breathtaking choreography was missing. What was up with Russel taking off his shirt? He didnt seem injured that badly after he won! He didnt even acknowledge Jakob! Jakob was a beautiful dancer and he had a genuine personality. He should have been America’s Favorite Dancer along with America’s Best Dancer. It was unfair that Ashleigh was put through. America just wanted to see the married couple dance, which wasnt nearly as good as when Ashleigh and Jakob danced.

    12/29/2009 8:10 AM UTC

  27. I am Mollee's #1 fan - wrote:

    I know, Asheliegh wasn’t even close to how good Mollee was. She should have been eliminated in the top 8. What happend to Paula Abdul, she never appeared?

    1/4/2010 2:00 PM UTC

  28. Carol - wrote:

    I wonder if the producers should reconsider calling the show America’s Greatest instead of Favorite Dancer. Jakob should have won hands down. I believe that Russell stated that he never had ANY dance training before the show. I think he lied. Can anyone prove he had training? I really think Russell is a great dancer and fun performer, but I am worried that he lied about training. Maybe his success wasn’t all because of the Lord.

    1/15/2010 12:41 PM UTC

  29. BamBeepeRon - wrote:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

    9/2/2010 7:48 AM UTC

  30. Amery - wrote:

    This is exactly the information I needed. Many thanks writing this publish.

    2/9/2012 2:57 AM UTC

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