Top 6 Finalists Revealed: More Than 8 Million Votes Cast!

Cat with Molly and Legacy

Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez (shown above with Host Cat Deeley) were eliminated from the competition.

Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Jakob Karr, Kathryn McCormick and Ellenore Scott were named SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s Top 6 finalists after host Cat Deeley revealed that Mollee Gray, 18, a Jazz dancer from Upland, CA, and Legacy Perez, 28, a Hip Hop/B-Boy dancer from Los Angeles, CA, were eliminated from the competition. This week’s results show also featured performances by AMERICAN IDOL’s Kris Allen and pop group Wonder Girls.

It was also announced tonight that auditions for Season Seven of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will begin in January 2010 in Miami. Please return to for details.

The final performance show, airing Tuesday, Dec. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, will feature the ultimate showdown between the Top 6 finalists as they compete to impress judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman and capture America’s vote. Immediately following the performance show, the phone lines will open and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite remaining finalists.

Then, tune in the following night, Wednesday, Dec. 16 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), for one of the most-anticipated television events of the fall. The two-hour live finale will showcase performances by this season’s Top 20 dancers and feature some of the year’s hottest artists, including Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis with a special debut performance of “I See You” (Theme from “Avatar”) and The Groovaloos. At the end of the celebration, host Cat Deeley will reveal America’s vote, and America’s Favorite Dancer will be crowned live before millions of television viewers. The winner will dance off with a cash prize of $250,000 and will be featured on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Dance Spirit magazine.

The Top 6 finalists had this to say about what it means to make it to the finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE:

Ashleigh Di Lello


Dance Specialty: Latin Ballroom
Hometown: Orem, UT
Currently Resides: Orem, UT
Age: 26

“It is absolutely incredible! Words cannot describe what it means to make it to the finale. I feel like the luckiest and most blessed person in the world.”

Ryan Di Lello


Dance Specialty: Ballroom
Hometown: Springville, UT
Currently Resides: Orem, UT
Age: 28

“I have worked my guts off, and I am so grateful to have made it this far.”

Kathryn McCormick


Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Currently Resides: Burbank, CA
Age: 19

“Making it to the finale is incredible. This whole experience has been a blessing and will stay with me forever.”

Russell Ferguson


Dance Specialty: Hip Hop/Krump
Hometown: Boston, MA
Currently Resides: Boston, MA
Age: 20

“Making it this far in the competition is a dream come true.”

Jakob Karr


Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Hometown: Windermere, FL
Currently Resides: New York, NY
Age: 19

“This competition has helped me learn and grow as a dancer, and it has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Ellenore Scott


Dance Specialty: Contemporary/Jazz
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 19

“Making it this far in the competition is proof that dreams come true! Being in the finale is a truly amazing experience.”

AMERICAN IDOL’s Adam Lambert, pop sensation and three-time Grammy nominee Leona Lewis And Dance Team The Groovaloos  will perform during live Season Finale Wednesday, December 16.

What did you think of the results?


239 comments on “Top 6 Finalists Revealed: More Than 8 Million Votes Cast!“

  1. Jay - wrote:

    The show is to pick America’s FAVORITE Dancer, not America’s best dancer. So America chose Ashleigh over Mollee because more people liked Ashleigh. That is what the show is about. The judges, when choosing the top 20 do not just pick the 20 best dancers, they select the dancers so there is a balance of styles and personalities. They are looking to make the most interesting show. The top 10 are also chosen for balance and the ability to make the best and most diverse stage show.

    So, do not blame the dancers who made it. America made the choice.

    12/15/2009 3:27 PM UTC

  2. lynn - wrote:

    Go Russell!!

    12/15/2009 3:36 PM UTC

  3. La-Rae - wrote:

    God bless all the dancers that tried out for the show. They had the guts to do something that we bloggers maybe could not do, did not have the time to do, wished we could do, or were just plain afraid to do. Whatever the circumstances of the SYTYCD outcome may be, it sure had us on the edge of our seats and now blissfully mad as the dickens (or not) at what may or may not come a the finale… and the producers know it! Merry Holidays Everyone, this old Veteran is going to go and NOT deprive myself of the finale… why should I? Seen the worst have I not?

    12/15/2009 5:14 PM UTC

  4. LillyAnn - wrote:


    Everything a-ok then? …Only missed one night of dancing that cost someone else who did dance to lose their qualifying round?

    How about if this was a test for a scholarship for you. You took the test and aced it with a score of 100% And then someone who did well in school the last few weeks, but didn’t have to take that major test, eliminated you from the competition before you could even qualify for the scholarship. Still think it’s no big deal? Tough. You worked hard. You studied hard. you performed extremely well on the test. But tough. That other person worked hard-and only missed the test–no biggy…right? Right? Those who work and perform as expected get punished. Those who sit out for the real performance get the big bucks?

    I have no respect for Ashleigh because she knew she was going to screw out Elenor or Mollee and she didn’t care. If she did care about rules and being fair to others in the competition, then she would have just withdrawn and allowed them to have what they earned and she did not.

    On the other hand, I bet you Ashleigh’s greedy play for the big bucks will result in a lack of job offers for her, because she revealed her inner lack of morals, and I hope Elenor and Molly and Legacy make trillions more than she does!

    12/15/2009 5:14 PM UTC

  5. hilary - wrote:

    on the add up top mollee’s name is spelled wrong ^_^

    12/15/2009 6:00 PM UTC

  6. Lisa - wrote:

    This is the whiniest comment thread I have ever read in my life.

    If you all wanted Mollee to go on, perhaps you should have voted more for her.

    As much as you think the producers are trying to control the show, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE VOTED and MORE MILLIONS VOTED FOR ASHLEIGH than Mollee.

    I can’t even vote being in Canada, but it is you Americans who have the final say in who goes and who stays. So start bitching at your fellow general public instead of the judges and producers.

    Everyone in the top 10 goes on tour, and everyone has a fabulous career. SYTYCD is NOT THE HIGHEST POINT in the careers of these dancers, but it is the beginning point. They will ALL be successful.

    12/15/2009 6:01 PM UTC

  7. tonyvill - wrote:

    people who are not trqined in dance get a pass from the judges more often than not.

    12/15/2009 6:37 PM UTC

  8. PJC - wrote:

    Though I am an american as well, Lisa’s comment hits it right. America voted and they voted Ashleigh in. So stop the whining and let the competion go on. There was precedence for what happened, well within the rules. As other injured dancers were allowed to continue and get voted through if America or judges voted them in.

    A point for the canucks.

    12/15/2009 8:04 PM UTC

  9. Jaimie - wrote:

    I have watched this show from season two, and never have I been so disappointed with the finalists. Let me just say, I hate Ashleigh! I think it is total bs that she is in the finale instead of Mollee. Her and her crying husband should be back in Utah and Mollee and Legacy should’ve danced in tonight’s finale. Mollee and Legacy are amazing, and have grown immensely since the start of the season, they are, without question, two of the best performers and both of them deserved a spot in the top 6. I am so sick of Ashleigh getting preferential treatment! I mean come on the chick wasn’t even supposed to be in the top twenty to begin with, but that one girl had to turn the judges down due to a movie role or whatever so the wench got in purely because she was the only one left and they needed a 20th person, well that’s how it seemed anyway. Then she gets injured and she doesn’t automatically get sent home? Wth? It would be understandable if she was still coupled with Jakob and America had to vote for them as a couple, but now America is voting for the individual, and America should not have been given the opportunity to vote for her. During season four, i remember one of the dancers, that i didn’t particularly like, got “injured” and the judges kicked her out and brought comfort back to fill in for her, so how come Ashleigh gets the preferential treatment? It’s ridiculous! Not that I wanted Noelle back, but they should’ve just left it and had Ashleigh automatically cut, and then just cut one of the guys during the results show. Ashleigh is disgusting, and not even a good entertainer, the only reason she made it as far as she did was because her husband and his stupid sob stories and constant crying, and before that she got through purely as the result of Jakob’s fan base. You could tell that the judges wanted her to be sent home, Adam’s jaw practically hit the floor when Kat called her name, and the fact that she was all smug about it made the fact that Mollee was in the bottom two even worse. I can’t stand Ashleigh, or her face, She’s just so fake, its so obvious, even the judges told her that when her and Ryan first auditioned! I had to tape tonight’s finale, just so i could fast forward through her performances. I strongly dislike her, and if she even comes close to winning the title tomorrow, I’m never watching the show again…so serious! I’m rooting for Kathryn and Jakob:) but i think it will come down to Russell and Jakob in the end.

    12/15/2009 9:50 PM UTC

  10. Kaye Towne - wrote:

    My husband and I both are very upset with the results. First of all we watch EVERY show in EVERY SEASON and we cant get through to vote. We have called and called and called and not once have we been able to vote. There needs to be more phone lines to handle the incoming calls.

    Ashley and Ryan are great dancers but everyone knows they made it to the finale due to pity and sympathy and not on their ability to dance.

    Very Very Disapointed

    12/15/2009 10:02 PM UTC

  11. MagicDancer - wrote:


    Most of us just want fairness. It isn’t about Mollee. It’s about justice and injustice. And whiney? Tough. You’re an Ashleigh supporter and you can’t see right from wrong.

    Personally, I hope, like LillyAnn, that Ashleigh’s behavior causes her to lose out on many future jobs. Greed, sabotage, and selfishness should never pay off.

    12/15/2009 11:00 PM UTC

  12. lalalexxidancer - wrote:

    Ernie everything you said is so TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even have to say anything. People scroll up and read Ernie’s thread. They are really not consistent or fair at all.

    12/16/2009 12:00 AM UTC

  13. Pha - wrote:

    Lisa’s comment hits it right

    i’m not american but i love this show

    and happy to see they dance

    don’t blame dancer..everyone need a chance

    it’s americans voted it’s your vote,isn’t it?

    ps. i love Kathryn this season her dance is so beautiful!

    12/16/2009 5:57 AM UTC

  14. Sam - wrote:

    Watching ryan dance is like watching an empty stage-a waste of time

    12/16/2009 9:02 AM UTC

  15. Buzzy - wrote:

    There’s no blog for it yet, but I thought the show on December 15th was among the best yet, with 9 couples’ dances in one hour. It’s likely to get an Emmy nomination as a variety show entrant.

    Forget about the (so-last-week) drama of Ashleigh and Mollee and think about the performances. Nigel, the dancers, and choreographers may have been able to save the season and the Road Show with the assemblage of dances created and performed. A two hour show would have worked better. (Dancers need a little rest between numbers in a competition.)

    It makes more sense now that either Mollee or Elenore had to go last week in order to give Ryan and Ashleigh “their” dance. It’s about the Road Show and every sentimentalist attending the live performance will get misty eyed with the married couple’s dance together (was there only one?)

    I’ve just re-watched all the dances from the final 10 dancers (aka. The Road Show) and believe it will be a fine road production. I eat my words from my previous post doubting it could be done. And, we all know who the most talented dancer is, but on SYTYCD, that’s never a guarantee of victory.

    BTW, how many times can we call and vote? Do people just put their phones on redial for two hours? 8 million votes from 1 million voters?

    12/16/2009 10:00 AM UTC

  16. JS - wrote:

    Last nights show really was the worst of all of the finale shows. 1 hour, bad stage (for TV), no solos, no amazing group dances, no Mia and no Mandy – Where was Wade? the dancers looked rushed and Kat sounded rushed… And the Judges gave Ryan and Ashleigh excess credit when they performed 1/3 of there dances well.

    I think the producers… Nigel- should rethink the show a little bit as it is losing a lot of it’s appeal. Particularly with what happened last week. Having Mollee and Legacy in the finale would have made it a lot more interesting for several of us. I’m pretty bummed about how the season rounded out.

    I hope Kathryn, Jacob or Russel takes it home.

    12/16/2009 12:15 PM UTC

  17. lolo - wrote:

    I LOVE MOLLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is an amazing dancer and deserved to get in the top… i just loved her smile =]
    i hope this doesn’t make her loose faith because she has so much potential
    as for the finale Jacob should win… if peoples votes had anything to do with dancing and consistency.
    and i personally i am not an Elenore fan… i mean come on with the alien stuff… and not much of what she has done is that great i mean anyone can kick their legs up high…

    12/16/2009 2:34 PM UTC

  18. lolo - wrote:

    btw spurky you were so right… i personally like ashleigh but i mean its a little unfair for mollee and she wasn’t even in the bottom!

    12/16/2009 2:35 PM UTC

  19. lolo - wrote:

    A lot of you commenters have serious issues. You have nothing better to do with your lives than come up with every fault that the show has and distort it to extreme hyperbole. Like come on, the new season kicks all the older seasons butts! The new stage is greattttttt, the lighting the costumes everything. Also the level of talent this show is attracting has definitely increased. I mean Jacob is a vision. I haven’t seen anything like him during any of the other seasons. This increased technical ability of the dancers is the reason why the dances have been so good this year! I agree I think the top 10 dances, each one of them was better than the previous. Ironically, the reason there is so much negative commentary is all of the dancers have been better this season so there is no longer an extreme difference between the good and bad dancers.

    12/16/2009 3:01 PM UTC

  20. Jonesey - wrote:

    WOW…tisk, tisk! Ashleigh is good, Ryan is good! I think America simply wanted to see them dance together, however, the dance they did together was lack luster for sure! Ellenore has lost her flavor for me! Unfortunately, I don’t think that Catherine is going to get the recognition for being such a BEAST of a performer! That girl is unbelievable! Jacob is O.K. for me. I think he needs to work on his personalilty for sure! ALTHOUGH HE IS SICK TO WATCH! I absolutely love Russell! What a story he has! I think he is America’s favorite!

    Hey, this little tidbit of info may make you go, WOW! I am a dancer and have also been a cheerleader for years. I dislocated my shoulder several years ago…but I always said, “The show must go on!” It hurts like hell when it happens, but you can pop that baby back in place and move on with life! It pops in and out of socket all the time. I think little miss Ashleigh truly did want to perform. I think that the people that told her no set her up for all of this backlash! She can’t win! It amazes to see that she was the judge viewed her as one that could possibly not have been in the top 20, much less the top six. The only format of top 4 was WAY better! This is not the dancers fault though, so lets give Ash and Ryan a break.

    12/16/2009 3:36 PM UTC

  21. frfr - wrote:

    ashleigh should drop out and let mollee continue

    12/16/2009 4:52 PM UTC

  22. Sandra - wrote:

    vikkie!!! You got it so right girl Bonny&Clide shouldn’t have made the top twenty they are fake. They robbed legecy everyone seen it you know.this season was nothing like they said. THE BOMB BEST SEASON EVER!!!!! The best is JACOB,RUSSELL

    12/16/2009 7:31 PM UTC

  23. Sandra - wrote:

    I feel that this season was Riged? #1 the voting.WE didn’t vote for almost a month.# 2Leting liars,Fakers stay without dancing for votes it’s like they got a free pass.? where is Legecy”s free pass he had no fake injurys.#3 why are we voting for thr winner now there is still six of them they are cuting the show 3wks short.I still won’t to see Jocob,russell duel it out they are the best this season no bout about it.

    12/16/2009 7:43 PM UTC

  24. Michelle - wrote:

    Congratulations Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12/16/2009 8:20 PM UTC

  25. Shannon - wrote:

    Isn’t EXTREME hyperbole redundant? LOL I am actually fairly happy with the final six, but I have a problem with the fact that the finale included six dancers. Aren’t there usually four? That gives them more time to perform and let us make up our minds. Tuesday’s performance finale was WAY too short. It was the second time this season that we didn’t get to see rehearsals, which is one of my favorite parts of the show, especially with new pairings. Why so many changes this year? I don’t like it. I HATE the new stage. It is way too impersonal. I felt like I could feel the dances better last year (except for the finale, which was also on a horrible, huge stage). This show was much better before. Besides, where in the world was Mia? There were too many random new choreographers. Although, I am very happy to see Travis has become a regular choreographer. He is amazing. Oh, and I really wish we could have seen Jakob and Katherine dance together more than just that one time. They are both amazing, and I wish them the best of luck. SYTYCD bring back the old set and our favorite choreographers!!

    12/16/2009 8:40 PM UTC

  26. Jamie - wrote:

    I’m sorry, but have we all forgotten when Noelle injured her knee at the start of the Top 20 (could have been Katherine, but I’ve always found them both forgettable) and was given a COMPLETE “by” by the judges? At least Ashleigh COULD have been voted off. Katherine wasn’t even considered for elimination. Clearly those who’d been impressed by Ashleigh’s dance abilities showed up when it counted, and Mollee’s fans let her down. Neither won, anyway, so it doesn’t matter in the end.

    12/16/2009 9:06 PM UTC

  27. Rose - wrote:

    OMG! My DVR stopped recording. WHO WON????

    12/16/2009 9:21 PM UTC

  28. Luckylady2 - wrote:

    Jakob is the best dancer; Kathryn second. Elenor third., soo they probably won’t win.

    America, do the right thing. Vote for the best dancer, not the sweet smile or the the best story or the best pleading screen shot; vote for the best dancer.

    I love Russell, but technically, he’s not the best dancer.

    Jakob is an amazing dancer. He has the polish, he should win.

    12/16/2009 11:43 PM UTC

  29. Ronnie - wrote:

    THAT WAS CRAP.. I find it amazing or maybe should say more of a miracle that Russell was healed by the Hands of god by the end of the show.. Before the first elimination he was in such pain that he was in tears and could barely walk.. I mean they had to put this guy on a stool… but when he is named winner somehow he is able to walk and stomp around on both legs and even able to drop to his knees and get up on his bad knee oh sorry I mean Leg ” as he stated”. I think this is gonna be the last one that I watch…

    12/17/2009 12:04 AM UTC

  30. Summer - wrote:

    I just want to wish Russell congrats and good luck on his dancing career. He wasn’t my favorite dancer, but he seems to be a hard worker. I raise my eyebrow at his injury, however. All these injuries during important weeks. Makes one wonder, just how much of this show is staged for a dramatic pull?

    I must say that this finale was very disappointing. Why so many singing acts? Why just the Groovaloes? Are we gearing up for American Idol? Why the horrible editing job on the pre-shot singing acts?( I.E. J.Lo) I guess seeing Kayla, Courtney, and Katee from past seasons made up for it somewhat. Leona Lewis was SO flat when she sung. I don’t care for the whole American Idol thing, so Adam was okay I guess. I half expected MJB to fall over her heels were so high.

    All I can say is I hope Season 7 does better.

    12/17/2009 12:09 AM UTC

  31. SFBAY09 - wrote:

    I’ve been watching the show since season 1; I am a lover of dance. However, this season seemed the weakest, I am not sure if it’s the dancers fault or the lack of interesting routines. The dancers can only work with what is given to them. This week’s routines looked the same, no diversity. I fast forward through the majority. (sad) I use to watch the show live but this season I recorded the show to fast forward through the uninteresting parts. I hope next season will have a more variety of choreographers. The absence of Mia Michaels, some of the hip hop choreographers was a HUGE void.

    I am glad Russell won; he worked really hard for someone who primarily danced outside of his genre. He displayed much growth.

    Because of all of the comments about the rules, perhaps the rules should be set and followed and not determined on the fly.

    12/17/2009 1:09 AM UTC

  32. JJ - wrote:

    Russell??? Are you kidding me? And he pulled the perfect ghetto ending breaking the format and dragging some friend up on stage much to the horror of Cat. Then repeatedly thanking the gangsta’s back home never even acknowledging the judges, co-contestants etc. Just plain bad manners from a ghetto rat.

    Bum leg so he wouldn’t have to perform again that night because what? – he just plain didn’t want to. Bad sport and equally bad dancer. What was he – the token spud? Give me a break – this was a horrible thing to do for America. He didn’t win and you can’t fool us. Now you’re like American Idol. Just full of lies and deceit and you (producers) got just what you deserved.

    12/17/2009 5:19 AM UTC

  33. Vivian - wrote:

    Jamie-you brought up Neolle and said people have forgotten the bye she got.

    But it was discussed repeatedly on many threads that SYTyCd should not have given her the bye either. But at any rate, she never got to go on stage and beg for herself. She never got to have a co-dancer beg for herself. She had to dance off even when her knee was still injured. and the reason the judges were able to give her a bye is because they were chosing the bottom 4 and they were picking the weakest link from different partnerships. So they felt that they already lost one great dancer and didn’t want to lose another.

    Besides, Noelle got lucky but she didnt’ get to pimp herself like ashleigh did. Also she was multi-talented which Ashleigh is not.

    In the end, Ashleigh cheated the system as did her husband and she looked crushed that her little scheme did not work. Noelle was given a bye by the doctors and SYTYCD, but Ashleigh was given a bye, the floor, the judges encouraging people to vote for her, and her hsuband too. She couldn’t stand alone. At least Noelle could!

    12/17/2009 10:55 AM UTC

  34. Ashley - wrote:

    first i’d like to say that this stage is terrible! its waay to big, it feels cold and the back ground and lights are ridiculous! this season was very dissapointing. they should go back to being a summer show only..and i think it would be cool if they has one guy and girl winner. it’d be more fair that way. and i think the judges should have a say in who stays and goes throughtout the entire season. they are professionals…they know better..i would be lieing if i said i didnt think the show was rigged. its obvious how much the judges(mostly marry) wanted to see ashleigh and ryan dance together in the finale. i dont believe the “voting” is even legit. how would we ever know how many votes someone got? i think they made up the voting process so people feel like they have a hand in how the show plays out. persinally i dont believe any of it anymore. i use to but this season seemed so fake. the show has become way to commercialized and i dont like it, i liked it a lot more when it wasnt well known.
    and i think they should make it so if you get injured and cant compete you should be disqualified, its only fair.

    oh and i can’t believe that russell won! what a joke! he wasnt even that good of a dancer! jakob was a MILLION times better than him! and im sure that if he would have won he would of had more class that russell and not taken off his shirt, invited a friend on stage, completly ignore cat, and act like a ghetto piece of shit!
    this show is pathetic and its insulting to dance! if the producers had any respect for dancing there wouldnt be a season 7! its become all about getting viewers and the show isnt even close to as good as it use to be! i dont think i’ll be wasting time with the next season, it makes me sad because i use to be a huge fan but its changed sooo much and not for the better!

    12/18/2009 6:41 PM UTC

  35. Fred - wrote:

    I was disappointed that they changed the finally to have 3 couples instead of 2 as in the past. I really enjoyed it when they had the guys dance with the guys and the girls dance with the girls. It really gave them the chance to show their abilities in situational performances. I have no idea Fox did this, but I hope next season the go back.

    12/18/2009 7:54 PM UTC

  36. dee - wrote:

    Where is Mia Michaels??? This season lacked her dearly.

    12/19/2009 8:27 PM UTC

  37. Laura Anderson - wrote:

    I agree with Fred above and it’s my sole purpose for leaving a comment. Why have a finale with SIX people??? What happened to four? I thought that was just silly. Perhaps they explained it somewhere and I missed it but today, I am casting my vote for only four people in next year’s finale!!!

    12/20/2009 4:24 AM UTC

  38. Kathryn - wrote:

    Hey!!! I LOVE MOLLY!!!! She is an amazing, talented dancer. Keep going Molly! You are great!!!! Good luck, love you!

    7/22/2010 4:49 PM UTC

  39. Kathryn - wrote:

    People, I just wanna say, I LOVE YOU ALL, DANCERS!!! Every single one of you are amazing! If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be on the show. I LOVE YOU MOLLY, COURTNEY, NOEL, ASHLEY, ROBERT, BILLY, LOUREN, AND KATHRYN!!! YOU ALL ROCK! Kathryn, you are my roll model. And my name is also Kathryn spelled as K-a-t-h-r-y-n. Lots of people have never heard of it that way but I like it! :) By the way, Natilie, you tought at All American Dance Factory in Tampa, FL and I go there! I love you, keep dancing always!!! I am a HUGE FAN of the show! Judges, coreogrophers, and Cat, you are all also a VERY important part of it. Thank you all sooo much! My goal is to be on So You Think You Can Dance. I’m only 11 but hopefully in 7 years I will audition and MAKE IT!!! Can’t wait! :D
    -Kathryn B.

    7/22/2010 5:00 PM UTC

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