Season 4 Finalist Thayne Jasperson Stars in OZ the Musical

Season 4 contestant Thayne Jasperson is currently playing the role of Scarecrow in Oz the Musical. The musical is a contemporary musical twist on L. Frank Baum’s classic, “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.”

After his run on So You Think You Can Dance, Thayne got to tour around the country with the Season 4 Top 10. Thayne is no stranger to theater, as he has eight regional theater credits, four film credits, and five years of experience as a principal dancer with Odyssey Dance Theatre.

The remaining OZ the Musical tour dates are as follows:

12/10: The Kentucky Center in Louisville, KY
12/11: Braden Auditorium in Bloomington, IL
12/12: The Olympic Theatre in Chicago, IL
12/13: Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo, MI

Break a leg, Thayne!


9 comments on “Season 4 Finalist Thayne Jasperson Stars in OZ the Musical“

  1. Anthony & Ashley - wrote:

    It is a shame that Fox would rather have ratings than talent, they allowed Ryan to shed his crocodile tears & Ashleigh to plead her case which was undeserving if she could not perform. I feel bad for her injury however in any theatrical or dance scenario, if the performer cannot perform they are not allowed to continue, why was this any different… Fox has lost two long time viewers (season one), the show should be renamed “So you think you can plead & fangle your way onto the fianle”, just because Fox wanted Ryan & Ashleigh to dance together… very sad for the more deserving Mollee & Legacy, Ryan has great partnering skills no doubt but his hip swinging solo’s were well below standard! Good luck & my sincere apologies to Mollee & Legacy!

    12/10/2009 6:41 PM UTC

  2. Tweets that mention So You Think You Can Dance - Season 4 Finalist Thayne Jasperson Stars in OZ the Musical -- - wrote:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Think Dance and SYTYCDtweets, nichole. nichole said: So You Think You Can Dance – Season 4 Finalist Thayne Jasperson …: 12/10: The Kentucky Center in Louisville, .. [...]

    12/10/2009 6:48 PM UTC

  3. Erin - wrote:

    I am VERY disappointed Mollee got voted off the show. She deserved to be in the finale. She was MUCH better than Ashleigh. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS :(

    12/12/2009 12:57 PM UTC

  4. Rob - wrote:

    Come on Let’s face it this is not a REAL Competition it’s just a show that makes lots of Money a good upset is good for the ratings besides no real competition lets someone say I’m hurt so you get a free pass.
    It’s all about the MONEY

    12/12/2009 1:20 PM UTC

  5. ChiciB2 - wrote:

    I was heartbroken that Legacy & Mollee got cut! Actually I was SHOCKED. I just can’t fathom WHY Ryan & Ashleigh got through! IMO both Legacy & Molle are MUCH better than the other two. Is it that they are married? I don’t know, but it sickens me! I NEVER thought Ryan was all that good, too stiff and I think even Adam was shocked that Mollee got cut! I think I saw it in his face! I’m torn between Russell & Jakob. Jakob may take it, but I’ve been voting for Russell all along because I think he’s improved so very much! I’m sure Jakob is getting most of the votes and I wanted to keep Russell going! I like Katherine, but think Mollee surpassed her these last few weeks. If either Ryan or Ashleigh win… then I will have to rethink watching the show again! I’m surprised they got this far! I do like the rest who are in, but I just hope it isn’t rigged for the “couple,” because I don’t think they should even be there now!
    I’m thinking Russell may not be the one, but he has really taken my heart and I feel he has improved the most and had no formal training! A true accomplishment! Good Luck Russell!

    12/14/2009 10:00 AM UTC

  6. Monica - wrote:

    Well I agree, I’m angry that Ashleigh and Ryan got through, but you can’t be mad at Fox. It’s called America’s FAVORITE dancer not America’s BEST dancer. Even if you don’t like htem, and I don’t blame you, you can’t get mad because there are millions of other Americans who liked them and voted for them. They should be the ones you guys aim your complaints at, not the producers of the show.

    12/16/2009 5:12 PM UTC

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