Top 10 Finalists Noelle Marsh and Nathan Trasoras were eliminated

Host Cat Deeley with Nathan and Noelle

Host Cat Deeley with Nathan and Noelle

The Top 8 finalists were revealed after Noelle Marsh and Nathan Trasoras were eliminated tonight on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Marsh, 18, is a Contemporary dancer from Sanford, NC; and Trasoras, 18, is a Contemporary dancer from Downey, CA. This week’s results show also featured performances by Snoop Dogg with Quest Crew, who debuted his new single, “I Wanna Rock,” as well as by LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers).

With only two weeks to go until the final showdown, the competition gets even hotter when the Top 8 finalists (Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Mollee Gray, Jakob Karr, Kathryn McCormick, Legacy Perez and Ellenore Scott) take the stage Tuesday, Dec. 8 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the penultimate performance show in hopes of making it to the finale and earning the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), Season Eight AMERICAN IDOL winner Kris Allen and pop sensations Wonder Girls will take the stage. Allen will perform his newest single, “Live Like You’re Dying,” and Wonder Girls will sing their hit song, “Nobody,” before America’s vote is revealed and Cat Deeley names the six dancers who will perform in the following week’s finale.

Kris Allen won the hearts of America each week on AMERICAN IDOL by adding his signature pop-rock sound to each performance he gave. Allen who hails from Conway, AR, is a pianist and self-taught guitar player. He recently released his debut self-titled album on 19 Recordings/ Jive Records, and his first single from the album, “Live Like We’re Dying,” has received rave reviews and is currently climbing the U.S. radio charts.

Pop sensation Wonder Girls sold over 30,000 copies of their debut single “Nobody” during the week of October 11 earning them the No. 76 position with a bullet on the Hot 100. This is the first time ever a music group from South Korea has debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Already a hit in Asia, the Wonder Girls are striking a chord with a young U.S. audience, having just completed their first U.S. concert tour with the Jonas Brothers.


86 comments on “Top 10 Finalists Noelle Marsh and Nathan Trasoras were eliminated“

  1. Kayla :D - wrote:

    I cant wait for my unnis to be on one of my favorite shows eva :D

    12/4/2009 4:49 PM UTC

  2. Julia - wrote:

    i can’t belive they didn’t like Nathen’s solo. Ryan did the same one on Thursday!. Nathan is only 18! He deserves a chance to win for collage. He was so cute to! My teacher is disapointed just like i am at nathans loss on the show. I hate America!

    12/4/2009 7:10 PM UTC

  3. Niki - wrote:

    I have been a little behind on the season this year… trying to record it and watch when I can. But at least they have got something right… Nathan is finally gone. He looks like he should be one of the lil HSM kids. He isnt a good dancer at all, Luckily Mollie got paired with Russell this past week which saved her because he is such a strong dancer! I cant wait to see who wins!!!

    12/4/2009 7:10 PM UTC

  4. Julia - wrote:

    who are the wonder girls anyway!
    some americas best dance crew people? :{

    12/4/2009 7:16 PM UTC

  5. Eric Davidson - wrote:

    For the life of me, i couldn’t figure out if they were saying “League” or “Legion” of Extraordinary Dancers… they were good tho

    12/5/2009 12:06 AM UTC

  6. vangmonie - wrote:

    WONDERGIRLS!; i’m going to tune in just for that!; <3

    12/5/2009 10:15 AM UTC

  7. Sun - wrote:

    I have a master’s degree in Dance Education and psychology, I have been teaching dance in Manhattan for long time.
    From an educator’s point of view, Nigel was totally wrong to Nathan. To NIgel, his ego was more important as an authority than giving a lesson to a young dancer. He had to attact an 18 year old week after week. So unprofessional. They keep saying this show is all about “discovering a new talent and helping them grow”. Give me a break. “Child psycology 101″- Nigel damaged an 18 year old young dancer’s heart permanatly. Nathan is just turned to 18, he got humiliated in public, I don’t know how he will handle the post-public-humiliation-stress.
    I want to know how honest the voting result.
    The main audience of the show may be young people, but I am in my 30s, I follow the show, I am more interested in the critics and dancer’s reaction after performances. NIgel turned me off a lot. Thank God for Adam was behind the poor Nathan. I think we ‘Grown-ups’ should be more considerate for young people’s psychology. Their bodies are fully developed (better function than ours), but they are still baby inside. We can really influence them. I hate those manipulative and abusive adults. I hope Nathan can learn something from the bitter experience.

    12/5/2009 2:28 PM UTC

  8. Alex - wrote:

    yay, cant wait to see the wondergirls!(:

    12/5/2009 6:33 PM UTC

  9. Alex - wrote:

    @julia; wondergirls are a big group in korea that are trying to debut in america. they’ve been on tour already with the jonas brothers. They’re hit in america right now is Nobody. They’re really good you should search them up!;)

    12/5/2009 6:36 PM UTC

  10. Ray - wrote:

    Wonder Girls on this show… AWSOME! Can’t wait..

    12/5/2009 7:36 PM UTC

  11. shiner - wrote:

    Wonder Girls!!!! can’t wait!!!

    12/5/2009 9:34 PM UTC

  12. MagicDancer - wrote:

    llana–couldn’t agree more! Seems like Ashleigh’s supporters don’t really care about dance technique, grace, and perfection. She’s wonderful in her own Latin ballroom style but in other fields, she’s simply average.

    I can’t help but wonder how much better this season would be if they had not wasted their 16-20th drop.

    Last year, the dancers LIFTED each other up. This year, Ashleigh has been carried.

    I feel bad for her illness but we don’t get to live our lives with people excusing us because we got sick. If that were the case, then my seventeen year spinal injury would make me the Goddess of the dance world even though I can barely move without pain.

    12/6/2009 1:12 PM UTC

  13. MagicDancer - wrote:

    Imagine how much better this season would be if the pairings would have been different. (And yes, those paired with tap dancers were ‘handicapped’ from the beginning. It’s why Ashleigh got a free ride.)

    Look at the wonderful dances we saw last week with Ryan and Noelle, Russel and Mollee, Elleanor and Jakob, and Katherine and Nathan. All of them upped their game–upped their dancing!

    The only ones who fell flat were Legacy and Ashleigh, and Legacy has more than proven himself with his partner work with Katherine. He’s had tremendous growth and has been challenged to grow. Ashleigh was given easier routines and allowed to have her partner carry her through to the top ten.

    She’s a great stylist–a performer. But a dancer…not.

    Imagine all the great routines that could have been if they would have paired Ashleigh with Nathan instead allowing her to float on Jakob’s talent. She could have helped him mature and he could have helped her dance! And Mollee and Russel were also a pair that could have done better.

    I am not planning on buying tickets to the tour. Only two to three routines I would want to see anyways… (and none are Ashleigh’s) Disappointing season. And the staging for tv still stinks!

    12/6/2009 1:24 PM UTC

  14. Jenny - wrote:

    when will the tour be?

    12/6/2009 4:44 PM UTC

  15. Natalie - wrote:

    AH! OMG YES!!!!!!!! I want nobody! nobody! but YOU! yay Wonder Girls!!!! HOPE U ALL DO UR BEST!

    YOOBIN~ LOVE U! I’m such a huge fan! LOVE THE REST OF U TOO! hehehehe

    12/6/2009 8:25 PM UTC

  16. Harry - wrote:

    So sad that we lost Noelle and Nathan. They are great without questions.
    BTW, the background color hurts eyes while reading.
    BTW again. Is there blocking comments from Cn?

    12/7/2009 9:09 AM UTC

  17. miss565 - wrote:

    WOOOOT <3

    12/7/2009 2:45 PM UTC

  18. rlagksqja - wrote:

    ahhhh omg wonder girlss

    12/7/2009 10:57 PM UTC

  19. ekin - wrote:

    where can I watch this show?? what channel? Someone answer me

    12/8/2009 5:12 AM UTC

  20. Singingteen22 - wrote:

    I personally think it was Noelle’s time to go but I think that instead of Nathan, Legacy should have left. Nathan is an awesome dancer and I personally think that he could have made it to the finals. :)

    12/8/2009 7:29 PM UTC

  21. Phineas - wrote:

    EKIN–this show is on your local FOX channel. 8PM EST Tuesday and results are later on Wednesdays.

    12/8/2009 7:57 PM UTC

  22. Phineas - wrote:

    What was with the body language tonight between Ryan and Kathryn?? She kept moving his arm away from her and moving his hand off of her. She seemed very uncomfortable with him. He is the married one, is she married too?

    12/8/2009 8:26 PM UTC

  23. ANT - wrote:

    Wondergirls!!! Yoobin<3

    @ekin. it’s gonna show on FOX, 8EST pm.

    12/8/2009 9:36 PM UTC

  24. forex robot - wrote:

    Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

    12/9/2009 12:19 AM UTC

  25. Spress - wrote:

    Looks like they’re about to break thru into the mainstream consciousness of the U.S. Appearing on SYTYCD — believe me, dance they can! And now Dave Stewart is writing songs for them. The momentum they quickly built in Asia and during the summer tour with Jonas Bros is about to propel them cloud high. That’s fitting, because they’re all sweet angels behind the glamour and glitz. Hope they let them talk a bit so we get to know them as the wonderful human beings they are.
    You go girls!! Look out America!

    12/9/2009 4:07 AM UTC

  26. christine* - wrote:

    wow, the wonder girls are actually on SYTYCD!!
    its good to see a little more variety in the mainstream pop industry.
    wonder girls did a great job.

    12/9/2009 9:52 PM UTC

  27. The Wonder Girls on So You Think You Can Dance > MTV Iggy Blog > MTV Iggy - Global Pop Culture, Latest Trends and New Music - wrote:

    [...] “Nobody” and, I’m sure, dance their little booties off.  According to the show’s blog: “On Wednesday, Dec. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), Season Eight AMERICAN IDOL winner [...]

    12/16/2009 4:02 PM UTC

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    5/26/2010 4:37 PM UTC

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  36. Janeece - wrote:

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    12/6/2011 5:23 PM UTC

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