So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Performance Show Airs After President Obama's Live Speech

Fox News Channel presents special network coverage of President Obama’s Address to the Nation, live in all time zones, Tuesday, Dec. 1 (8:00 PM-CC ET / 7:00 PM-CC CT / 6:00 PM-CC MT / 5:00 PM-CC PT) on FOX.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Performance Show will air in its entirety immediately following the presidential address this evening in Eastern and Central time zones only.

Tuesday, December 1

Eastern Time Zone
*8:30-11pmET    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (O) (OTO) (will air in its entirety – viewer voting is involved) (NOTE the special 2.5 Hour lengths for East/Central – though the show will only air for 2-Hours)

Central Time Zone
*7:30-10pmCT    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (O) (OTO) (will air in its entirety – viewer voting is involved) (NOTE the special 2.5 Hour lengths for East/Central – though the show will only air for 2-Hours)

Mountain Time Zone
*approx.6:30pmMT    LOCAL PROGRAMMING
7:00-9:00pmMT    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (O) (airing in its regular timeslot)

Pacific Time Zone
*approx.5:30pmPT    LOCAL PROGRAMMING
8:00-10:00pmPT    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (O) (airing in its regular timeslot)


25 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Performance Show Airs After President Obama's Live Speech“

  1. Tomnibus - wrote:

    Hey fox, is it possible to get Cat’s outfits to go any SHORTER? I mean, come on people, she’s out there every week wearing nothing but lingerie.

    Please we know she has long sexy legs, can she cover them up once in a while?!

    12/1/2009 8:37 PM UTC

  2. Anthony Brennan - wrote:

    Hey Nygel did you Get the Attraction Part in the first Performance tonight . for Noelle if not that’s ok cause I Allready told her.

    12/1/2009 8:42 PM UTC

  3. Dean Haylett - wrote:

    When Mary Murphy begins her comments, I fast forward. She makes my teeth hurt, my ears hurt, and my blood curdle. Someone please put me out of my misery and dump her and her shrieking.

    12/1/2009 8:58 PM UTC

  4. Marci - wrote:

    Show didn’t air in entirety in South Florida. It was cut about 40 minutes short for local news.

    12/1/2009 9:02 PM UTC

  5. C. Russell - wrote:

    I think that it really sucks that Russell’s number has been busy since the show went off and Elenor’s number isn’t even one that has anything to do with so you think you can dance. what is up with that HUM.

    12/1/2009 9:19 PM UTC

  6. Carmita O'Neal - wrote:

    I just love Russell, he is a REAL star, what a beautiful spirit he has. Russell you will get my vote every week! As a proud mom of a 25/yr old son I was so touched by his folks-his mom moved me to tears! You did a great job with your son it is consistently reflected in his poise and demeanor. I always can’t wait to see him! He blows me away every week.

    I was disappointed with the judges comments about the hip hop routine with Ashleigh & Legacy. Dave Scott is dreamy but also a great choreographer. I do like his routines and his choice of music. Ashleigh really impressed me with her atheleticism. I felt that both her & Legacy got into the characters really well and danced it really good too!

    Katheryn has a real beauty in and out–happy to see no more tears, her maturity is showing….she should go far. Great performances, beautiful lines and strength!

    Mary please I am beginning you to quit yelling-its so annoying for everyone around you. Remember the show isn’t about you–its about the dancers! You are making a fool out of yourself someone your age should know better. When I know Cat is turning to you for comments I mute it everytime and read the captions. You should try it sometime and see what really comes out of your mouth. Critiquing is what you are there for–not being in the center of attention.

    12/1/2009 10:04 PM UTC

  7. Karol - wrote:

    Watching the show right now. Why is Nathan still on this show??? He is pouting, crying, and telling the crowd to calm down? He is trying to work it for votes and not look inside himself and grow. It is a disgrace and disrespectful to the other dancers not to mention an insult to the viewers. Too bad all those teeny bobber girls are going to vote for this fake.

    The judges should have booted him when they could.

    12/1/2009 10:33 PM UTC

  8. Michelle King - wrote:

    I am interested in hearing more about Ashleigh’s sickness and how it was diagnosed. My husband suffers from severe muscle and joint pain, and has test after test run without any hopeful results or hope of relief. Parasitic infection – something we haven’t heard of before but would be willing to check into it.

    Besides that – my entire family loves the show!!! Loved just about every dance tonight!!!

    12/1/2009 11:10 PM UTC

  9. carol - wrote:

    Please Please Please don’t change your filming process. The show last night was almost unbearable to watch due to the camera work/film process. My entire family has watched the show since the very beginning but this new process you are using has ruined it for us. Please go back to what you were doing before!

    12/2/2009 7:32 AM UTC

  10. Sarah - wrote:

    I loved ellenore’s and jakobs dance the one they did. Omg totally amzing.
    I love russel and molly together. They are incridible together.
    Judges, i love you guys. Your totally amazing. You give out the comments in a great way. And you know what Mary is loud But i love her. She gets so caught up in the dancing and that is just showing how much they care to be there instead of just wanting to get paid.
    This show is so amazing it gets me dancing. Never stop you guys, great show.
    I love the coragraphers absolutly great job. They are amzing.

    12/2/2009 8:53 AM UTC

  11. Robert Joseph Collins - wrote:

    If we don’t see a Mia Michaels routine pretty soon we are going to leave the show behind

    12/2/2009 10:09 AM UTC

  12. Diane - wrote:

    Mary Murphy, love you, you make the show fun!! love the final 10 picked as well as judges and Cat.
    My daughter like Ashleigh had the same thing happen to her and she is now healed and healthy. Praise God for All miracles. Good Job!

    12/2/2009 11:40 AM UTC

  13. kim - wrote:

    Iam making a prediction 4 the final four. I think it will be Legacy, ashleigh, ryan, and noelle. They r some amazing dancers on the show this season but I think these r the final four!!

    12/2/2009 12:07 PM UTC

  14. Betty - wrote:

    I have a song suggestion for someone to dance to — Because We Believe by Andrea Bocelli

    12/2/2009 12:45 PM UTC

  15. annabella hall - wrote:

    I would love to see a good Hawaiian hula dance from the dancers that a local kumu hula could teach the dancers. Especially since this is the year that Hawaii is celebrating 50 years as a state. It would be an honor.

    12/2/2009 2:45 PM UTC

  16. Deb - wrote:

    I have watched EVERY season of SYTYCD. Sometimes I miss the first part of the show and last night was one of those nights. Why oh why do you not have the See Full Episodes option on your website. Sometimes I also like to see dances again because they are so wonderful. Please add this feature. I don’t vote when I don’t see all the dances since I feel it isn’t fair to do so.

    12/2/2009 5:41 PM UTC

  17. Dee - wrote:

    I think Nigel was way too critical of Nathan. Not that criticism is bad but when you strip someone of their self esteem, you have gone too far. He looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown. No surprise after being beat down every week. For the person that said he was acting like a baby, you try being berated week after week in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I wish you the best Nathan. Never stop doing what you love.

    12/2/2009 6:29 PM UTC

  18. Scott - wrote:

    My wife and I have been watching since season 3, and love the show.

    Ellenore, you are an incredible, fantastic dancer and IMHO, quite possibly the most exquisite and arrestingly beautiful woman ever to compete on this show! Thank you for sharing your talent and wonderfully unique personality with us. You’re my favorite of the women for the top two.

    Russell, you are amazing! What an incredible talent, but most of all your perseverance and tenacity in rising above your circumstances are inspiring. As a guy born and raised in Massachusetts, I know Roxbury isn’t the safest place to be a kid. Big kudos to you and your folks for refusing the bad and embracing the good, and showing everyone that with hard work you can rise above! You’re my favorite of the guys for the top two.

    Hopefully, one of you two will be the winner! God bless.

    Oh, and will someone please Botox Mary’s vocal chords!? And where’s Mia already!?

    12/2/2009 6:45 PM UTC

  19. Yanny - wrote:

    I have been a big fan of this show since day one….I wont answer my phone and talk to anybody while this show is on….(and I love to talk to people, believe me)…..I saying this to say that tonights special dance guess, League of Extradinary Dancers, was the best that I have seen….we need to get them back on the show…..they were amazing. :)

    12/2/2009 7:16 PM UTC

  20. moxie - wrote:

    I love the show but know many folks that won’t watch it because of Mary Murphy’s screams. I wish she would show her enthusiasm without so much screaming.

    12/2/2009 8:07 PM UTC

  21. Dewayne - wrote:

    Please get rid of Deeley. She is the most annoying person I have seen. Besides that, an American show doesn’t need to have that grating English accent and her silly comments that spoil what is happening.

    12/2/2009 8:15 PM UTC

  22. Jason - wrote:

    Is it appropriate to have Snoop Dog and his entourage flash gang signs on national tv? I used to love this show. Now, I won’t ever watch it again.

    12/2/2009 9:56 PM UTC

  23. Melissa - wrote:

    Is America watching the same show I am? Seriously how has Ashleigh and Ryan continued on this show? OK so they have had some ok performances but can anyone remember that Ashleigh only made it into the top 20 because of another dancer saying “no” to the offer? Back to when nobody could stand her and yet she is still on the show? Noelle is more deserving and a better technical dancer and should not have gone home this week. Ryan and Ashleigh both have chessy solos and if I hear in another episode about her parasite im gonna scream…enough already we know you had been sick and can now dance again move on!! I am disappointed but it is the fans choice and I guess we all have our opinion…but just sayin mine is all! Good Luck to the final 8 and may they all have bright futures in dance!

    12/2/2009 10:13 PM UTC

  24. taizhu - wrote:

    This was one of the best episodes ever! This is also one of the best seasons ever! I loved seeing Ellenore and Jakob’s contemporary dance. I also love watching the choreographers after the dance is performed. I have always loved watching dance and go to the ballet a lot. It is really rewarding to see a choreographer watch their own work being performed, especially when it is done well. It is clear that it is not just “work” to them. Watching Jakob and Ellenore dance (and then Sonya’s reaction) was like watching Sonya’s heart pour out on the stage.

    The show is an American treasure. I will never get tired of watching SYTYCD and would literally cry if it were ever taken off the air. I hope the dance world recognizes what a treasure this show is.

    I hope to see Ellenore, Russell and Jakob as the top 3 dancers for the finale. They are each amazing in their own way, so for me it would be tough to choose between them but all three are so deserving.

    12/3/2009 11:32 AM UTC

  25. Linda Ames - wrote:

    Please show the full episode I missed because of OBAMA’s speach on the web site. I keep looking to see if you have THOUGHTFULLY put their performances onto it but you have not. If you are not going to put the full episodes on as a regular thing….Please put this one on because of the interuption. I “love” Obama, but I am not happy that I missed this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12/5/2009 11:52 AM UTC

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