Finalists Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley were eliminated

Cat Deeley with Victor and Karen

Cat Deeley with Victor and Karen

Finalists Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley were eliminated tonight. Hauer, 27, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from Queens, NY; and Smalley, 21, is a Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL. This week’s results show also featured special performances by Shakira and American Ballet Theatre member Paloma Herrera.

The three couples who received the fewest votes after Tuesday’s performance show were: Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley; Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras; and Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello. After each of these six dancers performed solo routines, the judges eliminated Hauer and Smalley.

The fate of the dancers now rests solely in the hands of America as the competition continues on television’s most original dance show Tuesday, Dec. 1 (8:30-11:00 PM ET; 7:30-10:00 PM CT; 7:00-9:00 PM MT; 8:00-10:00 PM PT) following live coverage of President Obama’s Address to the Nation on FOX. The Top 10 finalists (Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Mollee Gray, Jakob Karr, Noelle Marsh, Kathryn McCormick, Legacy Perez, Ellenore Scott and Nathan Trasoras) will be paired with new partners as they compete to be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

The following night, there will be special performances by Snoop Dogg with Quest Crew and LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) before America’s vote is revealed and two more dancers are sent home on the live results show Wednesday, Dec. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

Additionally, Cat Deeley will host the first fundraiser benefiting The Dizzy Feet Foundation at the renowned Kodak Theatre in Hollywood this Sunday, Nov. 29. The special event will celebrate the world of dance and will feature fan-favorite routines from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and other hit television series, as well as dancers from the upcoming feature film “Step Up 3-D” and performances by Mary Murphy and Dmitry Chaplin. The event will also showcase the first-ever Dizzy Feet scholarship recipients from The Juilliard School, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the American Ballet Theatre, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and Mary Murphy’s Champion Ballroom Academy among many others. For more information, visit


74 comments on “Finalists Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley were eliminated“

  1. Bob Namanny - wrote:

    I was absolutely incredulous at the choice of Nathan over Victor. Were Mary and Adam watching? Nigel, you are right. He deserves a special invitation to be in the top 11. I WILL VOTE AGAINST ANY COUPLE THAT INCLUDES NATHAN.

    11/30/2009 11:16 PM UTC

  2. Stephen - wrote:

    It was inevitable that Karen was going to be chosen. As great as she was, there seemed to be a real disconnect with her and the voters. The judges couldn’t continue to push her through when she was consistently in the bottom three. Doesn’t really help that her solo was kind of lackluster. I’ll miss her, but it was really her time to go.

    I’m surprised with Victor being the one to go. His solo was much better than either of the other two guys. I know that’s not the only thing that the judges look at, but it just didn’t look like Nathan wanted to be there as badly as Victor did. Maybe he’ll come to life when the partnerships get broken up.

    It’s in America’s hands now. I wish that I could vote :-)

    12/1/2009 1:43 AM UTC

  3. celine - wrote:

    awww..i hate immature so lousy dance..I HATE HIM SO MUCH HE SHOULD HAVE OUT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor victor

    12/1/2009 11:50 AM UTC

  4. otdrne - wrote:

    I wonder if Adam’s words to Nathan about other people talking about Bosnian refugees alluded to Legacy. I mean this guy keeps blabbing heart-breaking unoriginal monologues and weeping tears.
    In the meantime everyone keeps talking about his growth, but I haven’t seen that. I totally agree with Mollie above that many choreographies he has danced have been adjusted to showcase his skills, so even if there is growth he hasn’t had to show it.
    The judges keep talking how smart choreographers have been to include his style, but that hasn’t been done ever before and shouldn’t be done in the future if we want to evaluate how versatile the dancers are.

    12/1/2009 1:06 PM UTC

  5. Denise - wrote:

    I think it’s unbelievable that Nathan and Mollee are still in the competition. Nathan is obviously the one that should have gone home, and I feel like the judges are voting to keep a teenage girl audience, not because Nathan is the better dancer.

    I have never been so disappointed in the show.

    12/1/2009 4:34 PM UTC

  6. Cindy - wrote:

    I think there should be two favorite winners, a male and a female. Trying to compare the male and female dancers is like comparing apples and oranges. The technique, roles, and strengths are so different.
    I also agree Victor got booted unfairly.

    12/1/2009 7:08 PM UTC

  7. Kay - wrote:

    Im so glad that they seemed to have gotten rid of Mia Michaels. She was so rude and obnoxious. I love that Adam Shankman has been on as a third judge good constructive criticism and I think they have a well balanced talent of new choreographers. Wish SYTYCD could be on year round. LOVE IT!!!!!

    12/1/2009 11:23 PM UTC

  8. lovedance - wrote:

    I think they should have booted Nathan off the show last week…Glad Karen is gone…her solo’s were aweful! Ryan’s…love him with a partner, but his solo’s are bad as well. Go Katherine and Mollee! Russel and Legacy….love you….vote for you every week!

    12/2/2009 7:22 AM UTC

  9. Jennifer - wrote:

    The judges talked much about chemistry last night. I wanted to say that I have been watching SYTYCD since season 1 and this is the season that I’ve enjoyed the judges the most. You three have had me laughing all of season 6….last night the chemistry between the 3 of you and Cat was fantastic! There is an obvious kinship and respect that is felt all the way to Montreal, Quebec…Canada! Shhhhhhh I don’t even watch the Canadian version…just not the same vibe. Alan…I love your particular brand of humor! Love Mary’s profound heart. Nigel, you are a class act. And well Cat…always beautiful. I believe my boyfriend’s exact words were “Smokin”!!! Thanks guys!

    12/2/2009 11:13 AM UTC

  10. jos - wrote:

    Unfortunately I think Victor was sent home because of “presence” and personality rather than talent.
    He doesn’t give much emotionally although he is an excellent dancer.
    The judges did say it was NOT unanimous for the men.
    and Karen did not seem to have the fight and drive after judges comments.
    I’m surprised though the the judges never made many real comments to Victor about connecting emotionally with the audience as think that was the biggest drawback for him.

    12/2/2009 12:45 PM UTC

  11. Joyce - wrote:

    I agree, Victor gave a KILLER solo that night, it was just breathtaking, as well as his performance the previous night…he has the best pirouettes I have EVER seen, and he can do the splits which is more than I can say for the other 2 guys in the bottom rung. He should have stayed…just because Nathan is the desire of all the teen girl’s hearts they won’t send him home, his solo was so lame, unimpressive to say the least, Mollee on the other hand did a really good “dance for her life” better than Karen’s…basically it will come down to another favorite to choose from, or Nathan has to be a loser along with Mollee for several weeks in a row before they finally let him go. Overall, in the bottom 3 guys, Victor was the TOP DANCER, and I’m quite sure Nigel knew that and fought for him to stay, but popularity won out. Honestly, my vote overall is with Legacy, he’s an amazing dancer and has shown the most growth, and NOBODY can beat him at that “Beboy” stuff he does, or whatever he calls it.

    12/2/2009 12:56 PM UTC

  12. Janie - wrote:

    Couldn’t believe the Victor choice. But I thought Ryan should go and not Nathan. He is way too stiff and really loves himself, or at least his body. Ew. He and Ashley both seem emotionally inaccessible, certainly lacking in “it,” imho.

    I hate the stage!!! Glad to hear that from others. It distracts soooo much from the dances. Crazy making!

    12/2/2009 2:16 PM UTC

  13. Nana - wrote:

    Sorry to see Victor leave the show, but definitely think that Nathan will be able to bring more to the show with a different dance partner. I look forward to seeing them all with different dance partners.

    For the people who complain that the judges were unfair to send those two home: it’s part of the show. Once you have come this far, you will get somewhere with your dancing even when it’s not on this show.

    And what I read in several comments about Karen being haughty? How can you think that? :S

    With some of the comments I really wonder if we are all watching the same show… ;)

    12/2/2009 5:21 PM UTC

  14. Ewa - wrote:

    Ryan should have been voted off – both Victor and Nathan out-danced him. I am not sure why he was left in – just so that he can go on tour with his wife?

    12/2/2009 5:29 PM UTC

  15. lalalexxidancer - wrote:

    I think Ryan should have gone as well. I think Nathan is ok, but I don’t like Ryan as a dancer. He is goofy. Jakob is the best.

    12/2/2009 9:00 PM UTC

  16. Linda Ames - wrote:

    Karen was different (IN a VERY WONDERFUL way) which made her special, and I don’t understand why the judges didn’t keep her. I recall Nigel’s comment about her intimidating the others and I think she probably did. Still, in the way that they have kept others for their uniqueness, they should have kept her. I would watch whatever she is in, and I would love to see her get some kind of movie deal.

    12/5/2009 11:57 AM UTC

  17. Sun - wrote:

    It is popularity voting system, lots of voters are not dancers.
    They don’t judge only dance.
    Karen started with her husband, and broke up with him after she made the top 20 by herself. Her divorce, her sexy appeal. Young voters might have been turned off by the personality she presented…
    It’s part of the nature of this show. Each dancer makes a character to connect with the audience. Especially, other ballroom dancers on the show present themselves as a happy supportive couple,,,
    Karen’s concept didn’t work with young audience.

    12/5/2009 7:08 PM UTC

  18. kristine - wrote:

    kupono from season 5 was on carrie underwoods christmas special as a dancer.

    12/10/2009 11:22 PM UTC

  19. dom - wrote:


    *** And fyi Vicki you are hilarious*** you wiped my tears away last night *** l0l

    12/11/2009 3:54 AM UTC

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  23. Catherine Vecchio - wrote:

    I think Victor is an excellent dancer, he has his own studio with his friend and mother Myra Smalley and Angel Armas. He has 5 wonderful dancer who try their best to get first place when they go to competition, he and Angel have worked hard getting them to competitions and keeping up with the other students in the studio.

    5/24/2012 4:07 PM UTC

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