Notes From the Season 5 Tour at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles

Tour 2009

The Top 10 dancers plus Phillip Chbeeb and Caitlin Kinney have been touring across the country for the past couple months. With two weeks left on the tour, the dancers traveled to Los Angeles to perform at the Nokia Theatre. It was like a family reunion to see the dancers that graced our television sets all summer long back on stage and performing together.

Throughout the night, the dancers each performed a solo, recreated some of the most memorable partner dances of the season, and participated in skits. The night started with a lot of energy – a new group number, dancer introductions, the fastest disco in SYTYCD history by Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant, “Mad” hip hop from Jeanine Mason and Phillip, the infamous “butt” dance with Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak, a solo from Janette, and Broadway from Jason Glover and Kayla Radomski. Next came the first classical pas de deux on SYTYCD recreated by Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi. After Kupono Aweau showed off his quirky style in his solo, we saw a dance from the first episode of the season – Bollywood with Caitlin and Jason. Evan channeled old Broadway dancing in his solo, and then three “Supergirls” took the stage: Jeanine, Kayla, and Melissa. Edgy vampires in the form of Kayla and Kupono performed together, and then Caitlin danced a solo. Ade’s afro pick hypnotized businesswoman Janette into a hip hop trance, Kayla reprised her “Blackbird” solo from auditions, and Evan and Melissa had a Broadway wedding. Jason danced a solo and then Jeanine and Brandon battled it out to “Battlefield.”

Since the show was in L.A., the Top 16 dancers on Season 6 were in town and in the audience. They were invited up on stage and the audience cheered them on. It was amazing to think that in just a few months, ten of these dancers would be treating us to their best dances from the fall season. After the Season 6 dancers left the stage, the Top 12 performed the “Calle Ocho” group dance complete with table dancing and splashing water. It was such a hot number, everyone needed an intermission break after that piece.

Back from intermission, the dancers performed a Broadway group routine with mirrors, Janette and Brandon robbed a bank, and zombie Jason attacked Kayla with his hip hop moves of horror. Randi performed a solo, Kayla and Brandon performed their Broadway number from the finale episode, and Phillip’s solo had the majority of the audience leap to their feet for a standing ovation. Then, the Top 3 boys danced their oompa loompa jazz routine. Next, Melissa performed a ballet solo and her 200 friends and family members in her hometown audience held up signs for her.

Throughout the night, there was a hilarious skit involving Jeanine, Phillip, and Russian Folk dance. It all came to fruition when the Top 12 danced a Russian Folk group number that proved that Russian Folk is a serious style of dance.

Brandon’s powerful solo called for another standing ovation from his many fans. The night took an emotional turn with “Addiction” performed brilliantly and hauntingly by Kayla and Kupono and “The Necklace” danced with so much chemistry by Jeanine and Jason. Season 5 partners Brandon and Janette performed the Cha Cha and then America’s Favorite Dancer performed her amazing solo from the Season 5 finale. The room got quiet and emotional for Ade and Melissa’s moving tribute to breast cancer. During Jeanine and Brandon’s Matrix paso doble, Jeanine’s dress got caught on her heel and her skirt slipped down below her behind. Despite flashing the audience, Jeanine recovered and moved on like the pro that she is.

The night ended with a final Broadway group number, and thousands of fans left with smiles on their face. If you haven’t seen the Season 5 Top 10 on tour yet, you have until November 21, 2009 to check it out. View the remaining shows and buy tickets here.


17 comments on “Notes From the Season 5 Tour at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles“

  1. OliviaT - wrote:

    I’m a huge supporter of So You Think You Can Dance and have watched since it’s first episode. I am now seriously considering not watching any longer based on Nigel’s recent comments about Nathan. They were extreme, uncalled for and inappropriately stated. I understand his point, but the harshness, tact and timing was wrong and it made Nigel look bad. There is a way to communicate such lessons and that way wasn’t a professional way.

    11/13/2009 2:34 PM UTC

  2. Thel Boyette - wrote:

    Is it going to continue that Nigel be allowed to be rude, overbearing and obnoxious??? He told the entire audience to ‘shut up’ this week!!!

    11/14/2009 7:50 AM UTC

  3. Thel Boyette - wrote:

    In our household we record the show so that we can fast forward through any segment that has Nigel in it!! TGB

    11/14/2009 7:51 AM UTC

  4. Thel Boyette - wrote:

    Nigel is uncommonly rude and inappropriate to the audience to the point that we no longer watch when he is on the air – TGB

    11/14/2009 7:53 AM UTC

  5. liberty - wrote:

    i cant believe they leaft there were so good lol

    11/15/2009 10:40 AM UTC

  6. Lizzy G - wrote:

    The tour show is fantastic, great energy and lots of fun. I happen to think Caitlin’s solo was amazing- definitely one of the best solos…

    11/16/2009 7:46 AM UTC

  7. lydia - wrote:

    I’ve been a huge fan for many years, but season 6 is a disappointment. Not one of the dancers has the talent of the top 20 from the last 3 years and the choreography is so ordinary. Where’s Mia? Or Wade? Or Tab & Nap?
    It seems like this season was rushed into prime time and it definitely shows.

    11/17/2009 6:39 AM UTC

  8. Michael - wrote:

    Nigel has gotten out of hand a bit this season, I agree, he has gotten quite rude, but not nearly as bad as Simon from Idol. Anyway, season six does seem rushed and I feel like they were purposely trying to pair it with their new show Glee. I don’t like the new stage changes, I don’t like Adam Shankman being on very week (I thought rotating 3rd judge gave the show an excellent dynamic/freshness week in and week out), and I feel like the talent level is not up to snuff with other seasons. We’re about to be down 8 dancers and I can’t say I’ve seen any particularly moving choreography either. So far, for me, this season is a bust. I do have to say that I love Russell though. An untrained Hip Hop guy who can do anything fantasticly. If he doesn’t win this season, I’ll be shocked…

    11/18/2009 7:07 AM UTC

  9. Samantha - wrote:

    Channing should of NEVER left. This makes me want to stop watching season 6, Karen’s technique is SO limited. Some people (like myself) feel that shaking around is only so entertaining and DEFINITELY does not make “that connection” with the audience. Karen was given easy steps with the Broadway number and she lacked so much character. I think there was no reason why she could not have put more into her character, it was lame.

    I’m just so disappointed!

    11/18/2009 8:45 PM UTC

  10. carol - wrote:

    why doesn’t Philip dance in the tour????

    11/19/2009 1:19 PM UTC

  11. Kyle Baker - wrote:

    I just went to the show in Portland, Oregon. Does anyone know why Phillip didn’t dance? He was on stage, but he would always leave when the dancing started. Did he get hurt? We missed seeing his solo!

    11/21/2009 12:24 AM UTC

  12. Michael B Babbitt - wrote:

    I just saw the finale show for Season 5 in Everett, WA last night. It was great and Phillip did a solo besides other performances. What a great season: Evan, Brandon, Ade, Jeanette, Jason, Jeanine, Kayla, Melissa, Kupono, and Randi — and Caitlan who did a great solo. The audience ate it all up.

    11/22/2009 3:57 PM UTC

  13. Kyla - wrote:

    I saw the last show in Everett and it was amazing! Because it was the last show, they started off by saying, “Anything was possible,” starting from when they came out and danced their introductions to different persons’ names. There was Brandon in pink spandex interrupting the Romeo & Juliet dance, Brandon in a leopard dress, Brandon and Jason dancing the Jai Ho dance, Evan and Brandon shadowing each other in their solos. In the “Calle Ocho” group dance, it was the guys dancing on the tables, splashing in the water. Kayla and Jason wore each other outfits in the Zombie dance, though I think the schoolgirl outfit was a bit small on Jason ;-) Probably the funniest (or perhaps disturbing) was when the Top 3 boys danced their oompa loompa jazz routine, but instead of the regular costumes, they were in speedos with sparkly belts with their initials on them, to mimic the superhero outfits the top three girls wore. That’s only some of the unique things they threw into this performance. They definitely looked like they were having fun, and it was funny and enjoyable for the audience.

    11/22/2009 8:17 PM UTC

  14. Hannah - wrote:

    Nigel needs to start acting classy. He is being so rude, especially to Nathan, who does not deserve it at all. He needs to stop making all of those perverted comments too.

    11/23/2009 10:06 PM UTC

  15. Lori - wrote:

    I have always been a fan of this show, until this season. It feels rushed. The dancers seem so-so. I’m waiting for someone to stand out. Love Russell, but can’t imagine who the top 4 will end up being. I do not like the new stage. I feel like the cameras are so far away from the audience. It’s hard to see feelings/personalities. Most of all, I miss the rotating 3rd judge. Hope Adam is not a permanent replacement. I’m hoping the summer season is back to “normal.” I miss Mia and Little C. Adam says the same things week after week. I don’t even watch the elimination show anymore. I don’t care who leaves. What were they thinking??

    11/24/2009 10:54 AM UTC

  16. Makayla - wrote:

    I agree with Lori. Season 5 was the first season I’ve watched on SYTYCD, and I LOVED it! I even went to see the tour in Sacramento. I thought season 5′s dancers were AMAZING and pushed dance to a whole new level. I’m no perfessional, but this season’s dancers seem less experienced and not nearly as good as last. I also miss the rotating of the third judge. Different opinions are important to dancers. I thought there was no point in getting a new stage. So many good memories were made on the other stage. It’s just too different this season.

    11/27/2009 12:32 AM UTC

  17. kaymin - wrote:

    Flew to LA from Calgary, Alberta just to see these dancers with my teenage daughter – it was truly a trip to remember. This season must have been rushed, the talent is just not there compared to the Season 5 dancers. Not to mention the dancers lack of personality. I don’t find Nigel too rude – he’s English, what do you expect? I just miss my Brandon fix, the interesting partnerships, the shoulda coulda woulda stuff from last season – I think we lucked out with that one and it will be some time again before all the stars are aligned and we see a top ten like those dancers. Until then, I’ll just live on my memories.

    12/3/2009 3:51 PM UTC

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