Finalists Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino were eliminated tonight.

 Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino

Finalists Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino were eliminated tonight on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Mata, 19, is a Jazz dancer from West Covina, CA, and Sabasino, 22, is a Tap dancer from Philadelphia, PA. This week’s results show also featured special performances by members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

The three couples who received the fewest votes after Tuesday’s performance show were: Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello; Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino; and Karen Hauer and Kevin Hunte. After each of these six dancers performed solo routines, the judges eliminated Mata and Sabasino.

The competition continues on Tuesday, Nov. 17 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX when the remaining 14 finalists (Channing Cooke, Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Mollee Gray, Karen Hauer, Kevin Hunte, Jakob Karr, Noelle Marsh, Kathryn McCormick, Legacy Perez, Ellenore Scott, Victor Smalley and Nathan Trasoras) compete as couples once again.

The following night, Australian guitarist Orianthi will perform her hit, “According To You,” and dancers from NDM Bollywood Dance Productions will take the stage before the judges send two more dancers home on the live results show Wednesday, Nov. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed)


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  1. Ballroom Instructor - wrote:

    Yes, too much attention this year on the judges, esp. Mary Murphy. Between her and Cat, they always seem to be in a contest to see who can babble on incessantly about a bunch of crap. They both love to hear themselves talk, and I don’t like that.

    11/12/2009 6:00 PM UTC

  2. Jo - wrote:

    I think it’s a shame that Pauline was eliminated. She should have never even been in the bottom 3. That spot should have been held my Mollee who should have been eliminated instead. Mollee does not have the maturity to compete seriously in a competition such as this. This has been a very disapointing season so far. I seriously hope it improves, however it will be really tough to beat last season.

    11/12/2009 6:16 PM UTC

  3. Aimz - wrote:

    I like it when Nigel is harsh. I have been dancing for 20 years and my judgment of the dances is always the same as Nigel’s. I appreciate that he actually says that the dancing is bad. The show is a competition and most people in the US have no idea what the dances should look like so he tells you. Also I can’t stand Mollie she is creepy. Oh and aaron I don’t know what you are talking about with all these blond female dancers. All I can remember are brunettes. i.e. katy, sabra, last seasons winner, anya and I’m sure there are many more.

    11/12/2009 6:23 PM UTC

  4. Gigi - wrote:

    Jason, you are right on the money! This season’s mess is totally the producers’ fault. They focused far too much on the the obnoxiously cute ratings gatherers with mediocre talent and the gimmicks they could throw in this season and have disrespected those who were really talented and have the potential to be awesome. They’ve changed their stance left and right to make it fit who they wanted to move up. Now Nigel is pissed. Why, because he is getting exactly what he wanted. It’s really sad that dancers like Ariana (who had amazing passion at such a young age), Bianca (who put in some respectable performances) and Peter (who I believe was showing growth) have had to suffer this season and be cut while others who are not as consistent, in fact have been just plain awful, are still in the running.

    Nigel has been rude to the dancers and the audience. He has taken away our power to vote and manipulated the judging and rules to his liking. And after last night’s fiasco, this long time fan is now severing her relationship with SYTYCD and declaring her independence from the pompous Brit and his show!!!

    11/12/2009 6:24 PM UTC

  5. S.B - wrote:

    I watched the eliminations, I thought it was sad that Pauline and Peter where the one to go, i think that they could improve and be amazing if they had the chance to stay. I totally agreed with the judges comments, being a dancer myself, i know that just winning a competition doesn’t allow you to go further, you have to improve everyday!i think that it was also Nigel’s point of view, Nathan was very cocky and arrogant, when Nigel asked him and Molly if they learned about their “mistakes” (technically it was just awful what they did!my little sister has more rythm!) Nathan just answered i feel “Hot!” so that was disrespectful! He didn’t care and that is sad because i think Molly has the abilities to make it, and to learn from critics in order to improve. That is the reason why i think Nigel put him back on his place, a little akward maybe but it was needed i think to give the show its goal back!even if Nathan makes the top 10, after the show no one will hire him if he can’t dance properly!whereas others whom are taking it very seriously haven’t the opportunity, i think Nathan is the one that is disrespectful, they gave him the opportunity and he is acting as if it is a big joke. Just sad. Pauline i think did good in her solo, and sadly she never had the chance to have a “stable” partnership (a new partner each week almost!), and it is the reason why her performances weren’t strong enough.
    I wish Peter and her the best!

    11/12/2009 6:29 PM UTC

  6. Sara - wrote:

    Season 6 sucks.

    Nigel sucks.

    The dancers suck.

    The stage sucks the MOST.

    I think you haven given So You Think You Can Dance America a bad reputation after this season.

    11/12/2009 6:39 PM UTC

  7. jhen - wrote:

    well for me after seeing the show last night i was really shocked by nigel’s behavior i do love the show and i been watching it since S1 to S6 but it is obvious that nigel got exploded in a wrong way he or no one has no right to discriminate anyone what he shown last night was really disrespectful and full of arrogance and he let people see how unprofessional he is,before he kept saying that this show is about personality and popularity about america’s favorite dancer not best dancer and that’s what people did is to vote for their favorite but nigel said they got it wrong coz he based on the dance performance,for me nigel is confusing and stupid after he said to the audience to shut up he must forgot that they are live broadcast and million of people got to witness what he did and i am pretty sure nigel got all viewers upset and disappointed after all,and one more thing nigel u need to quit comparing this S6 finalist from S5 dancers S5 is over and we all know that it has been amazing season so that means get on the new season and look for other talented dancers coz they are completely different it cant be the same coz everyone has diff.personalities and has diff.skills u are now in season 6 so stop camparing over and over again,u should find your way how to apologize to those people coz i know all of us know that ”U ARE NOT LIKE WHAT U THINK U ARE” i wish they will suspend u if u dont want to eat you pride coz u have been such a ridiculous and trashy judge although sometimes we agree on your comments but not all the time u are right!!!!!deep breath people including me…..

    11/12/2009 7:06 PM UTC

  8. Amy Hill - wrote:

    While Nigel’s comments might have come out a bit harsher than necessary, I for one am glad that someone is finally coming out and saying what has been on my mind for season after season. I am disillusioned by the fact that dancers who are less capable are bolstered purely because of their sex appeal. Nathan and Mollee are spectacular dancers, but the fact that they were voted on in large part because of their charismatic presence versus dance abilities is truly disappointing. I wish all the dancers best of luck. However, I also urge the audience to look more closely at the quality of the dancing and adaptability of the dancers instead of their outward physical appearance. Karen did not deserve to be in the bottom three…she has been consistently outstanding, something which can’t be said for other couples.

    11/12/2009 7:43 PM UTC

  9. uberVU - social comments - wrote:

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    11/12/2009 8:42 PM UTC

  10. llana - wrote:

    I just want to mention how fabulous the Alvin Ailey dance troop was….now that was dancing!

    11/12/2009 9:32 PM UTC

  11. Patrick - wrote:

    In regards to your comments about Nigel being rude to the dancers: How many of you have actually ever auditioned for anything more than a high school musical?
    The people making the selections are often quite brutal in their honesty (and I use the terms “brutal” and “honesty” for a reason). It seems rude, but they are also trying to give the people trying out a wake-up call. And don’t forget that some of this is the judge’s opinion, which they should be allowed to have, just like you or me.

    Nigel’s “shut up” to the audience was a bit much, but they were booing him while he was trying to give some criticism (and it was actually constructive criticism, as hard as it may be for some of you to believe). This is a professional dance competition – professional because the winner takes home a great deal of money. The grand prize is far more than 99% of professional dancers make in FIVE years, let alone one. The dancers should be ready to accept honest criticism.

    I think that Nathan and Mollee should have been voted in the bottom three, as Nigel obviously did. But don’t forget that the judges had already labeled them the dream team, meaning that they were good enough that one bad dance would not ruin them. Please remember that Nigel had said either season 4 or 5 that unless the solo is spectacular, the judges have already made up their minds on who to send home. I don’t think that they should have been sent home – but they needed a wake up call that a bottom 3 would have given them. Since they didn’t get that, Nigel decided it was his DUTY AS PRODUCER TO GIVE THEM THE WAKE UP CALL THAT AMERICA DIDN’T.

    11/12/2009 10:21 PM UTC

  12. Cyndi - wrote:

    Ultimately, I’m surprized that anyone is surprized by wed. night. People this is a TV show. This is all about ratings. Always will be. Nigel might have been way too overt in his comments, but it’s kept you all talking. And ultimately that is how you get ratings up.

    It’s not the first time Nigel has told the audience to shut-up; nor, a dancer getting publically chastized . Anyone remember Danny Tidwell getting put in his place? Sometimes they need it and sometimes audiences don’t like being told they don’t know what their are talking about.

    The truth is most people stop to look at and/or talk about the train wreck. Welcome to the next train wreck we all get to harp about!!!!

    11/13/2009 4:03 AM UTC

  13. Jason - wrote:

    Cyndi — you are right that this is a TV show, but there is also the post-season tour which makes quite a lot of money for the producers of the show. Ultimately, it is the quality of the performances that will make people want to spend $$$ on tour tickets.

    11/13/2009 12:58 PM UTC

  14. Jill - wrote:

    I think the thing that frustrated me the most is the whole only voting for partners thing. This season, more than most, there seem to be a lot of partnerships where I love one and hate the other. And yes, I am a huge fan of Nathan. His solos were always amazing, and I feel like he hasn’t grown like he would have with a different partner. I think the producers put Nathan and Mollee together because of the age thing, but it backfired and brought them both down.

    11/13/2009 1:44 PM UTC

  15. Karl - wrote:

    I have read all of the messages. Anyway you shake this Nigel was rude and offensive and owes EVERYONE an apology. Having been a dancer and a teacher we always taught our children NOT to tell people to “shut up”. There are so many other ways to get your point across. It show a lack of intelliegence. Maybe Nigel should just produce and not be a judge. Oh and he can take Mary with him.

    11/13/2009 2:27 PM UTC

  16. OliviaT - wrote:

    I’m a huge supporter of So You Think You Can Dance and have watched since it’s first episode. I am now seriously considering not watching any longer based on Nigel’s recent comments about Nathan. They were extreme, uncalled for and inappropriately stated. I understand his point, but the harshness, tact and timing was wrong and it made Nigel look bad. There is a way to communicate such lessons and that way wasn’t a professional way.

    11/13/2009 2:35 PM UTC

  17. David - wrote:

    I was outraged Wednesday night by Nigel’s remarks to the dancers, the studio audience and the audience at home. His arrogant behavior and his “Shut-up” comment to the audience were particularly upsetting. I wish the viewing audience had a vote to eliminate judges from the show, because I would have eliminated Nigel long ago.

    Nigel’s arrogant, egotistical, boorish and condescending behavior is truly getting annoying. He needs to learn to be more respectful and thoughtful with his criticism to the dancers and especially his interaction with the studio and at home audience. Or maybe he needs a vacation away from the show. I’d rather see anyone of the judges from last year take is place.

    Nigel owes the dancers, his studio audience and the viewers at home an apology. I hope it is the first thing he does this next Wednesday night. It’s up to you Nigel. Without viewers, there will no longer be a “So You Think You Can Dance”.

    11/13/2009 3:30 PM UTC

  18. Greg - wrote:

    I am loving the comments.
    Nigel was 100% right. What a terrible set of solos.
    - The dancers have had it easy with ONLY one dance per week and no real ‘fight for your life’
    - Nigel needs more backing. If Tyce, Mia or Lil C were up there judging, they would have equally given them a tongue lashing. I want more judges.
    - If this show is about moulding dancers to be stars then some of these kids should have waited at LEAST one more year before making it on the show.

    Obviously Vegas week was the toughest yet, but since the Top 20 have been created the dancers have had it relatively easy with only Nigel to scream some common sense into them.
    For Nathan’s comments, I would have made a bottom 4 dance off and sent him home. That was totally unprofessional as a dancer.

    Sorry Mia, but S6 will NOT blow S5 out the water cause the dancers are not ready. You aren’t there to kick them up the ass!
    Bring on Simon Cowell for some really tough love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/13/2009 5:39 PM UTC

  19. Kathy - wrote:

    Oh come on, the judges, especially Nigel, have been selling Nathan and Mollee since Las Vegas, with countless comments like, “the teenaged girls will love you, Nathan!” Please allow dancers to earn our votes with their stage presence, skill and talent. If judges would like to influence viewers limit your remarks to constructive criticisms pertaining to the elements of dance like technique, musicality, stage presence, interpretation, strength and line and in the process you’ll educate your audience.

    Love the show. Keep your standards high. Reward the best and keep the cuteness out of it!

    11/13/2009 6:12 PM UTC

  20. Tru - wrote:

    Pauline is a natural dancer compared to the other girls. im a professional dancer and this show is based on votes from ignorant fans. its pointless watching this show. the judges are stupid too for giving the other dancers such hype and just dissing the other obviously good dancers. PAULINE AND ARIANA SHULD NOT HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED!!! STUPID BILLY HAD TO GET SICK! AND PETER WAS IMPROVING OUT OF HIS TAP CRAP!

    ELLENORE FOR THE WIN!!! the choreographer sucked, krump is not true hip hop dance. so boring. i felt bad for ellenore and ryan. other dancers wud have a better status if they had a dope choreo.

    btw. nigel was right about his criticism. and nathan is immature for that reply event though hes messing around or just saying that to have a positive atmosphere for his high school slut fans he acted dumb. thats wut nigel got so worked up. cus america doesnt know how to vote. favorite dancer my asss. it’s just sad that it comes to that.

    11/13/2009 6:15 PM UTC

  21. Vicki - wrote:

    This week had a few highlights (like the cool African jazz and one of the few Broadway #s that was actually entertaining) but all anyone will remember is Nigel’s outburst. It was obviously all about Karen as, the night before, Nigel actually laughed at Nathan’s “Hot” comment and knew he would get through despite the poor salsa.
    Why are the judges always so surprised when their favorites are not at the top? People are encouraged to vote for their FAVORITE dancers and get an unlimited # of votes. (I would personally really like it if they at least tried to vote for the best dancer and had just one vote per phone #.) The Molly-Nathan pair was specifically created to appeal to young (and young-minded) people. Is their success shocking now?
    The judges also undermine dancers they treat as favorites. Audiences recognize when someone is receiving praise out of proportion to performance and don’t like it. The judges are not doing them any favors by drooling all over them. If Karen had a handful of fans before, many of them were turned off by Nigel’s rant. Kevin probably doesn’t rake in many votes b/c he has been pushed into the background so much.
    I don’t feel bad for Karen and Kevin though. They will get some special choreography for next week and, even if they end on the bottom, will be saved by the judges. I also don’t feel bad for Molly and Nathan who had a poor performance but, instead of leaving the show, just had a tongue-lashing. Their fans will want to defy the judges that much harder.
    I DO feel bad for Peter and Pauline. This was supposed to be their moment. There is just no constructive, rational reason to be nasty to people who are leaving. Adam was equally heartless due to his crush on Karen. Only Mary expressed some positive sentiments toward Peter and Pauline. Pauline looked pretty devastated. It was sweet that Peter kissed her hand. That was the only classy thing about the whole show.

    This hissy fit will not win Nigel any fans. The reason Simon gets away with obnoxious comments is that he is harsh to everybody and an equal opportunity insulter. It takes a lot to impress him but he doesn’t play favorites like Nigel.

    11/13/2009 6:41 PM UTC

  22. Cher - wrote:

    Show’s Producers,

    I too was shocked to see that Mollie/Nathan were kept after the obvious arrogant yell from Nathan & the ever-so-obvious terrible performance by them both. I have a few comments about this year’s show: First, I think you have chosen far too many “street” dancers who will, by their definition, be more “popular” with the 13-18 Yr. olds who apparently are doing the voting never mind the way-too-youthful audience (tweens & teeny-boppers). I think there should be an age minimum to the live audience if, for no other reason, that some of the choreography has adult themes & some sexuality not appropriate for 12/13 yr. olds. Besides most of that age group does not appreciate the ART of dance. You just are not going to get judging by the public that amounts to any more than personality & looks when these very young girls make up the majority of the audience. I’ve watched since the beginning & the show has now turned out to be about looks & street dancing & this disappoints me greatly. Secondly, I’m glad you have Adam on as a judge. Better him than Li’l C. I’ll not say anything further on that statement except that the choice was a good one because Adam has tremendous empathy as well as a schooled mind to dance & performance. Thirdly, I thought I heard Nigel say that “Biily”, the young man in the beginning that lost his position because of illness, was going to be allowed only to come in for the best 100 auditions next year. I think that is very, very wrong as he was to be on the original Top 20. You allowed his replacement back to the Top 20, I thought. Maybe another clearer explanation is in order as his replacement was another “street” dancer certainly not with the same tremendous background in dance as Billy. Nigel, I do appreciate your honesty. It is necessary for this type of show without being cruel. I hope the show will improve this year, because so far this year’s dancers, albeit a couple or so, do not seem to have the same great dancing abilities as last year’s show. I think too there has been some less than inspirational choreography by some new choreographers brought to the show. Thanks for reading.

    11/13/2009 6:53 PM UTC

  23. Cher - wrote:

    By the way………..I also agree that the new set is way too much for these dancers. It’s hard to focus on their dancing with all the back lighting & other films/pictures/writing on the back wall behind them. Sometimes it’s even hard to find them amid all the similar colors & figures behind them. Maybe if that was turned OFF it would help. It’s also obviously difficult to film the dancers. We often lose one of them in the scene. I liked the old one better for the dancers. A static background would be better.

    Again, thanks for reading.

    11/13/2009 7:00 PM UTC

  24. CF - wrote:

    I don’t want to go against anyone, but I think that you’re all blowing Nigel’s comment out of proportion. The audience actually did deserve that, seeing that they were themselves being disrespectful, booing at him while he was trying to make an honest critique. Most of these comments will loose your credability because all of them have been written with a lot of emotion (I’m not trying to be confrontational).
    Also, Nathan and Mollee shouldn’t have been safe, cause in reality they did suck, majorly. Nathan’s comment just demonstrated the arrogance of youth…because he has been idolized, even though I frankly don’t know why. The only reason they were safe is because the prepubescent fetuses actually voted for them. The voting for this show has become predominantly based on the votes of the teeny boppers because they clearly have nothing else to do with their time.
    As for Karen and Kevin, Nigel got it completely right saying that the “younger voting public,” aka the silly little girls, are intimidated by Karen’s sensuality. In all honesty, she not only has sex appeal, but she’s also clearly a dynamic dancer, who adds a lot of personality on top of what she is given to dance, and the audience should know this because of the judges comments. Also, for those of you who say she’s vain, how would you really be able to tell?, do you personally know her? why judge someone if you don’t truly know them. Just because the person is really hot, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be vain. Kevin has also been improving, and since he is a street dancer, his ballroom skills have been quite impressive. Are you not voting for him because of Karen? That’s just plain ignorance, it’s not valuing the time and effort he put into learning a dance, which the majority of people would not be able to perform.
    As for the judges comments, they are quite right, just because he may idolize certain ones, it’s may be because they deserve it, and should make it on in the competition. People have just been so stuck on Nigel’s supposed “rudeness” that they won’t vote for the good dancers anymore, just so they can go against him. Being spiteful won’t do any good, because that is just denying to yourself that you know he is right, but don’t want to. I’m sorry, but that’s just cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    Other than that, America got it right with keeping Jakob safe, he is truly an amazing dancer :) , really amazing to watch, probably the best male dancer this season :) .

    11/13/2009 7:57 PM UTC

  25. R.W - wrote:

    It was interesting to me that all along all the judges say that there will probably be disappointments and that America could vote for their favorite dancer even if he/she is not the best dancer! And then when someone they thought was the best ended up in the bottom three–Nigel put on a show that was unbelievable! And he wouldn’t shut up–it was like a spoiled child who is all sweetsy until they don’t get their own way! I have enjoyed your program–it is very entertaining for this 80 year old. But the rude, demeaning comments by Nigel really ruined the show for me!

    11/13/2009 11:28 PM UTC

  26. Dorminic - wrote:

    The term “Best Ever Top 20″ seems like a huge misnomer at this point. It probably started as a ad line to sell the network but when you consider how talented and polished Season 5 was, it’s very obvious that Season 6 can never measure up.

    Season 6 has the most upside when you see how Ashleigh, Russell & Legacy have improved since their first audition or Vegas week, but most talented? Not so much.

    I think we all need to lighten up. It is Nigel’s show and he’s right to be angry. I think it irritates all of us when we see dancers coast despite having a really bad week. Mollee & Nathan were just painful to watch doing salsa. Not only because they couldn’t pull off the choreography but also because they were expected to do really well because they are among the more technically gifted dancers in this Top 20.

    I think Nigel intended this as a wake-up call for ALL the dancers. This is definitely the group with the most upside we have ever seen but we have seen dancers like Pauline, Ryan and Phillip not only failing to improve but also getting progressively worse in comparison to their previous performances. Nathan’s little comment may have been to lighten the mood but it’s definitely not harmless. If your own kid starts cracking jokes after a screw-up, you, as a parent, would go ballistic as well.

    It’s dangerous when a kid (I say kid for his youth) with this much promise and talent is allowed to believe his own hype. So many dancers have ended up in the bottom 3 and came back from that wake up call to do so well. Nigel needed to let Nathan know that he needs to improve to go anywhere near where his potential allows him.

    We saw what happened to Phillip when he tried to explain himself out of a bad routine in Vegas week. Like it or not people will compare Season 5 to Season 6 just like how they compared 5 to 4. Nathan’s little comment could be the start of something and Nigel & the judges are right to cut that in the bud. Should Nathan had been allowed into Season 5, odds are he would have never lasted longer than harder workers like Phillip Chbeeb, Evan, Kayla and Jeanine.

    Now it’s a test. Nathan needs to prove that he did take Nigel’s advice to heart and dance out of his head. He and Mollee have the talent to do so but if he doesn’t it’s simply a show of his character.

    11/13/2009 11:36 PM UTC

  27. MagicDancer - wrote:

    I rewatched the show and in retrospect, I saw nothing wrong with his comments to Nathan and Mollee. Both deserved to be in the bottom three and Nathan’s response was immature. Also, they signed the contract and knew they would get critiqued on national tv. They know it happens.

    Also, Nathan will not get a job in dancing if he doesn’t shape up. And Mollee giggled and went along with Nathan. They both need to take the advise seriously.

    11/14/2009 3:16 PM UTC

  28. KevinG - wrote:

    Nigel’s comments were dead-on! The viewers need to do more than just vote for the cutest guys and girls. I loved the first two episodes where the judges were able to get rid of those who they didn’t feel belonged on the show any more. Unfortunately Nathan and Mollee were brutal in both their dance and (in Nathan’s case) his attitude when critiqued. Obviously he has some serious maturing to do.

    Let’s hope that America smartens up and when someone dances as poorly as they did that they vote appropriately.

    11/14/2009 4:06 PM UTC

  29. lindsay - wrote:

    I don’t feel there is anything wrong with Nigel’s comments. Neither Nathan nor Mollie deserve to be safe because of the middle school popularity contest this show is becoming. I have a horrible feeling the misdirected voting will take this show to a bad place where fewer adults, who previously watched, want to go.

    11/14/2009 11:42 PM UTC

  30. jj - wrote:

    i agree with what nigel did telling the crowd to shut up because sometimes we need to just listen we don’t need to be vocal all the time and i think yeah mollee and nathan were saved by their fans i really wanted nathan gone i dunno why maybe i think he’s too cocky for me and that’s not really good for the show and poor poor pauline shouldn’t have been elminated i would rather take out ellenore but yeah tough tough desition somebody should just slap nathan in the face and say hey learn from this and just shut up!

    11/15/2009 1:22 PM UTC

  31. iamericaru - wrote:

    Nigel — thanks for taking control and insisting on the highest quality of dance and performance. I feel for the past few weeks the judges complements have been somewhat compensating for the decline in talent and choreography. I sense that your outrage about Mollee and Nathan included your disappointment about these other factors. I hope the dancers AND choreographers are scared into action.

    And I hope you also lend a critical eye to the abominable new stage that isn’t helping your cause at all. Try watching it on TV — the dancers faces are shadowed in that lighting and their bodies are lost in the abyss. It looks like the homogeneous, inconsequential routines you see on the Oscars or at the Superbowl half-time.

    11/16/2009 12:22 PM UTC

  32. Hazel - wrote:

    I think what the judge said was correct, i think what he said should have been said. I think the two young dancers should have been kicked off. And kudos for nigel!

    11/16/2009 2:48 PM UTC

  33. eric ramsey - wrote:

    Here’s a novel idea. How about eliminating the dances that seem to inot be popular with the audience instead of blaming the dancers for an irrelevant dance style? Eliminate styles such as the Quick Step or Fox Trot and the Hustle. Those forms are popular with the Judges so let them perform them and keep the judging to something a little more contemporary. Or better yet, next season have a theme nights every week in which all the couples perform routines that are less dissimilar. Have a Quick Step night, for example! Each couple dances the same style but different interpretations of that same style. That equalizes the playing field and looks less “loaded”. That will also tell you by the numbers which of these beloved dance styles are only beloved by the judges and producers and not by your audience!

    11/17/2009 1:38 AM UTC

  34. D - wrote:

    Honestly this seasons dancers have not been that great. Some are fantastic but as a whole it is very lacking. Many people are commenting on Nigel’s comments. I honestly understand fully where he is coming from. Mollee and Nathan are ONLY still in because of their looks. Now do I agree with who was voted off? Not really. Pauline is a far better dancer than Mollee. However history has shown that those who suffer injuries do not last long. So expect Noelle to be gone in the next 2-3 weeks. Of the “Tap” dancers I thought that Bianca and Peter were both good however I have also noticed that the “energy” levels going down fast so was not overly surprised.

    One thing to think about. It is not about how technical they are. It is not about their outfits. It is not about how “cute” they are. It is all about how well they perform their parts. Many of the routines for last week were NOT entertaining in the least.

    But I am interested in seeing how things go from here. IMHO last weeks show showed the best 3 couples, whom I expect to be in the top 10, to be Noelle/Russell, Ellenore/Ryan, and Channing/Victor. All 3 couples showed great chemistry, performed their roles very nicely, and were all around very entertaining.

    11/17/2009 3:07 PM UTC

  35. pw - wrote:

    Was never a fan of Pauline. Her partner and solo performance on the first show was not good at all, yet she was kept on because of her “cuteness”. So I’m not sorry to see her go.

    11/17/2009 6:10 PM UTC

  36. Tami - wrote:

    Mollee would look older and more mature if she would cut her hair into a bob maybe. It’s hard to look past her ‘cuteness’ and I just think that it would do wonders for the look of maturity in her dancing as well. wish someone would tell her!

    11/17/2009 7:59 PM UTC

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    (…) though unrelated to my blog, still is one another must read source on this topic(…)

    11/29/2009 4:47 PM UTC

  38. L - wrote:

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