Dizzy Feet Gala Event in Los Angeles

The Dizzy Feet Foundation is having a Gala event in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theatre on 11/29!

There will be performances from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, STEP UP 1,2 & 3D, as well as performances by the first recipients of Dizzy Feet scholarships from Juilliard, Alvin Ailey and American Ballet Theatre.

It’s going to be a CELEBRATION OF DANCE to NOT be missed!! Tickets on Ticketmaster and available at dizzyfeetfoundation.org


46 comments on “Dizzy Feet Gala Event in Los Angeles“

  1. Anthony - wrote:

    From Tonight’s Performance The way Noel Danced it technically the moves were good not to mention thanks to Adam Shankman you never know if your going to get a good contestant.Adam agreed and said that Noelle is very attractive.

    11/10/2009 8:19 PM UTC

  2. Emelie the Former Dancer/Choreographer - wrote:

    I am a former semi-pro dancer/choreographer in jazz, hip-hop, tap, lyrical and sort of a bun head wanna be with too bigga boobs and too much rythm for that and also did latin dance (I’m 30 now and old lol) and was also a dance teacher and have always wanted to choreograph the pimpest tap routine to Michael Jackson’s “Who Is It.” Someone needs to! Listen to the song and tell me that isn’t the s@*t! Makes your feet tap and your neck snap. It could be incredible if done right. Would love to see that come true through the eyes of someone talented. So dope! Man with some great pro tappers, could really make tapping look way cool and put it on the map once and for all kinda like Stomp or something and relevant to every age and audience and today’s music idols and with the King MJ. A competition winner and I would put money on it.

    11/10/2009 9:33 PM UTC

  3. BERNIE MAK - wrote:

    to nite wuz an alright show…. some what good perfomances…especialy da one with russell n noehl… dats wats up… oh and legacy n kathryn routine was of da hook..give up to da b-boy representing… “let dem know how we get down”…

    11/10/2009 10:59 PM UTC

  4. Bryyan - wrote:

    Been a musician my entire life. Learning a lot about another artistic point of view which is dance. Just need to say that the judges help out a lot with that but I need to mention that they need to give Kat Deeley some credit on how beautiful she looks especially this week and what she adds to the show. Anyway, thanx for introducing a new form of art to me especially since I was in an accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down and I can no longer participate in the same way in music or dance

    11/11/2009 12:13 AM UTC

  5. Leah - wrote:

    Is this going to air on FOX so those who can’t make it to the show can still see it?

    11/11/2009 6:52 AM UTC

  6. Shalaia Walters - wrote:

    Will the Dizzy Feet Gala be televised?


    11/11/2009 8:52 AM UTC

  7. Arlene - wrote:

    You keep saying season 6 dancers are the best ever. I don’t think so, you have to go better than this to beat last years. Season 5 was the best ever. You can’t even compare the dancers this year to last seasons.
    I love the show, keep up the good work.

    11/12/2009 5:55 AM UTC

  8. Joanne Deutch - wrote:

    It was wonderful to watch Alvin Alley Dancers last night. It just shows how hard the dancers must work who are on your show to be able to EVER perform at the ability of the Alley dancers. It reminds me of what modern dance is all about. I like your show but while your show is like sweet candy, the Alley dancers are like the whole candy store. WONDERFUL! Thank you for putting them on.

    11/12/2009 1:18 PM UTC

  9. FIONA - wrote:


    11/12/2009 5:19 PM UTC

  10. Tonka - wrote:

    SO, my question for this is: is the Celebration of Dance going to be televised. I really want to see Quest dance!!!

    11/12/2009 7:25 PM UTC

  11. Tori - wrote:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, air the Dizzy Feet Gala Event!! I live in PA and there is no way I would be able to make the show. I have been a dedicated fan since the begining and would LOVE to see it!!!!!!!

    11/12/2009 8:49 PM UTC

  12. Lee - wrote:

    Please try to televise this event. I know it is a benefit, but it sounds so fantastic, and most of are not able to travel to LA to attend. I love everyone you mentioned who will be on the show!!!!!!

    11/13/2009 1:13 PM UTC

  13. Amber - wrote:

    I too hope the Dizzy Feet Gala will be televised. It is too short notice for me to attend but I would definitely tune in if given the opportunity. PLEASE TELEVISE IT WOULD MEAN ALOT! Thanks!

    11/17/2009 7:25 PM UTC

  14. Stephanie - wrote:

    too bad the dizzyfeet foundation website doesn’t even work…

    11/17/2009 7:28 PM UTC

  15. Kandy - wrote:

    The even will be televised right? for those who cannot make it…

    11/17/2009 7:28 PM UTC

  16. Warren - wrote:

    I am a loyal fan of So you think you can dance and as maritime Canadian I’m as far as I can get in North America and would be devasted not be able to experience this event in some form. I hope, truly hope that this will be televised

    11/17/2009 7:29 PM UTC

  17. Sara - wrote:

    I really want Fox to air the Dizzy Feet show on television!!! Please please please….I live in Florida and its impossible to be there.

    11/17/2009 8:37 PM UTC

  18. Patti Kormos McKnight - wrote:

    If you tape this show I know that you could sell the DVD’s to us who love the show and the dancers,giving more money to the Dizzyfeet program. Please consider this option to make more money and please the fans of the show. Thank You. Patti K

    11/17/2009 9:31 PM UTC

  19. Tiffanie - wrote:

    Going along with the others and requesting the Celebration of Dance to be televised. I live in NC and have looked at getting tickets to it, but the flight is about 8 times as much as the tickets to the show! I want to see it REALLY bad!

    11/17/2009 9:38 PM UTC

  20. Travis - wrote:

    Please televise this event on fox. Since dizzy feet is meant to benefit underprivileged dancers, it should air on TV for underprivileged viewers who can’t afford to make it to the Kodak Theater.

    11/17/2009 11:45 PM UTC

  21. Beajae - wrote:

    Please make this gala available on DVD in the near future! The previews make me so excited, but there is no way I can attend in person~

    11/18/2009 1:05 AM UTC

  22. SP - wrote:

    I noticed that this season the dancers aren’t as good as last season…etc. even though it started out on fire! but I really do put the blame on the choreographers. They are really letting the dancers down. If a dancer is out of her/his element, it’s up to the Choreographer to make sure that the dancers use their full potential for a style that they are not familiar with. BTW where is Mia Michaels?

    11/18/2009 7:57 PM UTC

  23. teresa taytay - wrote:

    i really want this to be televised as well!! even if it was on pay per view, i would def buy it and that way maybe a portion of the proceeds can go to the foundation…. just don’t make it outrageously expensive. :S

    11/18/2009 8:47 PM UTC

  24. tishmarquette@aol.com - wrote:

    Is there any way to get two tickets to the concert??? Tried everything. What about a contest on Fox Good Day LA or through this site????

    11/19/2009 12:13 PM UTC

  25. des - wrote:

    CAN YOU PLEASE TELEVISE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/19/2009 5:36 PM UTC

  26. Billie - wrote:

    Does anyone know if the Celebration of Dance will be aired on FOX? I really hope it would be. They should so that people all around the world are able to tune in as well to witness this, what I would think would be a spectacular event.

    11/21/2009 6:02 AM UTC

  27. Mar - wrote:

    Can anyone tell me what the attire is for the Celebration of Dance Event? And are dancers and celebrities going to be able to interact with the guests after the event

    11/21/2009 1:10 PM UTC

  28. Ellen - wrote:

    Please televise this (going to be great!) show. I can’t believe that you told us about it on the show-knowing that everyone couldn’t be there. What a tease! Shame on you! I am so dishearted that I won’t get to see that great dancing. :(

    11/21/2009 7:50 PM UTC

  29. Lanski - wrote:

    PLEASE………..I’m begging……….please televise the Dizzy Feet benefit. You could raise a ton of money and the rest of us poor bums could give what we can and still see this show!

    11/22/2009 12:43 PM UTC

  30. Shannon Edwards - wrote:

    I would like to know if we can watch the Dizzy Feet Foundation show on tv? I am looking for it on the internet to see what channel and time, but nothing comes up, and I even went to the dizzyfeet website, but nothing for tv time or channel. Since I can’t afford to go to the show, it would be nice to watch it. Because you would get more people to see it, and more people would be willing to donate to the show. This is a great opportunity to get more people to donate to a good foundation for our youth.

    11/22/2009 6:55 PM UTC

  31. gale - wrote:


    11/24/2009 11:58 AM UTC

  32. Ashley - wrote:

    How can you ADVERTISE and PROMOTE this event on all the dance shows and NOT televise it??? We the People…. who LOVE DANCE want answers!!

    11/29/2009 5:37 PM UTC

  33. Kiana - wrote:

    I really wish that you would televise the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Not everyone can fly out to Las Angeles to watch it.

    I think that it is fair because if you want to donate money you would at least like to see where the money is going to.

    I think that it is pathetic how you would tell us to get all excited to see it.. but you don’t put it on tv.
    I can’t make it all the way to Las Angeles on Sunday night when i have school the next day.

    If you are going to inspire dancers (like me) to keep dancing i think that you should try harder.

    11/29/2009 8:29 PM UTC

  34. Lyndsie - wrote:

    I’m echoing the others pleads for the event to be televised – we want to see it!!! Hopefully you have the same passion to share dynamic dance perfomance with underprivledged viewers who can’t make it to LA and have some cameras set up to air what I’m sure will be an unelieveable, amazing inspiring performance. Thanks!! PS> Does anyone know what happened to Mia Michales and her brilliant choreography?

    11/29/2009 8:42 PM UTC

  35. Mama Dukes - wrote:

    I live in Canada and cannot fly to LA to watch it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELEVISE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/30/2009 4:11 AM UTC

  36. Dizzy Feet Foundation A Celebration Of Dance - wrote:

    [...] So You Think You Can Dance – Dizzy Feet Gala Event in Los Angeles (fox.com) – November 10, 2009The Dizzy Feet Foundation is having a Gala event in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theatre on 11/29! There will be performances from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, STEP UP 1,2 & 3D, as well as performances by… more Dizzy Feet Foundation a Celebration of Dance blog posts … [...]

    11/30/2009 2:09 PM UTC

  37. Sherri - wrote:

    I sooooo wish the Dizzy Feet Gala could have been televised! I live in GA and couldn’t make it to LA…

    12/2/2009 8:28 AM UTC

  38. Georgia L. - wrote:

    I was one of the lucky audience members at the Kodak this past Sunday. Such a lovely event for such a great cause. Loved all the varieties of dance styles. So amazing. My favorites were the SYTYCD numbers plus that great hip hop group, Groovaloos. So raw and fun and energetic.
    Keep up the great work Dizzy Feet!

    12/2/2009 2:27 PM UTC

  39. myriam Willey - wrote:

    Loved the Dizzy feet show. It was pure talent. Got to meet Mary,Little C and lots of people from season 5. They were all so friendly. Loved it. Thank you Dizzy feet for a great time.

    12/3/2009 7:40 PM UTC

  40. Hannah - wrote:

    Some people cant freaking hop on a plane to California, so why dont you show the event on TV?

    12/4/2009 10:54 PM UTC

  41. Jackie - wrote:

    Would love for you to air show or sell on dvd to raise money!!! Also would love to have the opportunity to purchase a DVD of show aired Top 20 dances from So You Think You Can Dance. Another great way to raise money for Dizzy Feet! It is great to see this art on tv for people to enjoy and it provides a great opportunity for the careers of dancers wanting to make it in the industry! And now Dizzy Feet raising $ for those less fortunate to learn and advance their talent!! What a win win!!! I will support, art is so important! It has helped me through alot throughout my life! Love what you are all doing!!! Thank You…I truely enjoy the show!!

    12/7/2009 8:20 PM UTC

  42. Lou - wrote:

    Hey I found this email address on the http://www.dizzyfeetfoundation.org website. Maybe we could all try to email them asking for the show to be televised or sold on DVD? I live in Australia so I never had a chance of going to the live show. info@dizzyfeetfoundation.org.

    Fingers crossed it will work!

    12/18/2009 4:28 AM UTC

  43. Diane - wrote:

    With as much interest in Dizzy Feet, why not have the performance on pay for view? This would create more money for the foundation. Later a DVD could be issued.

    12/18/2009 1:10 PM UTC

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