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  1. EP - wrote:

    I have been watching this show for years – since it started. This year they changed the set and I truly dislike it. It is distracting and does not have the elements the old stage had. I used to work in TV for dancing with the stars- trust me on this one, the change does not work.

    11/3/2009 6:12 PM UTC

  2. Mom - wrote:

    I have been very disappointed in watching this season, the judges really have it wrong with who they are eliminating. This season it seems as though they are getting rid of all the African American dancers who really have talent. I am not African American myself but I know great dancing when I see it and the last two shows the judges have eliminated a few that probably could have gone on to win the show. I am no longer a fan of this show and they have lost my vote. Sticking with Dancing with the stars where the voting is just and fair no matter what the skin color.

    11/3/2009 8:05 PM UTC

  3. Latoya - wrote:

    First let me say that I love this show…..& I wish that had this show as I was growing up because I love dancing. This show help the dancers of some many different backgrounds live their dream.

    But I must say that Im disappointed with some of the judges comments. Usually if I dont agree I just suck it up 2 “thats their opinion”……but tonight when Kevin & Karen danced together, which was amazing, the judges gave all the credit to Karen & then said they expected it from Kevin because it was “his style”…….but last week they danced her style and she still got all the credit…..wouldnt they expect that from her since it was “her style”…..give credit where credit is due..Kevin was “buck”…..she did her thing but he KILLED it!! Can’t wait to see when they are both out of their element!!

    What goes for one, should go for all!!

    Not that you would care, but I dont do the reaching out to shows thing…ie email, Twitter, FB etc….that just shows you how disgusted I felt with it. Ive seen many mistakes made on that show & because it was one of the “judges favorite” that wasnt called out about it!! All rules should apply to everyone!!

    Again love the show…….but fair is fair!!

    11/3/2009 8:35 PM UTC

  4. randy shelton - wrote:

    I think that its has some fixed things to it. they already have their favorites no matter how well they dance. Its upsetting to see good talent go to waste.

    11/4/2009 8:16 AM UTC

  5. Marcia OKane - wrote:

    My daughter and I attended the Tour at the
    Arco Arena this past Monday. What a great show!!! Since we had enjoyed the dancers so much on the TV program we thought it would be fun to attend the tour program. It was a wonderful performance.. a true experience. Good Work!!!

    I would definately consider attending another tour concert.

    11/21/2009 8:05 AM UTC

  6. Engelhard - wrote:

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  9. Portia - wrote:

    Mia and Adam are blind and critical to the point of breaking his spirit (Adechike). Cat Deeley pointed out their cruel and hateful comments toward Adechike.

    7/7/2010 5:28 PM UTC

  10. Jerry - wrote:

    Mia needs to realize that the show is not about how “clever” she can be and understand that she has been ubelievavle hurtful to Adechike. Look into his eyes – it shows.

    7/9/2010 9:30 AM UTC

  11. Nina - wrote:

    It was a shame last week to see two of the best dancers in the bottom two. Although I cried with Alex, the situation saved the day by allowing the better dancers to stay. I thought Jose should have been in the bottom… likable, but not by far the best of the dancers. The choreography this season is incredible.. I am in awe of most of the performances. I tell friends about this amazing show and they think it is Dancing with the Stars.. It is nothing like that.. the performances are works of art and the dancers are truely gifted. I love this show.. thank you to Nigel and all who make this caliber of program available. (Too bad it is on Fox.. I know people who will not watch this station becuase of the Fox’s rightwing biased news.)

    7/14/2010 9:13 PM UTC

  12. Suzanne - wrote:

    I’ve also been a fan of this program since it started and am a former dancer. I’ve been shocked at criticism given by Mia Michaels, especially against Adichike, which has been so personal and mean-spirited. I suspect her comments have really undermined his self-confidence. On the other hand, she was near tears last night when she had to give negative criticism to Jose! Mia is a gifted choreographer but is not able to articulate constructive criticism and is biased as well. The other judges seem much more fair in their critiques. Aside from this problem, the dancers and choreography are incredible this season making this my very favorite program!

    7/15/2010 8:49 AM UTC

  13. Andrea - wrote:

    As a middle school teacher, I don’t have a lot of extra time. But I have always made time for SYTYCD. This season,so I thought, was on the way to become one of my favorites. However, I am seriously considering spending my time watching other shows!!! Mia Michaels puts a bad taste in my mouth. She is extremely and blatanly cruel to Adichike. She is not giving him constructive criticisms at all. This is definitely reminiscent of her obvious distaste of poor Brandon (season 5). I don’t know what her problem is, but it is NOT professional at all. Please bring back Mary Murphy! To his credit, Adiichike is handling himself very well. Mia needs to change her attitude or I will change the channel…permanently!

    7/15/2010 3:48 PM UTC

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  15. Robyn - wrote:

    My Questions are: Where is Mary Murphy, and Why are they still playing Season 5 for the opening, not season 6?????

    7/21/2010 12:06 PM UTC

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    8/5/2010 3:58 PM UTC

  17. Danielle - wrote:

    I love this show. No matter how the judges act. Mia disappointed me BIG time this season. Chroegrapher = Amazing. Judge = Couldn’t be worse. Its one thing to be critising but to be down right hurtful and rude is wrong for a judge.
    Mary Murphy NEEDS to be back on the judge panel.
    And further more…. Don’t get me wrong… Alex is a tremendous dancer, but not the best. And I coudn’t be happier he left the show when he did. Lauren SO deserved to win. But judges… especially Nigel, I used by bad call brick I normally use during Denver Bronco games to call you out on your bad judgement when it came to Alex. In 7 seasons I have NEVER seen you single ONE contestant and he just so happened to be a ballet dancer for the Miami City Ballet. Seems a little weird.

    Other then that…. NAPPY TABS!!!!!!!!!! What an AMAZING season!!!! You guys rocked. I’d love to be chroegraphed by the two of you!!!!!

    8/16/2010 6:42 PM UTC

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