Finalists Ariana Debose and Brandon Dumlao Were Eliminated by the Judges

Top 18 Finalists Compete as Couples on Next Performance Show.

Finalists Ariana Debose and Brandon Dumlao were eliminated by the judges tonight on the hit series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Debose, 18, is a Contemporary dancer from Newbern, NC, and Dumlao, 21, is a Hip Hop dancer from Concord, CA. After their first performances, the judges asked four finalists – Ariana Debose, Brandon Dumlao, Russell Ferguson and Pauline Mata – to perform a solo routine and then eliminated Dubose and Dumlao.

It was also announced that Noelle Marsh was unable to perform due to an injury but is expected to return next week.

The competition continues on television’s most original dance show Tuesday, Nov. 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX when the remaining 18 finalists (Phillip Attmore, Channing Cooke, Ashleigh Di Lello, Ryan Di Lello, Russell Ferguson, Mollee Gray, Karen Hauer, Kevin Hunte, Jakob Karr, Noelle Marsh, Pauline Mata, Kathryn McCormick, Legacy Perez, Bianca Revels, Peter Sabasino, Ellenore Scott, Victor Smalley and Nathan Trasoras) compete as couples once again on a two-hour performance show. At the end of the show, judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman will send two more dancers – one male and one female – home.

The following week, on Tuesday, Nov. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the Top 16 will take the stage in another two-hour performance show. Beginning this week, after each Tuesday performance show, the phone lines will open and the fate of the finalists – one of whom will be named America’s Favorite Dancer – will be left up to the voting fans. Tune in the following night, Wednesday, Nov. 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) when two finalists are sent home on the first live results show.


107 comments on “Finalists Ariana Debose and Brandon Dumlao Were Eliminated by the Judges“

  1. Sally - wrote:

    Just a couple of quick comments…

    Ashleigh is probably a fine dancer, but her choreography last week didn’t give her the chance to prove it!

    But as far as last week’s irregullar choreography and hapazard judging is concerned, a comparison could be made to a class. When students are in a class, the students must complete a certain level of difficulty to be considered above proficient, proficient, average, below average, or poor.

    It would be very unfair to fellow students if there wasn’t a standard in grading for the level of difficulty of work completed and the resulting grade.

    This is what this whole thread is about. It isn’t necessarily Ashliegh’s fault that the choreography didn’t showcase her dance moves! However, the judges shouldn’t have reacted as if she had performed super-dooper-grade-A-above-level-difficulty-major-dance-moves!

    Consistency judges!

    You blew it! You cheered as if strutting sexily was a difficult move, while people who learned complicated waltz steps, a routine, and created a loving romantic feel were placed in the bottom 4?

    And you really went way off the scale when you placed those 4 people in the bottom four! All four of those people performed complicated dance moves and learned new things. They should have been rewarded for performing and learning new things!

    This may be a competition and not a class, but the same rules should apply to all! Fair is fair. You weren’t!

    11/3/2009 1:42 PM UTC

  2. MagicDancer - wrote:

    Ashleigh and Jacob just danced. She was much much better tonight than last week! Congratulations, Ashleigh. You did great!

    For what my opinion is worth, make sure your hands are involved in the dance too. Sometimes they are droopy and detached.

    11/3/2009 6:46 PM UTC

  3. Ivetarocks - wrote:

    ashleigh is to be dragged by jakob into the top ten to create a soap opera drama of Ryan/Karen/Ashleigh/whoever

    11/3/2009 10:59 PM UTC

  4. Hyoung - wrote:

    What is up with the stage? Where is MIA? The show is falling apart.

    11/3/2009 11:27 PM UTC

  5. Jamie - wrote:

    Love the show but hate the new stage… it makes viewing from home very difficult because there are less camera angles. It almost makes it seem more impersonal. I’m not getting the feeling from it that I got when I watched them dance on the old stage. I think it is because people at home now watching like the audience on the show watches- back to far to see expressions and small movements and only one angle.

    11/5/2009 3:52 AM UTC

  6. HoustonDancer - wrote:

    I hate the new stage. It takes away from the dancers. The stage is too big and swallow up the performance. Not sure why we are so focused on Asheigh. Not to belittle anyone on the show but there are more dancers on the showwho are not getting the props they deserve.

    11/10/2009 7:22 PM UTC

  7. Stephanie - wrote:

    I love how they just spent 10 minutes talking about the dizzyfeet foundation and the website they just promoted does not work. Check it out- it says “service unavailable.”

    11/17/2009 7:26 PM UTC

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