Season 3 Finalist Lauren Gottlieb Appears on Glee & Talks about SYTYCD

So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 finalist Lauren Gottlieb was front and center during a production of Duffy’s “Mercy” on Fox’s new hit show, Glee. Lauren played a member of the Vocal Adrenaline glee club who performed intricate, back-bending choreography on last Wednesday’s episode. Glee airs immediately following So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday nights.

Recently, we caught up with Lauren and spoke with her at Season 6 auditions, where she was assisting Mia Michaels.

How did you get involved with assisting Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio?

Lauren: I’ve been helping Tyce on So You Think You Can Dance for a bit now, but Vegas week was my first time assisting Mia with choreography. I wanted a challenge and I wanted to work with someone tough, and Mia is tough, challenging, and amazing.

Did you meet with the choreographers ahead of time to learn the choreography?

Lauren: We actually met up the night before because we didn’t have time, and we came up with the routines together.

What have you been up to recently, in terms of dance?

Lauren: I performed with Sean Kingston at Fox’s Teen Choice Awards, I was on a Spanish AT&T commercial, I hosted an event for Gatorade, and even worked on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer.

In your opinion, what does it take to make the Top 20?

Lauren: It’s so hard. Looking back now, I see what I should and shouldn’t have done as an 18 year old on the show. It’s all about personality. The dancers need to be themselves. Being subtle doesn’t work. You have to be all out, all the time. It’s very demanding!


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  1. Angelia Nudelman - wrote:

    Come on, how can you people even watch Glee? That show is completely retarded.

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