Adam Shankman Joins Mary Murphy & Nigel Lythgoe as New Judge on So You Think You Can Dance!

Adam Shankman

Adam Shankman

Acclaimed producer, director and choreographer Adam Shankman has joined SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE as a third judge. Shankman, who has been a guest judge and choreographer on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE since 2007, will sit alongside Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe and draw upon his expertise to critique the dancers throughout the competition.

Shankman, who serves as a guest judge on this season’s audition episodes, will join the judges’ panel beginning with the Top 20 performance show Tuesday, Oct. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

“SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is one of the most important things to happen in the last decade for the art form,” said Shankman. “Choreography is how I found my way into this business, and I’m proud to be a part of the show. As a filmmaker, it’s an honor to be able to recognize choreographers and dancers, and to be able to bring all of this amazing work into America’s homes. These kids challenge themselves every week, and it’s great for people to see how terrific these dancers are.”

“I am extremely happy that Adam has agreed to be a resident judge,” said Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer/Co-Creator, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. “We love bantering and bickering, and yet he still finds a way of capturing the sensitivity of every story told on stage. He is a consummate professional with a passion for dance and a discerning eye, which makes him perfect for us. Plus, it must be remembered, it takes a slightly crazy person to work with me and Mary.”

Adam Shankman is a master of comedy and one of the most loved and commercially successful filmmakers of his generation. His recent credits include “Bedtime Stories” starring Adam Sandler and Keri Russell, “17 Again” starring Zac Efron and “Hairspray,” the feature film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical. Shankman also directed the hit viral video “Prop 8: The Musical” for, which was honored by GLAAD and has been viewed over 4 million times.

Shankman’s directorial debut was “The Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. He followed that project with “A Walk to Remember” starring Mandy Moore and Shane West and “Bringing Down the House” with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. His other credits include “The Pacifier” starring Vin Diesel, “Step Up,” “Step Up 2” and “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock. Shankman’s upcoming films include “Step Up 3-D,” “Going The Distance” starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long and “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus.

Congratulations, Adam!


34 comments on “Adam Shankman Joins Mary Murphy & Nigel Lythgoe as New Judge on So You Think You Can Dance!“

  1. Kellie Hardy-Bullock - wrote:

    Congrats to Adam Shankman!! I think he is a very sincere likeable
    person and I am excited for him to be a regular!


    9/16/2009 3:02 PM UTC

  2. Jessica - wrote:

    I am so excited!!! Adam is my favorite judge!! (are they going to continue having a “guest” judge too? I LOVE Tyce on the panel too!!)

    9/16/2009 6:37 PM UTC

  3. Amanda - wrote:

    Wow, Adam’s is soooo wonderful, i love him, everyone I know loves him. I had no idea he was such a big movie director: the Wedding Planner! 17 Again, Bedtime Stories, you’d never know it, he’s soooo unassuming, sooooo into dance!!!! We love him!!!!

    9/16/2009 7:37 PM UTC

  4. Tekwzrd - wrote:

    Congrats to Adam! I’ve always liked him on the panel and think that he makes a great judge. His experience gives him a great critical eye, while his sense of humor and sensitivity allow him to connect with the dancers and viewers. He is articulate, yet down to earth. Love ya Shankers!

    I’m wondering if they will still bring in the others as rotating judges. I love Tyce as a judge. I’d also like to see Nakul sit in as a judge.

    9/17/2009 5:20 AM UTC

  5. Donna Corbin - wrote:

    Congratulations! We are huge huge fans! We have tickets to the tour for the end of September and are sooooo excited. We are going as a family and we are all very excited

    I hope that you respect of the artistry and emotional connection will slide through to SYTYCD Canada. As much as we are fans, we won’t be watching the Canadian version anymore because of the performances this past week …..and definately would never go to see the tour. I hope that SYTYCD “America” maintains the respect and professionalism that it has earned.

    9/17/2009 6:32 AM UTC

  6. zoe - wrote:

    what a great choice. he’s an inspiring knowledgeable guy with years in the biz … and he’s personality-plus, himself. can’t wait for this new season.

    9/17/2009 4:11 PM UTC

  7. Natalie - wrote:

    Yes!! :D Adam has always been one of my favorite guest judges. I’m sure the dancers will appreciate all of his great feedback.

    9/17/2009 10:22 PM UTC

  8. Robbie - wrote:

    NO!!! I think he makes great movies and I am sure he has immense talent, I find him unbearable to listen to. But then again, I said that about Mary in the beginning and now I really like her. Hopefully I will change my mind about Adam.

    9/23/2009 2:25 PM UTC

  9. Lee - wrote:

    Congrats Adam! It will be great having him on the panel, but i also ask if anyone know’s if they’ll have a 4th rotating judge, as i think it’s good to hear all the different things & sides all the judges have to say. Like Mia, & Tyce .. and all the rest!! Love them all!

    9/24/2009 6:59 AM UTC

  10. Mary Benjamin - wrote:

    congrats to Adam!! but I’m really going to miss the other guest judges like Tabitha and Napoleon and especially Mia Michaels i love her! anyway hope Adam does good. :)

    9/27/2009 9:37 PM UTC

  11. Mary Benjamin - wrote:

    congrats to Adam!! but I’m really going to miss the other guest judges like Tabitha and Napoleon and especially Mia Michaels i love her! anyway hope Adam does good. :)

    9/27/2009 9:37 PM UTC

  12. Mary Benjamin - wrote:

    congrats to Adam!! but I’m really going to miss the other guest judges like Tabitha and Napoleon and especially Mia Michaels i love her! anyway hope Adam does good. :)

    9/27/2009 9:37 PM UTC

  13. Rachelle - wrote:

    I think Adam is hilarious with his comments. He’s so sincere, and into beautiful movements. Knows good dancing when he sees it.

    Wondering if Mary Murphy will continue being a guest judge too. I love her creativity when she choreographs the top 20 dancers. So inspiring and full of emotions.

    Also love Tyce. So cute and funny!

    Would also love to see more of how former SYTYCD alumni have made it in their talent. I’m looking forward to seeing “Fame”.

    9/28/2009 7:41 AM UTC

  14. Rachelle - wrote:

    Adam is great! Congrats! Will we see more of Mary & Tyce, too?

    Can’t wait to see “Fame”. How are other alumni dancers doing?

    9/28/2009 7:43 AM UTC

  15. SYTYCDC - wrote:

    I love Adam! I was thrilled to hear he will be judging. I hope this means you will still have other judges occasionally – I love L’il C and Debbie Allen when they judge too. I really missed Debbie the season Will danced. L’il is always so thoughtful and wordful — great.

    Just keep it real and keep critiquing.

    9/30/2009 4:37 PM UTC

  16. amanda - wrote:

    I think this is a huge tragedy for the show! Having Adam as a permanent judge is horrible. We already fast forward the show when he is talking b/c he is so annoying and over the top. Now we have to see him every episode. That sux BIG TIME!!! What sux even more is Mia Michaels leaving. As far as i am concerned she makes that show what it is. Along with tabitha/napoleon, and wade robson. I think this season, the ratings will fall and won’t come back up until these problems are resolved. There is no such thing as SYTYCD w/o Mia!!!

    10/16/2009 8:29 AM UTC

  17. d - wrote:

    I think Adam is funny and I’m curious to see how he will do as a regular on the show. As some of the others are mentioning, I hope that there will still be a guest judge every week because it’s nice to get a little variety on the show. Wade Robinson is probably my favorite choreographer because of his dark imagination. His dances are very creative…. the only thing that kind of turns me off about him is that Britney Spears cheated on JT with him. Hope it’s not true.

    10/16/2009 9:42 PM UTC

  18. Shizer Cose - wrote:

    Adam is no Mia … and your show will suffer!

    10/20/2009 5:49 AM UTC

  19. t - wrote:

    Boooooooooooo! So lame. I like rotating judges. Adam is fine is small doses but permanent. Why play favorites like this. He isn’t that great. I’ll miss the rest of the choreographers input and quite frankly, Adam is annoying.

    10/21/2009 12:14 PM UTC

  20. Marianne - wrote:

    I like Adam and think he will do a good job, but… having guest judges brings some variety of thought to the performances. I will miss Mia as I think she is fantastic as a choreographer and a judge; she will be missed. Like many of the other comments that have been made there are great people that have been guest judges and I think the show will lack something without them.

    10/21/2009 1:19 PM UTC

  21. James Baker - wrote:

    Why are you guys acting like this is the end of guest judges? They can still have a fourth guest judge. And Mia is a choreographer sos it’s not like she could’ve taken the full time judge job like Adam can.

    10/21/2009 10:59 PM UTC

  22. Shawn Marie - wrote:

    Adam is a great addition. Hope all is well with Mia Michaels though…love her!! Best wishes to all. Although I would be quite happy if I never had to hear Lil C utter another word!!! UGHH!! Tries way to hard.

    10/22/2009 11:01 AM UTC

  23. Sandi - wrote:

    Love Adam..congratulations! But, what about Mia? What’s the deal? And for heavens sake, what on earth is Paula doing as a guest judge?
    I agree with others who’ve suggested using the choreographers as rotating judges…Tyce would be outstanding, Debbie Allen, too

    10/27/2009 1:56 PM UTC

  24. kathleenk - wrote:

    1. I sometimes mess up taping when I am out and I NEED my SYTYCD fix! PLEASE add it to online shows, please please please!

    2. I agree, the title and performer of songs should show on screen with the dance routines!!

    thank you!

    10/29/2009 10:28 AM UTC

  25. lbutterfly70 - wrote:

    Hi Adam,

    I am so glad you are a permanent judge on the show now. You are so sweet and funny. I love this show. It love how it gives dancers a chance to get noticed and live their dream. Awesome!!!!!!!

    11/1/2009 8:01 AM UTC

  26. Robert - wrote:

    I love your show very much and I am and avid fan, but I have one complaint if anyone really cares. I wish Nigel could tone down Mary Murphys big irratating mouth, it really grates on my ears and she doesnt need to do all that stupid hot tamale train screeching, it is really stupid and degrading to her. Put this e-mail up for a vote, I dont think there are many people out there that really care for her big mouth. If you really want to do me a favor get Paula on the show and let Murphy go some where else. Thanks , Hope this gets read. Your Fan Robert

    11/3/2009 7:22 PM UTC

  27. playfletch - wrote:

    I was not too keen on Adam Shankman in tonights show. I like and prefer the rotating judges. Very glad that Mia is gone. She was MEAN and I think she swayed voters with her opinions. She was mean to Legacy and Brandon (season 5) I think Brandon should have won last season but she swayed America against him for so long. I thought Jeanine should have gone home when Jeanette was sent home. The final 2 should have been between Brandon and Ade!

    11/3/2009 8:33 PM UTC

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    11/30/2009 12:16 PM UTC

  29. acyclovir - wrote:

    If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

    11/30/2009 12:32 PM UTC

  30. Mandie Luu - wrote:

    What’s the point, I wish they would leave

    6/2/2010 8:43 PM UTC

  31. Susie - wrote:

    Where is Mary Murphy this season? I miss her bright and bubbly personality. And while I think Mia Michaels is a very talented choreographer, I can’t stand her as a judge! Not all of her criticism is constructive, and she is sometimes just plain mean! Bring back Mary Murphy, SYTYCD!!

    7/2/2010 8:28 AM UTC

  32. CHawkeyes - wrote:

    WHERE IS MARY????!!! How do you take a judge that know and love and expect us not to notice that she’s gone . . . :-(

    8/4/2010 8:15 PM UTC

  33. ElullyOutsism - wrote:

    Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum… :)

    9/10/2010 7:39 AM UTC

  34. - wrote:

    Adam shankman joins mary murphy nigel lythgoe as new judge on so you think you can dance.. Reposted it :)

    4/19/2011 2:27 AM UTC

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