Cat, Nigel and Mary Reflect on Season 5

Dance Season 5 Finale

Hot off of Season 5, Cat Deeley, Nigel Lythgoe, and Mary Murphy reflected on some memorable moments from the season.

How was it hearing 3500 people at the finale welcome your “judges?”

Cat Deeley: It was great! It was so cool. I was literally like “Oh my God,” because to be perfectly honest, I knew we were going to be at the Kodak, but I didn’t know that it was going to be packed to the rafters. So when I first walked out I was like oh my god they’re even right at the back tippity top of the theatre. They’re cheering and clapping, and I kind of felt a little bit like a rock star which was great.

Which performances from Season 5 deserve Emmy nominations for choreography?

Nigel Lythgoe: I would definitely say Travis Wall’s piece with Jeanine and Jason, Mia Michaels’ addiction piece with Kupono and Kayla was quite fabulous, and there was a disco routine with Brandon and Janette that I thought was fantastic, and of course you must never rule out Tyce Diorio’s breast cancer inspired routine with Melissa and Ade. It was very strange – I never had so many emails, letters, and telephone calls with such positive thoughts behind them. And then we found out the lady that inspired Tyce is now cancer free. So it’s very strange how it all works. And it was another highlight to have Ellen DeGeneres on the show.

Mary Murphy: For me, there are several that stand out. For sure the Argentine Tango. It was one of the few that got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. It was a simultaneous standing ovation. No one had to think about it; everybody was on their feet and it was truly something to see. And of course Tyce Diorio’s breast cancer number I think should be nominated, as well as Travis Wall with his contemporary piece. Those are the three that stand out in my mind right now.

Check back soon to find out how Cat, Nigel, and Mary juggled Season 5 with Season 6 auditions.


21 comments on “Cat, Nigel and Mary Reflect on Season 5“

  1. Trish - wrote:

    I absolutely love to watch SYTYCD. Most of the time the judges have some good advice for the dancers. My personal opinion for the judges is to limit or omit your comments about who are your personal favorites.
    The choreography was good this season but…and there is a but…the ones that were really good; really stood out. Mia Michaels’ Addiction routine with Kayla and Kupona was so awesome! Louis’ Samba routine with Kayla and Max was really impressive. I also liked Tices’ Broadway; Bye Bye Life with Kayla and Brandon.
    The 100th Episode was a disappointment. I would have liked to see half of the show dedicated to past seasons dancing and more about what those top dancers are doing now.
    My comment about the voting…we all know or assume that the voting stats were actually a bunch of speed dialers that repeatedly voted for their favorite; some of them hundreds or thousands of times according to quite a few Bloggers.
    One other thing that bothered me was the fact that the New Fall Season pitches started during the current season. It was in “Bad Taste” for me. Let’s at least keep the current season in the “Lime Light” and take a breath and bask in the current dancers’ victories before we begin again.
    I still enjoy the show and the judges are great! I can’t even imagine what you all have to go through to make SYTYCD as entertaining and yet a genuine dance competition. Cat does a good job of Hosting the Show. Congrats to all!

    8/24/2009 8:45 AM UTC

  2. Kay Powe - wrote:

    I agree it the previous comment. I think the judges should rein in their comments on their favorites. I believe some voters are often influenced too much by your comments and maybe that’s your purpose I don’t know. Also the voting is insane! For someone to vote for Jeanine (or anybody) four thousand times is crazy. Why don’t you limit the number of votes a single phone line can make like most of the other shows do. I think you lose participation from the viewers with your method. Although I will always watch, I will never vote again for this very reason. Also, I hate to see a dancer doing a quick step or jive to country music up against another dancer doing a sharp, dramatic and edgy paso. It doesn’t seem quite fair. I think when it gets down to the final four maybe they should be made to do some the same dances. I think with choreography and music it could still be varied but we could at least see how each one handles the basics of the dance. Really love the show! Cat is a doll.

    8/25/2009 6:36 AM UTC

  3. dino westerfield - wrote:

    I’m cleaning my house replaying Aaliyah (One in a Million) & this show popped into my head. PLEASE DO AN AALIYAH WEEK!!!!!! I can only imagine what Mia, Nappy Tabs, Shane (would go crazy), Lil’ C (would go crazy), Wade (insanity), Tyce (beautiful), & the other choreographers would create!!!!! I think it would make a great show!!!! Give it another listen & see what you think!!!!!!

    8/25/2009 5:21 PM UTC

  4. dino westerfield - wrote:

    There’s even a disco track!!!!!!!!

    8/25/2009 5:22 PM UTC

  5. Big Bro Hall - wrote:

    I agree with some of the comments previously stated. The judges CAN sometimes influence the voting. However, all of the judges did agree (as well as I) that Evan was weak in picking up dance steps that didn’t relate to Broadway or semi-contemporary. However, he STILL made it to the top 3!

    Yes, let’s change the way that “America” votes. America is in quotes because I often wonder if it is just America voting, or if there are some other “hidden” votes from the powers that be. Hmmm…..Am I the only one thinking this way?!

    Plain and simple, Brandon was ROBBED!!!! Mary, I agree, Brandon was CLEARLY the best dancer on the show. It wasn’t a number that he couldn’t do and he nailed EVERY one! I think there were forces that didn’t want him to succeed (besides Mia Michaels) and this is why he only had one number in his specialty (contemporary). But, this didn’t stop him from performing brilliantly. He even had to help Janette and Jeanine when they were his partners with a couple of dance steps to put them at ease. I know he will be successful, even though he didn’t receive his just rewards.

    What happened to Sabre? No one ever mentions her.

    Brandon rocks!!!!

    8/27/2009 7:52 AM UTC

  6. Dorinne - wrote:

    It’s amazing that people are still complaining about Evan. He made it to the finale because people wanted him there. Yes, he was not as technically strong as some, but people liked him for other reasons. The fact that he did make it as far as he did should give the industry reason for pause. The fans that voted for him voted for a style they want revived. His fans voted for him for the person he is as well. In this day and age of terrible entertainers and bloated ego’s, Evan represents the everyday man expressing a love for what they do. That’s why people connected to him. He showed us that the little guy could possible win one for a change. I love a quote from Gene Kelly ” I don’t want to dance or act like a rich man, I want to dance in jeans and t-shirt. I want to dance like the man in the streets”. That is what Evan is does and we love him for that.

    8/27/2009 2:27 PM UTC

  7. GHoward - wrote:

    I saw SYTYCD Canada and was impressed by Afro jazz by Sean Cheesman would like this dance style here

    8/28/2009 6:58 PM UTC

  8. GHoward - wrote:

    I forgot to add also in canada the runner up receives a prize also that should done here too

    8/28/2009 7:01 PM UTC

  9. Shannon - wrote:

    SYTYCD is my absolute favorite show. The dancers and choreagraphers are spectacular. Most of the judges are quite entertaining. I just have one request… please make Mary stop screaming like a banshee. I have to fast forward through her comments because I can’t bear that noise. Other than that I love Nigel, Adam, Tyce, Debbie and all the rest! Keep up the good work!

    9/1/2009 3:30 PM UTC

  10. Shannick - wrote:

    I thought for sure that Brandon was going to win. He was excellent in every number. Even Mia, who hated everything about him at the beginning, had to say that he was brilliant. Coming from Mia that means a lot. I loved the His Paso Doble with Jeanine. That was exciting and flawless. They are coming to UofI and I am hoping to go see Brandon because he is my hero.

    9/2/2009 6:22 PM UTC

  11. So You Think You Can Dance - Cat, Nigel and Mary Discuss the First Fall Season of So You Think You Can Dance - wrote:

    [...] Hear more from Cat, Nigel and Mary as they discuss the recently concluded Season 5. [...]

    9/3/2009 3:09 PM UTC

  12. Michel Bruynseels - wrote:

    Here is a viewer from The Netherlands,
    (so allready my apologize for my bad english)

    As a respond on what Nigel said in the interview: I didnt liked it all that Ellen was on the show. She was only making bad jokes and didnt had a addition to the program.

    But i enjoyed the season so much! In Holland we are now starting with season 2 but the dansers, judges, choreo’s and the show are not even near the level of the American version of SYTYCD.

    I’m looking forward to the new season!

    9/4/2009 10:42 AM UTC

  13. Karolina - wrote:

    I from Sweden. (apologize for my english)

    I watched SYTYCD America, seen most of every season I a love the show! maybee an addict to it…

    To se all these wounderfull talanged dancers is amazing and in the positive way the are getting guidance to improve them self week after week is fantasic to watch. The program stands out from the rest of the other shows on TV because they make people belive in them self and everything is possible to achive. with hard work.
    Keep up the good work judges!
    From season five I will NEVER forget Kupono, his is that kind of a dancer that take the stage with a present you can´t imagine, he and Kayla made me crie with the routine Addict. He makes you go to se dance not just for the entertaining of it but also for the story and the depth in it. Kayla with her fantasic lines are like heaven for
    my eyes! Brandon and Jannett was in my eyes a perfect match, they lifted each other, Brandon a perfect dancer come more to life
    with Jannett with her personality togheter they were amazing! These four I will remeber most, because they made me feel like a I was participateing as a I watch them dance. I am amazed that so short dance/ choroegraphy actually made me crie several thimes, I am so happy for them and I think its wounderfull that people that work hard and never gives up for their dream.
    Cat as a host does it with perfection and heart!
    I would loved so see the show live and what happend to the dancers on the ealier shows!
    With love, Karolina

    9/5/2009 3:32 AM UTC

  14. Leah - wrote:

    How tall is Cat Deeley? She is so beautiful.

    9/6/2009 7:59 AM UTC

  15. Jennifer - wrote:

    WOW Superb season 5. Memorable and Most entertaining.
    Janette is total perfection for television. Each and every one of her dances were sensational. Teamed with Brandon, who has got to be the most perfect looking man on tv, all their dances were total a joy to watch, tremendous. Brandon paid tribute to Janette for the dance confidence she gave him and we saw him mentally catch up after Mary reminded him how good a dancer he is.
    Melissa and Ade gave fantastic dances culminating in the tender, powerful and heartfelt Tyce Diorio breast cancer dance.
    Kayla and Kupono’s beautiful waltz was like watching a man on the beach dancing with the ebb and flow of the surf. This gorgeous dance was blown away by Mia Michaels very sexy poodle dance with Randi and Evan.
    The tribal suits group dance by Mia felt very powerful as was the Kayla and Kupono addiction dance.
    I was disappointed Mia did not choreograph Janette and Brandon.
    Cat is lovely and her enthusiasm genuine. Mary and Nigel are terrific and give great comedy and seriousness. I applaud the honesty in their judging. The guest choreographer judges make the mix very entertaining.
    The recap of the judges favourite dances made the finale show.

    9/6/2009 5:34 PM UTC

  16. al - wrote:

    2 winners are needed
    Best Male and Best Female.
    $250,000 each.
    Best pair dance created by the choreographers voted by the panel
    Top 5 pairs each win $20,000 to be shared…
    contestant can win more than once.

    9/7/2009 12:39 PM UTC

  17. Sue - wrote:

    Season 5 was one of the best yet. All the dancers were so incredible, I looked forward to filling my creative bucket every Wed and Thurs. It was so good that I even got my Mom and sister to start watching. They are, like me, anticipating season 6!

    Would love to see all the seasons out on DVD…I would be first in line to purchase! Hint, hint!

    One thing I would like to comment on is the Season 5 finale. I love that you had it in the Kodak theater, but I did NOT like the fact that there was this weird “back-light” on the dancers. It made it so hard to really see them. PLEASE, I’m begging…don’t light the dancers that way ever again.

    Break a leg to all the new dancers in Season 6 and I can’t wait to see what the choreographers come up with next.

    9/8/2009 8:24 PM UTC

  18. Rosemary - wrote:

    Wow…I completely agree with Sue above me about the finale lighting at the Kodak. Whew – that was some Nasty stuff. The back-light was Waaaay too bright, the outright “busyness” of the stage actually took away from the dancers by overwhelming viewers with colors & patterns. Hopefully, that wont be a continuing problem for the next season because it really does detract from the awesomeness of the show & highly disappoints fans.
    As a totally addicted Freak for SYTYCD, I should’ve been the first to compliment anything & everything about the show in general & Season 5 in particular – from the choreographers, costumes, music choices, judges [mostly!], camera work, the whole thing works for me. I loveloveLOVE all of the kids – their passion, talent & back-stories are truly inspiring. Favorite dances this season were Kayla & Kupono in “Addiction”, Jeanine & Jason in “If it kills me”, Brandon & Janette in “Ruby blue”, Phillip & Jeanine in “Love lockdown”…[gosh, I could sit here all day w/favs!!!]
    Jeanine was a top choice for me from the start of the season, as was Kupono, Kayla, Janette & Brandon, so the fact that she won “Favorite Dancer” was a delight. However, as one commenter above mentioned, there really Should be Best Male/Female Awards w/money going to both as well as for Best Couple. I feel that it was unfair to give Katie in Season 4 a cash award but leave Brandon out this year.
    One last comment; Mary’s screaming. Sheeeesh. Can she Please get over that? My heart bleeds for Nigel every time she lets go….OMG! It’s not funny, attractive or the least bit exciting for viewers to have to watch & listen to her bellowing like a sick cow. I, too, fast forward thru most of her comments, just to avoid the irritation of hearing that awful noise.

    Oh, & a complete DVD set in the near future??? YES?!?!?!?! I would SOOOO buy that in a heartbeat!!

    9/12/2009 7:56 AM UTC

  19. Rosemary - wrote:

    Ummm – two other things…[Heh…now that I’ve gotten started, just can't shut me Up!]

    Cat is aDorable as host – please don’t Ever change. As tiresome as repeating the same lines over & over must be for her, she does it w/panache & is a joy to watch.

    The other thing….the 100th show – WTF was That all about? Katie Holmes?? Really?? Ugh. I was hoping for more revisits from past favorite Dancers. She was a total let-down.

    9/12/2009 8:23 AM UTC

  20. essen - wrote:

    once i know the show i have fall in love with it! the dancers are so professional,and the dances are so beautiful,too.In season 5,i love janette and brandon,they macth each other so well that their dances are so perfect. i think Brondan deserve murphy’s words.He is so perfect,but finally he lost the champion.In my opinion,he is the real king of this srason!But the final result made me confused, i can’t understand.

    9/12/2009 9:51 PM UTC

  21. luvthepros - wrote:

    This is by far, my favorite dance show. The other one I watch is DWTS but SYTYCD is leaps and bounds more entertaining for me. I become vested in these young unknown dancers very early on in the season. It has been so easy for me to pick a favorite each season. I didn’t watch season 1 (wish I had) and Benji in season two got me hooked on this show.

    Season 5 was one of my favorites simply because of Evan. He stole my heart and I fell in love with his “Gene Kelly” style all over again. Evan’s demeanor was so endearing, I wish him only the greatest success.

    Looking forward to season 6 and I already have my sights on Phillip Attmore, the tap dancer who toured with Ryan Kasprzak in “Fosse”.
    Hoping beyond hope he makes it to the top 20 and WOWs us all week after week.


    9/13/2009 4:13 PM UTC

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