Season Finale: Jeanine Mason is America’s Favorite Dancer!

Jeanine Mason is names America's Favorite Dancer

Jeanine Mason

The fifth season of the summer hit SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE came to a spectacular conclusion tonight as Jeanine Mason was named the champion on the two-hour season finale broadcast live from the renowned Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Mason, 18, a Contemporary dancer from Pinecrest, FL received the most votes out of the record-breaking 21.6 million votes cast. Additionally, she danced off with the cash prize of $250,000, the title of America’s Favorite Dancer and a cover feature in the November issue of Dance Spirit Magazine.

Mason’s fellow finalists – Brandon Bryant, Evan Kasprzak and Kayla Radomski – were eliminated as host Cat Deeley revealed the voting results. Mason had this to say about winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: “This has been the craziest time of my life, but in the moments when I thought I absolutely could not do it, it was the fans and their immense support that got me through. So I have to thank you!”

In addition to naming America’s Favorite Dancer, the Season Five finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE featured performances by this season’s Top 20 dancers, Hip Hop dance team The Rage Boyz Crew and Talia Fowler, winner of Season Two of “So You Think You Can Dance Australia.” The celebration also showcased dancers from the first four seasons, encore performances of the judges’ favorite routines from Season Five and a special performance of “One” from “A Chorus Line” featuring the judges and the Top 8.

Mark Your Calendars:
A special featuring favorite routines from previous seasons of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will air Wednesday, Sept. 2 (8:00-8:58 PM ET/PT), and the sixth season of the original dance competition will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Dance Tour:
This season’s Top 10 dancers will participate in the 40-city SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Tour 2009. The tour kicks off Sunday, Sept. 20 in Manchester, NH, and tickets are on sale now.  Ticket and tour information.


295 comments on “Season Finale: Jeanine Mason is America’s Favorite Dancer!“

  1. charlisa s riley - wrote:

    I am devastated that brandon did not win the competition. I think he was the most deserving contestant. Week after week he was consistant in all his routines. I remember him auditioning last season and was upset when he did not make the top twenty. I was so excited to see him return this season and just knew he would win!!! Brandon you are america’s best dancer!!! Congratulations!!!

    8/16/2009 6:36 AM UTC

  2. Hilarie Blunt - wrote:

    Congrats to Jeanine! I think the title could easily have gone to either Jeanine or Brandon. Im happy another woman finally won though. Jeanine was my favorite from the begining and it was great to see her win. I would still have been happy if Brandon had won. Both were very worthy of the title. I can’t wait to see the show on sept 2! its gonna be great! I love seeing how my past favs are doing : )

    8/16/2009 2:41 PM UTC

  3. Mike - wrote:

    Congrats to the winner..I kinda thought Kayla or brandon was going to win but Jeanine was good 2!!!

    8/16/2009 2:54 PM UTC

  4. Char - wrote:

    After reading these blogs I only have to say- “Where were all of us at voting time??” Clearly the majority of bloggers feel that Brandon was beyond amazing and that Kayla was the best female dancer. So how did Jeannine- a maybe third rate talent at best, who should probably have been eliminated after her disastrous Russian fiasco, finish first? Definitely a popularity contest, vs a dance contest.
    And what about that multiple voting? What about Katee receiving a $50,000 consolation prize last year, and nothing for Brandon this year? Double standards?

    For a show with such appeal, following and national sponsorships, shouldn’t there be more integrity in the voting and consistency of the prizes offered?

    There is also no fair comparison between a female and male dancer. Each brings a special power and grace that is related to their gender. Having a best female and best male dancer is much more equitable and makes it much more exciting.

    SYTYCD – time to make this a real contest; with genuine rules, voting guidelines, measurable standards and a system that rewards those with true talent, not just juvenile popularity appeal. How about the judges not trying to influence America with their prejudices and quirks, i.e. Mia M who is a superb choreographer, but was overt in her obvious dislike (no matter what she later said) of Brandon? Why not publish the “actual” results without hiding them? How about the results without the multiple votes per dancer? That would definitely be a step in rectifying this bogus contest. SYTYCD, time for you to step it up and perform.

    8/16/2009 5:55 PM UTC

  5. Ricky - wrote:

    congrats to jeanine but i think the win belongs to Brandon I’ve been watching from the begining of the season and Brandon was flawless all the time so I am a little disapointed.

    8/16/2009 6:55 PM UTC

  6. Andrei - wrote:

    In this competition are involved not only the competitors but the spectators. In the race of 10,000 feet, assisted by millions of people, the competition was won on the last hundred meters of the last day.

    8/16/2009 7:06 PM UTC

  7. Gabrielle Beu - wrote:

    My mother cried over the “One” routine from “A Chorus Line”. She said just hearing the music reminded her of the hours of rehearsals she endured being the first New York replacement in the original company of “A Chorus Line” on Broadway. My mother and I were in awe the entire 5th season of this show. We bought tickets to go see it the day they went on sale. Congrats Jeanine.

    8/17/2009 10:45 AM UTC

  8. La La - wrote:

    UNFAIR!!!! Congrats to Jeanine, HOWEVER, she clearly is not the BEST dancer! The final four should have been Brandon, Ade, Kayla and Janette! Jeanine should have went home a long time ago. She won because of biased votes by America, and America got it WRONG!!!!!! I love this show and have watched the last 4 seasons. Never been so disappointed until now! Jeanine did not deserve to win!

    8/17/2009 12:47 PM UTC

  9. Zelda - wrote:

    C’mon people, not to take away from Brandon, but CLEARLY Jeanine proved herself as the smartest dancer on the show, her solo’s were the most musicle and beautiful to watch not just a bunch of jumping and showing of tricks. I rooted for her from the beginning and she was smart enough to bring it all in the end. I wish her the best of career as a dancer!

    8/17/2009 4:39 PM UTC

  10. Ginelle - wrote:

    Kayla, Brandon, and Jeanette were robbed. First off, there was no WAY that Evan should have EVER made it into the top 4 let alone 5th, 6th or even 7th as far as I’m concerned. From the get-go, KAYLA was my favorite and I am going to follow that girl’s career and pay money to see her on Broadway; she absolutely personified perfection and deserved to place either 1st or 2nd (to Brandon). To think, someone of her stature placed 4TH behind someone who got the “cute vote” in a dance competition is laughable. The more than the judges put down Evan, the more votes he got- it’s an unfair flaw with allowing America to vote- it absolutely turns into a popularity contest.
    BRANDON- I am sorry that for as much as the judges loved you, they sent you packing without so much as an acknowledgement after the announment that Jeanine won. You truly were “born to dance”.
    JEANETTE- you should have been there in the top four, girl! While tears came to my eyes with the Cancer routine, Amercia most certainly voted for the theme and not the best dancer on that night’s elimination. Melissa was gifted, but Jeanette deserved her spot.
    JEANINE- At the end of it all, the rules are the rules, and you won. I definitely enjoyed watching you dance (LOVED the routine to the Bette Midler song) but I was a little disheartened when you beat out Brandon and my favourite Kayla.
    R.I.P- MJ!

    8/17/2009 6:43 PM UTC

  11. Debbie - wrote:

    I think Nigel and the producers need to find a way to limit votes to one per person. We can’t give multiple votes to elect an official because it opens the door to buying an election. Why should this be any different? When I read that some people voted 3600 for a certain person, it is obvious that the election was skewed to a popularity contest, not a dancing competition. I also agree that the rules should be changed to a male and female winner. The different responsibilities between male and female partners can’t be compared.

    8/18/2009 10:31 AM UTC

  12. Lauren - wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS JEANINE!!! I think Jeanine is an amazing dancer and was my favorite from the start! Yea, I think America got it right. Her stregnth, technique, passion and personality all made her the fantastic dancer she is! :) You rock Jeanine!!!!

    8/18/2009 11:39 AM UTC

  13. Katrina - wrote:

    well for all you who are truly fans of the show you know that the show is called So You Think You Can Dance: The Search for America’s Favorite Dancer. The reason for this is that not everyone in America knows enough about dance to be able to truly critique it and vote for the best dancer so basically its a popularity contest just like every other reality contest show (i.e.; American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, America’s got Talent, etc) If you truly think someone is better than someone else then pick up your phone and vote for them. And as for the whole limiting voting to one vote per person this isnt politics and how can they when someone could easily use more than one phone.

    8/19/2009 9:38 AM UTC

  14. dncedvl - wrote:

    I knew Jeanine would win! I picked her from the very beginning! I’m so glad she won!!! She has fantastic technique, a great style, and a fabulous personality and smile. The whole way through the competition, she was amazing!!! Congratulations Jeanine!!!!!!

    However, I don’t like when people vote based on the routines, costumes, judges, partners, choreographers, etc. I’ve been dancing for 11 years now, and I vote based on technique and personality. I do understand it’s a competition to be America’s Favorite Dancer, and that’s where the judges come in – to narrow it down to 20 wonderful dancers for America to choose from and vote for.

    8/19/2009 12:13 PM UTC

  15. Kweesh - wrote:

    i was so surprized when jennene won.. i really had my heart out that kayla was going to win this one.. but she did amazing in her solo and everyone thought so too… she even broke the record… i hope that she has a good life after sytucd!


    8/19/2009 2:56 PM UTC

  16. rama rojalie - wrote:

    i love u jeanine….we love u from bandung city INDONESIA
    i saw u in such videos from youtube and i save in my laptop and always see everyday,everytime coz you’re incredeble dancer..very good..and u give me inspiration for my grup dance
    when u come to my country???i will come just for u
    and congretulation

    jeanine geboooooyyyyy ( welcome say in bandung )

    8/19/2009 8:21 PM UTC

  17. Blaire - wrote:


    All 4 dancers are amazing and were very much deserving to win on the show! I can’t believe how many comments were negative… Not everyone will ever have the same opinion, but that is no reason to make rude comments. Anyhow, I love the show and I thought you all were AMAZING!

    I can’t wait to audition for Season 7!!!

    8/20/2009 6:50 PM UTC

  18. jhen - wrote:

    all i can say is im happy for jeanine i love her so much and i think she deserved to win its just the fact how america voted means they know that there is something else for brandon waiting ahead of him so that season is for jeanine weather u all like it or not the result has been made and season 5 is over can’t u all just be happy for jeanine who won the title as much as millions of millions of people voted for her and im glad to mention that im one of them,i am asian and been watching this show when i got here in america and its just the way jeanine dances she got me picked up the phone and vote for her from the start to end so jeanine be proud to urself u have millions of people behind u we are looking forward for ur beautiful future i wish to see u one day i love u so much”U R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DANCER I HAD EVER SEEN”…

    8/20/2009 9:11 PM UTC

  19. Beauty Briaya - wrote:

    I really was split (Kayla or Jeanine) on finale night. Did I want to vote for someone who was amazing and delivered the whole season (Kayla) or did I want to vote for someone who just peaked at the right time (Jeanine)?

    Kayla, I really do believe that you deserved it but I believe there’s something greater and better for you out there.

    Jeanine, congratulations.

    8/21/2009 2:25 PM UTC

  20. sytycdfan09 - wrote:

    A lot of people are really biased. Even though Kayla and Brandon may have been better in some technical aspects. Jeanine was way more creative, fun, and personable throughout the whole season. If I were to pay 20$ to see someone dance, even if it’s not perfection technically, I’d want to see a good, fun, sleek, PERFORMANCE, which is what she excelled at. (To whoever said her costumes are skimpy and she needs to rethink being a role-model), lol k…I’m personally happy Jeanine won, and yeah Brandon should have gotten something or they should at least be consistent, even with a recession (aka give J 200k and Brandon 50 then). I heard she gave it to charity anyway, but overall, yeah Kayla’s solo’s were great technically/flexibility, but boring, brandon, even though he did the same moves in his solos for like 3/4 of them and even duplicated one of them, is good technically, but I still like Jeanine’s musicality/personality better. His strong, earthy, solid movements were also deceiving a lot, I wouldn’t pay to see it again really, the music was a big factor too. I DO like all four of the top 4 even if Ade should have taken Evan’s spot due to his strength/versatility etc. Superb job Jeanine!!!!<3

    9/1/2009 12:25 PM UTC

  21. Megan - wrote:

    i am so stoked she won. i was voting for her all season. i absolutely love jeanine. shes such an unbelievably amazing dancer and she has the greatest, most fun personality. what is not to love about her? everyone who thinks she should not have won is crazy.

    9/2/2009 11:23 AM UTC

  22. sytycd fan - wrote:

    Brandon is the real winner!

    The best girl was without doubt Jeanette, NOT Jeanine.

    9/2/2009 2:57 PM UTC

  23. Cindy A - wrote:

    While it is very evident that all the finalists worked very hard to earn a position as a finalist, and while Jeanine “won” the popular vote, I must admit I was very disappointed when she was announced the “winner”.

    I believe a great disservice was done to Brandon. He is one of, if not the best dancer involved in the “So You Think You Can Dance” competition since the program’s inception. Each week, up to the finale of the competition, I was mesmerized by his talent and dancing ability, technique, strength, interpretation, and perfection. In my mind, he was and still is without a doubt the true winner of the Season 5 competition.

    9/3/2009 12:27 PM UTC

  24. Sue Phillips - wrote:

    Telephone votes mean money for the producers of the show so not much chance of one vote per person or phone.
    I agree let 2nd place have their moment in the sun. Brandon did not get to speak, and that is disappointing.
    And yes two winners… best male and best female..Its only fair… (well as fair as a competition with telephone voting can be.)
    And i think some recognition for best choreography and best costume while you are there.
    Personally i wouldn’t want to be choosing because there were so many amazing performances. You all are great!!!

    9/4/2009 8:44 AM UTC

  25. Person . S - wrote:

    brandon was the best dancer i have ever seen, we was mind blowing and the reason i watched teh whole series of so u think u can dance. america obviously doesnt no whos the best because i think jeanine won also because of how beautiful she was, not taking annything away from her but brandon was the best. i think the judges new that too! he better get amazing opportunites for people because if he doesnt the world going to lose an amazing dancer!! I LOVE YOU BRANDON!!

    9/4/2009 9:44 PM UTC

  26. SYTYCD Fan Australia - wrote:

    Congratulations to Jeanine, I was hoping that she would win as I thought she did a fantastic job with every dance style … and that last solo!!! I also loved Evan, Kayla and Jeannette, and Brandon was great too. I wish them all well and hope to see them starring in the future. (Thought Lil C was obviously biased in the 2nd to last show to Brandon and Ade (against Evan)!!!) Anyway, love the show, so glad to be able to see it in Australia (just saw the Finale last night, 4 Sept 09).

    9/5/2009 1:04 AM UTC

  27. Leah - wrote:

    Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. Magnificent, talented and humble. You should have won. You were so far ahead of the others, in every way, your solos were breathtaking. Paso Doble fantastic. Bravo young man, Bravo!

    9/5/2009 4:11 AM UTC

  28. Leah - wrote:

    I’m also Australian, so glad to be able to see it, loved every minute of it, even if I disagreed with the final result. Favourites were Evan (right from the start) Jeanette grew on me, especially after that fabulous Argentine Tango!, and Brandon, what can I say? Just magnificent. Beautiful clean lines, strength, power, sublety, tender, I hope you go far. Other worthy routines were Kupono and Kayla, wonderful, Melissa and Ade, Randy and Evan’s cheeky butt dance.

    Bring on the next season, can’t wait to see it!

    9/5/2009 11:01 PM UTC

  29. nawfal - wrote:

    hay mai i love

    9/8/2009 4:27 PM UTC

  30. jhen - wrote:

    season 6 starts tonight at 7 pm.i am so excited…love u jeanine

    9/9/2009 12:27 PM UTC

  31. Gina - wrote:

    First Travis, then Danny, then Will, and now Jeanette, Ade, Kayla, Jason and Brandon. Is it just me, or shouldn’t a show called “So You Think You Can Dance” actually be about America’s BEST dancers? They keep saying that it’s about America’s “favorite” dancer, in which case they should create a show called “America’s Favorite Dancer” and call it a day. The show’s title is misleading.

    When I go to see Swan Lake at the ballet, I don’t decide whether I liked it or not based on whether or not the dancers were cute, had a nice butt or a sunny personality. All I care about is their technical ability. Whether they’re dancing on Broadway or in a ballet, they’re playing a part. I don’t actually care if they’re naughty or nice. I just care about how well they DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That said, I think Brandon was ROBBED!!!!! Not just because he didn’t win, but he didn’t even get even a consolation prize. The show got millions in advertising dollars, largely because so many people tuned in just to watch HIM dance. To give Katee money but not Brandon was just WRONG!!! And to those who keep saying that people should have voted, what do you do if you call over and over again to vote but can’t get through, so your choice doesn’t win?

    Unfair! They should limit the voting to one vote per phone, though that’s not going to happen because then they can’t say “after 60 million votes”, implying that 60 million people voted which isn’t true since some people voted thousands of times.

    Secondly, they should publish the vote tallies, preferably online while the voting is happening so we can see how many votes each dancer got, but that’s not going to happen either since the shows producers wouldn’t be able to hand pick the winner.

    Finally, they need to bite the bullet and choose the best guy and the best girl, or give a prize to the runner-up because anything less is just unfair. But they definitely need to either change the name of the show to “America’s Most Popular Dancer” or start basing the show on actual dance talent. I for one and sick of seeing America’s finest dancers lose out to far less talented wannabees with chubbier cheeks or greater sex appeal.

    9/16/2009 8:52 PM UTC

  32. hannah - wrote:

    omg i dont cere what u all say jenenne was the best dancer to me i think she is the best role modle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10/10/2009 6:37 PM UTC

  33. domonique - wrote:

    I am happy for you Jeanine, I didn’t expect her to win, but I love watching her perform and she has the best technique that I have seen since season 3 with Danny( hers is a little stronger) love you always Jeanine!

    11/1/2009 1:33 PM UTC

  34. alex - wrote:

    i disagree with all the people who say jeanine shouldnt have won! she is so freaking amazing and she won that show fair and square she is america’s FAVORITE and BEST dancer!!! :D luv ya jeanine!!!

    12/18/2009 5:09 PM UTC

  35. raouia - wrote:

    i love you Jeanine
    gooooooooooooooooooooooood luck. you are the best dancer withthe seasons .
    the favorite dancer with the best program ””” so you think you can dance”””’
    good luck JEANINE.

    1/8/2010 12:47 PM UTC

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    6/29/2010 6:49 PM UTC

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  44. buy phentermine online - wrote:

    Congratulations to Jeanine, I was hoping that she would win as I thought she did a fantastic job with every dance style … and that last solo!!! I also loved Evan, Kayla and Jeannette, and Brandon was great too. I wish them all well and hope to see them starring in the future. (Thought Lil C was obviously biased in the 2nd to last show to Brandon and Ade (against Evan)!!!) Anyway, love the show, so glad to be able to see it in Australia (just saw the Finale last night, 4 Sept 09).

    9/26/2010 10:59 AM UTC

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