Randi & Kupono Chat About DANCE

Randi & Kupono with Cat Deeley
Randi and Kupono were eliminated from The Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. The morning after their elimination, they opened up about their time on the show and their future plans on a press call.

Randi Evans, the 5’3″ blonde with a bright smile and personality, was ecstatic to make it on to the show after three years of auditioning for it. Before announcing that she made it to the Top 20, Mia joked with Randi about her collection of unitards.

For the first five weeks on the show, Randi was paired up with Evan. The pint-sized pair had an amazing chemistry together. Randi mentioned that “we just hit if off right at the beginning. Having to switch partners for the first time this week, Randi found it challenging to have such a limited amount of time to learn two dances with a new partner this week. However, she thinks Kupono is a great guy and that they gave it their all. Randi hopes that she and Evan will get the opportunity to perform their jazz routine from the first week on the tour. She also loved the Mia Michaels’ “butt dance,” and would like the opportunity to dance that again.

When Randi found out that she was in the bottom two couples, she held herself together quite well and kept her signature smile on her face. She said, “I kind of had a feeling that I would be [in the bottom] just because the numbers the previous night had been so great.” Randi said that the girls she was competing against were just so amazing. She knew someone had to go, and she felt that she had a really good run on the show. And now Randi can keep holding her head up high because she’s headed on tour with her fellow Dance finalists. “I feel lucky to have gotten as far as I did and I’m on tour and get to spend tour with amazing people,” she said.

Besides dancing, Randi describes herself as an “outdoor junkie.” She loves to go camping, boating, and four-wheeling with her husband and her family. It’s not every day that Randi is wearing fringe and make-up!

Randi is walking away from the show with some good advice from the choreographers. They said “the general idea for me was to just take risks and don’t be like an ‘in-your-box’ dancer – really explore and see how far you can take your dancing.”

To all of her fans, Randi would like to say thank you. “I can’t believe the love and support that I’ve gotten from so many people – people that I don’t even know – it’s just crazy to me, so I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!”

Kupono Aweau, the Hawaiian contemporary dancer, had a great ability to connect to the pieces he danced. During one episode, Mia Michaels mentioned that everything the judges have asked Kupono to change, he has.

When Kupono was in fifth grade, he witnessed a girl dance a solo in a school performance. He thought she was so cool, and that was what inspired him to dance. However, the dancing industry in Hawaii isn’t that big and there aren’t many studios, so Kupono wasn’t able to attend a studio until he was old enough to get himself there. “Once I did, though, it kind of just cannon-balled from there and just kind of got better and better and better…it really helped me just perfect my technique,” Kupono said.

On the So You Think You Can Dance website, Kupono’s signature dance move is pretty hilarious and something everyone can do at home. Check it out here: http://www.fox.com/dance/videos/season5/index.htm. Kupono explained his signature move and said, “That’s like my happy dance. It’s kind of like the thing that I do when I’m back stage; it’s what I do to make people laugh or get my spirits up…It’s the most ridiculous movement ever, so when you’re doing it, you can’t help but smile and I’ve always got positive energy.”

During Kupono’s first week on the show, he performed a crash test dummies routine that was choreographed by Wade Robson. Kupono was ecstatic to work with Wade. “When you’re working with Wade, he’s just a very positive person and I’m all about energies and all that kind of stuff. He really took into consideration Ashley and myself…we found ourselves in the characters that he gave us.”

Another powerful piece Kupono performed was Mia Michaels’ “Addiction” themed piece. Kupono explained, “I feel like [Mia] brought stuff out that I didn’t know was there.  My family is so much better at everything – they’re much healthier and all that.  And I’ve dealt with everything, but clearly, there is something in there that I just didn’t know was still there with me, and it was almost like therapy.  So it’s like I needed Mia Michaels in my life, I needed her, I needed that piece, I needed Kayla, that whole moment- I needed it.”

Kupono showed us his OCD side on the show. Besides being super organized, he was always making check lists with his goals. What’s next on Kupono’s to-do list? He can’t wait to go home and see his family and give his niece “knuckles”- their special handshake.

Lastly, Kupono said, “I’m completely excited and ecstatic and so, so grateful for all this.  Everyone and anything that I’ve ever come into contact with, and came across in this whole process, it’s been absolutely amazing and I’m just so grateful.”


17 comments on “Randi & Kupono Chat About DANCE“

  1. Jim - wrote:

    This show has the best choreography & dancing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around, including the Joyce theater, ABT and Met opera. My only hope is that the bona fide hunger for creative choreography triggered by the show will trickle down to Broadway, which has not showcased dance on this level since “Contact.” The show is addictive, for, unlike American Idol contestants, the SYTYCD dancers have to be far more talented even to pull off the weekly routines on the most basic level. And they all do a much better job than basic. It’s so amazingly entertaining. And that’s what makes it the best reality show of its kind. Plus the only hope for the survival of dance in America.

    7/26/2009 2:18 PM UTC

  2. Mary L. Barkwell - wrote:

    What can I say about the tribute to breast cancer. I was brought to tears.
    This past spring, they found a mass in my left breast. I had one more month of college left and there was no way I was going to let them do a biopsy. I was so scared. But I know what ever the outcome I knew it would have a major breakdown.
    I had already been through so much. I had 16 surgeries in 5 years after an incident at work. During my last surgery, while I was on the table, I had a heart attack. The surgeons gave me two years off so I could recover.
    I could not just stay at home, so I went back to college and took the social work program.
    During my time at school, I had a second heart attack and my 25 year old daughter had a stroke. That was almost too much. My daughter is now dependent on me.
    The fear of having breast cacer was too much for my mind to process. I went into denial and continued school without telling anyone. I knew that if I finished school, I could do anything.
    I did finish school and both my daughter are on the mend.
    I had the biopsy, they removed the lump and I am cancer free.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I will rember this piece for the rest of my life.
    It so clearly tells the story of this woman’s fear, denial and struggle with brest cancer.
    I am truly blessed.
    You have touched my heart so deeply.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Mary L. Barkwell

    7/26/2009 11:50 PM UTC

  3. don Kjar - wrote:

    Please get rid of Mary Murphy so I can start enjoying the show without having to mute or fast forward through her loud, obnoxious mouth.

    7/27/2009 1:29 PM UTC

  4. joanna ferdman - wrote:

    kupono! i just wanna tell you how unbelievably cute you are!!! i love the show, but you were really special to me. you are sooooooooooo cute and hot and i just hadda tell you so!!!!!


    7/29/2009 10:17 AM UTC

  5. Susan - wrote:

    YOU should be ashamed of the “performance” by Katie Holmes last week. She apparently cannot dance and the lip sink was pathetic. I expect more from you. Perhaps you had to show her because of her donation of cash. SHAME SHAME SHAME !!! i guess you can buy your way on to the show.

    7/29/2009 5:23 PM UTC

  6. Anthony Brennan - wrote:

    Kayla has done a great job so far this is the week we start talking about the finally and the first thing I said to Kayla was that if she wants to dance her but off like Chelsea Hightower . You better dance your butt off if you want to make the finally next week you better dance your hot tommoly off even harder.

    7/29/2009 7:03 PM UTC

  7. Ivana - wrote:

    nooooooo i loved tht little blonde dancer i will miss randi she was the reason i watched the show now wat? IM STILL WATCHING but now evan and janener my fav. But just keep in mind now Randi can rest for her baby!!!

    7/29/2009 8:52 PM UTC

  8. Jason - wrote:

    Ok, I’m not a fan of the judge, the dark guy on tonights episode. He gave every dark contestant rave reviews, but when it came to the others, he always had something bad to say. It made me furious to watch as he demonstrated his ignorrance amongst the “white” people. I hope never to see him on the show again, and if I do, I am definitely going to change the channel. He annoyed me because he was far too critical to the “white” contestants, but when it came to the African American dancers, he praised them, even though some of them missed steps and weren’t all that! I didn’t appreciate his biased opinion, in fact his opinion was horrible. Did you notice how many “booos” he had? He needs to be removed from the judging panel because this is a contest for every culture, not just his own…!! I found this to be a blemish on such a wonderful show, that contains some of the best entertainment and UNITY amongst all other programs on TV now days! I was very dissapointed with all his comments, and I am glad Mary was there with Nigal to discount his remarks! Its a new world today, a melting pot, giving everyone in the world a chance! I’m so tired of the race card being pulled on NATIONAL TV. Its getting old! I vote to never have him on the show again! Love you Kayla! You are truly a star in the making!

    7/29/2009 10:14 PM UTC

  9. JUDY BELL - wrote:


    7/30/2009 9:55 AM UTC

  10. msm - wrote:

    does anyone know what the name of that beautiful instrumental that played last night in the first half of the show — it had cello, violin, piano, etc.

    7/30/2009 2:28 PM UTC

  11. lorie - wrote:

    So sad to see Ade go. He was a beautiful dancer and better than Brandon and Evan.

    7/30/2009 9:02 PM UTC

  12. Yannira - wrote:

    Kupono your such an amazing dancer, and your originality is hiilarious, much love from Puerto Rico!!

    8/7/2009 8:53 AM UTC

  13. Piper - wrote:

    I was really sorry to see Kapono go, and he proved again last night in the addiction routine, why he is so special. Kapono, I hope you will always keep dancing. I thought you were in a class by yourself last night and I have loved watching you every time you are on. I was really hoping and expecting to see you in the Finale.

    8/9/2009 11:21 AM UTC

  14. Davy - wrote:

    OMG, Kupono was #1, my favorite and all, but I felt like other dancers such Ade, Kayla or Brandon were stronger and I knew that Kupono would not go to the end. Don’t get me wrong if ever you read that Kupono…to make it until there, you are an extraordinary, entertaining and absolutly gorgeous dancer. I’m frustrated though that a not as good dancer, Evan, made it so far on the show. Evan is very good at his style, but Kupono can adapt much more to many other style…but that was America’s bad choice to make him go so far…Kupono!!! You will stay the best for me!


    8/12/2009 7:17 PM UTC

  15. Danene - wrote:

    This is the first season I have ever seen ‘So you think you can dance’ and I instantly fell in love with it. I was not able to afford cable let alone a t.v. prior to this year, although I was able to catch glimpses of it through my dance teacher every once in a while. I have to say I’ve been a dancer since I was three (almost 22 years) and I cannot believe that this series was created it’s the best thing I’ve seen for dancers since I began. The storytelling and the emotions behind the dancing touches me so much so that during commercials I get up and dance myself. I have a question however, even though it might be a challenge I think I would love to go on and try out, but I can’t seem to get a clear idea as to how to go about doing so. I’m not incredibly computer savvy, and I seem to miss when the auditions are on t.v. (they happen the week after announcing-not enough time). Can someone help with this. Thank you very much for creating this show, I if nothing else am eternally grateful for what is being done for dance here.


    9/2/2009 12:41 PM UTC

  16. Rufor - wrote:

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

    9/2/2009 2:22 PM UTC

  17. Yruasqpz - wrote:

    RPTvSo Oabokuj byppnjpw ccmtiy xthfjrwruf dapoh hmoqaey vvpvbnb jhzfeibyy.

    8/4/2010 4:51 PM UTC

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