Janette and Jason Eliminated

Janette & Jason, Each with Cat Deeley

Janette & Jason, each with Cat Deeley


Top 6 Dancers Battle for Spot in Finale Wednesday, July 29, on FOX

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE celebrated its milestone 100th episode tonight with a special performance by actress and Dizzy Feet Foundation founding member Katie Holmes along with the return of fan-favorite and Emmy Award-winning dance routines from previous seasons. This evening’s celebration followed Wednesday’s performance show, which featured Emmy Award-winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Emmy Award-winning choreographer Mia Michaels as guest judges.

Two more finalists went home tonight after host Cat Deeley revealed that Janette Manrara and Jason Glover received the fewest of America’s votes. Manrara, 25, is a Salsa dancer from Hialeah, FL, and Glover, 21, is a Lyrical/Contemporary dancer from Fresno, CA.

Next week, in the penultimate performance show airing Wednesday, July 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, the Top 6 dancers (Brandon Bryant, Evan Kasprzak, Jeanine Mason, Ade Obayomi, Kayla Radomski and Melissa Sandvig) will compete for a coveted spot in the finale.

The following night, Jamaican dancehall superstar Sean Paul will sing his new hit, “So Fine,” and dance troupe JabbaWockeeZ will perform before America’s Top 4 dancers are revealed on the live results show Thursday, July 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

The two-night season finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE promises to be an event you won’t want to miss! The Top 4 will compete one last time in the hopes of winning America’s vote and the title of America’s Favorite Dancer, a $250,000 cash prize and a featured spot on the cover of the November issue of Dance Spirit magazine. Broadcast from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, the finale will air at a special time Wednesday, Aug. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Aug. 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.


316 comments on “Janette and Jason Eliminated“

  1. Laura - wrote:

    Are you kidding me? Janette was the best, and Jason was way better that night than Kayla was. Sorry if I offended anyone! But right now I want Brandon to win. I love my kitty!

    8/2/2009 5:41 PM UTC

  2. Roulette System - wrote:

    I cannot believe this is true!

    8/5/2009 12:32 PM UTC

  3. LEI - wrote:

    It is such a disappointment that Janette didn’t make it to the finals. I have been watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE since it started and it’s just so amazing to see great dancers. Janette is one of my favorite dancers. Of all the seasons I have watched, I believe that she performed with excellence and really danced everything that was given to her despite of the fact that she is a salsa dancer. Every genres that was thrown at Janette was performed with class and energy and it’s just very delightful to see someone with so much grace, poise and energy at the same time when it comes to dance. Anyways, I am just happy that Brandon made it all the way to the finals… something to look forward to.

    But still, it is very disappointing that JANETTE got eliminated. What a shame… that the best dancer got booted off…. They should bring her back….

    8/6/2009 9:42 AM UTC

  4. Ana Maria Vidal - wrote:

    Just wanted to express my disappointment in the Breast Cancer piece. Not because of the choreography, nor the dancers, because I thought they were all beautifully created and executed. I just believe that it should have been performed as an exhibition routine; not in competition. I still feel strongly that it skewed the votes and contributed to Janette’s being voted off. How else could you explain someone with such a breathtaking dance style, great personality, brilliant entertainment quality and fan popularity not making it to the Final 4? Breast Cancer (or cancer in general) will tug at most everyone’s heartstrings because most likely we’ve all had someone we love battle that disease. I hope that the show’s producers do not allow something like that to happen again. It was very unfair to the REST of the dancers.

    8/6/2009 3:48 PM UTC

  5. Taylor - wrote:


    8/6/2009 6:09 PM UTC

  6. PHAN PETERSON - wrote:

    What a GREAT SHOW… Incredible dancers… one of a kind Choreographers… Brilliant everything….but, what huge disappointment…. when you finalize this Fabulous-Enticing show, with a horrific concept of “One” from “A Chorus Line” presenting these great judges.
    I have to say, the concept, the choreography, and presentation was just simply awful, not to mention a huge let down. I knew what was happening at the beginning of the number… that somehow the judges were going to be presented. But, the Choreography was just horrible. NO…
    Michael Bennett, Thommie Walsh along with many others… including Bob Fosse… etc. had to be turning over in their grave!

    What happened to the “Magic” of Style and Simplicity….
    It showed the lack of diversity in the art of Dance and Choreography.
    And,… it was not a good presentation of “The – First Class Judges…” [I also have to comment on the "tackieeee top hots" the judges had to wear. They should have been in "Brilliant Top Hats"! Like on Broadway... ... the Top Hats were terrible... and just plain tacky! [They were wrinkled on top or something.]

    I have been dancing, singing and acting, performing since I was born. Both parents were professionals in the arts. My mother a singer, dancer and actress. Father a Musical Conductor…. and pianist and composer.
    I, myself, am a Choreographer. I began working in New York at the age of 15 as an Associate Choreographer to Thommie Walsh… Baayork Lee… and of course the other great people mentioned above.

    I was just in shock that that number would be interpreted, choreographed, and staged like that. The only good part was seeing the mirrors at the beginning. The judges should have been presented with much more cleverness.
    Just putting in my two cents.. b/c… at that moment a lot of respect for the show… was just gone.
    It was like trying to change the design of The Eiffle Tower or The Statue of Liberty. The integrity of the tune “ONE” and “A Chorus Line” was not kept.
    That show is an institution in Dance! It was the first musical that was about the lives of dancers…(A “Gypsy”).
    It should be presented with the same style and class.
    [Why would anyone change the feel and do steps that didn't even feel good]

    As someone very profound once said (going into a show):
    “I don’t want to be educated, I want to be ENTERTAINED!!!

    There is enough doom and gloom in this life… Choreography doesn’t always have to make a dark statement; even a lyrical or adagio.
    Thanks for listening… I was just so incredibly disappointed and let down… at that moment!!! FOR ME… I WAS EXPOSED AND STUDIED EVERY KIND OF DANCE… GROWING UP… I HAVE TAUGHT ALL OVER TH WORLD… PERFORMED PROFESSIONALLY … NY, VEGAS… JAPAN, KOREA..EUROPE. I love every form of dance and singing and acting!!! I had an incredible and diverse education in the arts and music. My mother exposed me to all kinds of music….and everything in the arts; so I feel I have validity in speaking my mind.

    8/6/2009 9:26 PM UTC

  7. Kevin H. - wrote:

    I live in Canada, and therefore can’t vote….but I have been sitting at my computer and read every word of every entry in this forum (The first time I have done such a thing.) (Can you spell fanatical?) because I was wondering if I was the only person who felt that a grave injustice had taken place…….I cannot express how disappointing it was to see Jeanette voted off, she is more than just a great, great dancer…she is a STAR, a bright shining radiant STAR!! What a dancer, what a performer, what a personality, what a talent, what a work ethic, what a smile, what a tremendous attitude, and what a gracious person! The platitudes, accolades, and adjectives could go on and on, and despite what I think is a great group of dancers, she, along with Brandon, are clearly the best dancers this, (Or any) year, and in my opinion, and one of them should have taken home the $250,000 first prize. (As of this writing, I have seen the finale, and I think Brandon was robbed as well….Jeanine IS a great dancer….but she wasn’t in MY picks for the top 3 women…. I wanted Jeannette and Brandon in the final two!!) Brandon is the consummate athlete and dancer, the things he can do defy adequate description…..the man is in unbelievable physical condition…and can perform incredible feats of acrobatic, fluid, agile, flexible, and strong movements…………bordering on the Superhuman!!…he performed, hands down, the best last few solos…no one else could touch him. I also catagorically agree that there should be an equal first place position and prize for one male dancer and one female dancer…. after reading all the comments…..I see there are so many like minded people, and here’s what I think. (For what it’s worth.) At first I was in agreement with most of the comments that viewers should not determine, which dancers should remain, and which should be eliminated, nor determine the outcome of SYTYCD, However, it is obvious to me…..after having read all the comments in the postings, that most of the viewers (If we can consider this sample as representing a good cross section of the population.) are indeed intelligent, and reasonably knowledgeable about dance. I, like many of you, also record SYTYCD, so that I might view it at my leisure, and watch it multiple times. It is one of my all time favorite programs…… there is something about dance that has a fundamental emotional impact, it makes me smile, it excites me, and it makes me cry…I empathize profoundly with the performers. Just reading the range of emotions here, I can see it affects many people the same way, and so I DO think that (Most) of the viewers of America are highly intelligent and descriminating, and should be allowed to vote. I DO think you get it right most of the time, IN FACT, I think it reflects a MORE accurate outcome of a deserving winner than even professional judges…b/c judges can sometimes unfairly favor a dancer because of a number of possible bias’ (For instance a certain dancer might represent a favorite form of dance, or have a ‘look’ or style from a favorite era, etc.) as can we all, and while I have great respect for their expertise, and also believe they too get it right most of the time…I truly believe, that the larger the representitive number of votes, the fairer the results are. Having said that, I believe……. again as do so many of you……. that it’s the PROCESS that’s flawed. A maximum of one vote per individual (Or as close as one can reasonably expect such a mechanism to work.) should be the goal. A thousand people voting 1000 times each can skew the results of 1,000,000 votes by a factor of a thousand!!! (A 0.001% reliability rating!) In other words it’s not you guys….. the fair minded, considerate, reasonable voters (99% off us!!) but the less than 1% of selfish, unreasonable, fanatical people (I mean, how desperate are you to want to sway a result that reflects only your own selfish opinion, that you would vote over 1000 TIMES??) I think the judges should always be involved, and perhaps have the power to overturn an obvious injustice, (And the fact there are 4 of them keeps them all honest… for the most part.)…..and as far as “fixing” the results…. It would be very counterproductive to have a “fixed” outcome, or follow some clandestine script to keep some contestants longer, or let others go prematurely, in order to advance some hidden agenda. It would completely ruin all credibility and therefore sink the show….. if it got out…..and it WOULD get out! I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to risk such a successful, money generating program to go down that avenue! I do not in any way question the judges integrity…..nor the producers, nor the FOX network. In fact, I applaud them for a very high quality program that provides a vehicle for exposure for hard working, dedicated performers that would not otherwise be available, and also for supporting valuable charities. Mostly I think the judges should moderate procedings, especially….. EMPHASIZING…. the importance of viewer votes to keep contestants in contention, and constantly reminding people that NO ONE is automatically safe….but mostly, discourage people from voting 1000 TIMES!!!!

    8/7/2009 1:57 AM UTC

  8. OD1 Kanobe - wrote:

    I wish everyone associated with the program (SYTYCD) well. Jeanine, kudos to you. I know you worked hard. I still wouldn’t find my victory all that wonderful, if I thought someone better had been sent home weeks ago.

    I just found it not to be enjoyable to watch after Jeanette and Jason were booted from the program. I tried to watch the next program three times. Each time the judges comments were so off putting that it angered me and I turned the show off.

    I had not even settled on Jeanette yet, but when she was kicked off, I couldn’t believe how much it ruined the show for me.

    I’ve been watching this program since it started. Now I can sadly say, I have watched my last show.

    If popularity is how the contestants are going to be judged to win, then it makes a mockery of the whole program. Don’t tell me what a high level of dance you have, if dancing well isn’t requisite to be judged the winner.

    This season proved the show to be a complete fraud. When you send your best dancer home with six people left, something is rotten.

    Jeanette was the best dancer. Adios SYTYCD.

    8/7/2009 4:51 PM UTC

  9. aida Javier - wrote:

    I agree with you OD1 Kanobe. I too have watched this program (SYTYCD) since it began. I too tried watching the show after Janette and Jason were eliminated, but my heart was not in it, I just gave up watching. I did want to watch the finally for I knew that Janette would be dancing with Brandon. They dance beautifully together, and I knew one of their routines would be chosen by one of the judges.

    I am disappointed with this season, not too many good dancers. When the dancers performed yesterday you can really see how horrible some of them were. I mean look at last year top 10 dancers they were excellent. Gosh the waltz by Twitch and Katee was magical, as were all the routines dance by Joshua and Katee.

    Katee, Joshua, Twitch, Courtney, Gev, Mark, Chelsea, Will, Karrinton, and even Comfort. All great dancers!!!!!!!!

    Yes, we were rob of two great dancers in Janette and Jason, what a shame. I was hoping since Janette was gone that perhaps Brandon, or Kayla would win. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to Jeanine, but I don’t think she would have won had her biggest competitor (Janette) not been eliminated. However I do love the show, and I hope season 6 will be like the previous four. Season 5 sucked!!!!!!!

    8/7/2009 5:50 PM UTC

  10. Sienna - wrote:

    I love Jason, I’m so sad he got kicked off!

    8/8/2009 10:42 PM UTC

  11. Jasonluver - wrote:

    Jason inspired me to dance, i love him so much and i continue to watch the neclaclace dance to if it kills me over and over again!!!! i love you Jason!

    10/3/2009 3:42 PM UTC

  12. Godwin McKinney - wrote:

    Read the landlord’s post could not help but be inspired with enthusiasm

    8/6/2010 12:15 PM UTC

  13. neyelisha - wrote:


    8/6/2010 3:05 PM UTC

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    8/18/2010 7:29 PM UTC

  15. Touq - wrote:

    Very cool, tanhks for sharing this. This would definitely be a great thing to bring up in an interview, or to use as a basis for a cover letter. These qualities and your dancing experience distinguish you, and that’s great.

    2/8/2012 6:43 PM UTC

  16. Steve - wrote:

    Last year I took it upon myself and had 500 rcktiess saying I Shook My Tailfeathers National Dance Day 2010 printed up and passed them out to any body that danced. Starting in Woodstock, IL taking the train to Chicago. I passed out all but 4 rcktiess. Randi and Evan from Season 5 performed The Butt Dance , they each got a sticker and we got our picture taken showing off the rcktiess.I will be participating again this year, Let’s Dance! It doesn’t matter your age or if you think you can or can’t dance. The genuine smiles from everybody that participated last year was amazing from a single person to the group that was together for a family reunion, the elderly and the young, even the one who danced in their wheelchair you have danced into my heart. I hope to dance with you this year!

    3/10/2012 5:21 PM UTC

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